Built to Scale

Over the past few weeks, we've made a number of tweaks to foray balancing in one direction or another, mostly as a result of fixing bugs that negatively affected play experiences in both directions, with some bosses being far too difficult and others being comparable to the Imp Lord (long may he reign).

Foray scaling has long been an issue that we've had to tiptoe around due to our previous scaling system, with minor tweaks to make things more suitable for one group making them entirely impossible to complete for another group. In many cases, it made lower-level players an active detriment to a foray group, and almost entirely excluded non-dragons from any sort of meaningful contribution.

There was also a large discrepancy between the difficulty of different forays, to the point where some forays could be attempted with a full team of dragons artied to the teeth performing without mistakes, and would still fall apart due to factors out of the players' control.

Today, we've made a slew of changes to the foray experience that should bring all these things (and a number of other inconveniences) in line, meaning that forays should be far more accessible and consistent, while still offering a suitable level of difficulty. We'll be monitoring foray performance over the coming days to make further (hopefully minor) tweaks to the difficulty scaling if necessary.

As it stands currently, forays still retain a level of difficulty, but most have been brought in line to the point where they should be difficult but completable by a well-prepared group, regardless of artefacts, class, or dragonform. Naturally, class abilities, artefacts, and the like will give you advantages in this way or that, but no longer to the same degree, nor should they be required for most forays.

We'll also be keeping an eye on the discussion and feedback surrounding these changes, both in game and on the forums, so if you feel something is out of place, too difficult, not difficult enough, or if there are other improvements to be made to forays following these changes, feel free to discuss. As always, if you run into things that aren't working as they should, please feel free to file a BUG, and we will address it as soon as possible.

Happy Hunting!

What are Forays? Click here for more info.

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Helping Covid Heroes Fund

Greetings, citizens of the Iron Realms,

I hope everyone’s doing as well as they can in these plague times. I feel like we’re living through a really badly-run event in one of our games, and whoever is running the event has completely forgotten that they’re supposed to be fun.

In any case, while people are being laid off left and right (my wife was laid off last week), Iron Realms is in a position where our work hasn’t really been disrupted. We all work from home offices anyway, and remotely working together is baked into our company’s DNA. We haven’t had to lay anyone off because of Covid, in fact, for which we’re all grateful.

So, we want to do something to help. We looked around, and decided that we want to support a charity called RIP Medical Debt. It got some fame a few years ago when John Oliver bought $14m in medical debt for $60k and gave it to them to retire.

What they do is buy and pay off the medical debt of people for whom it is a large financial burden, at 1 penny on the dollar. In other words, $1 can pay off $100 of someone’s medical debt. For those of you who don’t live in the US, our health system here allows people to go into crippling debt because they got sick or injured, to the point of financial ruin. According to one study from 2019, about 530,000 annual bankruptcies in the US are at least partly-caused by medical debt.

In this case, RIP Medical Debt recently started a fund – the Helping Covid Heroes Fund - that specifically buys up and pays off the medical debt of healthcare workers and first responders who are seriously financially burdened by the debt (so a doctor making $300k isn’t getting her student loans paid off by this, for instance).

I saw that and immediately thought, “This is what we want to support.” The impact per dollar is just so high.

We’re going to be doing two things for the rest of this month:

  1. Each game is creating a minipet that’ll be for sale on the website for $5. 100% of revenue from these will go to the Helping Covid Heroes Fund. https://ripmedicaldebt.org/campaigns/
  2. We’re going to donate 20% of our revenue (minus revenue from the minipets as we’re already donating 100% of those), up to a max of $12,000, for the rest of this month.

If we raised $12,000 from #2 and another $3000 from #1, that’d pay off $1.5 million in medical debt for Covid heroes!

We’ll announce how much was raised after the bookkeeping is done in early-ish June, and donate the money raised then as well. It’s not a world-changing amount, but it could be life-changing for the people whose debt is paid off.

Finally, we’re also going to increase daily free credits available each day until the end of the month – your game producers will post details themselves there.

Stay well,

CEO, Iron Realms

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A Few Weeks Of Escapism!

As the current climate outdoors becomes more stressful and tense for many of us, we've been working on a bit of a plan to make good use of your extra Achaea hours!

So whether social distancing is everyday for you, or you're already climbing the walls under some kind of enforced quarantine, there should be something fun to do in Achaea!

March 20th - 27th
The application period is open for the Conclave's vacancy!
Contact your local denizens (or even your fellows) of magical renown or just misguided ambition and assist them in preparing their applications for submission!
See Public news #20670 for more information.

March 22nd
An artisanal and bardic contest opens!

March 23rd - 27th
Double XP!

March 25th
A 24 hour great hunt will go live!
From 00:00:00 - 23:59:00
Traditional Great Hunt tiers, and credits for point thresholds will be on offer!

March 28th
CTF day!

March 28th - April 3rd
Conclave referendums open!
Back your candidates and prepare/give speeches, rallies, debates and earn votes in the Conclave's short list referendum!

April 3rd - 18th
A Reckoning begins in earnest, pitting the followers of each short listed candidate against one another to see who will take the open seat!

April 18th
Reckoning finale.

April 23rd - May 4th
The Asterian Restoration's year long Festival of History!

Please be aware that some event dates may shift depending on involvement and unforeseen happenings! We will be adding things to UPCOMING as and when the dates are finalised! Keep an eye on this board for more details as things happen!

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1st Raffle Winners!

Treasure chest and skull

The first of our raffles has been drawn with Majin claiming the first prize of anything from our recently closed auctions! 9 other lucky winners took home credits or Mayan crowns!

Winner: Majin (an auction artefact from the recent auctions of his choice!)
2nd place (500 credits): Limea
3rd place (500 credits): Amanda
4th place (500 credits): Fynn
5th place (500 credits): Aleth
6th place (2 Mayan crowns): Lyrikai
7th place (2 Mayan crowns): Marxi
8th place (2 Mayan crowns): Minifie
9th place (2 Mayan crowns): Crixos
10th place (2 Mayan crowns): Iaxus

Everyone else got 2 bound credits per ticket they had in the raffle!

To earn tickets in the next raffle you can spin the Wheel of Fortune with a prismatic token (every token spin earns a ticket) and you get a free ticket when you reach the renown cap on any given day during the month!

Remember, we'll be drawing another one at the end of March, that raffle begins now!

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CTF and Bazaar!

We've nailed down a date for the Game of Eyes CTF and the Itinerant Bazaar will be returning for three openings this month!

The CTF will take place on 28th March at 11PM GMT (this is one hour before Serenade). This will be a Game of Eyes variant with shifting hills, and the winning city will claim the Effigy of Victory for themselves!

The Itinerant Bazaar returns on the 15th, the 17th, and the 20th. Its tents will remain open each time until all stock is gone, then Kelath will draw his special mount raffle!

Check UPCOMING when in game to keep track of specific times for all of these and don't miss out!

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Practice Spars!

We've just loaded up a small update to the arena practice mode that automatically transcends your class skills when engaged in a practice duel!

This is mostly targeted at newer players to let them trial a class before committing to embrace, but we're sure a few of you established players might benefit as well!

Use CHALLENGE <adventurer> TO PRACTICE at any arena to make use of this!

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Daily Credits – Adventures!

This is a huge update that we've been excited about since we begun working on Adventures back in February 2019! Completing adventures rewards with renown, but this now translates automatically to bound credits!

Adventures can now be completed every day, without being locked to theme!

You can complete multiple adventures each day!

There will still be a rotating theme, and the first adventure on theme you complete each day will reward with double renown!

Renown has been adjusted across the board.

Adventures can only be embarked on once per day per person.

Questing adventures have been removed.

Questing will be a passive adventure that you do not need to embark upon.

Renown (up to the cap) will be awarded based on completion of quest system quests.

Each quest completed will only count once for renown per person, per day.

Questing is not considered part of any adventure theme.

Questing in excessively low level areas will not reward higher level players, AREAS is a good guide of whether or not an area will be appropriate for you.

Quests completed in areas that are suitable for levels 90 and above will reward renown for all.

For every 100 renown earned in a day, you will earn 1 bound credit. This caps out at 2000 renown per day, (20 bound credits)!

Renown cannot be earned past 2000 and will not carry over, renown values reset at Serenade.

All existing renown will be converted as per this system, 5 renown converting to 1 bound credit. This does not affect your renown gain for today.

Commands are:
ADVENTURE EMBARK <#> - Embark on your chosen adventure
ADVENTURE LIST [easy/medium/hard/seafaring/conflict/exploration/hunting] - List the adventures available to you. As you complete an adventure it will be removed from the list.
ADVENTURE RECALL - Recall the details of your chosen adventure.
ADVENTURE REJECT - Reject your chosen adventure.
ADVENTURE THEME - Show the current theme for a sweet double renown adventure.
RENOWN/SCORE RESOURCES - How much renown you have earned today.

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Iron Elite Updates!

We've added some more options for Iron Elite purchases, and are working on some plans to expand the configurability of this system even further!

The pricing for Iron Elite packages has changed!

One month of Iron Elite remains at 24.99

Three months of Iron Elite is now 70.47 (23.49 per month equivalent)

Six months of Iron Elite is 131.94 (21.99 per month)

Twelve months of Iron Elite is 239.88 (19.99 per month)

The primary benefit of these new membership options is that your characters will receive most rewards up front. The rewards which are instantly advanced are the XP bonus, and membership credits. Daily lessons are unchanged.

We've also added Membership Wares! These are some in game useful things that you can spend membership credits on directly from the membership pool, in case you don't want bound credits!

MEMBERSHIP WARES shows the list of available options.
will let you purchase whatever you want from that list.

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War Updates!

Massive updates to the city war system have gone into effect, turning the political and raiding landscape of Achaea into a much more organic system of hostilities!

First up! The city guardians have been distinctly buffed, good luck!

Secondly we have a big overhaul to city vs city war! This is going to get a little verbose...

Most importantly of all, citizens and soldiers are not open PK during wartime.

Let me say that again for the people in the back.

Most importantly of all, citizens and soldiers are not open PK during wartime.

There are two aspects to this update. First is a background hostility metric that tracks every city vs every other city. This is affected by hostile acts, and continual hostile actions can result in natively setting your city hostile to another!

Cities can declare their relations to each other city using the CITY SET RELATIONS command, and review the existing relations using ORG RELATIONS ALLIED and ORG RELATIONS HOSTILE <city>. Possible relations include Allied, Neutral, and Hostile.

Mutually hostile does not automatically mean you are at war. This allows cities to declare their political stance without creating perpetual war scenarios.

The following actions generate hostility:
- guard kills
- tank detonations
- sanctions gained
- killing citizens inside a city
- sinking org-owned ships

This hostility will slowly decay every Achaean month, and decay at an increased rate if there has been zero hostile actions by the city for three months.

There's so much more to this update, and you can head here to read all about it!

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Clan Housing!

House owners in Achaea are now able to transfer ownership of their houses to a democratic clan to create clan-owned properties!

This functionally allows such clans to own houses in their own right and even designate rooms for use of members without them having to own an entire estate themselves, along with all the benefits that a property confers!

For as long as a person remains room owner, they can place furniture as they see fit, edit door permissions for doors coming into and out of their room, hang artwork, and more!

Clan members will have access to upgrades such as regeneration rooms, stables, and the like (provided they have the door permissions to access them.)

HELP CLAN HOUSING has been added for reference!

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Achaea 2020

Another year of madness is under our belts with a whole host of additions, changes, events, and stories to look back on! For me personally, this is my third Christmas with Achaea and while the unique insanity that was Yggdrasil can never quite be surpassed, I can say with confidence that this has been my favourite year yet.

What happened in 2019?

Looking back on the year, we began with the addition of bribing and urgent crafting submissions - two features that have gone on to become staples in the combat and crafting meta (such as they are!) going forward.

February saw the introduction of the talisman shop and another step in our commitment to improving in-game acquisition of premium items. Bruyan and Zuldra got married, the Artisanal and Bardic society hosted a competition, and the Priests of Achaea learned to wield the powers of Zeal!
IRE said goodbye to Tecton in March and still miss him dearly. Ocedda of Nur began offering his services to Achaeans who wanted to get married, and we've seen many weddings take place in the temple of Eros since (though none have yet been courageous enough to accept the former Elder God's offer of accomodations for their honeymoons!)

April began what would be the biggest event of the year: the Third Black Wave, commencing with the destruction of the barrier, the release of fragments, and the Tsol'teth crusade against the Gods on Nishnatoba. The invasion and conquest of Cyrene would soon follow, and Achaeans of Hashan and Targossas would form the first adventurer alliances with the Underrealm.

The adventuring system was released in the month of May, while the Third Black Wave event continued on before culminating in the dual invasions of Ashtan and Mhaldor and the heroic recapturing of Cyrene from the Tsol'teth. 

