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Since time immemorial, the God of Darkness has remained a distant, confusing enigma in the eyes of mortal kind. He is often hailed as the Lord of Mysteries, for His is the realm of obscurity and intrigue, of boundless shadows, of forbidden knowledge made manifest without the fetters of morality or zealous indignation. Ambitious, cold, and ruthlessly cunning, Twilight often chooses to remain aloof, employing proxies, servants, and puppets to convey His will while the Elder God instead watches from the shadows, ever-wreathed in an innocuous guise. It is said that when He speaks, it is with a tongue that could spin raw silver, laden with hushed bargains and honeyed promises that - with but a whisper - topple empires and crown fresh kings without ever uttering a single word that is untrue.

For eons has the great tapestry of history felt His touch upon its weave, ensnaring the hearts of Man like flies caught in a silken web. A thousand eyes and one has the Dark Lord, His network of operatives united as an invisible army of Shadow whose tendrils reach forth to every corner of the known and unknown worlds. Permanent pupils in His arts of secrecy, deceit, intrigue, conflict, and strife, the agents of Darkness seamlessly blend into society, covertly pulling on the strings of princes and paupers alike to conduct His Great Work from everywhere and nowhere all at once. In exchange they receive the gifts of the Dark: the agency to cast off the arbitrary restrictions imposed by false religion, the tools to conquer the falsehoods of dogmatic faith, and the freedom to see the ineffable Truth that is Darkness without the shackles of the illusory tyranny that is mortal existence.

Those who yearn to walk His path should seek the Rook of Darkness, and prepare to open their eyes for the first time.