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The Fayad!

By Nicola | October 9, 2022 | Comments Off on The Fayad!

Hey folks, Today, we are very pleased to bring you Achaea’s newest race, the fayad! With the village in the Aerinewild now fully released and opened to the public, the fayad have had time enough to intermingle with the population of Achaea at large. Any player may now choose fayad at character creation. Furthermore, you…

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Championship Games Schedule!

By Nicola | October 8, 2022 | Comments Off on Championship Games Schedule!

In less than 30 days the 902 AF Championship games will begin! We will have a few changes for this tournament, but today we want to get the schedule up so that you can plan and prepare ahead. Details for the changes will be announced closer to the games themselves, and there will be many…

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A Smashing Good Time

By Nicola | October 2, 2022 | Comments Off on A Smashing Good Time

October! The month of horror! (Somehow) We’ve got a few things lined up for you all this month. Unnaturally, it is Mayaween, and thus returns the Grim Fayre and associated ghastly entities, so keep your eyes open for those. Unrelated to that, we have a major announcement you can expect in the next couple of…

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Magic Is In The Aerinewild

By Nicola | September 29, 2022 | Comments Off on Magic Is In The Aerinewild

As the Festival of the Divine wore on, the Dryad Gardens erupted in celebration – the Queen was expecting. Given their unique heritage of Fae and Dryad, the children were not contained within a traditional womb but instead given physical form as seedlings upon Queen Titania’s oak. As the Dryads celebrated, a strong wind scoured…

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A little bid of this, a little bid of that…

By Nicola | September 28, 2022 | Comments Off on A little bid of this, a little bid of that…

We’ve just released the new Delosian auctionhouse! This does pretty much what you’d expect an auctionhouse to do, it lets you run auctions. It supports two formats: Typical auctions. These are pretty much what you’d expect, being very much in line with the admin auction system we have. You put up an item or talisman…

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In Pursuit of a Name

By Nicola | September 25, 2022 | Comments Off on In Pursuit of a Name

“Hmph,” Haidar muttered as he pushed past the swaying grasses of the Sangre Plains, the warm glow of a lantern-lit festival visible on the horizon. It did not take long for the adventurers of Sapience to rush to the side of the Kashari rebel as he arrived among the tents, unwearied by the journey across…

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Celani Applications are Open!

By Nicola | September 24, 2022 | Comments Off on Celani Applications are Open!

Do you ever wish you could help shape Achaea? Do you secretly desire to take on more of a “dungeonmaster” role, designing elaborate plots and scenarios to challenge and amaze (and occasionally slaughter) adventurers? Do you like the idea of building devious quests, creating horrifying monsters, telling stories, and shaping interactive landscapes? If you answer…

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Tournament of Names

By Nicola | September 18, 2022 | Comments Off on Tournament of Names

To follow up on Haidar’s announcement of the second Tournament of Names, we have some clarifications! This will be a 6 hour PK contest held on September 24th, beginning at 19:00:00 GMT (see UPCOMING). The winner will earn 2000 bound credits, a unique honours line, and a special challenger’s horn. As an added twist, the…

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Divinity within your grasp!

By Nicola | September 12, 2022 | Comments Off on Divinity within your grasp!

Distinguished mortals of Sapience, It is with great joy that I bring you the most revolutionary news of your lives! Starting this month, you are all invited to R.I.S.E. above and undertake your very own Quest for Divinity! With R.I.S.E.: Quest for Divinity, the coveted Essence is finally in mortal hands! And because this is…

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September is here!

By Nicola | September 1, 2022 | Comments Off on September is here!

First, what the actual hey. How is it September? Second, we love September! September means it’s Achaea’s birthday and we always have a lot of fun in store for everyone. This year Achaea will be turning 25 years old. Let me say that one more time for the people skim reading in the back, Achaea…

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August in Achaea

By Nicola | August 1, 2022 | Comments Off on August in Achaea

Hi folks, We are bringing back Globes of Shifting Continents for the duration of August! These contain a variety of prizes upon being opened, including: Talisman caches, containing pieces from the planes, underworld, and elemental sets (pick which set you’d like when opening). Card sleeves, containing one card from the deck of legends in each.…

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A Merchant’s Ledger

By Nicola | July 25, 2022 | Comments Off on A Merchant’s Ledger

With the Delosian auctions now concluded, it is safe to say that Delos has acquired the funds necessary to cover the expenses caused by that vile conflict between the Quisalis and Ivory Mark. Scribed below are the final sale prices for the unvaulted relics. Signed,Merentesh. 10th of Daedalan, 893 AF – One (1) Yggdrasian tome:…

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Renown Updates!

By Nicola | July 18, 2022 | Comments Off on Renown Updates!

We are making a change to renown that will do away with those pesky daily credit messages! No more will your renown automatically convert into daily credits, instead this will build in a pool to be spent in the RENOWN SHOP! While you will still only be able to earn 2000 renown in a day,…

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The Delosian Auctions

By Nicola | July 11, 2022 | Comments Off on The Delosian Auctions

Fine people of Sapience, As many of you are undoubtedly aware, our beautiful city of Delos was recently host to a great and terrible battle. Foes of Quisalis and Ivory did slay, ravage, and destroy in a wanton show of destruction which our streets have not seen in many years. Truly, the events of the…

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A Runic Revelation

By Nicola | July 6, 2022 | Comments Off on A Runic Revelation

Date: 10th of Mayan, year 891. I am torn. Today I learned a lot, and heard a lot. It would seem my studies into runic configurations have had large scale effects far beyond anything I envisioned, and none of it would help me flee from the horror that stalks me. The Siroccians were where I…

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Classleads 106 – Runelore rework

By Nicola | July 3, 2022 | Comments Off on Classleads 106 – Runelore rework

Groves ELEVATE on self now respects VERTIGO. (Yes, this probably needs more changes, but this was more unintended behaviour than anything else.) Pestilence WEARINESS has had its hinder rate against pestilence reduced. Runelore All runeblade effects excluding HUGALAZ are now more likely to fire for two handed weapons. PITHAKHAN now always fires when striking a…

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July is here!

By Nicola | July 1, 2022 | Comments Off on July is here!

We’re staring down the barrel of the second half of 2022! This will include Achaea’s 25th birthday, Mayaween, the Championship Games, Logosmas, and more! For July we have a couple of stories we’re eager to tell, one ongoing, and we’re working on an expansion to the renown system! Tomorrow we’ll be drawing the raffle prize…

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A Matter of Honour

By Nicola | June 25, 2022 | Comments Off on A Matter of Honour

It was the 28th of Aighear, 2587 years after Imithia’s Rite of Passing in the unbroken calendar of the Church, when it happened. For long years the ducal throne of Aster Malik had been filled by stalwart, true defenders of keep, town, and duchy. Supported by the inimitable arm of authority that was the Knightly…

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A Child of War

By Nicola | June 21, 2022 | Comments Off on A Child of War

Long have the Quisalis and Ivory Mark been enemies, pointing blades at the other’s throats and posturing about strength and weakness. Despite all this tension, it was exceedingly rare for the organisations to strike at one another. That all changed in the summer of 889 AF when Lord Biren, the Ivory Rose Champion took it…

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Nexus 3.0 Open Beta

By Nicola | June 18, 2022 | Comments Off on Nexus 3.0 Open Beta

Iron Realms has been working on a new version of the Nexus client for the past year. For those of you that do not know, Nexus, is a web based client that players use to connect to our games worlds. Our goal is to bring an improved experience, that can be easily accessed on desktop…

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