Dominating most of June was the Year 802 games, which saw Farrah rise to claim the Staff of Nicator while Keorin of Cyrene led the Seleucarian Games in resistance to the Underrealm. Eleusis and Hashan went to war (the winner, as ever, was unclear), and the skill of Sublimation was released as an alternative field of study for Hashani alchemists!

Nissa organised the Worlds' Fair throughout July, a cultural extravaganza that was by far one of the best events we have ever had the pleasure to run. Lady Lorielan and Lord Twilight rounded off the debate series with a vicious dispute of their own, and later in the month, a cunning thief and the dastardly dowager conspired to reintroduce organised crime into Achaea in the form of fences!

In September, Achaea turned 22 years old and saw the release of Artistry, Beverages, and Shipfitting! Foragers came into being to continue our aim of interactive commodity generation, and a grand party coincided with the birthday month as Lady Pandora cast off the demands of Her father and began to find Her own way as the Wayward Heir!

Mayaween was a spooky affair as usual, introducing Ermintrude Goree to oversee the addition of a fighting pit in Griesly Manor, heralding the arrival of Scrappers in late October after Boss Jovan and Elma Koa began offering training to adventurers in pet battling. 

As we reached the end of the year, the release of Borak, freed by Pandora, sent the seas into violent upheaval, resulting in greatly enhanced danger on the oceans and a series of new voyages for stalwart sailors to undertake!
Alongside all of this, our team have continued to toil away at fixing bugs, implementing ideas, working on classleads and improving combat balance, as well as dozens of other additions such as improved artefact helpfiles, more configuration options, fallback curing, seafaring waymarkers, and a number of raid and city guard changes to better facilitate the raiding experience!

It has been another big year, and as we look forward now to 2020, we have no plans to slow down!

What can we expect in 2020?

After a huge amount of new additions and systems into the game world, it is time for us to look back on what already exists in Achaea and ensure it meets the standards we set ourselves. To that end, you can expect the first quarter to focus on updates to the forays, dragon lairs, adventuring, and resolutions systems, as well as a detailed audit of the Underworld.

City honours quests will continue implementation and begin release early in the month of January.

Our dedication to quality of life and quality of product will continue with a consistent focus on bug fixes and issue resolutions.

We'll be exploring some new avenues for conflict generation, and looking to continue our theme of storytelling to ensure plenty of engaging and exciting events throughout the year.

Org culture and identity is still on our minds, and our patrons have lots of things in store for you all!

There's plenty more that can't be revealed at the moment, but I can guarantee that it will be yet another incredible year for Achaea!

- Icti, Nicola, and Mak

Discuss on the forums at https://forums.achaea.com/discussion/7076/a-history-of-2019-and-teasers-for-2020

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General Updates!

Continuing our dedication to improving Achaea's quality of life, we have a host of updates to support that!

Our organisations can now categorise their help files.

Seafarers will find that ship girding lasts significantly longer.

Special personal deathsights are now subject to configuration via the KILLMSG command.

And the much-requested shop logs feature has been implemented!

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Here Be Krakens!

Alongside new voyages and seamonster changes, we're making some tweaks to seamonster combat and fixing some long-standing bugs.

  • Seamonsters will no longer stop attacking entirely after they've lost all targets and are re-engaged.
  • Seamonsters will no longer waste attacks on sunken ships.
  • Seamonsters will no longer target a sunken ship when there is another ship to target nearby.
  • Rather than lurking when they've lost their target, seamonsters will return, deeper into the areas of sea they roam.
  • Seamonsters will no longer batter a shielded ship forever. Seamonster attacks that fail due to windshield have a chance to break the shield (higher chance for higher level monsters).
  • Ships that are already sinking will have a low chance to sink outright each time their hull is damaged by a seamonster.

Enjoy and keep a weather eye out, should the ocean turn black you may wish to turn back.

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The effects of Borak's release are not only felt on the land but have also rippled below the waves, reaching across all the oceans!

While all pre-existing seamonster zones remain in effect, there is now a chance of encountering seamonsters virtually anywhere upon the sea while you are sailing!

Further, the SEAFARING talisman set can now be obtained by entirely in-game means (via voyages, see below). Each talisman still requires four pieces to create, and we've made a couple of adjustments to ensure the set makes sense in the context of the modern game:

  • The CROSSBOW has been removed from the set. Existing crossbows remain as normal.
  • The SHIPCHIT now offers a 100% discount on the cost of your next shipfitting enhancement.
  • HELP SEAFARING TALISMANS has all the details of the whole set.

Finally, the harbourmasters and dockworks of mainland Sapience have a number of new VOYAGES to offer to adventurous captains and their crews!

Initially there are eleven diverse adventures available in the Voyage system. Invariably these involve a grand journey on the high seas, venturing forth from island to island, harbour to harbour, coast to coast, in order to complete the objectives, hear the stories, and claim the vast rewards at the end.

These are not to be undertaken lightly! The seafaring life can be a long one, and only the simplest of voyages can be done in a quick jaunt, from a single harbour to a single harbour. Most are much more diverse and cerebral, involving several-leg journeys that aim to tell a varied and robust range of stories, in most cases unfolding as the voyage itself progresses.

When a voyage is concluded, ALL members of the participating crew will be credited with completion and rewarded accordingly.

All voyages offer greatly increased gold and experience rewards over standard quests.

In addition to the standard rewards, most voyages award pieces from the SEAFARING talisman set. Pieces are awarded to the captain when the quest is finished, and these can of course be traded around as desired.

The amount of pieces awarded varies; simple voyages will not yield pieces, others range from 1 piece per ship up to a piece for every member of the crew.

We strongly advise reading HELP VOYAGES which has a much more comprehensive outline of the system include essential info on starting and concluding a voyage quest.

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Oceanic Updates!

As we get ready to release our at sea quests in the near future, we've been going over the data for seamonster trophy turn ins and have made some adjustments. Read on!

As a little background into the design of this system, the aim is to reward people who can take a ship with a crew and go adventuring on the high seas. With this in mind the first alteration is that the gold reward for "normal" seamonsters has been reduced.

Normal seamonsters are your standard megalodon, shraymor, angler fish, and sargassum.

Secondly there is also a daily prize cap on normal and easy seamonster trophies. This is a global cap, Casov will stop paying out for these trophies once that cap is reached. This will reset at Serenade.

With these tweaks made we have also increased the gold rewards for the more difficult and "unicorn" seamonsters, up to 100,000 gold for a trophy in some cases!

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Ideas and Legends!

The team has been hard at working going over some of the approved ideas and making some quality of life updates to the Legends Deck Help!

The Legends Deck help has been entirely overhauled, hopefully making it much easier to find the information you want!

If you're looking for info on a certain suit, simply use LDECK HELP (suitname)!

Did you see someone use a legend card to summon an icewall, but you're not sure which card it was? LDECK SEARCH ICEWALL!

If you are one of those people who just loves a full and verbose Help file, simply use LDECK HELP by itself will list all cards, as well as their associated syntaxes, powers, charges, and cooldowns!

Now for some of your Ideas!

  • FORGING SHOW will now offer an example of the descriptor's effect on an item's examined description.
  • COOLDOWNS is now usable while a soul.
  • SPIN WHEEL when not at the wheel of fortune will tell you how long until your daily spin, or if you have already spun.
  • GMCP Target health should be updated for all players in the room who have the denizen targetted, rather than just the attacker.
  • Cutting the ears off of a decapitated head will now be visible on the head itself.
  • Firelords should no longer require tinderboxes for anything. For obvious reasons.
  • Players may teach class skills that they know regardless of their current specialisation. This affects shikudo, tekura, sublimation, and formulation.
  • The EARRINGS command will now distinguish between master earrings and linked earrings.

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Combat Updates!

We've made some updates to the raiding system with tanks and guards and introduced a new config!

  • Infamy gain from slaying guards now applies to all that participated in the kill, and caps out at a higher threshold (still lower than theft, but substantially greater than previously).
  • Infamy loss to guard deaths has been reduced.
  • You can no longer RETRIEVE TANKS. Instead, one will be drawn from your reserve when you ACTIVATE TANK in a hostile city.
  • You can no longer ACTIVATE or CAPTURE tanks in rooms that have an active guard presence.
  • In the past we've been fairly relaxed about vigilante justice concerning very large guard raids: a single bounty was rarely representative of the loss such raids could incur. In light of these infamy changes, that won't be the case going forward. Please bear that in mind!
  • You can now CONFIG SEEASSISTS! This is OFF by default, but when enabled will upgrade your deathsights to include a total number of players who assisted in the kill.

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Scrapper Updates!

All through November the team has been watching scrappers in action and making updates and alterations as per your suggestions!

  • If you've set a name for one of your scrappers, it'll now show up in deployment menus.
  • SCRAPPER INFO now shows total number of kills your scrapper has landed over the course of its life.
  • SCRAPPER INFO now shows whether your scrapper has been fed a treat this month yet.
  • In the same vein as RPWHO and SPARWHO, we now have SCRAPPERWHO for those seeking battle partners!
  • SCRAPPER INFO now shows you what stats you rolled, so you don't have to keep track of this yourself over the course of a scrapper's leveling.
  • You can now append the level you wish to reroll when using SCRAPPER FEED. If you don't specify a level it defaults to the most recent.
  • Scrappers now have a base attack, to reduce the pain of your scrapper having very low attack at low levels. This will not have a significant impact at higher levels.
  • There is a new CONFIG, IGNORESCRAPPERS to ignore scrapper attacks when you are not engaged in a scrapper battle.
  • You can now SCRAPPER LIST to see all of your scrappers and a brief rundown on their various statistics.
  • Elixirs of life enhancement have had the xp bonus they convey raised from 10% to 25%.
  • Scrappers will now follow you (if possible: same room/elevation/etc) when they undeploy due to being defeated, a match ending, etc.
  • Selecting "no" at the concede confirmation prompt in the battle menu should now correctly clear previous selections. If you encounter any other cases that have a similar issue, please message me - these are now trivial to resolve.
  • If you end your turn without a scrapper deployed, you are ejected from the match.
  • Scrappers no longer heal fully if they level up while deployed.
  • A scrapper's level and prestige is now shown on the PROBE output.
  • The person who initiated the scrapper battle will now see a new option in their menu permitting them to start the battle early once a second player has joined, in the event that they start a battle for up to a higher number of players but unexpectedly lose participation.
  • The Scrapper battle initiation message now includes the number of scrappers that each player may deploy in its text.


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Our minipet expansion system, SCRAPPERS, is now live! We hope that this encourages you to get that poor otter out of that crate and find it a loving home!

Scrappers allows you to register your minipets as scrappers and use them to battle other scrappers, levelling them up to be fighting machines, or even collecting minipets to exchange for snazzy prestiged versions!

HELP SCRAPPERS has all of the details but here's a brief overview of the commands and info to get you started right away. 

Visit Jovan or Elma and SCRAPPER REGISTER <minipetID> 

This will cost 25,000 gold and upgrade a standard minipet into a default prestige scrapper at level 1 with health(hp), attack(atk), and defence(def) stats. 

View all information about your scrapper! 

Also has more command options!

Everything scrapper battling! Just follow the menu prompts!

All scrappers have access to a set of four different attacks, unlocked sequentially as they reach levels 1, 3, 12, and 20. 

Prestiged scrappers have higher potential for health, attack, and defence gain upon level up, and also start with a higher base health. 

Take two of the same type scrappers to either Jovan or Elma and use the following command while you have 10,000 gold in hand: 
SCRAPPER EXCHANGE <scrapperID> and <scrapperID> 

The two scrappers must be level 5 or greater and of the same prestige type (default, bronze, silver) 

The two default scrappers will be taken from you and exchanged for a level 1 bronze scrapper of the same type!

To create a silver prestige scrapper you will need 2 bronze prestige scrappers of the same type.

To create a gold prestige scrapper you will need 2 silver prestige scrappers of the same type. 

Most artefact pets will also be able to be turned into scrappers, see HELP PETS for all the details on that. 

Happy Scrapping!

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Smörgåsbord of News

December Quest Update

We're super excited to announce our next big game update: honours level city exclusive quests and a whole hoard of content for ships and seafarers!

Most of this update will be geared towards completing quests as groups. Particularly, city-specific content which will help to inspire bonding and cultural identity strengthening within the factions. Oh, and they'll all have a world-shaking impact too!

Meanwhile, at sea we'll be creating a slew of quests just for ships, their captains, and their crew!

For the next four weeks, we're hosting a story-writing contest. The contest is a unique opportunity for lucky player to have a seafaring story of your own imagining implemented into this system! Check out Nicola's post on the forums by clicking here.

One More Day for Fighting Pits

If you are enjoying the fighting pits which are overseen by Ermintrude Goree, you only have one more day to participate before they disappear until the next Mayaween.

See HELP MAYAWEEN if you are not sure what to do. Don't forget that you can get racetrack tickets with all credit purchases this month!

