Dice Return!

Slightly delayed, but we’re here now!

For the rest of September Polymegahedral Dice will be available at www.achaea.com/credits and lessons and credits will also remain on sale!

Lanterns will continue to be awarded as bonuses for dice rollers, and a polymegahedral dice has been added to the renown shop!

The full dice prize pool can be found at HELP POLYMEGAHEDRAL DICE, caches can be opened for Eldergods, Moderngods, and the new Memory talisman set!

Themed for the events of the past few months the Memory set contains the following talismans:

A miniature battle demon – TALISMAN INFO MEMORYDEMON

  • Priced at 60 credits
  • A minipet.

A reinforced barrel of explosives – TALISMAN INFO MEMORYBARREL

  • Priced at 300 credits
  • ROLL BARREL to use!
  • This infamous barrel may be rolled in a direction, and once it gets rolling it will roll for up to five rooms in that direction. For each room it passes through, it will annihilate all stone or icewalls in that room.
  • Note: It will not break walls in the initial room and requires they not be blocking the way, and closed doors as ever remain a foe too great for even the most mighty of magics.

A bound vow of vengeance – TALISMAN INFO MEMORYVOW

  • Priced at 400 credits
  • While holding this talisman, you may VOW VENGEANCE AGAINST .
  • They must be visible to you on the same continent, and once your vow is in place if you kill that person within the next ten minutes you will be greatly healed in body.
  • However, if you slay someone else first, your vow will come to nothing.
  • This carries a ten-minute cooldown.


  • Priced at 500 credits
  • This instrument has two functions.
  • First, you may INSPIRE AUDIENCE once every fifteen minutes to give everyone who considers you a mutual ally in your location the aria defence (as long as they aren’t deaf).
  • Second, you may MORPH INTO to swap the instrument between various forms: harp, lyre, lute, and mandolin.

Dread wings of fathomless woe – TALISMAN INFO MEMORYWINGS

  • Priced at 800 credits
  • These grisly wings will serve as an alternative to wings of the eagle and will take you to the skies when invoked with the word DUANATHAR.


  • Priced at 1200 credits
  • If your starburst activates while holding this talisman, you will be inspired to great wrath, receiving a flat boost to your battlerage gauge.
  • You will only receive this boost once every ten minutes.


  • Priced at 1600 credits
  • Drop this spark in a non-city outdoors room and it will grow into a flame.
  • The next three corpses of people to be placed into the flame (PUT CORPSE IN FLAME) will be forced into the halls of the finality.
  • Note, this will not work on anyone who died within the limits of a city.