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11.7.3 Aurora, the Lightbringer

"Light is the lantern illuminating the true nature of life."

Called by Aeon from the depths of ages past, Aurora hearkened to His voice and
strode through the passage of time, emerging into a land that bore little
resemblance to that which She had left. Now defying the path that Fate bade Her
walk, She reigns once more, forging a new destiny for Herself and those who
have the strength to walk in Her illumination.

Aurora seeks now, as the eternal embodiment of the Spiritual manifestation of
Light, to allow truth and clarity to shine through the baleful shadows of
Darkness, the rot of Evil, and the tainted stain of Chaos. Let nothing stand in
Her way as the guardian of life, lest it fall before the shining brilliance of
Her sword. To arms does this fiery warrior go, Her stark frame the forerunner
amongst the forces of Good as they seek to prevail over the self-perversions of
the realm.

Caring little for insignificant or frivolous mortal affairs, the Lightbringer
has only scorn and disdain for the cowardice of those who will not unite under
the banner of Good. Equally, those who seek to shutter Her gaze shall be
eradicated from the land, making way for new growth, and rebirth.

Aurora is now as She once was: the guiding beacon for the forces of Good.