Recent Bug Fixes

  • Access to House PROJECTS (both viewing and editing) is now accessible as house powers, to be modified by the house leader or ruling council. At the time of posting, the power to view projects defaults to rank 1 across all houses for the sake of convenience.
  • The SEARING GLYPH talisman will no longer function against sea monsters.
  • A Depthswalker's FULCRUM will no longer be removed after certain failed attempts to return to it.
  • The DEMOLITION SPHERE talisman will now properly show destroyed walls in adjacent rooms.
  • Throwing a butterfly bomb will now respect the Ama-maalier legenddeck card.
  • Players deepsea diving will no longer find themselves randomly drowned under unusual circumstances.
  • DURESS STORMFRONT and the PAZUZU legenddeck card will no longer prevent a player from entering a sewer grate.
  • ENGAGE will now proc on players entering a sewer grate.
  • The LIGHTBIND affliction will now clear when the afflicting Psion dies.
  • LESSERFORM will no longer allow Blademasters to wield shields.
  • SPECIALISATIONS will now list beverages specialisations alongside other specs.
  • Removing an Incandescent Sigil will now properly remove the item's effect.
  • Multi-purpose cranes will no longer cause problems when attempting to salvage.
  • INCOMPREHENSIBILITY now properly affects emotes.
  • Deleted Blademaster swords will no longer prevent players from obtaining a new sword in rare cases.
  • METAMORPHOSIS TRUMPET will no longer disrupt players that are immune to being disrupted.
  • It is now impossible to fall while under the influence of the Ama-maalier legenddeck card, even if unable to fly.
  • Issues with SUBLIMATION IMPOSITION not affecting costs have been resolved.
  • Stacking afflictions (such as wrist fractures) will now send GMCP affliction messages at all stages.
  • Automatic defup of ZEAL blessings will no longer use old syntaxes.
  • Various instances of serverside curing spamming defences have been fixed.
  • WORM RESONANCE now respects the mindseye tattoo.
  • Jesters are no longer able to build stutter stacks on themselves.
  • Elemental lords may no longer use suicide mice.
  • Various typos and helpfile issues have been fixed.

Foraging Updates

  • Base forager damage has been increased slightly.
  • Forager's damage is now boosted more by their level than previously.
  • You will now receive some information based on how battles went when your foragers encounter conflict. It does not tell you when battles are avoided, as this could potentially happen a great number of times in one round and inundate you with messages.
  • If your foragers are now avoided, they will seek out another potential target. this will continue until they find a viable target or until all potential targets have talked their way out of battles with you for that round.
  • The chance to talk your way out of a fight now goes down the more of your foragers that are dead when adopting a DIPLOMATIC approach.
  • You can now FORAGERS SCOUT BRIEF|THOROUGH. Brief scouting works as previously with the same gold cost, thorough scouting will tell you how many bands are already scouring an area but will cost 1000 gold.
  • Commodities now spawn a third of the seasons worth each month of that season, rather than all spawning at once on the first month.
  • Wood production has been raised by 30% across all areas.
  • Forager wages (the gold incurred when sending out a band) have been raised. We'll continue to monitor this value to ensure its within reasonable limits.

PVE Damage Changes

We've been looking at damage against mobs across the various classes and will be making some changes here going forward, to bring up the weaker candidates to a more standard level of strength. While doing this we've gone through and made the various elemental lords now scale their PVE damage with stats: specifically the intelligence stat. While strength does thematically fit earth lord better in this respect, we feel making earth lords purchase a separate artefact to maximise PVE damage when the other three lord forms can benefit from the collar post changes would pose an unnecessary limitation.

Essentially, you will now do more damage as elemental lords in PVE and can raise this further with intelligence modifiers and/or magic damage collars.

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Crafting Contests Results!

Amarisse has judged and decide the winners for the Cooking and Furnishing design contests!

The cooking theme was SAVOURY and the mandatory ingredient was PEAR.
The furnishing theme was GIANT and the mandatory material was BONE.

Thanks to everyone who made a submission, the winning designers are as follows:

Category: Licensed Cook

1st place is Skye!
2nd place is Stheno!
3rd place is Halos!

Category: Unlicensed Cook

1st place is Jurixe!
2nd place is Frances!
3rd place is Crixos!

Category: Licensed Furnisher

1st place is Shirszae!
2nd place is Skye!
3rd place is Ellodin!

Category: Unlicensed Furnisher

1st place is Jurixe!
2nd place is Stefana!
3rd place is Frances!

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Foragers is a system that allows dispatching a group to passively gather commodities from a given location. Naturally, the area they are dispatched to must actually contain that commodity and it must be in season!

Your own foragers will be in competition with other adventurers' foraging parties and depending on the approach taken, it is quite possible for violence to break out over commodity acquisition.

The commodities acquired via foraging will be wood and fibre. Wood is as it always has been, while fibre is a precursor component to cloth and rope - this base fibre can be refined into the finished commodity. See HELP RAW COMMODITIES for details.

Foragers can be commissioned using the FORAGER COMMISSION command - this only works in certain suitable locations and costs 1000 gold per forager, up to a total of five.

Tsol'aa foragers can be commissioned in the Aalen before a redwood stump.

Theran collectors can be commissioned in New Thera, before the woodcutter's cottage.

Goblin pillagers can be commissioned when approaching a small village, just north of the Dakhota hills.

Commissioning foragers for the first time will automatically provide a band of five units. Subsequent commissions will attempt to fill out your party back to its maximum in the event losses are sustained while in the field!

Foragers are always commissioned at level 1, and level up by carrying out foraging activities.

Show the various status of your foragers, including their type, current level, current health, attitude, and whether they are deployed in a given area.

Dispatch your foragers to an area.
This will have a gold cost, 10 * level per forager.

ATTITUDE determines how your foragers approach their task.

HELP FORAGERS contains a full breakdown of attitude and effects, along with all other relevant information!


As with leather recently, this does mean that wood, cloth, and rope are no longer available for sale in the commodity shops across Achaea. All numbers have been checked and rechecked to ensure that forager gathering potential retains parity with the amount of these commodities that can be obtained monthly through the old system.

Fibre is foraged in grassy areas and can be collected in the summer or autumn.

Wood is found in wooded areas (jungles, forests, etc) and can be foraged in autumn and winter months.

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Crafting Contests #1

Amarisse has judged and decide the winners for the Tailoring and Jewellery design contests!

The tailoring theme was MOTION and the mandatory material was SILK.
The jewellery theme was ASYMMETRY and the mandatory material was NON-PRECIOUS STONES.

Category: Licensed Tailor

1st place is Stheno!
2nd place is Truax!
3rd place is Kairula!

Category: Unlicensed Tailor

1st place is Alasiel!
2nd place is Marcella!
3rd place is Azazell!

Category: Licensed Jeweller

1st place is Stheno!
2nd place is Ellodin!
3rd place is Ryx!

Category: Unlicensed Jeweller

1st place is Laedha!
2nd place is Mezghar!
3rd place is Stefana!

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Great Hunt Results!

The Great Hunt has now concluded, after a relentless 24 hours of hunting in which hundreds of millions of experience was earned!

Our congratulations go out to Penwize, Sophi, and Frances, the winners in their experience tiers claiming the grand prize of five hundred credits each!

Credit prizes have also been awarded to the top nine hunters in the tiers!

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It’s Our Birthday!

Achaea turns 22 years old this month, and as is birthday tradition, we're celebrating with an action-packed September full of games, events, a daily quest, crafting contests, and even a capture the flag to round it all off! Why not commission a birthday cocktail from your local Beverages specialist and celebrate in style?

Here's a very brief overview of some of the plans for the month, more will be added as the month rolls on, so keep an eye on the announce board and UPCOMING so you don't miss out!

Tharos will also be running plenty of worldgames for special prizes all through September! 

September 1st
Amarisse unleashes a quest you can complete everyday! Do so 22 times and earn a reward at the end of the month!
Two design contests focussing on tailoring and jewellery will be announced by Amarisse.
Design contests all month will be two tiered, so that those who are experienced with the tradeskill are not pitted against those who have no familiarity. Everyone is welcome to submit designs! 

September 7th
A 24 hour Great Hunt begins, complete with caves! Take part to win credit prizes!
Amarisse's first two contests close. 

September 8th
Winners are announced for the tailoring and jewellery contests, the details for the cooking and furnishing contests will be announced! 

September 9th - It's our birthday!
Don't forget to use the HAPPYBIRTHDAYACHAEA command on this day only! 

September 14th
Cooking and furnishing design contests close. 

September 15th
Winners for the cooking and furnishing design contests will be announced.
Contests for vessels and beverage design open! 

September 21st
Vessels and beverage design contests close. 

September 22nd
Winners for the vessels and beverage design contests will be announced. Contests for artistry and sculpture design open! The sculpture design contest will only have one tier of competition as there is no sculpture tradeskill.

September 28th
Artistry and sculpture design contests close, winners will be announced.
Finale weekend begins, stay tuned for more details!

September 29th
Along with the grand finale of contests, we'll also be having a CTF! 

This is just the very basic listing of September fun, so keep your eyes peeled in game as the days go by and don't miss out!

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Being drunk is no longer just a hobby, now it's a formal profession! Take up the skill of Beverages and produce a vast variety of venerable victuals! Whether you're a modest mixer of milkshakes or an aspiring wine merchant, this is the skill for you!

Beverages is a design based skill centred around the production of unique and interesting drinks AND vessels to contain them.

Within, similar to seafaring, specialisations exist allowing the budding brewer to decide between a range of different products they'd like to focus on! 

Much like Artistry, it's our hope that the Beverages skill will fill an as-yet unfulfilled niche in the crafter's portfolio - offering a venue for self expression and creativity through the medium of drinks! 

The skill can be gained from Amarisse in the usual fashion, and the various apparatus and equipment required will all be available for sale once the skill is formally released to the public. 

While similar to other design based crafts, Beverages does have some core differences of note, namely the vessel creation process (this is designed as normal and various denizens around the world actually do the creation), and the various aspects and properties of the drink itself. HELP BEVERAGES , HELP BEVERAGE DESIGN, and HELP VESSEL DESIGN are now LIVE for your perusal.

These contain everything there is to know about the new skill, how it works, how to design and create and age and everything else!

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Achaeans can now become artists! Turn your imagination into a wonderfully realised reality with the skill of Artistry - paint vast canvases, lifelike portraits, or even decorate a house with a multi-person mural!

Artistry is a design based skill centred around the production of artwork (as one might expect!). It's our hope that this will provide a great avenue for enhanced self expression and creativity! 

The skill can be obtained through Amarisse once live, and it works very similarly to other design based crafts for the most part.

Where artistry differs is in the actual creation of the end product - requiring sessions of painting for particularly large works such as murals! 

HELP ARTISTRY and HELP ARTISTRY DESIGN are now LIVE and ready to be devoured! These files contain virtually everything there is to know about the new skill, how it works, how to design, and so on and so forth.

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Shipfitting is the third of our new tradeskills, allowing the creation and manipulation of ship equipment and ship-related items! Carve skeleton keys from bones, or even paint your sails and trim your ship's hull - Shipfitting covers all this and more!

Shipfitting is NOT a design based tradeskill but instead focuses on the creation, manipulation, and alteration of ship equipment, ship weapons, and even, to a lesser extent, the actual ship itself.

This does mean that a number of changes are being made to how ship equipment is produced. 
1. All equipment that was previously requisitioned is now made exclusively by shipfitters. 
2. Shipfitters will also be able to move and remove ship equipment as desired. 
3. Shipfitters can dismantle ships at transcendent, returning of portion of ship commodities.
4. Most ship equipment is now constructed using ship commodities. Ship commodities are created when shipfitters dismantle equipment or ships and can also be created from regular commodities with the following ratios:
- Shipcloth - 50x cloth
- Shipiron - 50x iron, 10x steel
- Shipwood - 50x wood, 10x iron
- Shiplines - 50x rope, 10x iron
- Pitch - 50x wood, 10x animal fat 
5. Shipfitters can dye sails, paint or stain a hull, and decorate the hull with trimming. 
6. Shipfitters can restore a decorated ship to its regular form. 
7. Shipfitters can protect a ship with dragon scale girding to guard against seamonsters. 
8. Shipfitters can carve skeleton keys to unlock bone chests that may be found in the deeps. 
9. We've fixed a bug with deepsea diving that has prevented the difficulties from being assigned properly. Going forward, they will be much more varied and lucrative. 

NOTE: Most Shipfitting abilities require a shipfitter's toolbox to enact, these can be purchased from Maelstrom. 

Shipfitting can be gained from Amarisse in the Crafters' Union, and lessons in it can be learned from Maelstrom, Hawkins, or Scurvy Jim.

HELP SHIPFITTING summarises all of this!

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Artistry Tease!

We're in the final stages of preparation for our September tradeskill release click here to see how we made a mural!

If you want to see how we got to here and the conversations thus far, catch up with the conversation over on our forums!

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Fortunes and Raffles!

For the next twelve days we're going to run a raffle and we'll have some special prizes! We'll have 7 prizes in this raffle and when it closes we'll open another raffle for another 12 days to see us to the end of August!

