Homeowners Rejoice!

Ruined Town Furnishing is moving to a player design based tradeskill, like jewellery, tailoring, and cooking, and we've added a whole slew of new furniture types! Those of you who have already invested into learning Furnishing retain this, and do not need to purchase the 200cr Furnishing license. If you're not interested in this system now, please make this request via ISSUE ME and we will organise a refund of invested lessons. If you have purchased a Furnisher's awl and no longer have interest in Furnishing, please file an ISSUE ME and we will organise a refund of this artefact. We won't refund this artefact if you are keeping furnishing, in this instance you can trade it in as normal. Disassembling: If you have the permissions to place a piece of furniture, you can disassemble it. Transcendent Furnishers will gain commodities back from disassembly. The platinum prybar artefact increases the transcendent Furnisher's return on commodities during disassembly. Blankets have been removed from furnishing as these can be created via Tailoring. Fireplaces are no longer offered as housing upgrades. All existing fireplaces remain in place. Future fireplace additions can be crafted by furnishers. Most* Furnishing items will not have a gold cost when created, this is instead paid by the Furnisher at the design pickup phase. * Bookcases, bookshelves, stoves, and ranges have a gold cost when Furnished, this is due to their non-decaying nature and special functions. Stoves and ranges created by a furnisher can be used for cooking and refining! $dyncolour! This stands for Dynamic Colour, and allows the designer to create a placeholder that can be used within the EXAMINED description to alter the colour or pattern of part of the design during creation. (This is great for couches!) - The dynamic aspect can be up to 60 characters long and is specified by the Furnisher during item creation. - Use of $dyncolour in a sketch is optional, if an approved design has $dyncolour in the examined, it must also be used during the furniture's creation. HELP FURNISHING has been updated to reflect the following changes: Abilities Gained: Novice: The ability to Furnish from existing designs and the ability to hold 20 of each sample. Adept: The ability to create new designs and the ability to hold 100 of each sample. Transcendent: The ability to furnish bookcases and bookshelves, and the ability to hold 250 of each sample. The Process:
  • Visit Fronck to buy plain sketches and blueprints.
  • Apply the appropriate blueprint to your plain sketch to denote the type of item you are designing.
  • Design your sketch.
  • Submit your sketch for approval.
  • When you receive a letter stating that your design has been approved, follow the instructions therein to claim it.
  • FURNISH <designID> [dynamic colour] [passcode] to make the item!
Give this item to your customer, drop in a shop to sell it, or PLACE the item for use. See HELP FURNISHING for all syntaxes and guidelines!

From Pygmy Dungeon To Dragon Lair!

The machinations behind the pygmy conspiracy have been slowly unfolding across Sapience, with layers of the dubious plot being revealed for all to investigate. Today, the rotten core of it all and the reward for following to its twisted end is finally brought into the light... Some of you more astute Achaeans may have noticed hints in a number of announce posts over the summer that a long-standing mystery was one step closer to being solved. I'm pleased to announce that that mystery is the cultists' conspiracy and the related kidnappings of newbies by the foul pygmies and the final stages of what we've come to internally call "The Dragon Quest" are now complete and available for play! All of a certain age or certain investigatory prowess may pursue these additional stages, eventually unlocking Dragon Lairs! Dragons lairs act as something of a cross between a club house and a sanctuary for those of a specific (and primary) dragon colour. Each colour has its own lair and this mini-area is shared with all other dragons of your colour, with access granted only to those who completely unravel the cultists' plot and prove themselves capable of disrupting their operations. You will find spending too much time inside to be impossible. A mighty dragon can only laze for so long! Within the lair, you'll find the dragon hoard! As you might expect, this is a collective treasure hoard, shared by all dragons of your colour. Increasing the reserves of your particular hoard can be done via the HOARD ENDOW command. You will also find that any gold unclaimed due to the gold cap will automatically be sent instead to your hoard, ensuring you never miss out on those coins while on a killing spree! The hoard's gold can be used to unlock a number of beneficial perks (via the HOARD INVEST command), including: - Enhanced endurance regeneration for all within your lair - Enhanced willpower regeneration for all within your lair - A bonus to experience conferred upon all your fellow coloured dragons - A critical hit chance bonus to all dragons of your colour These are the first in what we anticipate to be a larger pool of upgrades as we monitor reception and usage of the lairs! Each of these perks is temporary and draws from the hoard to empower. Regular contribution is a must! Finally, for those of you with a penchant for rankings, RANKINGS ENDOWERS will keep score of which dragon has contributed the most to their hoard across all dragons! All of this information can also be found in HELP DRAGONLAIR, and the mystery awaits your keen detective eye! Enjoy!

Auction Winners!

Treasure chest and skull As the Mayaween month draws to a close, so to do our in game Auctions! We have a host of lucky bidders taking home all sorts of prizes, from a custom built treehouse, to a translucent mask that won't decay, and even a custom made pet. Read on to see the full list.
  • Phylactery of sixth sense - Mindshell
  • Innate morphing armour - Aislin
  • Cursed Cottage OOS build - Lyrin
  • Gold inkbrush - Tiamat
  • Custom dragon description - Voc
  • Completed talisman - Zulah
  • Permanent translucent mask - Farrah
  • Racial language fluency - Tahquil
  • Feathered cloak - Antonius
  • Any legend deck card - Farrah
  • Level 1 talisman piece - Seragorn
  • Combination artefact - Qwindor
  • Package pet - Ygia
  • 200 housing credits - Zulah
  • Mayaween themed forging descriptor - Lenn
  • Portable stove - Kayeil
  • Choice of costume - Tiamat
Congratulations to all of our winners!

The Wild Hunt Rides

Licking flames

Who rides, so late, through night and wind? The Erl-king rides anew.

Who rides, so late, bringing terrible fear? The Erl-king rides anew.

Who flees, so late, clasping poor mundane child? For the Erl-king rides anew.

Who would ride, so late, with terror half wild? For the Erl-king rides anew.

Thus it was on midsummer's eve, Valnuary of the year 784 AF. From beyond the veil between the Prime Material Plane and Annwyn did the Wild Hunt come, drawn by acts of betrayal against Sidhe law and the allure of a hunt renewed once more upon fresh prey. And, as it had been since the Sidhe were Sidhe, at its head came Oberion, no longer King of the Fairies, but now Lord of the Hunt: the Erlking of Annwyn. Leading the knights of Sidhe and accompanied by his faithful hounds, dozens fell to Oberion's blade, the borders and walls of city or forest alike proving naught in the face of such relentless resolve. And so, as the song of the Hunt compelled the hunters onward, their rampage saw them disappear beyond the veil, racing across planes uncounted as the Erlking sought his fulfillment yet promising a return before midsummer's end. But when the Wild Hunt at last approached by ancient law, the Lord of the Hunt found only disappointment in his adherence to the Bargain. Save for one brave and swiftly dispatched adventurer, the Right of Challenge was unfulfilled. With the one Oberion named betrayer choosing cowering over confrontation, the disgust of the Faerie Lord was evident as he led his Hunt home. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Summary: With the borders between planes stretched thin, the Wild Hunt ranged forth from Annwyn, causing death and destruction across the realms as they put the adventurer population of Sapience to sword, tooth, fang, and hoof with orgiastic equanimity.


A ragged chessboard We realise that as you level up in Achaea you unlock all kinds of opportunities and passive effects, but these can be hard to keep track of, so we've morphed the Battlerage skill to become Attainment! Attainment not only handles all of your battlerage abilities, but it will now also inform you about your Portals uses at a earliest levels, when you can embrace class, the benefits of Logosian, when you unlock various trait slots, when you can pickup tradeskills, the useful commands for when you've earned Elemental Lord, when you can visit the glass beacons in the Mhojave, and much more!

Survival Instinct!

survival No longer do you have to spend lessons to learn the various abilities in Survival, you now earn these as you level up! We've also made a change to how your health and mana scale, making the midbie life much less painful.  

Making it easier to get into Achaea is something we're constantly concerned with. By its nature there is a very steep learning curve, and after some discussion we've decided that there are a couple of ways in which we can mitigate this.

First of all, we have reworked the max health and mana formula. Those of you at level 100 or higher will notice no change (you still gain health above level 100 the same as previously). However, you no longer gain hp for levels 81-99: you will now have essentially all of your health and mana by level 80(*). You still gain critical hit bonuses and endurance/willpower as you level through the 81-99 range. Essentially, level 80 players will now have health equivalent of level 99 players previously. Second, you will no longer have to spend lessons to learn Survival. Instead, much like Battlerage, this skill will now level up with you, becoming transcendent at level 80. All lessons in all Survival skills have been refunded. * You do gain a slight amount of health/mana at level 100 (between 50 and 150 depending on how much constitution/intelligence you have). This is a very small amount and just to keep current health/mana values at endgame consistent with previously. Enjoy!

