Bug Fixes

Smörgåsbord of News

December Quest Update We’re super excited to announce our next big game update: honours level city exclusive quests and a whole hoard of content for ships and seafarers! Most of this update will be geared towards completing quests as groups. Particularly, city-specific content which will help to inspire bonding and cultural identity strengthening within the…

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Working like frenzied exterminators, our coders have squashed hundreds of bugs! These fixes range from large scale systems to every day errors, and everything in between!

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Bugs Go Splat!

A mighty Dala'myrr.

Bug fixing is an ongoing task in Achaea, so many systems, so many years of development! Checkout the list of fixes we’ve implemented since the beginning of 2019!

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Combat Balance Tweaking!

We’ve just loaded a small number of combat balance adjustments. Here are the details: Necromancy VENGEANCE and the effect from the REVELATION’S GUISE talisman will no longer fire off the same death. VENGEANCE will always take priority. Runelore The NAIRAT rune when sketched on the ground now gives ENTANGLED rather than TRANSFIX. WEARINESS and CLUMSINESS…

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Ideas and Bugfixes!

We’ve just loaded up a small batch of bugfixes and ideas for you all. Here are the details: If you now specify an earring of Sinope ID to use to travel with (TRAVEL TO <person> WITH <earring>), it will always override the travel to mutual allies bonus granted by the special valentine chocolates. Some cases…

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