The Competition’s End

Following Samel’s poisoning, the competition to become the new chef of Adryn’s Keep was suddenly a much more dangerous one. When Samel woke two months after the attempt on his life, Sister Terice of the Harbingers gave him a clean bill of health.

Steeled by the recovery of their compatriot, the competitors put their heads down and focused on the task at hand: producing a signature dish to win the coveted position of Adryn’s Chef!

Lord Adryn announced he had twenty points to award a dish, and his three co-judges ten points each. His sons, Radlar and Denod, would serve along with his baker, Ashkal, to help him determine the winner by consensus.

Over the next five months, the adventurers of the Cities of Sapience made great strides in collecting information. From young Radlar’s fear of lobsters to Denod’s love of cream to Lord Adryn’s fondness for lobster, many facts were gathered and put forth to their chefs for consideration.

Come Serenade of Daedalan, the dishes were in. The chefs had done all they could to prepare, and the call came from Lord Adryn for all to join him at his Keep for the final judging.

Je, the new Chamberlain of Adryn’s Keep took on the role of host of the competition. He called forth each contestant and asked them to present their dish.

Once all six dishes were sampled, it was then time for the eliminations. Valfierno, Fineo, and Sharie all received the bad news, though they were quickly consoled by their supporters. Departing in mostly high spirits, the crowd dispersed to await Lord Adryn’s final judgement via mail.

~ ~ ~

In the closing days of Valnuary of the year 917AF, a young boy’s cry was heard as his boat foundered and was swept away by the unforgiving currents of the Pachacacha.

Beset by bandits and soaked to the bone, Je’s new hire seemed doomed. Timely intervention came in the form of Yen, Enalya, and a crowd of adventurers. Working swiftly and without hesitation, the Caefir Yen brought down the bandit leader and commanded the others to surrender. They did so.

The boy then revealed his mission: to present to the winner of the Adryn’s Keep Chef Competition the contract offered by his Lord.

His now waterlogged map and his smudged instructions were of little help. Luckily, Yen took swift charge of the situation and brought him first to Targossas and then, correctly, to Mhaldor Isle.

Once within the swirling red fog, Khadafi summoned Ilsefi, who took the youth up to the gates of the Baelgrim Fortress to await the one he had come to find.

Jehen was struck speechless by the news. Ilsefi, Khadafi, and Proficy all congratulated him for shedding his shackles, and he accepted his position forthwith.

After leaving a message of gratitude for Fanten, who had done so much to help him, the enslaved potato peeler left Mhaldor as a slave no longer, but rather as Troni Jehen, Chef of Adryn’s Keep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: The Adryn’s Keep Chef Competition has come to an end. After a period of information-gathering, the chefs presented signature dishes in Daedalan of 917AF to the judges. After three eliminations on the day of, the final verdict came on on Valnuary 917AF, when a messenger made his way to Mhaldor where he gave Jehen his contract.

For your consideration, the menu:

~~ Fineo’s Famous Pie-Pie ~~

Courtesy of: Fineo, of Hashan
Assisted by: Badriyah, Ellea

“An offering showcasing extreme frugality and
resourcefulness without sacrificing flavour.”

Score: [39]

~~ Pond Noodle Stew ~~

Courtesy of: Sharie, of the Aalen
Assisted by: Finnegan, Gallus, Aodfionn

“A stew to warm the body and nourish the mind,
combining fresh vegetables with buckwheat
noodles and black pepper.”

Score: [39]

~~ A Bright Day at the Watering Hole ~~

Courtsey of: Samel, of Targossas
Assisted by: Aekei, Hartley, Myrddin

“A reminder of days spend in carefree joy,
enjoy dipping warm cheese pastries in the
gelid pulp of the Roshani fruit.”

Score: [44]

~~ Seven-Layer Cake ~~

Courtesy of: Jehen, of Mhaldor
Assisted by: Fanten, Ilsefi, Doromath

“The tradition of high cuisine practiced by
Mhaldorian cooks is alive and well in this
seven-layered meringue-and-berry cake.”

Score: [48]

~~ Flambeed Lobster Tail Pasta ~~

Courtesy of: Sissassa, of the Vashnars
Assisted by: Laorir, Faerum, Monnique,

“The bold berry gastrique paired with the
flambeed lobster and the rich vodka sauce
is sure to fill any belly to satisfaction!”

Score: [46]

~~ Battle with the Dreadpilar! ~~

Courtesy of: Valfierno, of Ashtan
Assisted by: Lif, Imyrr, Theosis

“Enter valiant battle with the Dreadpilar,
making use of the Scimitar of Jy’Barrak
Dameron and a twin-tined spear to slay
the beast!”

Score: [30]