Talisman Changes

Dice The way in which we generate talisman pieces has remained the same since the first talisman set was released several years ago. We're aware the random nature of this has been a source of frustration for people, so we have now made some changes to make this less frustrating (and to guarantee future uniform distribution of talisman pieces).
Previously, you could get any piece of a talisman on each roll. Previous rolls did not influence this whatsoever - each took place on their own. Going forward, talisman pieces will cycle on a global scale on a per talisman basis. What this means is if a person opens a cache for the Blackwave set and rolls for a piece of the canopic jar talisman, they will receive the first piece for that talisman. The next person who rolls for a canopic jar shall receive the second piece, and so forth. This is global and not on a per person basis, but should ensure there are always enough pieces to complete a talisman (assuming there are at least four) at any given time.
To be clear, the chance of getting pieces for a given talisman have not changed. You still have the same chance at getting rare pieces today as you did previously: you will now simply not get bad streaks of duplicates across multiple people.
This applies to all promotional sets. It does not apply to bashing only sets, such as the Dragon or Azatlan sets. It also does not apply to bonus pieces: only standardly awarded pieces will function in this way.

The Tournament Winners!

Treasure chest and skull As Lord Adryn's tournament drew to a close, the Game of Eyes acted as both the final event and closing ceremony. For two Achaean days the six city states of Achaea deployed their full arsenal against each other, fighting relentlessly over each and every flag in order to claim not only the renowned Effigy of Victory but a last chance to earn points in the tournament as a whole. Mirroring their performance in the last Game of Eyes, it was Targossas that blazed into first place in the game's opening minutes, a position to which they held fast for the entire match as Eleusis, Mhaldor, and Cyrene battled for second place and those elusive tournament points. In the event's wake, Lord Adryn gathered all of Achaea to his fairground to announce that Mhaldor were to be declared winners of his grand tournament and granted a magnificent prize of five million gold towards the city's development projects. But it was not an easy victory! The games themselves saw much upset, particularly in the land race and gauntlet phases as those cities performing well in matters of strength and speed found themselves outmatched when it came to fiendish riddles and deceptively simple challengers. For the Capture the Flag the final scores were thus: 1st. Targossas: 13463 2nd. Eleusis: 7822 3rd. Mhaldor: 4165 4th. Cyrene: 3128 5th. Ashtan: 2522 6th. Hashan: 1083 Targossas' heroic efforts were not quite enough to close the gap on first place in Lord Adryn's Tournament, as the final scores reflected. 1st. Mhaldor with 335 points 2nd. Cyrene with 290 points. 3rd. Targossas with 275 points. 4th. Eleusis with 230 points. 5th. Hashan with 110 points. 6th. Ashtan with 60 points.  

21 Today!

Achaea birthday dragon September marks 21 years since Achaea first threw open its doors to the world and said "come and tell your character's story"! This landmark in Iron Realms history signals over two decades of immersive roleplay, two decades of thrilling combat, two decades of raiding, of skirmishes, of bitter lifelong enmities and passionate, of unending friendships, of meddling gods and literally everything in between. This month is going to be full of all sorts of things, and I'm going to lay out as many as I can here now! On the 9th of September a special command will unlock to allow everyone logged in to earn a small birthday gift. We'll have three rounds of lotteries running this month! Lottery 33 (LOTTERY INFO 33) will be live very shortly and will be drawn on the 10th of September. The second lottery will start shortly after 33 is drawn, and will run until the 20th. The third lottery will then open and be drawn at the end of the month! Keep an eye on UPCOMING and the Announce news for more details of the specifics of these lotteries! The residents of Adryn's Keep are getting ready to host their tournament! If you're a city official keep an eye out during the 8th of September for Lord Adryn to arrive in your city with more information, and be ready for the tournament to kick off on the 9th! The Itinerant Bazaar will be returning to Achaea later in the month, and we'll be seeing which city can claim the Effigy of Victory in our CTF, Game of Eyes variant! See UPCOMING for a live countdown of all of these! Also keep your ears cleaned so that you don't miss the jubilant and most noisome... I mean, noisy summons from our favourite announcer, Tharos! He'll be running a variety of games throughout the month for young, old, large, and small alike. Enjoy and we'll see you all at the CTF!

Lord Adryn’s Tournament!

A ragged chessboard The Most Esteemed Lord Adryn of Adryn's Keep deigned to meet with the leaders of Achaea's city states today, in order to explain the details of his tournament and place a contest attendant with each of the factions ready to assist with the ins and outs of the challenges ahead. The tournament consists of four separate events, all of which are timed and scored based on city-wide performance. First is the hunting contest, in which all six city states compete to fill special urns with the corpses of denizens they slay. This will require significant effort and completing this task allows the second to be commenced. Following the hunting contest is the land race, a series of difficult riddles to be solved which all lead to a location of significance within Achaea. Ingenuity and logical thinking are essential! When all riddles are solved, sailors must take to the seas and race! There will be a number of locations to find and the fastest sea captain earns their city the highest number of points! Finally is the gauntlet, a gruelling series of trials. Each of the city states must form a well-rounded team to confront the challenges within, requiring a broad skillset of strength, resourcefulness, wit, intelligence, and sheer stamina. When all the events are concluded and scores tallied, the Game of Eyes acts as the closing ceremony to the games proper, the last opportunity to score points and seize victory!

Of Dwarves and Death!

A crumbling ruin After struggling against and alongside the strange actions of the dwarf Doruan Ironhammer, the Chosen of Phaestus and other adventurers in Achaea managed to open the vault deep in the earth and find the key to sending on the lost souls left adrift by the death of Lord Thoth and His ancient pact with the DwarfFather.
Darkness. Silence. Confusion. These things overwhelm me. I was mauled. I am bleeding and hungry. I close my eyes to rest, only to wake in this strange, twisted place. Time stretches on, silence overtakes me, and then the weeping begins. As I begin to mourn, I hear the others, and together we revel in our sorrows.
My confusion grows. Pain joins to my mind, my eyes changing, adjusting to this unseemly, harsh light. A strange figure stands before me. Cloaked, obscured, absent. Barely distinguished from the stone. A single word echoes in my mind: "Dig."
I don't know what happened, only that I am covered in blood. A stranger has come. He steps past the corpse. He calls me Doruan. Doruan... yes. That was my name. He offers me rest, he offers me peace. And now I am hunkered down in Ashtan's barracks, left to face the madness. It watches me. Waits for me. Hungers for me.
I do not hunger. I do not thirst. I do not tire. I do not grow weary. I see my wounds, and they do not bleed. They do not heal. Nothing changes. It is all monotony, it is all boredom. I cannot go on. I will not go on. This will be my end. But I do not breathe. I have tried. I cannot. I do not know why.
Perhaps I should have thought this through. How long has it been? Hours? Days? I swing from my neck, able only to think, to wonder, to question.
Why? Why me? Why now? Why there? Just... why?
At last one comes to release me, perhaps a wanderer like myself. My binding shall be broken. Binding? Why does that word intrude so upon my mind? This singular question consumes me, drives me, pushes me forward. I move, I leave the Seat of Chaos behind. I return to the Vashnars, my pickaxe in hand. I will find what secrets lie beneath this mountain.
               ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As news of Doruan Ironhammer's death reached the dark caverns of Iskadar, a lone priest set out on a journey, his destination the distant northern climes of Sapience. For despite the mockery and scorn hurled in his face by his fellows, he held faith that the absent dwarf deserved to rest with his kin, no matter his reasons or crimes. Through bears, sharks, and bandits did he journey in search of his goal, only to find a dwarf inexplicably not deceased. Confusion warring with concern, the offering of Ashtan as a source of silence and ritualism was both provided and accepted to the unsettled cleric.
Moving in the wake of the one called Jy'Rakym, an ominous silence stilled those gathered as the priest worked his will upon the spirit of the lost Ironhammer. Manifesting as a spark of incandescent luminescence, the expanding aura would soon grow to envelop all of Achaea and even the vast expanse beyond the borders of the Prime Material Plane, revealing countless spirits seemingly wandering without purpose. Fearing the repercussions of adventurer and dwarf alike, the priest beat a hasty retreat to his homeland to begin anew his search for understanding. Unamused yet curiously unsurprised, the less-than-living dwarf returned to the mountain in which he had been found, once more tending to his carving of the rock.
It was months later when Doruan's pick broke through the final wall of earth barring his way forward, the ground beneath collapsing into a grand, hollowed-out chamber. His passage now restrained by a massive disc of unknown rock and stone, he had at last discovered the object of his unspoken desire.
As the days passed, however, none proved able to discern a way into the mysterious vault, not the Nihilists of Oblivion's Lord, the Caefir of Deucalion, or the Chosen of the Smith. Meanwhile, the lone priest, abandoned by his fellows, continued his research with dogged determination. Many came and went, but only one deigned to assist his foreign brother: Sir Eril Rian-Moonshadow. After much searching, the beleaguered pair discovered a charred missive that spoke of the earth's bounty, as well as the descendants of the Orcsplitter Clan. With hardly a word to his devout companion, Eril departed to gather his fellow adventurers, heading for the Siroccians to confront the remnants of the clan named within.
The words exchanged in the meeting that followed shall remain unknown. A short while after their arrival, the Smith's Chosen emerged from the dwarven encampment, bearing with them a small, strange disc. Rushing to the Vashnar Mountains to place the key within the doors of the great vault, they looked on as the stone gave way, the very earth trembling beneath their feet. At last, the grand portal stood open, and with it came a warning to the curious adventurers, one that would resound in their minds and the minds of all whom they came into contact with:
"Woe betide those who enter this place, lest the earth itself rise up to protect her bounty."
               ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Delving into the vault, those gathered soon found themselves victims of the earth, and returned to the tunnel with some hesitation. Taking more care this time, they found their way deeper into the shifting passageways, discovering numerous crystals that sprouted from the walls.
Almost accidentally, one of the soft crystals was crushed into a powder that filled the air, prompting Eril to rush to the first soul he could find. Trepidation filling his voice, he spoke to his compatriots of what had transpired, sharing the words revealed to him by that first spirit before it at last faded:
"Kill me... Please... Just let me die..."
Moving as one, the adventurers scrambled desperately to release the wandering souls from their tortured half-life. Yet, despite, the best of efforts and intentions, the grief of the damned was magnified as each was returned to the land. As the dead wept, their cries grew louder, culminating in one final cry that echoed across the planes, before silence fell.
With bated breath, they waited. They hoped.
Heat rolled across the firmament, the anger of the Smith made known. His children suffered, and it was Lord Ugrach, the Finality, who was to blame. Yet, despite His threats, the Curator of Death was unmoved. Only a Father's plea would grant succour to those wayward dwarves lost in death. Though what transpired between the two may forever remain a mystery, shortly thereafter Lord Phaestus departed Death's halls, returning His fallen children to their rightful rest.

