Changelog – 08/25/2020

  • Ideas are no longer hidden from players once they reach ten supporting votes. Instead, ideas will now remain on the list and open for voting to get a better sense of actual support, and to prevent a constant stream of duplicate ideas.
  • Ship logs for added/removed permissions will describe the actual permission being removed.
  • Souls can no longer bypass housing security upgrades.
  • Infernals regain essence once more, though at a reduced rate compared to Apostates (50%).
  • Wiping a hellforged weapon will now also cleanse it of investments, if relevant.
  • Serverside curing will now recognize damaged torso when received from Oppression Ravage.
  • Sublimation Nocturne will no longer kill the same target multiple times if they are no longer in their starting room. This primarily impacts people leaving arenas, as well as arena games where players are immediately resurrected elsewhere in the arena.
  • Sublimation and Oppression abilities now have associated deathsights.
  • Shortnames for snake/ and falcon/ have been added.