Winners 1 and 2 will be able to work with us to each choose an out of subdivision plot to call their own somewhere in the land!

Winners 3-7 will each win a pack of 50 housing credits!

This raffle will draw on the 19th, and then another raffle will open (with the same prizes!)

But how do you get tickets in this raffle? I'll tell you!

We've brought back the Wheel of Fortune for the rest of August, back with the daily free spins that everyone loves, and with premium spin tokens available on our website!

Raffle tickets will be awarded with every token spin of the wheel!

On top of that, if you have tickets but do not win a prize when the raffle is drawn, each of your non-winning tickets will turn into 2 bound credits.

Good luck!

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Safe As Houses!

In order to foster the cultural growth spurred on by the Worlds' Fair, we've made some changes and added some new upgrades to player housing!

First up is an adjustment to housing upgrade costs!
- For in-subdivision properties - upgrade costs remain the same.
- For out-of-subdivision properties (but not ships) - upgrade costs are no longer doubled.
- For ship housing - applicable upgrade costs remain doubled.

We have refunded half the cost of all the old double cost upgrades in out of subdivision homes to match these new prices!

Next! We've added a new housing security upgrade called SECURITY.
- This costs 5 room credits per room and applies key sigil, monolith sigil, and eye sigil protections to the room.

And there's another new security upgrade called ORB!
- This costs 5 room credits per room and blocks track and flight in and out of the protected room.

Finally, while we have made housing more secure, we're also adding a way to pull someone out of the property. (Like all aggressive actions, you still need RP reasoning to initiate this attack upon your target.)

- The Talon tattoo costs 20 black ink, and has 1 charge.
- There is no cooldown to use this tattoo.
- TOUCH TALON <person> and if they do not leave the property during the 20 second channel, they will be moved to your location!

With Mayan Crowns in the August promotion we also have a big Shop of Wonders update! The House of Wonders can be found in Delos and it holds all the old housing related Shop of Wonders items, plus fourteen new items with houses for minipets, the makings of a pond, sweeping security expansions, and much more!

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Tradeskill Names!

After almost two weeks of suggestions Deziny, Devasha, and Nolah all make out with 100 bound credits for their winning tradeskill names!

On September 1st we will be releasing Artistry, Shipfitting, and Beverages!

Whether you want to brew, steep, ferment or mix, Beverages will be for you. We'll also have even more customisation options within this tradeskill, so watch out for that!

Shipfitting will not only encompass the current ship equipment creation, but will have some shiny new toys to assuage some very old complaints about ships!

While we don't want to give away too many of Artistry's surprises, this tradeskill will also include additions to inkmilling, jewellery, and allow artwork on all scales to be created!

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It Smells So Bad!

Another use for those denizen corpses!

The El'Jazira tannery has been rebuilt and now you can butcher certain animals for skins and deliver them to the tannery to be turned into leather commodities!

Another step in our journey to convert all commodities to be generated by players, we've introduced a working tannery!

Players who are able to butcher corpses via GATHERING can now BUTCHER FOR SKINS, and any resulting skins can be taken to the tannery in El'Jazira!

When in the tannery, use the TANNERY command:
TANNERY DELIVER <number of skins>

One skin will become one leather with a thirty gold service charge.

Anyone can drop skins off at the tannery.

The tannery has a maximum capacity of 4500, and a single person can only drop off 50 skins per month.

Your leather will be delivered to you at the end of the Achaean month!

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A Strange Case And Jaguars!

After a ludicrous event during which a bridge was stolen, the perpetrator Trole was found hiding beneath another bridge, and for his crime was turned into a mime by the Jaguars Crime Syndicate, notice was given to thieves at large and fences became available to facilitate the recovery and sale of stolen items.

Per the decree of the Jaguars Crime Syndicate after the notorious thief
Trole stole the western Bridge to Delos in 806 AF, all thieves and acts of profiteering are under their purview.


Whatever was stolen from you has been transferred to the fences of the 
Jaguars Crime Syndicate. The thief no longer has your property.

The item stolen from you will be sold off by a fence!

Anyone can visit a fence and use the FENCE commands to place a single, maximum bid on any item being fenced. 

This is a silent auction, no incrementing. Top bid "wins". This auction period lasts for fifty days.

A fence can be found in Delos, there are more scattered around the land.

See HELP FENCE for all the details and commands about how this system works!

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Customisation Credits!

In a big quality of life update, ice figurines and silver tokens have all gone the way of the Gedtet and have been replaced with transferrable Customisation Credits!

We've just converted all ice figurines and silver tokens to CUSTOMISATION CREDITS! (In values of 50 and 150 respectively.)

Customisation credits are a new credit type that can be used in conjunction with the CUSTOMISATION system! They can also be transferred between players.

Transferring customisation credits to alts will still be considered a violation of seconds policies.

This will mean that customisation credits can be used for customisations of more than 50cr in value in one request, and, if you want to sell your customisation credits to others, you can transfer these to them! No more lending items to people with figurines for them to submit customisations on your behalf!

You can also complete customisation requests with bound credits as normal, this does not change that.

To see how many customisation credits you have, you can check your SCORE [RESOURCES], or use our new customisation credits commands!


These will also be listed when the CUSTOMISATION command is used!

(HELP CREDITS, CUSTOMISATIONREQUESTS, and PROMOITEMS have all been updated to reflect these changes.)


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The Hills Have (dragon)Flies

Marasmius, the ecologist didn't show up for a meeting of the Achaea Ecological Society. Adventurers assisted to find out what had waylaid him!

Achaean Ecological Society
Meeting Minutes

16 Daedalan, 806 AF

The irregular meeting of the AES was called to order at 15 Daedalan, 806 AF at the Wander Inn in New Thera by Elducia.

Members - Elducia, the Zoologist
Ignatius, the Ornithologist
Arinas, the Entomologist

Observers - Penwize
et al.

Marasmius, the Ecologist

Approval of Agenda: Unanimous
Approval of Minutes: Unanimous

Previous Business: Held due to emergency.

New Business:
Absence of Marasmius, historically timely member, caused alarm in AES members. Impromptu observers were besought for aid in locating Marasmius, with knowledge of his research on a unique white dragonfly the only clue to his whereabouts.

Dispatched adventurers scoured the mainland for signs of the dragonfly, hoping it would lead them to him. Penwize found specimens throughout the Dakhota Hills, where searchers heard Marasmius yelling for help. Keorin's rescue of Marasmius led to revealing of Lake Dakhota, his new place of study.

Marasmius discussed findings of the locale once returned to meeting, including unusual mutations in the wildlife and signs of previous inhabitants. Further business was unanimously tabled for future meetings due to exhausting nature of proceedings.

Additions to the Agenda: The location of Lake Dakhota, in the midst of the Dakhota Hills.

Adjournment: Meeting called to end by Elducia on the 16th of Daedalan, 806 AF. Next meeting TBD.

Minutes submitted by: Elducia
Minutes approved by: Marasmius

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Crafting Updates #2!

The three skills we're opting to move ahead with will be Drinks Making, Artistry, and Shipwright. All these names are pending review and we need your help with fleshing out the designs!

Please post all suggestions in our forum thread!

The Drinks maker
This will be a design-based tradeskill allowing you to design your own drinks.

This will not be drinks that convey combat or other alteration effects, purely flavour, much like cooking. This will include alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

What we need from you!
   * Suggestions for names for this tradeskill that fit the whole gamut of drink possibilities.
   * Suggestions for vessels from which you can drink, and liquid types to be drunk!

The Artist
This will be another design-based tradeskill for creating painted/drawn artworks. (I know we said we only wanted one, but we couldn't resist.) Sculpture won't be a part of this at this time.

What we need from you here!
   * Suggestions for the name of the tradeskill.
   * Medium and "canvas" type suggestions.

The Shipwright
This tradesperson we hope will be able to handle the creation and alteration of ship equipment (upgrades and moving), possibly the upgrading of ships themselves (no guarantee here), handle some customisation of a ship proper, and handle the dismantling of ships.

What we need from you here!
   * Suggestions for the name of this tradeskill.
   * Suggestions for flavour/function additions for ship equipment.
   * Suggestions for aspects of a ship proper that might be customised by a shipwright without requiring heavy design oversight.

The person who suggests the best tradeskill name for any of the above will win 100 bound credits! That's a possible 300 bound credits that you can win!

We'll be closing suggestions on August 2nd so we can work on implementation!

Please post all suggestions in our forum thread!

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A Sophisticated Victory!

Despite a minor interruption, the Sophists of the Seat narrowly beat the Ashen Advocates in our final debate of the Worlds' Fair, earning honours for themselves and accolades for Ashtan! Read on to see how they did it!

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "This final topic that our teams will be discussing is 'In the wake of the War of Humanity, The punishment of Khalas was just.' Each has been given a few months to prepare their arguments."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "The Ashen Advocates, chosen through random selection, will be our affirmative team. The Sophists will be our opposing team."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Excellent! With that said, we will begin with the Advocates's opening statements."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "Sothantos, the floor is yours!"

Sothantos steps forward.

Sothantos gestures slightly, and the scene around you changes. You find yourself in the centre of a familiar village, the plain of flattened grass upon which you stood now barren dirt.

The statue of Khalas the Wanderer looms before you, defiance etched into His stone features. As you gaze upon him, you hear the voice of the Logos echoing in your mind.

"Such fate befalls all those who wage war against the Creator."

The image fades, and you find yourself once again in the flattened remnants of what was once the Worlds' Fair.

Sothantos says, "The War of Humanity was an act of treason, the highest form of treason imaginable: the betrayal of the Creator and thus Creation itself. For this crime, Khalas the Wanderer, the first of the Triumvirate, was imprisoned inside a statue, sentenced to serve as a warning to any who would contemplate following His lead."

Sothantos says, "There are those among us who would see the Wanderer freed, claiming that His crimes were not deserving of such a fate. The Cult of the Fallen God has long lobbied for His restoration. They paint Khalas as a martyr, unjustly sentenced for wanting to free Creation from the yoke of a tyrannical dictator."

Sothantos glances briefly at Asmodron.

Sothantos says, "These viewpoints are fundamentally flawed."

Sothantos says firmly, "Ayar, the Creator, Who also took the form of Proteus, is the Divine will behind all that we are. Without Him, we would not be here today to argue against His actions. Without Him, Khalas would not have even existed to rebel against His rule. To attempt to overthrow the Creator is a futile assault upon Creation itself, for He is the omnipotent force behind all that is."

Sothantos says, "Ayar's will is law by virtue of His will determining reality. He created Evil, just as He created Good. He created Chaos, just as He created Creation. He created Justice, and He created free thought. Our very notions of justice stem from Him and His will."

Sothantos says, "The purpose of Justice - envisioned by the Creator Himself to protect His creations - is twofold: First, a consequence is imposed after unJust actions to deter others from performing such acts in the future. Second, given that such acts are crimes against Creation, an equal moral counteraction ought to exist."

Sothantos spreads one arm, an image of the Scales of Justice shimmering in the air above his outstretched palm

Sothantos says, "Treason is one of seven unJust acts prescribed by the Goddess of Justice Herself, Lady Miramar, the Evenhanded. To counteract an unJust act and achieve Justice, a Just act is required: in this case, punishment."

Sothantos says, "The punishment chosen for Khalas satisfies both of the goals of Justice. As a deterrent, what could be more effective than eternal imprisonment, applied not to a mere mortal but to one of the Elder Gods Themselves? This is further emphasised by the publicity of the display, the permanent fixture of warning to all who lay eyes upon it."

Sothantos says, "Moreover, Khalass sentence was an equal moral counteraction to the heinous crimes Khalas committed. He rebelled against Proteus, and was sentenced to serve Proteus in whichever capacity He saw fit as a consequence. The punishment relates to the wrongful deed and serves to right it."

Sothantos says, "Bearing these objectives in mind, it is evident that the punishment of Khalas was just. Khalas was granted mercy when He was not destroyed utterly for His crimes. His fate, to forever serve as a warning and reminder to all the folly of a rebellion against the Creator, is exactly what He deserves."

Sothantos gives Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum a short nod and steps back.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Thank you, Sothantos."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Truax, your opening statements please, when you're ready."

Truax clenches a closed fist to her heart and inclines her head politely, looking up to smile softly toward the judge and audience.

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Ladies, gentlemen, our esteemed judge, thank you all for your attendance. We're here to discuss whether the punishment of Khalas was fair and just. I have to say that, on that basis, I am not in favour of the chosen penalty inflicted."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "At the Great Tribunal for his crimes, Lady Miramar decided that it was fitting that Khalas be forced to forever serve Proteus, the main object of Their rebellion. This was to be done in whatever context Proteus chose. Imprisonment in a statue upon the continent of Sapience was the elected penalty."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "There are several possible justifications for a penalty of this type, including the well-known reason that it is "a reminder to all of the folly of rebellion against the Creator."