Let’s Talk About The Weather!

Once an ancient relic of times best forgotten, Achaea's weather system has now been completely overhauled! Every region in Achaea's vast land now has its own unique fronts and climates, bringing with it a chance at rare phenomena ranging from cataclysmic storms (watch for lightning!) to iridescent rainbows and everything in between!
Some of you may have noticed some strange meteorological activity on the islands, on Meropis, or in the far north. Well, now it's reached the mainland as well, thanks to the efforts of the highly attractive (They told me to add that bit) Garden team.
We've updated the weather system to make it more dynamic, and it should now show different weather phenomena depending on a wide range of factors. These include location on the globe (if you're in the north, watch out for blizzards!), precipitation, certain magical elements, and much more.
A few of these forecasts may have effects on your person, they are relatively uncommon.
Rainbows may appear on occasion (never in pairs), and the truly lucky may even find treasure at the phenomenon's end.
Lightning strikes continue to set all appropriate terrain on fire.
If a room is on fire, it will now eventually burn itself out naturally, after which that location cannot catch fire again until after a year once the land has suitably recovered.
The team will be watching the various systems as they appear across Achaea proper (other planes are not yet included). If you notice a location that has no apparent weather for an extended period, please file a BUG!

Refinement For All!

Dice The ability to REFINE talismans has now been made available to all Achaeans! This new system allows you to refine your promotional talisman pieces into singular rare pieces, allowing those avid collectors a chance to clean out their hordes and gain something valuable in return!
We promised you all some more artefacts over the week end, but in the process of working on the major one it occurred to us that this would likely be better as a feature available to everyone. With that in mind, we're pleased to bring you TALISMAN REFINE.
This new command allows you to refine 3 or more PROMOTIONAL SOURCED talisman pieces and receive one back based on their total rarity. A few caveats you should be aware of:
- You can only do this once per 24 hours.
- Refined component pieces have a capped worth. This means you'll not want to refine your super rare pieces: passed a certain point they won't be worth more. This mechanic is intended as a way to get rid of your common duplicates with a chance at a better piece.
- The piece you receive from refining is of a new source type: the fittingly named REFINE source. This source CAN NOT be traded in.
- Only level 1 talisman pieces can be used in refining.

Introducing The Hall of Fame!

Treasure chest and skull
Now that the swathe of new rankings have had time to bed in, we're pleased to announce the opening of the Delos Hall of Fame! This is a new construction in Delos, honouring those who have claimed a #1 position across many of the various rankings!
Each wing of the Hall of Fame is dedicated to a particular theme, and inside you'll find portraits of the current first place rank holders. These are up to date as of today, and going forward will update on a three monthly basis to reflect the rank 1 holder for the next quarter.
Expect more new rankings in the future along with new portraits appearing for those of you prestigious enough to be at the top of the list!
Onto the next exciting announcement!
Phileo has at last opened his shop, also located in Delos near the arena spectator stands. Within, seven new wares are available for sale using the Delosian Eagles currency!
As a reminder, Delosian Eagles are awarded for victory in ranked combat spars. They can be seen on your character sheet with SCORE RESOURCES, and can be spent on the various new items all listed in HELP DELOSIAN EAGLES

Ideas Grand and Small!

A studious owl
It has always been the case that the IDEA system is something of a black hole. You all just have so many ideas that it quickly becomes unrealistic and incredibly unwieldy for us to find the proverbial diamonds amid the rough.
Effective immediately, the old IDEA system has been retired and replaced with a new one.
Note: The old IDEA list is still visible to us, so fear not, ideas filed up until now have not been lost.
Now for the new!
The new IDEA system will be an anonymous submission system that allows you, the Achaea community, to up or downvote various ideas.
Once an idea receives the required number of supporters (for the nitpickers, this is support votes minus censure votes), it will vanish off the public list. At this point the idea is in the Garden's hands.
The new IDEA system will be fully anonymous. Submitted ideas will be visible to everyone using:
IDEA LIST <start#> and IDEA LIST MATCHING <term>
Submitted ideas will be announced via the IDEAS channel. You can configure this channel on or off in CONFIG.
To see an IDEA in detail use: IDEA SHOW <ID>
To create an IDEA use: IDEA <your idea>
If your <your idea> text will start with the term "list", "support", "censure", or "show" please use: IDEA NEW <your idea>
You will automatically support your own new idea, so you do not have to worry about having to file an idea and then instantly supporting it.
Every new idea will start at a lifespan of 15 real-life days, and you can SUPPORT or CENSURE ideas based on whether or not they wish these ideas to be up for Garden consideration - or consigned to Oblivion.
If an idea does not gain enough votes within its 15 day span, it will be deleted from the system.
If your idea is deleted from the system, please do not refile it.
You can, however, CENSURE your own ideas (why you would do this, however, is another matter).
As a final note, an idea getting enough votes to be moved to Garden consideration does not mean it will be approved, only that we will give it due consideration.

City Morale!

A ragged chessboard All members of a city can now check the morale level with the MORALE command. This will show a brief statement (themed for the faction in question) about the overall health and morale of the organisation.
As part of our push on backend systems to support organisational health and to promote inclusion of meaningful results of conflict, we've just added a new City Morale system!
This system takes all kinds of factors into account and adjusts a city's morale score up or down appropriately. We're not going to detail out the specifics of what influences it, but the primary drivers are activities that reflect the engagement, growth, and activity of the city.
The scale of morale has a positive and negative end, all organisations will start today at the neutral morale state, so you can go up or down from here.
This system is run entirely by your acts, but the MORALE representation is as the overall feeling of the citizenry, including the denizens that call your city home.
Non citizens cannot check the morale of other cities.
We will not be exposing the numbers behind this scale, as this is not only for you all, but also a set of metrics by which the administration can see where organisational health needs attention across the board.
There will be a special bonus given to the city that has the highest morale, but we'll be letting the system settle into place before we announce the details of that, so keep an eye out!
In brief, the more active and engaged and growing a city is, the better the morale will be. Morale will also reflect if a city is particularly stagnant or downtrodden.
Ultimately, Achaea is a game, so the opportunity to play the game and achieve those Dreams we all had as new players is something we look for all organisations to encourage and offer.

