The Age of Black Woe: Part II

On the 19th of Aeguary in the 922nd year after the fall of Seleucar, the first brambles of a corrupted Yggdrasil assaulted the Prime Material Plane.

The forest village of Sparrow’s Rest trembled as reality shifted, spurring its namesake birds to flight as fell tendrils found root in the shaded depths of the elmwood. Colour drained from the blossoms and moss, all life and existence suffering under the fracturing connection to the World Tree.

While the adventurers of Sapience were swift in their arrival, so too were the black armies of the Prince of Woe. His Vigil cult stood guard over the hungry corruption of brambles; their Prince decreed destruction, and they would lay down their lives to see it through.

Blood and claws clashed with terrible fury as the pawns of the Vigil met Sapience’s dragons in battle, and only when the zealous prayers to the Prince of Woe faded did their general descend: Sarava Axor, the Haemomancer.

Her might was far grander than that of her students, and Sapience was no match. The armies of each city-state perished in a tide of crimson, and the brambles did as their demonic puppet master bade them. Yggdrasil relinquished its touch upon the Prime Material, taking with it the foundations that anchored the forest to Creation.

Sparrow’s Rest fell in silence.

The silence brought no mercy to Sapience, for in the wake of this loss came the fell legions of Pazuzu.

First were the blood-drenched zealots of the Vigil, washing ashore in the now-tainted waters of Sea Lion Cove. But their presence was mercifully lessened, the portal to their encampment of origin snuffed by the hasty ritualism of the Dawnspear.

Second came Slith’s cold, mocking laughter. Wielding the power of his birthright, the King of Undeath commanded the eidolic spirit of the Underworld back to its font: the Soulbleed Nexus. From there he forged new horrors and terrors. Swarms upon hordes both hungry and eager for flesh ravaged the Dakhota Hills.

Last to take to the field were the Infernal Legions, descending from the skies in a blaze of hellfire to the streets of ancient Kasmarkin, their blades whetted with screams upon their teeth in anticipation of a massacre.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: The brambles of a corrupted Yggdrasil assailed the Prime Material Plane and Sparrow’s Rest was destroyed. In the wake of this destruction, Pazuzu’s army of demons, undead, and cultists marched onto Sapience for war.