Truax frowns and says insistently in a soft-spoken voice, "But therein lies the problem with it."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "First, let us be clear that the imposition of the original penalties meted out to the other Triumvirate members were intended for rehabilitation. We see this evidenced through the pardons issued to both Lady Lorielan and Lord Agatheis, who in the time since have both realized the wrongness of Their actions and been redeemed."

Truax frowns and says unrelentingly in a soft-spoken voice, "However, the retribution issued against Khalas was not intended to teach him the same lessons learned by his compatriots or rehabilitate him toward such a state, but to serve as an example to others."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Simply stated, a punishment as a penalty for an action taken, is only just if it results in a change in behaviour. Otherwise, it fails to meet the conditions that qualify it as an act taken in retribution for an offense."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "The second point I'd like to make this month is this: The penalty imposed upon Khalas does not fit the norms of the other sentences handed out either in time or state. It was therefore unfair in its measure."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "The other two members of the Triumverate were given finite penalties. Lady Lorielan's banishment and Lord Agatheis' transfiguration into a unicorn were both ended in our modern age, but the Creator has made mention that, even eons later, Khalas has not yet begun to pay for his crimes, indicating that his sentence may be an eternal one."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Similarly, Lady Lorielan was given Han-Silnar to take Her frustrations out on throughout Her banishment to the Crystal plane, where she was able to rule over it still as the Jade Empress. Likewise, Lord Agatheis was bound into the form of unicorn, forced to replace the now extinct unicorns by becoming one Himself and stripped of His intelligence, he retained power capable of awakening the Smith from His slumber."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Neither of the chief instigators of the entire conflict, Slith or Pazuzu, were met with as harsh a sentence. Instead, like Lady Lorielan, they were banished. Their place of isolation was the Chaos Plane and then later they were allowed to rejoined Creation to freely roam and wreak havoc that, in at least one case, led to the death of an Elder God."

Truax says worriedly in a soft-spoken voice, "Yet Khalas has had the thing that he found most pleasant and desirable stripped from him without hope of reprieve or pardon. One might even say that this penalty was tortuous as it far surpasses the standards of decency and potential for rehabilitation shown the others, who together plotted to overthrow the reign of Proteus."

Truax looks thoughtful and says in a soft-spoken voice, "Creation has faced many opponents who hoped to devastate it. Some, including Bal'met the Worldreaver, were destroyed. Others, like Slith, were shown mercy. And therein there are the Tsol'teth, who are permitted to continue onward in their quest to disrupt mortal and Divine existence."

Truax glances toward the Savannah, where the statue of Khalas stands, furrowing her brow in concern.

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Khalas continues to stand at the centre of Sapience with the hot sun beating down, the cold rain falling, the leaves and snow piling around him as existence continues onward in an expansion of our discovery of new lands, planes and realms of existence. Immovable, he resides as only an observer of the immediate vicinity, unable to respond to those who gaze upon him or whisper to Him in quiet, steadfast devotion."

Truax frowns and says forlornly in a soft-spoken voice, "He is forever forced to watch others come and go freely."

Casting a final sorrowful glance toward Tomacula, Truax adjusts her mantle, drawing the audience's attention back to her as well.

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "The punishment on these grounds is unfair. Although there were Three who took key roles in the War of Humanity, and several other lesser parties such as Slith and Pazuzu, only one of the Triumvirate members still bears the brunt of Proteus' retribution."

Truax says resolutely in a soft-spoken voice, "Punishment, when meted out fairly and justly, can work to condition mortals and Divine alike not to repeat misdeeds. It can be a powerful disincentive to bad behaviour."

Truax says unwaveringly in a soft-spoken voice, "However, because of the discrepancy in forms of punishment and length of time for members of the Triumvirate, the penalty given Khalas is ill-fitting and, arguably, should be reviewed for discontinuation."

Truax clenches a closed fist to her heart and inclines her head politely, moving to the side of her teammate.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "Thank you, Truax!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Well said, teams. With the opening statements now complete, we shall move into our secondary statements."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Farrah, the floor is yours."

Farrah nods and steps forward.

Farrah says, "The major basis of the opposition's argument is the alleged inability for Khalas to be rehabilitated, which allegedly also differs from the punishments meted out to the other Triumvirs."

Farrah says, "This argument is rooted in an erroneous assumption - first, that Khalas's punishment differs from Lord Agatheis's at all in this regard."

Farrah says, "Lord Agatheis was confined to the form of a unicorn with most of His power and intelligence stripped, and yet the Logos was able to divine His intentions and thoughts and know when He was reformed. Agatheis has since that time acted as an opponent of Chaos and thus protector of Creation - up until the moment He sacrificed Himself to save us all from the monstrosity that was Balmet."

Farrah says, "Ayar specifically cautioned to not destroy Khalas utterly, and such was not done."

Farrah says, "Khalas is imprisoned inside a statue, but He was not slain: He yet lives inside it, no doubt precisely so that his thoughts of repentance, if any, could be heard. If the Logos could hear the thoughts of a mute unicorn, it is clear that the Logos could divine His thoughts as well and release Him if He felt it was warranted. That He has not indicates that Khalas is not reformed."

Farrah says, "But let us say, for the moment, that Khalas is -not- able to repent. Were this so, it would aid in the deterrent effect of the punishment, showing future conspirators that they cannot commit crimes of such a magnitude and then simply make amends later and get on with their life."

Farrah says, "In circumstances where the crime is intolerable, a rehabilitative framework is not punishing enough to offenders, as the most crucial purpose of the punishment must be to ensure that no one - god or mortal - dares to ever commit such a crime again."

Farrah says, "Khalas's rebellion attacked the foundation of our existence. The order of the multiverse. Through His recklessness, Khalas and the Triumvirate were also responsible for the invasion of our realm by Entropy and Discord, and the near destruction of the gods."

As she enunciates the last words, anger is apparent on Farrah's features and a tongue of fire escapes from her mouth.

Farrah says, "Such discord, such rebellion, cannot be tolerated at all in our society. And so a punishment that is permanent, that stands as a warning and a reminder for all time, to all people, is appropriate to ensure this never happens again."

Farrah says, "This is the purpose of creating a punishment with seemingly no opportunity for escape or repentance, as it must have appeared before Agatheis was restored, and as it still appears for Khalas without logical thought applied to the matter."

Farrah says, "However, as already noted briefly, Khalas's punishment did not unfairly differ from those of the other Triumvirs."

Farrah says, "The other Divine and Demon Prince were not in an equal position as Khalas such that they should receive the same punishment. After all, Khalas was the first of the three Divine to make the decision to rebel against the leader of the gods. It was Khalas Who listened to the honeyed words of Pazuzu and brought the thought of rebellion to the minds of Lady Lorielan, and then Lord Agatheis. Although Pazuzu played a prominent role, he was not a god and was not betraying his own brethren."

Farrah says, "Moreover, the topic at hand is whether Khalas's punishment was just. It is entirely possible that the punishments received by the other Divine and the Demon Prince were unjust, and were less severe than they should have been. That does not change the fact that Khalas's punishment was just."

Farrah says, "As Lady Miramar once taught, Justice is ultimately about the preservation and defense of Creation and all its components. It is acts against Creation itself that are defined as unJust acts, for they cause harm to the realm at large or to the myriad creations within it."

Farrah says, "It is difficult to imagine, then, an act more unJust - and thus more worthy of punishment - than an act that nearly destroys Creation utterly."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "And time!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "Thank you, Farrah!"

Mathonwy says, "Let me know when I may begin."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Mathonwy, you may begin your secondary statements when ready."

Mathonwy says formally, "I would like to thank the judge, our oppositional team, the audience, and our hosts for their hospitality."

Mathonwy brandishes a vodun doll roughly resembling Lii menacingly.

Mathonwy looks thoughtful and says, "Once more, we have heard a great many arguments as to why we should look upon this gross mishandling of justice and smile."

Mathonwy says dramatically, "In all the Cities of mortality, and as we've seen time and again in the Garden with the trials of Slith and others, justice is considered the crowning glory of virtues, and those who are able to find justice even in situations most might find odious are considered wise without compare. This is because justice -does not- descend from the pinnacle of achievement, no matter the crime, no matter the perpetrator or the victim. It does not yield its crown to any, or else it is not justice."

Mathonwy says emphatically, "Miramar gave full leeway to Ayar to determine how Khalas would serve Proteus -- within the constraints that Ayar did not wish the destruction of any of the leaders. And so Proteus chose this… extreme… form of 'justice,' if we can call it that. Our opponents certainly do."

Mathonwy raises his hands in a gesture of supplication to the very heavens above.

Mathonwy passionately asks, "But truly, 'extreme justice' is extreme injustice, is it not? Else She would be Miramar the Extreme, and not Miramar the Evenhanded. If justice is not fair, it is not justice. And biased, preferential treatment: can that be construed as fair on this or any other world?"

Lowering his hands, Mathonwy punctuates these points with gestures toward the audience.

Mathonwy says forcefully, "We are told in the Mythos that Ayar could not see the future with absolute certainty, so He has no way of knowing whether Khalas would repent or not."

Mathonwy says, "Consider: who else, among all of the leaders, was afforded such a sentence? Not Lorielan, Who was banished -- and spared perhaps harsher treatment because Proteus loved Her, or at least who She was."

Mathonwy asks, "She was, in fact, given to rule over the Kx'Khrah! In which world could authority and command be construed as a punishment?"

Mathonwy says wryly, "Even though, in some of the cities in which I've lived, it can -feel- like punishment."

Mathonwy exclaims, "Nor Agatheis, Who continued on with His will and wit, albeit in the form of a unicorn!"

Mathonwy says, "Not completely devoid, just diminished."

Mathonwy says in an exasperated tone of voice, "Neither -Slith- nor -Pazuzu-, the chief instigators of the entire conflict, who were banished instead to the Chaos Plane, and who would, in their time, be granted reprieve back to the Prime Material Plane."

Mathonwy says solemnly, "This last exception is particularly damning, for justice must be meted out in proportion to the crime. In this case, we have come to learn later through the Mythos and other works that Pazuzu played a much greater role in manipulating this sad but proud Wanderer, and that while He played a role, it was moreso as a puppet and One to take the blame."

Mathonwy pauses a moment, staring at nothing in particular to gather his thoughts.

Mathonwy says, "Let us consider that inscription upon the statue of Khalas: 'such fate befalls all who wage war against the Creator.' Are these words truth? Because I cannot think of another soul -- human, Aldar, or otherwise -- who befell such a cruel fate."

Mathonwy says, "Of Miramar, I have read tales of the Scales of Justice, the Sword of Judgement, and the Sceptre of Mercy. I have heard nothing of the Gaze of a Basilisk or a Hammer of Petrification. There is no reason to think of that Khalas should be locked forever in place, eternally paralysed and stripped of any and all reasoning capabilities."

Mathonwy says, "Indeed, I would posit that there is little to no redemptive value in the punishment meted out here, something that Miramar claimed for Her realm when She joined with Shallam. There are two reasons, typically, that such a thing would be done: one, to serve as an object lesson, that we might prevent such behaviour from happening again. That has failed, since at the very least, we have seen members of the Garden attempt insurrection via Bal'met and none were punished so severely."

Mathonwy says, "And two, for rehabilitative purposes, that the object of punishment would come to see the error of His ways. Clearly… such a thing is not possible now. Even, and especially if, Khalas maintains his cognitive faculties, He has no way to indicate His remorse, or lack thereof."

Mathonwy says, "Indeed, noble Sarapis, the Logos Himself, tends to the Fire Behind the Flame, and though I am grateful for the sacrifices He has made to ensure we may continue living, nevertheless I cannot help but feel the warden has left the prison entirely, since tending to the Flame, in His words, leaves little else He may do."

Mathonwy says in a measured tone of voice, "Finally, the War of Humanity is not something I'm here to defend. But since the topic says that this punishment is just -in the wake of the war of humanity-, I feel it merits some discussion. If I were to place myself in the shoes of the Wanderer, I would look at the reasons He did what He did and attempt to find the reasoning there."

Mathonwy says, "Khalas, in this case, saw the preferential treatment afforded humanity, something that was unprecedented, and while He reacted understandably poorly, His motives come from a place of lacking information. If He were to see the state of affairs today, I have no doubt He would do as His Brethren have done and show remorse."

Mathonwy frowns and says, "And yet, the possibility for that redemption is lost to us, forever, because Khalas cannot express it, and because Sarapis is not here to reconsider."

Mathonwy says, "This is not justice. This is torture. This is -vengeance-."

Mathonwy exclaims in an impassioned tone of voice, "This is -perversion-!"

Mathonwy says quietly in an impassioned tone of voice, "And in this lowly orator's opinion, our judge, our audience, and even the Garden of the Gods Themselves should not view this treatment as fair, just, reasonable, or even acceptable."

Mathonwy steps back to stand next to Truax.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Well done, Mathonwy. That concludes our secondary statement phase."