Over My Dead Body!

Your fallen bodies are no longer able to be used in place of the shrine judgement power!
We've been monitoring the last few shrine wars that have taken place and have noticed a few trends. A major one that we've just addressed is that judgement is in fact used far less than simply killing a (usually) willing ally. The original intent of corpse defiling was to permit the use of enemy corpses to drop shrines, but it hasn't really worked out that way, and instead removes most of the limitors placed on order's abilities to mass drop shrines. We considered making only corpses from the target order work for this purpose, but felt it offered a too trivial way to identify what order someone was a member of.
With that in mind, using of corpses to remove the judgement step of a defilement has been removed. Judgement is now the only way for an order to drop a shrine. As with all combat affecting changes, we'll be keeping an eye on this in the coming days to ensure that it doesn't make things too restrictive.

The Game of Bones

Gerzson's Army Long wept the World Tree for its severed connection to the lowest planes and the once-inexorable root system laid low by Woe's Prince. Yet Yggdrasil has a way of seeing itself restored...

The first mass of glowing, radiant tendrils emerged from the earth surrounding the Flame of Yggdrasil, crawling across the ground in a manner eerily similar to the insidious creepers that had so plagued Achaeans several years prior. Fuelled by the unconquerable potency of the World Tree, the appearance of mysterious seeds drew the attention of adventurers led by Voc Desmijr.

After traveling Yggdrasil's expanse in pursuit of answers, the motley group began planting wherever the seeds would take root, including the grove of Jonners Smithson and, by Gavriil Celes'Ciel, below the gatehouse of Eleusis. The error of these decisions was soon apparent, those who dared to interact with the roots were ultimately transported to the legendary Underworld. Sought by Achaeans ever since the closing of its borders in the wake of its great War, a mass rush ensued as enemies and allies alike hurled themselves at the glowing effusions in search of an entrance.
Turned from his black moods and murderous thoughts in the depths of Azdun's graveyard by the profuse shedding of blood, Zsarachnor once more bestrode the lands above his tomb. Demanding answers from those he encountered - and swiftly executing the foolish or those incapable of providing them - it was ultimately with the assistance of Farrah Roualt and Taryius Lichlord that he acquired what he had so desperately craved: a potential return to the side of Prince Slith.
Adventurers continued to die in droves both on the blasted ground of the Underworld and the now-bloody earth beneath Eleusis while Zsarachnor, no longer confined to the Prime Material, embarked upon his plan. Instructing adventurers to beseech the Underworld's ruler for his assent, the Vampire Lord sought a position of privilege and prestige, and for passage to be permanently restored to the Prime Material Plane.
Slith demanded what the Tsol'teth had promised him in payment, and so Shirszae Nynniaw and Krizal Nyxillum ventured through the Doors of Light into Raia'dalam, the highest strata of the Underrealm. There they met with the Secret Storm, communicating the demand of Death's Demise. Shortly afterward, the inscrutable visage of the Genesis emerged within the firmament of the world - the firmament of all the worlds - as His unearthly voice intoned an acknowledgment. What had been demanded would be provided.
While the forces of Mhaldor slaughtered Eleusis' Guardian of Thorns and all those garrisoned at its borders, Farrah and Taryius planted the seeds of Yggdrasil in the Underworld. In short order the planes realigned, bridging the Underworld to the Prime Material once more in a singularly vast cosmic upheaval.
Zsarachnor returned to Azdun, triumphant with the praise and new status granted him by Slith. While in the Underworld, great gates swung ominously wide as the fortresses of the Ur'Vampires opened, ready and waiting for the brave - or foolish - who sought to challenge the masters of undeath.

Guess Who’s Back?

Nerry's Back! After saving the guardian spirit Eusia, and fighting off Thymos, the Ravager, a dread korathoi of tritonic legend, Lord Neraeos returns to the shores of Achaea! Credit goes to our very own Skye B. Anchors for the amazing image! As untamed as the seas, and as numerous as the shells of the Crystal Forest, the korathai left rubble and death in their wake as they ravaged the merfolk who dared to live in the continental shallows. Reprieve for the shelf-dwellers was only found when the oppressive Wave, the God of the Seas, drove the savages away and banished them to the fathomless depths with other monsters more their ilk. But this banishment spelled woe for the tritons of the undersea, abandoned by their Father to fend alone against this terrible Red Tide who feasted upon their already dwindled numbers. Many of the korathoi were known by name, whispered even now to tritonic fry who dare to disobey their parents. But three of their commanders struck fear into even the hardiest of Phocians; Iaimargia, the Blood-soaked, who had tamed the vicious megalodons, Thymos, Ravager of Coasts who delighted in the death of all things, and he whose madness rivalled the Lord Abyss, Parosyni, the Tormenter. Anointed now with the blood of Amanthos, the great heroes of the silver age, led by the Prince Neraeos Fylakas, set off to liberate the cities from the terrors of the deep. Relying on the cunning strategies of Aeolos the Grey-Eyed and the military prowess of Idomenaeos of the Bull Shark, the tritonic kingdoms grew inspired by their great feats that were later immortalised in the songs of the oceaneids. Bathed in the glorious defeat of the magnificent krakens and terrible leviathans, even the mightest of sea dragons cowered at the sight of the Prince and His Spear of Tides, bestowed upon Him by the wise Lady Valnura, Goddess of Fate. Only the korathoi, the eldest inhabitants of the seas, who had the ferocity of the Shark God and battle-lust of Eyegos, pushed back against the Son of the Lord God and His loyal friends. For two decades the armies of Prince Neraeos and the korathoi warred across the Eusian Ocean. The tides grew crimson with the sacrifices of both sides, each weary but determined. As the Warrior Prince was about to offer up the last remaining forces of the korathoi to the Eastern Guardian, His hand was stayed by the Elder God of the Oceans. Not wishing to see His creations wiped away from the Oceans entirely, He instead had His reluctant Son help Him seal His wrathful children beneath the deepest sands. Finally liberated of the abysmal creatures of the fathomless dark, a rousing cheer of victory spread across the seas that has not been outmatched even to this day. To honour the accomplishments of the Prince, the Lord God created a herd of perfect beasts, the hippocampi, as a gift. Among the noble creations, one was favoured of Neraeos, a pure white foal that shone out as a beacon of splendour and hope, such as He was to the peoples of the seas.

Commodity Changes!

Mine Tunnel Big changes to how commodities are being stored will be happening on June 20th! Check out HELP WAREHOUSES AND LEASES and read on for all the extra details so you don't get caught out! If you've not read HELP WAREHOUSES AND LEASES, please do this first! As the next phase of our changes to commodities looms on the horizon - June 20th folks, keep an in-game eye on UPCOMING INFO 483 - we've got some more information so that you can all be best prepared for this! Commodities outside the rift or a warehouse will decay. The rift and warehouses are the only place to store these. Official city commodity shops remain unaffected. Stockrooms, bags of stasis, and other methods of preservation will no longer affect commodities. Outrifted commodities will decay 12 hours after being outrifted. Commodities dropped on the ground will decay 1 hour after being dropped (or any act/loss of connection that causes them to be on the ground.) Commodities can be sold on the comm market directly from the warehouse. When the term on a commodity sale ends any unsold commodities will first attempt to fill your rift. Any remainder will then move to the lowest costing warehouse lease in your name. If there is no warehouse lease in your name, any remaining commodities will then be placed in your inventory. How many of each commodity you can sell at any time on the comm market will be capped based on your associated commodity mining ranking. The particulars of this scale will be announced in due course. All commodities currently being sold on the commodity market at the time of this change (0100 GMT June 20th) will be returned to their owners. These will first attempt to fill your rift. Any remainder will then move to the lowest costing warehouse lease in your name. If there is no warehouse lease in your name, any remaining commodities will then be placed in your inventory. We will also be adding integration for mining claim and storage to pair with warehousing. We'll be keeping an eye on the Warehousing and Leases thread over on the Achaea forums. Don't hesitate to post any questions you might have! Remember, these changes go into effect on June 20th at 0100 GMT.

