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18.8 Becoming an Immortal - specifically, a Celani

As per the Mythos, Celani are immortal servants of the Gods, created after the
Gods granted the Aldar that survived the Chaos Wars their wish to simply rest.
They assist in maintaining and creating reality, as well as performing other
functions, such as chronicling history in Achaea.

So, you're thinking of applying to become a Celani? Well, before you do, you
probably want to know what you're getting yourself into!

Here's what's involved, if you wish to follow this path:

1 - There will be an announcement. We'll let you know when we're looking!

2 - Respond by giving your reasons in writing why you want to be a
    Celani, what it means to you, your characters' histories, etc.

3 - We'll read the applications/stories and consider. We will consider
    lots of other things too, like how long you've been around, your
    characters' reputations, positions of leadership and responsibility,
    etc. We'll also look for writing - as an immortal, you really must be
    able to write! Spelling, punctuation, usage, grammar, it's all
    important to some degree.

4 - We'll look deeper into certain candidates, likely with further
    talks, interviews, etc. There are ALWAYS more candidates than there
    are openings, so don't feel bad if you aren't asked for a further
    interview. We'll want to know if you understand exactly what you're
    getting into. We'll want to know if you are able to commit the time
    consistently to keep things going. We'll want to know if we can trust

5 - We'll invite a few to become Celani, if they are still interested.

Applicants who are not invited will not otherwise be notified, but are free to
apply another time.

We have two ranks of immortality before you become a full-fledged God: Celani
and Demi-God. These have limited powers and creative input to Achaea.

Celani: In role, Celani are "servants to the Gods" and, out of role, they are
pretty much the same. As a Celani, you will have to sever ties with your mortal
friends because you are learning the ropes of being an immortal. You assist the
rest of the Immortal staff with building projects and roleplaying and issues
that they are dealing with. You do your best to learn what there is to learn
and how we do things (and believe it or not, it's not just as simple as coding
up something cool).

If Achaea were a pen-and-paper roleplaying game, the Gods would be something
like the Gamemaster in such a game. They think up new and interesting (and
often diabolical) ways for players to have fun. Being a God is more than just
running adventures, of course, but that's a key component. A Celani (and to
some extent a Demi-God), in this analogy, would be like an assistant to the
Gamemaster. You'd be filling out a dungeon, researching some historical
reference, learning the house rules, etc.

Celanihood can be a challenging and rather humbling experience. Not being able
to fraternize with mortals and not having much creative input can be a draining
experience.  It's definitely not the same as playing Achaea as a mortal. The
reward comes mainly when you become a full God, two promotions later. Those
promotions only come after you've learned the ropes and you've proven that
you've got what it takes to be a member of the team. From then, once you are a
full God, is when you get to dream up new and cool things for players to
experience as well as other in-role things such as having an Order.

Being a Celani and Demi-God can be tough and it's not for everyone, but if
you've got the right type of personality, you can really enjoy it (especially
if you stick it out and become a full God).

When you are invited to enter the Garden as a Celani, and you accept, your
mortal character or characters become unavailable to you. You may not play a
mortal character while you are an Immortal.

   While we hope that all of our volunteers never feel the desire to step
   down from their Immortal roles, in almost all cases, Celani and RP Gods are
   able to return to their mortal characters should they wish.

You will begin to learn the ways of the Celani, with new commands and
activities and a new way of approaching life in Achaea, both as to HOW Celani
do things (and, by extension, how things are done in the Garden), and WHAT it
is that Celani (and others in the Garden) do!

  HOW Celani (and immortals in general) do things:
  - operate as a team with other immortals
  - have nothing to do with old friends and mortal connections
  - remain invisible to mortals nearly 100% of the time
  - maintain a mature attitude
  WHAT Celani (and immortals in general) do:
  - create and run RP events and plots
  - build new areas / denizens / items
  - write progs (programs for denizens and items)
  - assist with handling issues
  - assist with handling bugs

If you like the work, and you wish to move up to higher levels of power and
attainment, then here are the things you can do to achieve that:

Promotions For Celani and Demi-Gods
1) Celani Promotions.

   - Complete a building project, or, if you're just not a builder, perform
     an equivalent amount of work in another area. An example of a building 
     project would be a village, like Shastaan or Nimick.

   - Consistently demonstrate maturity, reasonable conformance to the
     practices of the Garden, and generally have a good attitude.

   - Provide regular assistance to the rest of the team, as requested.

   - Be actively present as a bare minimum of 200 hours as a Celani.

   - Gain certification in handling issues, and handling them regularly.

   - If this is what you want, and you focus, it might take as little
     as two to three months to reach this goal. Fastest ever was about
     six weeks.

2) Demi-God Promotions (From DEMI to Deus Minorus)

   - Same attainments as Celani: Issues, regular help, complete another
     small building project (or the equivalent), mature, responsible
     behavior, etc.

   - Cumulative 400 hours online as an immortal, at the very least.

   - If you're committed, and you want this, and you're getting things
     done, then this is probably going to work for you.

   - This could be accomplished in as little as two to three months.