February in Achaea!

Hi everyone!

February is upon us already and that means goodbye to dice and hello to the Wheel of Fortune which has returned to the Ace of Spades Casino in New Thera. You can purchase prismatic tokens from the website at www.achaea.com/credits and there is also a token available from the renown shop. Simply WALK TO WHEEL if you can’t find it!

We’ve carried out an audit of the Wheel’s prizes this month and made some adjustments to the odds – functionally this means the rarer prizes have been made a bit more likely to occur on your spin, meaning even better overall value!

You can find the full list of what is available from the wheel under HELP WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Talisman caches this month open for races, blackwave, and death.

For February we’ve also brought back the velvet pouches of chocolates – these can also be obtained from the wheel and convey a range of possible effects which I’ve detailed below as we haven’t seen these for a while!

  • Eating one of the chocolates in this pouch will grant a boon to your character or, if you’re feeling generous, to someone else for double the benefits.
  • The effects that the chocolates can provide range from experience boosts, increased stats, critical hit bonuses, faster movement, increased regeneration, the levitation defence, and the ability to travel to a mutual ally.
  • Each of these lasts for 24 hours. Alas, there is also the possibility of being turned into a toad for 20 minutes. Alack!
  • If you FEED one of the chocolate to a denizen, you will receive a bonus to all experience gained from killing denizens of that type for 24 hours.
  • You can also eat more than one at once – in the event that you get the same effect, the duration of your bonus will be extended!