The Urchins’ Sorrow

Ravenous Monster "Unclean!" cried the residents of Ashtan as the orphans of Martin's Sorrow were stricken by a deadly plague. As an infamous nemesis raised his head, fortunes most foul befell the wretched urchins before the efforts of Truax, Dunn, and Klendathu drove away the scheming Akarim - but not before the Cursed Shaman had his fill.
As the sun rose over Ashtan on the 5th of Scarlatan, 772 years after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, a young woman, Aalin, rushed through the streets, seeking the help of any with medicinal knowledge. Finding aid in Klendathu, Principal of the Consortium, Aalin returned to Martin's Sorrow to find a sick urchin, his face covered with boils, and a rash that ran the length of his body. A cure was not found, and Ashtani began questioning the various inhabitants of Martin's Sorrow: old Rickward, quiet Autino, and unruly Akarim. Even as they pooled their resources, the symptoms began spreading across all the urchins of the city. It was not long before the first two, Ellio and Dalan, succumbed to their illness. Seeking answers, Jinsun absconded away to the Chaos Court, bringing Cadmus, the Cursed Shaman a diseased urchin girl. The Chaos Lord elated at the sight of the disease, professing his joy and newfound love for the ailment. Lifting the morsel high into the air, he could no longer contain his hunger. With cries of delight, he tore into the tainted flesh, savouring each boil that burst along his tongue and each succulent drop of pus that he sucked from the husk of the orphan. In loud declaration, he announced it was not a sickness, but a poison. Eager for more, he hurried the Ashtani along to find the creator, demanding they be brought before him. Outraged that their fellow citizens would feed a child to a Chaos Lord, and vexed by the lack of progress, those in Martin's Sorrow torn down their own homes, barring entrance into the slums before making their way into the Descent. Decrying the more fortunate of Ashtani society, Akarim loudly proclaimed the poison to be little more than a plot to force the poor and destitute into yet more subservience. Fanning the fires of the angered underclasses, Akarim stood at the forefront of the angry mob as it descended upon the old Montagenet estate in search of Timothy de Vermiis. Tensions reached a breaking point when enforcer and protester met in open conflict, ending with Aalin holding a bloody stump that was her arm, removed by the Ashtani sergeant. Seeing this as proof of the corruption of the rich, Akarim continued to taunt Timothy. Just as all hope of peace seemed lost, another interruption broke through the fray. Amidst the rising chaos sweeping across the Seat of Chaos, the infamous Dowager Montagenet herself arrived at Ashtan's gates, promising a quick resolution to the city's woes. The old nobility's attempts to once more force her way into Ashtani politics brought to naught by Dunn, who rebuked and refused her offer. In growing desperation, Irimon called together all the citizens of Ashtan to meet and discuss the various events that had unfolded. Using her wit and breadth of knowledge, Truax came to the conclusion that Akarim must be Ysven, the member of the Jaguar crime ring that plagued Ashtan so long ago. Needing assurance, several Ashtani broke into Targossas to investigate Rudolpho Montagenet, whom Ysven had impersonated so long ago. Sure of themselves now, Truax, Dunn, and Klendathu cornered Akarim, asking that he reveal his face. In a mad dash, he ran towards the docks, screaming for his crew to ready the ship. This was all in vain, as the ship disembarked and vanished into the Sapphire Sea. Rather than be captured and tortured for information, Akarim declared his loyalty to the Jaguar's and took his own life.

Q2 Classleads!

Dice Alongside the various events running all month long, the team has been hard at work going through Quarter 2's classlead submissions! Some of the changes include: Weaponry * Classes that use certain weapons are now not more affected by CLUMSINESS than non weapon users. Classes affected are: Blademaster (all blade attacks), dual cutting knights, and priest (smite). Spiritlore * New spirit: ADCHACHEL (outcast class). Skirmishing * You may no longer SAY while PETRIFIED. This includes for RIDE HOME, DUANATHAR, and other such say-triggered escapes. Survival * New ability: BLUNDER. Misc * SERVERSIDE CURING will now raise SELFISHNESS when prone. * Various room hinders now fire less aggressively if the caster is out of the effect's room. Those affected are: AEONICS DISTORTION, DEVOTION PIETY, NECROMANCY GRAVEHANDS, and SUBTERFUGE PINSHOT. * In light of the delay on speed being stripped, speeds time to come up as been halved to maintain the status quo for these mechanics. This does have some consequences, but they're positive ones. * Improved how serverside curing handles the speed defence. * DIVE no longer acts as a bypass method for the TENSION affliction. Read about all of the changes and additions over in the Classleads news section!

Adchachel’s Lament

Ruined Town Journeying to the ancient ruins of Old Aster Town, the adventurers of Achaea unearthed the ancient laboratory of Adchachel, calming the disturbed spectre whose spirit now serves those of a Shamanistic outlook.
So long within the darkness. But I awoke. In the north? I do not remember ever travelling there before. I was attacked by fools, who dared challenge the might of the greatest Occultist Demiurge! It was I who slew Overlord Agith'maal in the Black Wave, and these insects think they can face me and survive? The ten mightiest champions of Seleucar could not do what I have done.
I returned home, to my Ashtan. My home, great Ashtan, the Bastion. But again, betrayal! They claimed I am dead, that our great guild is no more. Impossible. I am the Demiurge of the Occultists, and they claimed to my face that my own guild is destroyed. They denied me in my proper request to be escorted to the estate, where I might ruminate on the strangeness, they denied me audience with the king as if I were a madman! They did not even speak to me of my old companions. Where is Epicurus? Is he gone? If my own city will not assist her Demiurge, then plague be upon them.
And yet... and yet, there is a strangeness. Things were not as they seemed. I was lied to, over and over again. Some strange female thief even carried the Staff of Nicator! It must not have disappeared back to the Logos after all, no. A thief stealing it from Nicator's very tomb, when it was of critical importance that the Staff be carried against the Black Wave? I shall reclaim the Staff from this thief. I pursued her to Delos, so mysteriously absent its Church. Have they concealed it as they concealed Shallam? I saw through their lies, even as Merentesh claimed I am dead, as if he could deny what was so obviously standing before him. He suffered the consequence of his actions, for daring to use my name. At least Seasone speaks truly.
But at last, I found one of the lesser wyrms that seemed to speak sense. Wise words, yes. The thief was sighted in Aster Malik! If I can capture her, slay her, return the Staff to Emperor Piraeus, might I perhaps then be forgiven? I want forgiveness. These rages, these fits, they weary me.
I pursued the thief to the moat. All of Aster Malik, destroyed by this wench! Attempting to subvert the power of the Staff, ending countless lives. Lives are a commodity, but such wastefulness? No. I will slay her. But there is something. Have I lived this before? Will I live it? I... I do not understand. Something is wrong. But I will slay her. I have to. If I can bring the Staff back to the Emperor, back to Seleucar, I will be forgiven. Won't I? I cling to hope. Gods, it is all so confusing.
I will step into my laboratory. I will face the thief, for my city has chosen to aid me, they have told me of her location. My trusted friends, fellow Ashtani.
A trap? I cannot leave! The thief masterminded this, held me in my laboratory so she could slay me! More fool her, her and her army of minions, for Ashtani are here with me, and together we will triumph over this Shallamese plot!
No... I am abandoned? Betrayed? I... I burn. Gods help me, I burn! Please... not again...

Hammered Out The Problem!

Phaestus, the Smith Answering the pleas of His faithful, Lord Phaestus returned His attention to Achaea!
In the early days of Chronos, an unsuspecting orc set out to fish in his favourite pool, hoping to catch enough that he wouldn't have to fight over food that night. As he stared into the water's depths, looking for prey, something lurking in the murk below caught his eye. Fear overtook the wretched creature as it flailed and backed away from the water, loosing a harrowing screech that echoed through the mountains as he watched his body turn to lead, overtaken slowly by an alchemical corruption.
As the Siroccian Mountains slowly turned to lead, converting all in sight to the cold and grey metal, the nearby dwarven and orc encampments sought aid for their threatened homes. Many armed the dwarves against the raids of the orcs, who sought to take advantage of the weakness, with most contributions coming from Eleusis and Cyrene. As the days passed and more fell victim to the spreading plague, the thought of war grew less concerning. Attempt after attempt to remedy the situation failed, from the holy cleansing rituals of Targossas to fiery conflagrations brought on by Hashan.
The entirety of the dwarven camp huddled close as the last of the lead crept in, blowing about on the breeze. In a desperate bid to buy them some time, Phaesteans Eril and Roselie Rian-Moonshadow performed a hastily prepared ritual, calling hopefully upon the four elements to cleanse the land.
A hot, cinder-laden breeze rolled through in response to the faithful's plea before a mirage obscured the surroundings. The heat haze eventually faded to reveal the form of the Smith, answering the pleas of His children.
Not One to waste words, Lord Phaestus promptly took up His legendary hammer, the WorldForger and dealt a swift blow to the ancient mountains. Like children did the giants shudder and tremble, cowed before the might of the DwarfFather from the tips of their peaks to the deepest valleys of the lowlands in between. With a second swing, the corrupted anchor was launched towards Ashtan, the projectile disappearing into a mysterious wall of stormclouds.
The Smith knelt and, using a piece of clay from the shaken mountains, forged a new anchor, reshaping the earth itself into solid gold. With one final strike of His hammer, the gold of the newly-forged anchor buckled beneath the Smith's will, taking on liquid form and balancing the earthen scales.

