April in Achaea!

It’s April and that means no more globes, but we welcome back the artefact cart with several new artefacts available!

Lessons and talisman caches (Invasion, Eldergods, and Moderngods) will also be available at www.achaea.com!

For those of you unfamiliar (or who just want a refresher), the Artefact Cart lets you add your artefacts to your shopping cart on the website and purchase them at a discounted rate directly (30% discount by default, 40% if the purchaser has an Iron Elite membership).

Do note that you do need to be logged in on the website to buy artefacts in this way, so to be sure that your elite bonus always applies if applicable!

On top of the standard 30/40% discount offered by the artefact cart, we’re also further discounting select artefact categories throughout the month:

1st through 10th – All class artefacts.
11th through 20th – Stat and regen artefacts, and all things artefact armour.
21st through 30th – All offensive and defensive category artefacts.
These dates are listed on UPCOMING.

Available on the cart for April these new artefacts can be found in the New Artefacts section! (These are not subject to the additional rolling discount.)

  • a wyrmskin patch; APPLY PATCH TO PACK to an existing artefact or resetting pack to expand its capacity by 50. This item is consumed on use and only one can be applied to a pack. Artecart Exclusive!
    100 credit value
  • a writ of higher education; with this writ in hand, you can LEARN lessons instantly! Artecart Exclusive!
    Learning will only be instant if you have already learned at least one batch of lessons in the skill.
    200 credit value
  • a ponderous plume; this will allow you to GLIDE without needing to be in dragonform. (Glide)
    500 credit value
  • an ampoule of starlight; for Alchemists, this will allow you to change fields between Sublimation and Formulation every hour instead of every 24, and for free. (master_of_science)
    500 credit value
  • an Atlantian quiver and a moon-bright quiver; these are level two and three versions of artefact quivers respectively, holding far more arrows (15 meteors and 1500 standard arrow for level 2, 25 meteors and 2000 standard arrows for level 3.)
    300 and 600 credit value respectively.
  • a matrix of primal energy; with this in hand, the time taken to PREVAIL into your elemental form will be reduced by 30%. (Faster_prevail)
    1000 credit value

As always, you can find the artefact cart, credits, and members on the Achaea website at www.achaea.com/credits.