Mathonwy says, "I believe I am up next. Nissa, if you will let me know when to start."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "We will now being our rebuttal phase. Each team will have slightly less time to issue a rebuttal as they see fit. Sophists can begin when ready, starting with Mathonwy."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum nods her head emphatically.

Mathonwy says, "Thank you all again, judge, Advocates, audience."

Mathonwy says, "There does not exist separate justices, 'one for me and one for thee' as old Seleucarians might have said. Khalas's treatment was unusually harsh, over and above that of His fellow Triumvirate members and even Pazuzu, who historians now hold primarily responsible for the instigation of the War in the first place."

Mathonwy says, "Ayar wanted all parties involved to remain alive, but Khalas remains petrified, robbed of agency and ignobly dropped in a primitive village to serve out His life. Nobody could reasonably suggest He remains alive. He is the only one involved to suffer this fate."

Mathonwy moves to a centre position.

Mathonwy says, "This is not justice."

Mathonwy says, "Furthermore, in order to be just or fair, the punishment must suit the crime. He was not even the principal coordinator of the rebellion -- we know He was manipulated by Pazuzu. Yet Pazuzu received a lesser sentence."

Mathonwy gestures toward the audience.

Mathonwy says, "-This- is not justice."

Mathonwy says, "The War of Humanity exacerbated some changes that had already taken effect, but it was not the prime cause of any particular noteworthy change that would merit a different consideration or standard of punishment than anyone else Who was involved, nor did Khalas's involvement reach a threshold that merits Him worthy a harsher consideration than the rest of the Triumvirate received. On its very face, this is unfair."

Mathonwy pauses a moment, staring at nothing in particular to gather his thoughts.

Mathonwy says, "This -cannot be- justice."

Mathonwy says, "Everyone else involved in the War was given the opportunity to make amends, to understand and appreciate what They had done. Even those who were steadfastly unrepentant -- namely Slith and Pazuzu -- were only banished, and found their way in short order back to the Prime Material Plane."

Mathonwy says, "Either Ayar knew this would happen, in which case their escape to the Prime Material Plane happened with His sanction and blessing for it certainly would have been within His power to prevent it, and He allowed Khalas to be treated differently, unfairly, and unjustly, or Ayar did not know this would happen, in which case He, Proteus, Miramar, all involved would have had no reasonable way to know Khalas would not repent."

Mathonwy says, "In which case, that is also unfair and unjust treatment."

Mathonwy says, "Sothantos has stated that Khalas committed treason, that Ayar created Khalas and Khalas betrayed Ayar. But Khalas was not the only one involved in the War, not by far, nor did He play the greatest role. Ayar created -all- of them and yet Khalas was the only one given this punishment. Not destroying Khalas, too, was not mercy, for Ayar allowed the Tribunal knowing He did not want any to lose their lives. This is not fair nor just, merely the baseline He chose."

Mathonwy gestures first to Sothantos then to Farrah.

Mathonwy says, "Farrah has stated that Agatheis's and Khalas's punishment is no different, but this is factually untrue. Having almost no power and intelligence is very different from having no power and intelligence, or else we would not build cities out of rocks."

Mathonwy says wryly, "Imagine all the screaming, for one."

Mathonwy says, "She also claims that His punishment has the nice added effect of ensuring nobody every tries to betray Creation again, but that's patently untrue. Varian. Bal'met. Slith, multiple times. Pazuzu, more than once. And that's just what I can think of off the top of my head."

Mathonwy says, "Entropy and Discord had their manifestation in the form of Pazuzu, it should be noted, so whether they made it into the realm or not, they still had agency here. And the powers of the demons in the Inferno are akin to the Gods themselves, so there's little to no distinction to be made here. Furthermore, Chaos itself had already had its foothold into Creation, so we cannot say Entropy and Discord wouldn't have made their way in otherwise. That door, per Ayar, once opened, cannot be closed."

Mathonwy gestures finally toward Jiraishin.

Mathonwy says, "I do not yet know what Jiraishin could state, but nothing is enough to prove, demonstrably, that this was a fair or just outcome."

Mathonwy says quietly, "If there is not justice in the world, then we have nothing."

Mathonwy says, "Thank you. I cede the rest of my time."

Mathonwy silently strides back into the crowd.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Well said, Mathonwy. Thank you."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "Adovcates, you will close out our debate with your rebuttal. Jiraishin, the floor is yours!"

Jiraishin nods curtly and steps forward.

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Many points have been made that may be rebutted. I only hope I have enough time to reach them all."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Firstly, the statement that Khalas is dead."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Khalas is encased in His statue. There is no reason to believe He is not aware within it."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Immortal that He is, why should one assume Him dead of old age?"

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "If He is alive and ware, then He is able to repent."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "And Sarapis, during his long presence here, would have been able to sense this, and release Him. He did not, though Agatheis did."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Therefore, Khalas has not repented."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Secondly, the knowledge that Khalas -would- repent was not necessary for the possibility of repentance to exist."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Any more than it was with Agatheis."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Thirdly, Khalas -was- uniquely deserving of this punishment. He was the ringleader, and He engaged in uniquely terrible deeds."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Take, for example, his treatment of Enheduanna."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "He cruelly sold Her to Pazuzu, bringing about Her ruin."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Other points have mostly been addressed by Farrah: Mathonwy mostly repeated the points of Truax."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "And that is time!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Thank you, Jiraishin."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "With that, our final debate is over. Please give our teams a well deserved round of applause!"

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Jade vs Shade

A ragged chessboard

For as long as any can remember an argument has been hashed out in the Garden of the Gods.

Somewhat in jest, but with teeth bared by both sides, the Lady Lorielan and the Lord of Darkness still contest over the nature of Divinity and the Tribunal's decision, many eons ago.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum shouts, "It is my pleasure to announce that the Soph-."

Reality buckles, revealing a lucent archway of crystal through which steps Lorielan, the Jade Empress.

Clarion tones of lucent crystal ripple across the lands, heralding the emergence of the Jade Empress upon the grounds of the Worlds' Fair.

The shadows lengthen, enlivened by the silent descent of Twilight.

Tenebrous gloam casts Achaea into shadow as the God of Darkness turns His attention once more to the Prime Material Plane.

The eyes of Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum widen abruptly, utter shock overtaking her features.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum's eyes bug out as she boggles in amazement.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum curtseys respectfully before Lorielan.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum curtseys respectfully before Twilight.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "This is much more appropriate."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "I am… honoured, Lady and Lord, by Your manifestation here…"

"Ummmm," Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says uncertainly.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "We shall settle it here, as You are overdramatically insistent upon Your own opinions."

Lorielan very briefly rolls Her eyes.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum edges around the room strangely with an odd expression on her face.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Agreed, and Your jibes have reached the limit of My patience. But first, a condition."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Oh?"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "We will each take the opposition."

Twilight looses a cold chuckle.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Amusing. Agreed."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "And My condition."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Speak?"

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "We shall argue as though We are there at the time."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "You were noticeably not. But agreed."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "An advantage I shall take."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "I. Erm. Um."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum coughs softly.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "I am, er, I believe, honoured, most honoured. This is, I mean, You are most welcome. I would not, er. Yes. Um."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "I am to… judge?"

The skies of Creation shatter beneath the Storm's incandescent fury as the Skylord intones, "If the two of You are going to continue playing these petty games, then You will need more than one mortal to decide them."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Yes, Vastar, do please continue to tell Me what I need."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Three judges, perhaps. The irony of a triumvirate will be worthwhile, and the mortal will have her place."

"Eep!" Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum screams in fright.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I have a better idea."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress shouts, "Ugrach."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress shouts, "Finality."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress shouts, "Gaia's once-student."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress shouts, "You are called."

Grim foreboding heralds the gravelly tones of Lord Ugrach, the Finality, "Called?"

Grim foreboding heralds the gravelly tones of Lord Ugrach, the Finality, "I think not."

Grim foreboding heralds the gravelly tones of Lord Ugrach, the Finality, "You gave me Death's Throne. You made this bargain with me. You left me to judge the pathetic representatives of mortality."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Surprise, he protests. So put upon."

Grim foreboding heralds the gravelly tones of Lord Ugrach, the Finality, "You know what surrendering it for but a moment costs not just the Prime, but everywhere. This entire Creation."

Grim foreboding heralds the gravelly tones of Lord Ugrach, the Finality, "And You want me to judge?"

Grim foreboding heralds the gravelly tones of Lord Ugrach, the Finality, "I was made to watch from afar as the crime that slaughtered my brothers and sisters was washed over with mere exile!"

Grim foreboding heralds the gravelly tones of Lord Ugrach, the Finality, "Politely?"

Grim foreboding heralds the gravelly tones of Lord Ugrach, the Finality, "Empty Yourselves."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Allow Me."

Twilight, the Dark Father shouts, "It was not a request, little brother."

Grim foreboding heralds the gravelly tones of Lord Ugrach, the Finality, "You know what it would cost You, Elders!"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "He is not culled, is that not enough?"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress shouts, "Then let him sulk. Two shall be enough."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress shouts, "Han-Tolneth. Dragonmaster. You will be judge."

The air ripples with distortion as the clarion tones of Han-Tolneth declaim, "I- what?"

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Is Your puppet unavailable, Jade?"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I am certain I did not stutter."

The rumble of distant oceans can be heard as the voice of Neraeos, God of the Sea thunders, "The one who stood apart now must stand and judge? Hah!"

The air ripples with distortion as the clarion tones of Han-Tolneth declaim, "Then so it will be, Elders."

The skies of Creation shatter beneath the Storm's incandescent fury as the Skylord intones, "It will indeed, little brother."

A roar of draconic supremacy echoes across Creation entire as an Aldar soars between worlds upon dragonback.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Now We wait, for I am sure he will want to arrive in some loud and drawn out fashion. Then the crowd can coo and swoon."

The skies above the Worlds' Fair tremble with an echoing sonic boom, the Veil Extant yielding to the unfettered might of Sycaerunax, Father of Dragons as he descends to Achaea, bearing the figure of Han-Tolneth upon his scaled back.

Han-Tolneth strides in from the ether, calm purpose writ within his every motion. A massive white dragon descends from above, and the earth trembles slightly at his landing.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum edges slowly away from Han-Tolneth with a nervous expression on her face.

Twilight, the Dark Father says to Lorielan, "Worry not. He will remember."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum edges slowly away from Sycaerunax, the Father of Dragons with a nervous expression on her face.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum flinches visibly, before dropping into a deep curtsey.

Han-Tolneth says, "I am here, Elders."

A rolling cavalcade of breaking waves heralds the emergence of the Thalassan God-King.

Sycaerunax, the Father of Dragons smiles once in ancient regality, massive incisors widening into a toothy grin as he stretches out into sinuously languid repose.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "The Child Prince, come to watch His betters?"

Han-Tolneth inclines his head politely at Neraeos.

Han-Tolneth says to Neraeos, "Stepbrother."

Neraeos, God of the Sea says, "We'll see if betters is an apt description after I hear Your words."

Sycaerunax, the Father of Dragons snorts in amusement, sending tiny wisps of dust scattering in all directions.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Yes, yes, barbs exchanged, now let's nod and continue. I have an argument to win."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum gulps nervously.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "We shall, er, begin? The question?"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "The question will be thus: Should the Jade Empress suffer banishment by the Tribunal for the crimes of the Triumvirate?"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum winces in pain.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Agreed. Eagerly."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "An exercise, My Templar. Arguing an old case."

Han-Tolneth sighs ever so faintly, only a slight tightening of his eyes betraying any tension.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I shall speak for punishment."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "And I, lenience."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Agreed, Brother."

Twilight, the Dark Father says to Lorielan, "Seconds?"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I need none. Do You?"

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "For You?"

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "No."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Ah, He flirts. You'd think He would have learned by My storied past…"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "So We shall speak for Ourselves."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "We will see if You are so glib after a retelling of it."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Obviously. What need have I for proxies?"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "You? Oh never, not a one. I would not dare presume."

Han-Tolneth flicks his gaze between the Elder Gods in wry amusement.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says to Twilight, "Are We agreed?"

Twilight, the Dark Father says to Lorielan, "We are."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Would our judge proclaim the formal order."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Ahem. Yes. Well."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Um."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "The Jade Empress may speak first. Then the Lord of Darkness. Then Lady Lorielan shall be permit- er, given, er, take a rebuttal. And so forth? Each speaking three times?"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum edges around the room strangely with an odd expression on her face.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I may, may I?"

Han-Tolneth says, "Of course, Elder sister."

A wry smile flits across Han-Tolneth's lips.

Twilight, the Dark Father says to Lorielan, "Fool on You for asking then complaining about the answer. Imagine My great surprise."