Fully Revamped Roulette!

DiceFeaturing inside and outside bets, and allowing for multiple bets, Achaea's new roulette system even offers a clickable betting system! Let's get the ball rolling!
Roulette tables now accept all standard roulette wagers, and you may place as many bets as you like subject to an inside-bet limit of 50,000 gold and an outside-bet limit of 1,000,000 gold per spin (these numbers subject to change). There is no minimum.
To place an inside bet, simply BET <amount> GOLD ON <numbers>
   To place a 2,000 gold split bet on 8 and 11, do BET 2000 GOLD ON 8 11
   To place a 50,000 gold street bet on 1, 2, and 3, do BET 50000 GOLD ON 1 2 3
If you use the BET command (just the one word) in a room with a roulette wheel, this will give you a visual betting table that can help you to plan your bets!
Outside bets are placed similarly, e.g., BET 2000 GOLD ON RED, though since these bets are sometimes called by different names you may want to consult the BET table to see the Achaean names for each bet (or HELP ROULETTE if you use a screen reader to play Achaea).
Those with MXP configured on can also BET <amount> GOLD to bring up a clickable roulette table that can be used to place any valid bet!

Artisanal and Bardic Winners!

A studious owl The Contenders themed Artisanal and Bardic contest has closed and the winning submissions are by Ellodin, Jurixe, Mathonwy, Kaden, and Asmodron! Congratulations to our winners! Here is this month's winning entry:

Blood of Anzari-Tarin

By: Ellodin Vivania, sweet Muse of Poetry, Please bless mine song with eloquence of verse. This tale speaks not of Heroes running free, But those instead by lineage accursed, Bequeathed with cumbrous legacies and fates, Dark tragedies played on the greatest stage. O Adchachel, thou ate a heart to sate A lust for power; did that meal assuage Thy hunger as it launched a Tsol'teth plot? For 'twas not thou that bore the burden thus But progeny who caused despair and wrought Death in thy stead through actions treasonous. I sing of tainted blood and fallen stars, Contenders for the throne of Seleucar. The Brangwin rose who could not shed her thorns Matured a stone's throw from the northern gate, With rage like rising water, suff'ring borne Alone, no hope the flooding would abate. O Castomira, victim of a past Thou hadst no way to alter on thy own, 'Ere birth, thy destiny had long been cast. Yet still, the faintest hope thou couldst atone Burned somewhere in thy clever, pensive mind 'Til light was snuffed, and naught remained but hate For Catarin, thine lives fore'er entwined; Great Nicator's blood won, by luck or fate. An actress in a cruel playwright's song, Afraid and pained, but forced to play along. The union of deSangre and Tsol'teth Begot a dissonance of mind and soul; The Man in Grey, a legacy of death, And sundered blood forever unconsoled. O Parni, Castomira's royal claim, Thou looked on Seleucar with sharp disgust, Corruption's bane, the sovereign cleansing flame That burned great House deSangre down to dust. A life of suffering would follow thee; By athanasia, lasting peace denied, An emperor shackled, never to be freed 'Til naught remained but desolate mourning cries. A lonely song of blood and bloodlines' end, Perhaps, at last, his coda hath been penned. The master of the house of Death deposed, Tlalaiad rose to take a throne Divine; With Parni went our last chance to oppose Amalgamation of the Tsol'teth line. When dire Chaos Wars came to a head, And ancient races fought for elder Lords; Strong Qui'anar repelled Slith's fell undead But paid a price: their hearts grew cold as swords. In honour of their bravery, Lord Death Would call His chosen few His Qui'anar; Thoth's plundered essence granted nascent breath The Genesis of Tsol'teth blood, their star. This litany's for those who sought to reign, Freed at last from fate's unyielding chain.

Kings of the Hill!

Treasure chest and skull Congratulations to Ellodin, Crixos, Chiam, Iakimen, and Rom! Team Rice were undefeated in the Kings of the Hill tournament and beat out the Visible Army in the best of three finale to win 2000 credits!

The Great Hunt Ends!

Treasure chest and skull After a thousand deaths, tens of thousands of kills, and over FIVE BILLION experience gained, the Great Hunt has come to an end! Mindshell, Tjay, and Ibn are the winners in their tiers, taking the top prize of five hundred credits each and the respect and admiration of their peers!

Classleads Q2!

A studious owl The endorsement and censure phase for Quarter 2 classleads is now over! CONFIG CLASSLEADS ON in game to see live updates as the team goes through the submissions!

Quests Galore!

Treasure chest and skull We've just spent the last week massively upgrading our quest system. A whole host of new areas are integrated into the system (with more to come) and we've altered how xp is awarded across the board so questing should now be a much more viable use of time!

Dictation Commences:

A studious owl After many hours of debate and discussion, the esteemed Masters of the Cauda Pavonis have taught the alchemists and synthesists of Achaea the science of transmutation!

The Itinerant Bazaar!

Treasure chest and skull Hear ye and oh yez! The Itinerant Bazaar returns to Achaea with a whirlwind of one of a kind rare and exotic goods! Pay the strangest merchants in all the Planes a visit - and bring plenty of gold! See UPCOMING in game for the next date!

Oblivion Cometh!

Licking flames The Lord of Oblivion has manifested once more upon Achaea, crowning the momentous union of Dunn Lichlord of Ashtan with the Crone Queen of the Chaos Court. In hushed activity do the Nihilists of old now stir, the Caverns of Enheduanna once again alive with a dire promise.

A New Look!

Sartan, the Lord of Evil gets a revamp with this amazing new piece of artwork!


Dice The Gem of Cloaking and Veil of the Sphinx artefacts received massive reworks today as we continue to work towards making Achaea feel more populated and alive!

Elemental Planes!

The biggest content release in Achaea's twenty year history is now live, and the Elemental Planes are open to all Achaeans! These four massive zones are the territory of the elemental lords, and facing down their challenges rewards players with one of FOUR new classes!

The Tash’la!

A look at the lithic warriors who hail from a distant plane!

The Skylord Returns!

Jeramun's attempted consumption of the Mistral roused the attention of Lord Vastar! Saving the conduit of air and causing His Farethi to rejoice, the Skylord returns to Achaea!

The Blood Sea

Curses to Achaea and the Primes in the name of Sllshya! The Water Emissary tore a tainted core from Mhaldor's grip and bound the Sea Sorceress anew. Achaea's waters are blue once again, yet the daemon core remains at the heart of Baelgrim fortress.

Hunters Wanted!

Ratatosk, Guardian of Yggdrasil

Marshalling rats and living deep within the World Tree is Ratatosk, Guardian of Yggdrasil.

Honour, prestige, and gold are offered to those who can find and slay this mighty beast!

Yggdrasil and Blood!

A crumbling ruin Part 1 of Achaea's biggest release in years opened today! The world is bathed in blood and the Yggdrasil has been torn open, offering access to a multitude of new worlds beyond! But more is yet to come, keep tuned to UPCOMING in game for the next big installment!

War of the Elements!

Licking flames Tumult shakes Achaea's shores, mountains, woods, and skies: the elements locked in a fierce battle that threatens to tear the world apart. Will you answer the Vigil's call to aid? See events news in game to get up to date!

Something Wicked This Way Comes… ?

A crumbling ruin After teasing Something Big happening in Achaea before the year is out at a Producers Q&A in October, UPCOMING 417 has appeared in game! Keep an eye on that date, they promised the biggest release in Achaea's history!

November In Achaea!

Dice The Wheel of Fortune returns to New Thera! After an hour logged in each day you'll earn a free spin of the wheel! For better prizes you can buy spin tokens from the credits page, and you'll also get humgii racetrack tickets with credit purchases! See Announce news 4837 for more info!

Costume Contest Winners!

