It’s May!

Hi everyone!

It’s time to say hello again to the Wheel of Fortune which has returned to the Ace of Spades Casino in New Thera. You can purchase prismatic tokens from the website at and there is also a token available from the renown shop.

Simply WALK TO WHEEL if you can’t find it!

You can find the full list of what is available from the wheel under HELP WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Talisman caches this month open for Wanderer, Underworld, and Death talismans.

Dev-wise we’re in the middle of a few projects this month, including the first stage of our House update which will roll out later in the year, preparations for the upcoming Championship Games, and our ongoing expansion to customisations (which did get briefly derailed by the crafting updates.)

We are still accepting applications for Guides. Guides earn unbound credits and renown for their time spent as Romeo and Juliet as they help to foster a welcoming environment for those taking their shaky first steps here in our world! See HELP BECOMING A GUIDE for more information!

Our new design handlers are getting up to speed, and we’re working with them to smooth out the system they’re learning.

As always, please check your designs (see HELP PROOFREADING and HELP DESIGN) and use our proofing system to double check your designs before you submit. We also recommend seeking out other crafters for another pair of eyes! If you get feedback on a design that you do not understand, you are welcome to use ISSUE ME for clarification!