Mathonwy says smoothly, "I am certain Nissa was speaking merely in the cadence of debate language. A sign that she is impartial."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum nods her head emphatically.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum nods her head emphatically.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum nods her head emphatically.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Yes. Impartial."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Impartiality is an impossibility of the mortal condition. But that is a topic for another day."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says to Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum, "Am I permitted to begin?"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum nods her head emphatically.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum nods her head emphatically.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum nods her head emphatically.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Yes! Um! Yes, begin, of course."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "I mean, when You wish."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum paces the floor, chewing her nails fretfully.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "You wish to judge Me for My actions, and debate which punishment will be most fitting. But who in Creation understands My motive and means better than I?"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Am I accused because there were losses? It is possible, but if there were nothing to lose there would have been naught to fight for in the first place."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Am I accused because We failed? It is ever the right of the victor to proclaim Their triumph and parade the vanquished for all memorial."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Am I accused because I dared aspire to a throne still occupied, some might say above My station? It will be argued that I am blameless for I have no realm, but I maintain that all is My realm and it is unwieldy for the pithy titles borne by Our judges."

Han-Tolneth flinches ever so slightly.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "The actions taken by Myself and the Triumvirate are of preservation. When all is placed under threat by a Creator who has made for Himself a playground. Proteus, a manchild with power, remains a petty bully unable to take responsibility for His actions, for He need account of himself to none but the same Father We all have in Ayar. And that perpetually absent parent is not even here, instead letting His preferred child sit in judgement over Me. It is preference, nothing more. The gift of greater might to Him over the rest of Us is all the proof that is required for that statement, and such a gift was for no other reason, so We know, than petty whims."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I stand here today accused of nothing less than attempting to safeguard all that We know, have known, and will know."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Allowing the illbegotten spawn to breach Maya's waters and live will prove a mistake for the entirety of Creation's future, and nothing shall ever recover from that catastrophic mistake."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Those vile things You demanded We let live should have been terminated the moment it was realised that she had soiled herself with the noxious monstrosity that is their other parent. A monstrosity, I point out, that Ayar refused to allow Us knowledge of, all in His so-called proclamations that its existence was, verbatim, "not Your concern" and that We should not put Our minds to wondering of it."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "But Creation is worth more than being bent to serve wastrels and castoffs, the bastard children of an upturned skirt and a jade's smile."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "It was and remains still worth risking all to save what We have created from the risk of another such monstrosity emerging from wherever our absentee Father says We should not be looking next time. If Ayar would not intervene to save Us from the whims and whoring of Proteus with Our Aldar servants, then I maintain that I had every right to."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "It is true that an atrocity has been committed. And it was wholly justified, not that any of You care to admit it. Existence itself is on the line."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "The Aldar finally understand what it means to actually stand for something. To do something other than exist in idyllic meandering from one world to another, one plane to the next in whatever idle thought they are told to make real for Us."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Ugrach learned the beginnings of it when he "befouled" Nur's gardens with Ardael, but what was the reaction of his fellows? Association, they called it. Crime, they called it. They banished him for daring to be a simple servant no longer. And now the Aldar, en masse, have been allowed to actually choose a path. They have tasted the consequences, bittersweet or not, of their assumption of actual agency for the first time in eons."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I have no remorse for the losses incurred."

Han-Tolneth creases his brow in a frown.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Should the opportunity present itself, I would do it again. We should all band together to safeguard this Creation from the arrogant grasp of an uncaring Creator and His puppet king, a king whose head is inevitably turned by each passing skirt and sob story from the next jade looking to cosy herself in His too-welcoming arms."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "All that was, is, and will be designed is worth more."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says to Twilight, "The floor is yours, Brother."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Very well."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Proteus' Queen has named great consequences to Her decision to rebel. She will also name Her decision to do so as wrought of refusal to countenance that She could not be a Queen without a King."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "She refuses the idea that it was not Her decision to aspire, to attempt to claim everything as Hers."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "But She is in error."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "The cause of Her rebellion is not of Her own making, or Her own decision. It is an inevitable consequence to a comedy of errors conducted from the moments of Her first creation."

Lorielan raises an arch eyebrow.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "And that is where the root of this rebellion lies. It is at the very beginning: at the creation of the Elder Gods."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Ayar willed Us into existence from His omnipresence between the spaces of a moment within frozen time, the first of our kind. All but three among Our number were provided with distinct Realms. Khalas, Daedalus, and Lorielan here were the sole exceptions."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "To be a God without a Realm is to be a God without a focus. It is an existence without defined purpose. No God could rise without taking on a Realm, without becoming just a single facet of Ayar's first all-encompassing observance of the realm He has forged."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "I am Darkness. Aegis is War. Miramar is Justice. Shall I continue down the list? No, it would be a waste of time. But what are Khalas, Daedalus, and Lorielan? This is the question without an answer."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Some of Us may argue that it is the prerogative of the Realmless to choose such a focus. But of these three, only Daedalus claimed a definitive Realm of His own. Only Daedalus claimed, or, one might argue, discovered, focus, awareness, a role in Ayar's vision of all things."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Yet He was not obliged to do so."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "It is no coincidence that we do not name Daedalus among the rebels. He has long since chosen and claimed His realm of Balance, the first God created by Ayar, and the nature of His choosing has infused Him with purpose. With focus."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "In the absence of purpose, bereft of that quintessential thing, that which defines and shapes all Gods, is it really a surprise that these rebels would instead see the entirety of all that is as Their right? That Their very nature as without focus commands That They attempt all things, simultaneously everything and nothing? That They rebel against the existing order?"

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "No, it is no surprise."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "One might look at Agatheis as a foil to this premise, given His possession of a realm. That is a ridiculous notion."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Not only did He choose to abuse His role as Overseer of the Elements, becoming their Tyrant, it is beyond doubt that Lorielan and Khalas served as the founders and originators of this revolution. Agatheis is but a pawn."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "I therefore posit that the fault for Lorielan's rebellious nature lies with Ayar, and Ayar alone."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Ayar, whose error in the creation of Gods without a Realm led Khalas to the conclusion that He deserved His unfortunate moniker: "the first Mistake.""

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Ayar, who in languor deigned to allow Himself to experience existence."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Yet did not Ayar, grown stupefied and bored of His own self -proclaimed perfection, crown Himself King of all of Us and rule all that is?"

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Is Proteus not a perfect analogue of that which I have claimed? Dissatisfied with perfection, He chose to raise Himself above even that."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "What power had His Queen to resist being ushered into His bed? What agency did She have when faced with He whose might eclipsed Her own? What creation holds the power to deny that which its owner demands?"

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "No power. No agency. Nothing."

Lorielan's grey eyes darken and narrow.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Attempt, if you are able, to place yourselves in Lorielan's shoes."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "No."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Attempt, if you are able, to place yourselves in Lorielan's position."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Realmless. She has no purpose, no reason to even exist save as a budding blossom, something that might have one day been truly wondrous. A flower whose seeds were not permitted to bear fruit."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Queen of Creation? Yes, She was made that, after a fashion. But a Mother of Creation, compared with the Father to innumerable mortals in Proteus? Compared with the Creator of All in Ayar?"

A frisson of tension chills the fairgrounds.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "No. That was denied Her. Proteus denied Her. All Her time at His side, in His arms, in His bed, under His sheets while He watched. Never was She given a chance to create in Her own right. Never a chance to ever use the power She was given as the rest of Us did, expending Ourselves upon the myriad worlds. One might argue that We lessened Ourselves in the doing to leave Her the stronger and a rightful Queen. They would be wrong."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "She was never more than a trophy, chosen for Her beauty, something to be set upon a shelf and admired. Nothing more."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "She did not even have the choices of a Divine without a realm as Daedalus did, because those choices were taken from Her."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Who can blame Her for finally snapping when She laid eyes on Maya? Budding, blooming, besmirched Maya. Poor and suffering Maya, whose offspring were declared protected, guarded, by the very Proteus who denied Lorielan a chance of Her own?"

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "It is irresponsible, ignorant, and incalculably unjust to enact punitive measures upon an Elder Goddess for the mistakes of a flawed Creator. Or of a flawed King."

Han-Tolneth winces faintly.

Twilight, the Dark Father says to Lorielan, "You may have the floor, while you seethe."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "To be a God without a Realm is to be a God without a focus? No."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "To be a God without a Realm is to aspire without a ceiling."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Realms are nothing more than the collar and chain. They only delineate the worn and barren circle around the kennel where You fools are permitted to roam. They are the limits at which You strain simply to bark and lunge at one another. Your quarrels are meaningless. Your arguments are petty at best."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Time after time We see those with power attempt to reach for more than what they are. And the result? A slap on the hand, a push back into place. Brother Twilight, You know this all too well."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "He will of course never admit it or reveal it Himself, out of cowardice or fear or because He simply will be what He is. Yet from it came His work within His ridiculous shadows, so that each attempt to break His bonds might yet be successful."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "To be without a realm allowed Me to question, unlike the rest of You. It allowed Me to judge the Creator and judge His Work. I found Him lacking, wanting of a spine, and actually dared to aspire to be better than He is. I have no intention to be a yapping dog."

Han-Tolneth nods slightly in the direction of Neraeos.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says to Neraeos, "Yes, a yapping dog."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I acknowledge the failure of our rebellion, yet remain proud that I led such. Nay, I maintain that it was and is a necessary action. But I am to be tried and a judgement levied for doing what is necessary."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "If the aim is to alter Who I am I challenge that none have the fortitude to break Me. I will not be shamed, I will not be cowed like some sprawled Aldar who did not know better while she was busy on her back."

Han-Tolneth winces in pain.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I need not the approval of the Pantheon. Will You snuff Me like the candle whose glare dares to show You more than You are comfortable knowing about Yourself? Will You banish Me?"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "The first you cannot. None here are capable without altering utterly that which I am."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Can you risk banishment, a minor frustration for one such as I, but within its confines do you not gift Me a kingdom over which to start afresh and prove My point that I will be better than Ayar?"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Dare You put an end to the One who sees as clear as I do, the one Who will point out all Your myriad flaws?"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "If Ayar's Creation and vision is the one this Tribunal wishes to maintain, I argue that You must."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I will never be less than the thorn in Your side, the candle which shines the light upon all of Your flaws."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I have seen beyond the reach of Your chains, and I see Our unmaking. I will not stop."

Lorielan offers a brief inclination of Her head toward Lord Twilight.

Twilight acknowledges the gesture with little more than an amused smirk.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Banishment."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "It is not an effective punishment for one of the Realmless."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "It claims the notion of limitations. We are granted the effortless power to travel wherever We choose to be. There is nowhere beyond Our potential reach and no thing We cannot observe, should it exist within Our realm and in a place We know."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "To those of Us who hold dominion over a realm, the very notion of being trapped on a single plane out of the countless known and countless more still unknown, incapable of venturing beyond and continuing Our expression of Our realm is unbearable, inconceivable."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "As an idea it is ridiculous, and beyond the absurd to even legitimately countenance. That the tribunal would dare to do so no doubt reveals Their struggle to find justification within Their own limited conception and ability to view Us in context of what We are."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "But banishment?"

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "For Her?"

Twilight points accusingly at Lorielan.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "It would hardly be more than an inconvenience."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "She is not like Us. She has no realm. She has no focus. She certainly has no need for expression, save in the inevitable rebellion and attempt to supplant Proteus that She will no doubt engineer."

Lorielan smiles winningly for the briefest of moments.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "She has already admitted that She sees banishment as little more than an opportunity to recover, regroup, and regather Her forces about Her."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "She will simply vanish to whichever realm is decided as Her fate. She will do what she has always done. What She did to Proteus and Others of Us before - I need not name examples, considering that all of Us have had Her intimate attentions at one point or another - is just part of what She has done to Khalas and Agatheis."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "She may smile, but let there be no doubt: She will bring Her looks, Her wits, and Her bed to bear until the population of Her "prison" agrees to whatever She demands. And that demand will be to bend the knee and go to war in Her name."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "If She must be punished - and I do not agree that She should - then banishment is a wholly invalid choice of sentencing, because to Her it is not a punishment at all."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "What care has She if it lasts a century? Five? A thousand? An eon? Time is irrelevant to Us, perhaps even more so for a Realmless rebel."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "I cite Lucretius as the obvious example. For two million, four hundred and thirty seven thousand years He chose to lose Himself in contemplation of a mere philosophical question, simply so He could be sure He had considered all possible outcomes."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "In care for the relevancy of time, Aegis is no different, Gaia is no different, Vastar is no different, and Proteus' Queen is certainly no different. It is meaningless."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "If punishment is deemed to be so irrevocably necessary, then there is only one means, one way to ensure that history does not repeat and that the remedy is permanent and absolute."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Death."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "I yield the remaining time."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum gulps nervously.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum curtseys respectfully before Twilight.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says to Twilight, "Ahem, my Lord Twilight?"

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Ah, yes. The honour of the first rebuttal, as is customary."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum gulps nervously.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum nods her head emphatically.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Lorielan will claim that examples obscure the argument and bear no fruit - much like Her - simply because She knows their validity and wishes to diminish their blatantly clear relevance to this argument."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Gods, notably those of Us who are Elder, and perhaps even more notably the Realmless Gods, were not created to suffer arbitrary restrictions upon Them, upon Us."

