Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu. RUNNING LOTTERIES


The Official Lottery Runner Permits can be bought at the Lottery Office in
Delos. Just bring 500,000 golden sovereigns and BUY LOTTERY PERMIT.


There are three different types:

1. GOLD: These are lotteries where the prizes are in golden sovereigns.
2. INCREASING: Same as gold, but the first prize increases when more tickets
   are bought.
3. SPECIAL: These lotteries are there for all other prizes, for example: items
   and services.

Lotteries can be opened for different groups or for the public. You can target 
a total of 5 organisations, including cities, houses, clans, and orders.

The more organisations you target, the more expensive the opening costs will
be. Obviously the profit can be higher in the end.


A lottery can be in 5 different states:

1. INITIALISED: The lottery is in setup mode, all configuration is done here.
2. OPENED: All configuration is done and the lottery is opened. People can buy 
   tickets now.
3. CLOSED: Ticket sales is over. Time for the big drawing.
4. DRAWN: At least one winning ticket is drawn.
5. CONSOLIDATED: All prizes are drawn and the lottery runner has claimed the

After a lottery is consolidated, it will be deleted automatically after 175 


The opening costs for a lottery are based on the targeted audience and the 
optional features. These fees, including the gold value of the prizes are
charged when the lottery is opened. The gold value of the prizes is charged 
to prevent fraud by the lottery runner.

Target type:
- Public:          50,000 gold or

- For each city:   25,000 gold.
- For each house:  20,000 gold.
- For each clan:   15,000 gold.
- For each order:  10,000 gold.

- Sell your ticket at the Delos Lottery Office: Free!
- Get a little ticket box to sell tickets: 15,000 gold.

You may opt to sell your tickets at both the Delos Lottery Office and 
through a ticket box. If neither option is selected, lottery tickets may 
only be purchased from the lottery runner.

The Official Achaean Lottery Tax is 5 percent and shall be deducted from the
profits of the lottery at consolidation time.

 - In case a ticket owner is no longer in the targetted group of the
   lottery, the ticket will be void. No gold will be returned!
 - In case the lottery runner will not hand out the prizes of a SPECIAL type 
   lottery, we hold the right to revoke the permit without refunds. Other
   penalties may also apply. Where credits are involved as special prizes,
   fradulent lotteries will be treated as illegal credit scams.
 - Prizes and descriptions subject to all normal policies - OOC, language
   rules, et cetera. 
 - We hold the right to change the pricing structure at any time.
 - Be careful where you drop your ticket box. If you drop it on
   organisational, private, or interest property, or any other such 
   inappropriate location, it may be removed.


- Create a new lottery with the specified type and title.  

LOTTERY <lottery #> CANCEL
- If you decide not to continue with a certain lottery, you can cancel it.
  Keep in mind that you cannot cancel lotteries once they are opened!

LOTTERY <lottery #> TITLE <description>
- Change the title.

LOTTERY <lottery #> DESCRIBE <description>
- Give the lottery a description.

- Target everyone with this lottery.

LOTTERY <lottery #> EXCLUDE ADD <org>
- Exclude a specific organisation.
- Exclusion to an org will overrule membership in a target org.

LOTTERY <lottery #> TARGET ADD <org>
- Target a specific organisation.
- This will automatically exclude everyone except those added.

LOTTERY <lottery #> TARGET REMOVE < [#] | [org] | ALL >
- Remove a target or all of them with ALL.

LOTTERY <lottery #> PRIZE ADD [ <shortname> | < # GOLD > ]
- Add a prize. Shortnames for lotteries of the SPECIAL type and just an amount
  of gold for the other types.

LOTTERY <lottery #> PRIZE REMOVE < [shortname] | [#] | ALL >
- Remove a prize or all of them with ALL.

LOTTERY <lottery #> PRIZE DESCRIBE < [shortname] | [#] > <description>
- Give a prize a description.

LOTTERY <lottery #> TICKET COST <price in gold>
- Set the ticket cost. There is a minimum of 200 gold and a maximum of 10,000.

LOTTERY <lottery #> TICKET MAX <#>
- If you like, you can set a maximum amount of tickets per person. Set it to
  0 to remove the limit.
- If you do not want people to buy tickets for someone else, you can set this.

- If you want the Lottery Office in Delos to sell your tickets, set this.

- If you want a little ticket box to sell your tickets, set this. You will 
  receive a ticket box which you can drop at your favourite location. Once
  you have dropped it, you cannot pick it up, so choose carefully. See the
  LOTTERY POLICIES section above for more information about where you may
  drop ticket boxes.

LOTTERY <lottery #> OPEN
- When you are done with all the configuration, you can open the lottery for 
  ticket sales.

LOTTERY <lottery #> CLOSE [ IN # DAYS ] [RL]
- Stop selling tickets. You can do this with an optional delay, specified in
  Achaean days by default. Append RL to use real-life days format, this will
  automatically be converted to Achaean days.

LOTTERY <lottery #> DRAW [ [shortname] | [#] ]
- Draw a winning ticket for the specified prize.

- When all prizes are drawn, the lottery can be consolidated. The balance will
  be made up, and the profit, minus the Achaean Lottery Tax, is claimed by the
  lottery runner.


- Lotteries will automatically close and be deleted 175 Achaean days after prizes are drawn. This is in line with the time limit to claim prizes.

- After 10 Achaean years, lotteries will automatically be closed and deleted on the next 1st of Sarapin.

- If a closed lottery has not been drawn, all tickets will be refunded.