Treasure chest and skull Congratulations go to Ehene! Whose oversized pumpkin costume takes first prize, earning him a crafter's portfolio in addition to a resetting version of his costume! All of the winning costumes can be found in Frightful Fittings and they all have a new disguise feature!

Mayaween is here!

Licking flames Without the Tsol'teth to stave it away, Mayaween is upon us! Visit the ghost ship, Griesly Manor, and Haunted Thera, and get your costumes and spooky decorations from Makesh! There's also a costume design contest running! READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4835 for details!

October in Achaea!

A crumbling ruin Wrapping up September and the Iron Lottery, Cazanto from Lusternia wins the grand prize of 10,000 credits! Those of you who completed 15 or more birthday card tasks can expect to receive your prize soon, and talismans are on sale over on the credits page! Don't forget, Mayaween is on the way!

Crusade Updates!

Licking flames Just some of the changes here are: you no longer need to be in a divine order in order to SUBVERT splinters. SUBVERTing splinters has been sped up from 40 seconds to 25. Crusades now have a windup of 24 hours rather than 3. For all the details READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4826!

Iron Lottery Winner: 3rd!

Treasure chest and skull Everest takes home 1000 credits, winning the third drawing of the Iron Lottery! Congratulations! The Iron Lottery will be drawing its final prize this coming weekend (00:00 GMT on September 30th), this drawing will be one ticket across all of IRE for 10,000 credits!

Classleads Q4 Are Open!

Dice Makarios has just opened classlead submissions for the final quarter of this year! We fully expect to have a very packed final couple of months in 2017, which is why this is slightly ahead of schedule. HELP CLASSLEADS has all the info!

New Addition: Stencils!

A studious owl Those with Transcendent knowledge of Tattoos ink any tattoo they know onto a stencil. Blank stencils may be purchased from the various city markets. Thereafter, any adventurer can use the stencil, creating a brand new tattoo on their body! See AB TATTOOS STENCILS for more details!

Greathunt Weekend!

Licking flames For the next 48 hours compete for credit prizes and participation credits, get your explorer points in the great hunt caves, and enjoy double XP all weekend! Congratulations to Darcye, the winner of the second Iron Lottery!

Birthday Auctions!

Treasure chest and skull Auctions are open offering the chance at something special for those with gold or credits! Included this round are Chenubian wings, a custom blademaster sword, a fully customised seastrider, and out of subdivision housing plots! You have 12 days to get your bids in! HELP AUCTIONS has the commands you need!

Achaea’s 20th Birthday!

Dice The winner of week 1's Iron Lottery, winning 1000 credits, is Lyvia! The HAPPYBIRTHDAYACHAEA command is also live! This will be useable once by everyone throughout the month of September and will net you 20 credits, 24 hours of double XP, 24 hours of a critical hit bonus, and an Achaean Birthday card! See Announce news 4817 for all the details!

Y750 Results!

Treasure chest and skull Tesha al Ashtad wins the 750 games with 45 points, becoming the Lady of the Crossing! Krypton takes 1st place in the Tumbleraces! Tesha wins the Championship Foozle! Tesha overcomes the odds to win the XP event! Cooper and Proficy win the 750 Twins Tournament! Krypton wins the Championship Quiz! Well done to all competitors, it was a great show!

September in Achaea!

A crumbling ruin As we move into Achaea's birthday month, we will have ongoing contests and games galore! The Iron Lottery will be drawing every week, we have a 40% credit sale on the website, and new shop of wonders items are available now!

Nexus: Update and Contest!

A ragged chessboard The Nexus client has seen a massive update, with efficiency in combat and when scrolling just two of the alterations. Announce news #4800 has all the details! We also have a contest running for Nexus scripts: checkout Announce news #4801!

Championship Points!

Treasure chest and skull We've made it through Championship Tumbleraces and Championship Foozle where Krypton and Tesha took first place! The top four overall are Tesha and Krypton tied for first with 18 points, Crixos in third with 14, and Taryius at 4th with 10! With three events still to go, it's anyone's contest!

Treasure Hunt!

Treasure chest and skull Azare and Vika won big in the treasure hunt, but they were not alone! 15,000 credits worth of artefacts and more than 4 million gold was dug up in the first hour of Achaea's Year 750 games! Login and check UPCOMING to see what else is happening!  

Year 750 Itinerary Cont.

Treasure chest and skull Alongside the Year 750 Championship games we'll be hosting a plethora of other contests and events over the next two weeks. Announce News 4793 has the list and if you use the UPCOMING command in game you can see the schedule down to the minute!

Pathfinding Updates!

A crumbling ruin The WALK TO command has gotten a much needed facelift! This expansion allows for gallop, dash, sprint, and runaway, and adds a whole host of quality of life changes! READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4786 for all the details.

Year 750 Schedule!

Licking flames In a few weeks the Year 750 games kicks off! Win the Staff of Nicator and a whole host of credit prizes! If you want to take a shot at being the Champion READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4782 has all the details and checkout UPCOMING when in game for the Championship Games schedule. We'll see you there!  

Artefact Shops Rework!

A ragged chessboard With so many artefacts on offer we've spent a couple of days working with Merentesh in Delos and fixing up the HELPs associated with them! We now have a crafting artefact shop, and class-based artefact shops! One shop is dedicated to the Knight classes, and others organised alphabetically by class name! READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4779 for all the details.

Mid Year Auction!

Treasure chest and skull Whether you have credits or gold in your pocket, there's something for you at the mid year auction! Checkout AUCTIONS in game to see the items up for grabs and HELP AUCTIONS to learn how to place your bids! Bidding closes in a week, so don't wait too long.

War on Nishnatoba

The drums of war beat with fury as the armies of Mhaldor and Targossas clash upon the ancient battlefield of Nishnatoba. As this brutal conflict comes to a head, the stakes have never been higher for the forces of Good or Evil. Check out Events news #582 for all the gory details!

Tensions Mount

Treasure chest and skull Achaea shakes as the Gods of Righteousness and Evil rage and clash. Amid Their heated negotiations did death's hammer fall, resounding a single call to action: WAR. Take a gander at Events news #579 to get up to speed with all the glorious and gory details!

Q2 Classleads + Shikudo Updates!

A ragged chessboard The next round of classlead additions went live today, these included alterations to Shikudo abilities, the addition of RELAX available for a number of tattoos, expansion of the MASTER CRAFTER trait, and an increase in rift capacity for ingredients! Classleads news #5 has all the details!

Extermination and Vivify!

Licking flames Extermination, after all of these years, gets a massive change, and the grove users of Achaea gain access to VIVIFY! What will this mean for the Evil vs Nature conflict and what else has changed? Take a look at Announce news #4768 for all of the details.

The Wheel Of Fortune Returns!

Dice With artefacts, credits, consumables, a new talisman set, and more, the wheel of Fortune awaits lucky spinners in New Thera! See Announce news #4767 for all the details!

Shikudo Returns to Achaea

Licking flames A historical moment occurred today. Grandmaster Kevadrin of Judgement Mountain lifted the centuries old ban on Shikudo, the ancient art of fighting with a staff. This is now available to the most practised and disciplined of monks. See Announce news 4762 for more details!

The Great Hunt Commences!

Treasure chest and skull This weekend, from April 29th at 00:01 GMT to April 30th at 23:59 GMT, we'll be running a Great Hunt! This includes double experience on all denizen kills, credit prizes for the top 10 players in each tier, and credit awards at point thresholds!

Classleads Q2 Pt 2!

A studious owl Part two of the 2nd Quarter classleads implementation is now live! This includes alterations in Apostasy, Artificing, Curses, Formulation, Pranks, Weaponmastery, and a resurrection cooldown. Head to the news and check out Classleads post #2 for all the details!  

Classleads Q2 Pt 1!

A ragged chessboard The second round of classleads implementation is underway and we start off with the release of the CLASSLEADS newsboard, going fowards you'll be able to look here for updates on the majority of combat changes! READNEWS CLASSLEADS 1 to get the low down on all the changes so far!  

2nd Quarter Classleads Open


As we enter the second quarter of 2017 (already!), its time for our second classlead round for the year. The classlead process is how we balance classes and add new abilities to skills as appropriate, and is generally the time when you can get your voices heard on issues of combat balance! Submissions will last from now until 00 GMT next Monday (April 10th). HELP CLASSLEADS has all the information!

