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17.2.12 The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt is a periodic worldwide event that brings the popular pasttime
of hunting to a head with an all-out slaughter! This competition lasts for
approximately two Achaean months.

For every denizen or creature you kill over the span of the Hunt, you receive
points. The higher the level, the more points you get! Rats, butterflies, class
loyals, mounts, other adventurers, and creatures far below your own level are
excluded from your score.

Once a Great Hunt has begun, use the GREATHUNT command to keep abreast of your
score and that of others. Credit prizes vary and will be announced in-game,
with all other pertinent details, via the Announce newsboard.

In events where multiple tiers are available, the rankings and final results
are based upon your level at that time, regardless of your level when the Hunt
started. Skirting the intention of these tiers by repeatedly dying to
artificially stay in a bracket or purposefully losing experience to move down a
bracket will result in disqualification.