A Firesome Challenge

Licking flames Twas a quiet day in Ashtan before the Caefir of Targossas called forth the power of their Righteous God. How will the Aegeans of War respond to this insult to their Lord? What plans hatch amongst the Court of Chaos? Surely the Seat of Chaos will not stand for this incursion. Only time will tell... See Events news 572 for more on this story.

The Winning Tickets!

Treasure chest and skull Some of you may remember the raffle held in February, where tickets to enter were won via the Wheel of Fortune. The Shar'ilian Lightspire is now in the Miscellaneous Artefact Shop, a massive upgrade to the Staff of Illusions, it offers expanded illusions, coloured illusions, and brings glamours to the Achaean world. HELP ARTEFACTS MISC has all the details on this new item.

Roleplay and Immersion

A crumbling ruin For 24 hours (as something of an "experiment") Achaeans lost the use of the common tongue, forcing all to work out how to communicate in their racial or city languages! This world-sweeping change was preceded by a girlish giggle heard by all. While we claim this is to promote immersion and roleplay depth, Someone Else might have a different opinion...

Furnishing: Beds Return To Achaea!

And they're even better than before! Furnishers can now craft a range of bed-style items to decorate your homes with, these include standard beds as well as hammocks, cots, and bunks. All of these can be sit or lied upon! In addition to this, a furnishing bed can be upgraded by the property owner into an Artefact bed to unlock all of the associated privacy bonuses. HELP BEDS has all the details on this. Finally, with these changes, couches also make a triumphant and long awaited return!

Classlead Changes Round 5

A studious owl The final round of changes for the 1st Quarter Classleads is now live! Alterations according to your feedback have been made in the following skills: Physiology, Shadowmancy, Spiritlore, Subterfuge, Survival, and Twoarts! A SHIP queue and an internal cooldown on reincarnation via the Gem of Transmutation have also been added. For all the specifics, READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4733. Thank you to everyone who takes part in this process!

Forays and the Intrepid!

A ragged chessboard

Thanks to the grand efforts of Jayden, Farrah, Gamoneterik, Ahmet, Siduri, and Iakimen, the foray board belonging to Russell, a rugged ex-adventurer was rescued from the clutches of dread Aran'Kesh, and forays are now available to all Achaeans!

A "foray" is the name given to a difficult task or challenge undertaken by a group of Intrepid adventurers. Each foray takes place in a unique, isolated setting, found among dozens of possible remote areas of the wilderness. The trials you may face are varied, ranging from confusing puzzles that must be solved to overwhelming denizens that must be defeated. One singular theme unites the forays, however, and that is that none can be completed alone. These are no ordinary hunting grounds, and the combined might of an Intrepid group will be required if you hope to succeed and claim their rewards.

Checkout HELP FORAYS for all the details!

Combat Balance Tweaking!


We've just loaded a small number of combat balance adjustments. Here are the details:


  • VENGEANCE and the effect from the REVELATION'S GUISE talisman will no longer fire off the same death. VENGEANCE will always take priority.
  • The NAIRAT rune when sketched on the ground now gives ENTANGLED rather than TRANSFIX.
  • WEARINESS and CLUMSINESS have been switched in the DEGENERATION instill affliction order.

  • The RETRIBUTION capstone effect no longer does a flat 15% mana damage. Instead it does mana based on how many of the special shadowmancy afflictions are present on a target PARASITE, MADNESS, RETRIBUTION, and DEPRESSION. For 1 affliction it is 5%, for 2 it is 10, for 3 it is 18, and for all of them it is 25.

  • SKULLBASH now shares the DRAGONCRAFT BITE and TEKURA BACKBREAKER per target cooldown.


Races Talisman Set!

Treasure chest and skull

March sees the release of a new talisman set! There is one talisman themed for each playable race, and a special talisman (the double headed coin) themed for the Aldar which will be awarded to those who successfully complete the entire set!

  • A dwarven lodestone
  • A shamanistic rattle
  • A collapsible catapult
  • A blood daubed cloth of whispers
  • A demolition sphere
  • A piece of horkval chitin
  • A flattened frogskin
  • A pernicious pair of Dala'myrr claws
  • Bottled siren song
  • Crystalline panpipes
  • An arachnid's eye
  • A figurine of the suffering Maya
  • A double headed coin (Aldar reward talisman)
Collect them all today! In other exciting news, the February raffle has been drawn. Congratulations go to Daeir who is the winner of our design your own artefact, we look forward to working with him on this! We also applaud lucky Roagnak who's name was pulled second, he gets one of whatever Daeir designs!  

Ideas and Bugfixes!


We've just loaded up a small batch of bugfixes and ideas for you all. Here are the details:

  1. If you now specify an earring of Sinope ID to use to travel with (TRAVEL TO <person> WITH <earring>), it will always override the travel to mutual allies bonus granted by the special valentine chocolates.
  2. Some cases where the game would think you were already granted the BLISSED status but you weren't have been fixed.
  3. The LITANY ability from Terminus can no longer be forced. (Yes, we're aware of the irony.)
  4. DRAGONHEAL will no longer drain mana if it fails to work due to the presence of both the WEARINESS and RECKLESSNESS afflictions.
  5. The ELAD ability in Terminus will no longer cause strange interactions if you use it on someone already following you.
  6. Serverside curing will no longer try to MOUNT if you are KAI SURGED.
  7. Retirement credits will now show up on your CREDIT REPORT if you are able to transfer them to that character.


Classlead Changes Round 4!

A ragged chessboard We're nearly done with all the classlead changes for this first quarter's submissions! There's just one more batch to go after these. But what you really want to know is which skills were affected this time, here you go: Aeonics, Groves, Runelore, Shadowmancy, Shindo, Swashbuckling, Tattoos and Terminus. One of the biggest changes in this batch was a miscellaneous change in approach to room hindrance, Makarios writes:
We are moving back towards room hinders blocking flight, as I feel it causes more problems than it solves. Some classes will require changes to facilitate this as it is currently a balancing factor. As of this posting all room hinders except OCCULTISM TENTACLES, GROVES WILDGROWTH, and PHYSIOLOGY TORSO now hinder flight. This is purely a transitional step - those final three classes shall also gain this functionality, but certain changes need to take place first.
For all of the other details, READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4717!

Classlead Changes Round 3!

A studious owl We're pleased to bring you the third round of changes and updates from the 2017 first quarter classlead submissions! These include changes to the following skills: Physiology, Shadowmancy, Shindo, Spiritlore, Subterfuge, Tarot and Weaponmastery! For all the specifics on these changes, READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4713!  

Classlead Changes Round 2

A ragged chessboard

Close on the heels of the first batch, here's the list of skills that saw changes during this second round of classleads:

Curses, Domination, Dragoncraft, Elementalism, Groves, Metamorphosis, Puppetry/Vodun, Runelore, Shadowmancy, Spiritlore, and Woodlore!

For more details on these changes, READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4709 and keep your eyes peeled for more!

January Lottery Winners!

Treasure chest and skull

The recent lotteries have been drawn and our hearty congratulations go out to the following lucky winners!

Seragorn, who won the Sacrificial Kris! Ellaer, who won the vial of infinite health elixir! Lenn, who won the gold-handled inkbrush! And, Kayeil, who won the custom dragon description!

Classlead Changes Round 1

A studious owl Makarios has been hard at work going over all your classlead submissions and comments, and the first round of changes is now live! This batch features changes to the following skills: Aeonics, Alchemy, Artifice, Chivalry, Domination, Dragoncraft, Evileye, Shindo, Striking, Subterfuge, and Terminus! READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4706 for all the details!

Resolutions for a New Year!

A crumbling ruin

A new year is upon us and the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed amongst you (those of you not suffering from the past weekend's indulgences) might have made some resolutions, things you want to change or achieve during this shiny new year.

Here in Achaea we also want you to embrace this chance, be it for a fresh start, to take up a new challenge, to aim for some lofty goal, or just to help motivate you to push that little bit harder toward something you've always aimed for!

The completion of resolutions will award you with Mementos of Resolve, these can be spent on a range of special items unavailable elsewhere in Achaea!

Crusades Come to Achaea!

Licking flames

It would not be Achaean Christmas without a few surprises (sometimes pleasant, sometimes not), and 2016 is no exception. We're very pleased to bring you the final phase of the shrine system, which we very much think shall fall into the former category!

Though you'll be able to read all about it in HELP CRUSADES, Crusading will allow you to band together with your fellow order members and battle upon the battlefield of Nishnatoba.

Strategise to undermine your enemies, stealing the essence of their God so that they may struggle to raise their shrines upon the Prime while you spend the essence on various miracles, even become an Avatar of your God!