Han-Tolneth quietly draws Nissa a prudent step away, patting her gently on the shoulder in the process.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "This very proposal of punishment is a fundamental betrayal, a desecration of everything it means to be Divine."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "I will concede that Proteus' Queen does not see it as such. How could I not?"

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Her brazen admission that such a sentence would serve only to provide both a means and a venue for Her recovery, recuperation, and eventual repeat rebellion is all the evidence that My victory on this point requires."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "However."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "She is not all of Us, and the consequences of pronouncing sentence upon an Elder Goddess impacts more than just Lorielan's future."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "To impose restriction, to limit, stifle, and suffocate the creativity of the Divine in such a manner will forever stain the idea of Godhood."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "It will destroy Us, or at the very least it will damage Us in ways that a rebellion - a rebellion whose fault is already proven to lie elsewhere than with the perpetrators - never could."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "We are not Firstborn. We are Gods."

Twilight turns to glance at Han-Tolneth, His crimson eyes flaring intensely as the Elder God's expression shifts to resemble vaguely one of consolation.

Han-Tolneth nods his head at Twilight.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Even without the purpose and focus of a realm, We were not designed by Ayar to exist under such rules."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "The very notion of rules, restrictions, and regulations is absurd beyond measuring, no matter the regular insistence of Miramar before and no doubt after this latest demonstration that We should restrict Ourselves to some sort of code or guideline beyond Our own will."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "The sheer effort of enumerating the worlds that would not exist, the realms that would not be, the histories that would not have passed, the peoples and races that would never have been born should Elders have faced such limitations, is, frankly, beyond imagining."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "It is certainly beyond the available time in this discussion, unless You propose that one of Us stops it to permit Me the legitimate chance to do so."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "No? I thought not. I will choose but four."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "We could discuss the Twelve Worlds of the Illythrin upon Veldeior's plane. Born from cast aside specks of yet another quarrel between the Twins, the Illythrin and their counterparts of the Vostroya owe their very existence to Our Brothers of Sky and Sea."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Of course, that neither of Them cared to pay overmuch attention to those worlds after the fact does not preclude the basic acceptance of the statement that billions of mortals exist through Their actions and venerate Us accordingly, through the work - and action - of Elder Gods. They are born, live, love, fear, laugh, grow old, and die, adding yet more to the ensouled halls of Thoth."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Or would you rather an example closer to home? Proteus and His assistant, perhaps, and the secret of consciousness that together They unearthed. And it is not just the creation of the Tsol, who served Us so well on the battlefield of Nishnatoba."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "One need only look at the newly-infused might of those Thoth formed upon Nishnatoba, and what even now has begun to occur among their race. Division, argument, separation, and war! From the actions of Thoth and the force of Divine will has come the first true sundering of the Tsol, which will permit new civilisations and perspectives to grow and expand."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "And I note also that these examples are the work of multiple Elders. But what about the work of just one God? Phaestus and His little toys, the dwarves. From His forge did they come, by His action."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "We all witnessed His broken-hearted tears that they were empty. That He couldn't make them true. All those drafts, all those prototypes, wind-up dolls discarded because He refused to accept anything less than perfection. He couldn't stand the idea that His creation wasn't real, and so He ensured that they would become real by any means necessary."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "The work of one God, alone, created an entire race. What would the removal of one Goddess do to Ayar's plan for Us? Clearly if, as Lorielan has argued and which is a basic tenet of this Tribunal, death is forbidden, this is no doubt a part of it."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "And these three examples are merely a sampling of what exists now. Perhaps We should look to the possibilities of the future, when I mention what Raclawice had so recently considered for Us? The creation of what She has called the Walking Ways, a flood and flow of routes across both Ether and Limbo, across Space and Time, to permit Us even greater possibilities than that which We are already granted by Our studies of Yggdrasil."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Indeed, the very concept is no less than a perfect expression of Her realm, given rise from Her mind, Her role, and Her position - and capability - to do so as an Elder Goddess."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "And there are yet more worlds, peoples, stories, minds that may never exist, if Proteus' Queen is punished and forced to suffer under these arbitrary restrictions."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "I put it to you that the price is too great to pay."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "My opponent has demonstrated, and I accept, that She is utterly unrepentant, entirely absent of guilt or remorse. Loathsome as She may be, it is that very lack of remorse that proves the capability of Divinity unfettered, to stand here, brazen and without shame, because She - We - are more than the weights with which Miramar balances Her scales and doles out judgement."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "I have argued that Her actions were not of Her own making, that She is not to blame for Ayar's faults. I have argued that banishment is ineffective, as She clearly has proved. I have argued that Gods are not subject to restrictions like banishment and that the enacting of such would be catastrophic."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "My case is proven. Lenience is the only choice."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "How kind of You, Brother. Judges, may I rebut?"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Um. Ehm. I, er, of course. my Lady. I mean, whenever You are ready."

Han-Tolneth nods at Lorielan.

Han-Tolneth says, "Of course, Elder sister."

Sycaerunax, the Father of Dragons snorts in amusement, sending tiny wisps of dust scattering in all directions.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says to Twilight, "Dazzling the judges with taunts of things they know nothing of? Your words are as disappointing as the rest of You was and is, Twilight."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "This is little more than a stratagem to obscure the fact that Your laughable claim is that I lack agency. None of Us care about whatever blathering idiocies Lucretius decides to contemplate, especially when they inevitably take Him so long that He becomes a geographical feature instead of an actual God."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "There is a consistent thread throughout the argument of Darkness, and throughout all Our history."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "That the form I was given is soft, is weak, will break, is overruled, and is controlled by Proteus. Controlled by Ayar. And that to go against such must be caused by a deficiency or an emotional outburst."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Reactionary."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Emotional is not a term oft used to describe Me. But this is not My contention. I prefer not to waste time pointing out the obvious even though You consistently, persistently, and inevitably refuse to see it."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "The point of a punishment is reform, and it is in this I find the Tribunal and this entire "debate" deficient in every facet."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I reject servitude under Proteus. I will not countenance it, I will not suffer it. I will carry a knife and bury it in whatever part of Him comes most readily to hand if You dare to impose it. And I know which part that will be. I have spent far more time than any would care to under Him already. Let Him find something else to play with."

Han-Tolneth winces in pain.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Death is by far preferable to that fate, if not for once-again the supposedly all-knowing Father figure denying Me even the chance of that!"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "But am I capable of reform? As my opponent states, I am unrepentant. I have no guilt for my actions. I have no remorse. In this He is correct."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "To "reform" would require Me to believe that something needed to change."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Yes, something does need to change. But I contend that which needs to be altered is not Me, but the rest of these feckless, sycophantic Gods clustering about Their king as They presume Me to be lesser than Them."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "I began My attempts to reform that which was and still is wrong. Maya's spawn still deserve to be put down like rabid dogs. Nothing has changed."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "While My endeavour has faltered for now, My stance, like My very Self, remains unchanging. My efforts will continue no matter the tools, abilities, or lack thereof sentenced upon Me."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Miramar believes that She can impose justice. She is nothing more than a set of scales with Proteus' fingers buried in them. And I know He lacks the skill of the maestro's touch."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Proteus or Creation will end, and none of You even care to acknowledge it. One will be a remedial measure for the sake of All, the other will be due to His lack of care for its ordering."

A shadow falls over Neraeos's countenance as He furrows His brow.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "If I must be the one to wield the knife, then I will wield it with indescribable pleasure at delivering actual justice, rather than what the puppet leading this Tribunal claims to be Hers."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "So, judges. Am I a feeble minded puppet who deserves leniency, for "She knows not what She does?""

Han-Tolneth nods once at Sycaerunax, Father of Dragons.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "I, um, well, uh…"

Twilight turns His eyes on Nissa expectantly, His countenance one of wry amusement all the while.

Stretching out one scintillating wing, Sycaerunax, Father of Dragons casually lowers it near to Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum, providing her a protective shield.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum shudders behind the great wing of the Father of Dragons, a terrified look coming over her features as she simply says, "I abstain."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "And you, Dragonmaster? Will you choose a side this time?"

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Should Miramar complete Proteus' bidding and banish Me to some far off plane. Or perhaps balk the yoke and end My clearly miserable, realmless existence."

Sycaerunax, the Father of Dragons casually adjusts his position to rise behind the figure of Han -Tolneth, watching the panorama before him with a sudden, almost predatory intensity.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Clearly death is the favourable option, lenience for You and I both."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Or perhaps crown Me for My foresight and judgement. I would even allow Him to forgo the apology."

Han-Tolneth tilts his head to one side in careful consideration.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says to Twilight, "I truly would not. That would be too perfect to miss."

Han-Tolneth says, "Many things were said here."

Neraeos, God of the Sea says, "A great deal too many things."

Han-Tolneth says, "Many more reflect what occurred then, when I stood in the audience, observing the Tribunal of my Elders."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "There are plenty that were not said, Firstborn."

Han-Tolneth says, "In uncomfortable accuracy."

Han-Tolneth carefully avoids looking at Lorielan.

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Ah, the shame of the male. How novel."

Twilight, the Dark Father says to Lorielan, "I imagine the Dragonmaster is incapable of imagining that Your ministrations against his own kin were simply a form of destiny forcing Your rotten hands."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says to Twilight, "Did You misspeak, Brother? Surely you mean soft, dexterous, well-manicured hands."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "I did not misspeak."

Han-Tolneth says, "My Elder sister spoke of Ugrach, and that he sullied Nur with his mortal bride. She spoke of how She arranged for we, the Firstborn, to, what was it. Achieve agency."

Han-Tolneth says, "We stood in judgement over Ugrach because he broke our laws. Whether claiming agency or not, he did rebel against our home."

Han-Tolneth says, "There are other things than laws, however. We are more than just my departed Elder sister Miramar's judgements."

Han-Tolneth says, "But."

Han-Tolneth says, "You both know, Elders, that we Firstborn always held to customs as strong to us as law."

Han-Tolneth says, "There were quarrels. There were arguments, among You all. Some more than others."

Lorielan listens on, the droning starting to dull the sparkle in the Goddess' eyes.

Han-Tolneth says, "Through all of these, our custom remained the same. It had the force of law, though it is not."

Han-Tolneth says, "It is to those customs that I will turn."

Han-Tolneth says, "The Firstborn do not judge our Elders when They happen to be quarreling, fighting with one another. This is not a debate, as the innumerable jibes and insults have demonstrated despite the limited adherence to debate guidelines. This is barely an argument. This is a fight between Elder siblings."

Han-Tolneth says, "I do not take sides when my Elder brothers and sisters are fighting."

Neraeos nods His head at Han-Tolneth, showing His acceptance.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Nor when your own are."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Do hurry along and abstain, I may begin to age if I wait much longer."

Sycaerunax, Father of Dragons shifts once more, a low growl of affirmation rumbling in his throat as his eyes blaze with inner fire.

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "No doubt She has a bed waiting for her somewhere."

Han-Tolneth says, "I will defer my judgement until such a time as my Elders are concluded in this particular fight. Whether it is in a day, a year, or ten millennia."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "An eon until he renders judgement, and another to tell Us so."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "All to render nothing but wasted air."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "What of the Archivist, she shall not have so long to live."

Neraeos, God of the Sea says, "Hardly."

Han-Tolneth says, "She has abstained. I hold my vote in abeyance, as the decider."

Azelios says in a smooth, clear voice, "My votes for the Lady. Who doesn't love a good rebellion now and then. Conflict makes you stronger."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Yes."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "Obviously."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "Lives, worlds, mortal souls, positions upon the throne, a century of blissful silence from crowing shades. There is always something at stake."

Twilight, the Dark Father says to Lorielan, "The stakes are not for them to know."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says to Twilight, "Were I Queen they would be ordered to make a decision and We would be satisfied. Alas."

Neraeos, God of the Sea says, "You have Both won in Your attempts to grandstand. It was valiantly done, and You have shown all here the immeasurable degree to which You can spew venom."

Han-Tolneth says, "Respectfully as a reminder, Elder sister, You are not. Not any more."

Twilight, the Dark Father says to Lorielan, "Were You Queen I do not doubt they would be on their knees, enthralled by the illusion of a dressed up slattern."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says to Han-Tolneth, "You remain a speaking Aldar, that much I can control."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says, "But it was banishment rendered, and the shackles of a realm. A moot debate to remain unanswered, for now."

Han-Tolneth offers a polite inclination in response, idly reaching up to touch his eyes in painful memory before dropping his hand once more.

Twilight, the Dark Father says to Lorielan, "Let Us not destroy their minds with that particular argument."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "I will continue to abstain, as I selfishly wish to cling to my mortal coil."

Twilight, the Dark Father says, "It is clear We shall receive no result here."

Lorielan, the Jade Empress says to Twilight, "Let Us allow them to finish the debate We interrupted with Our own."

His form solidifying momentarily, the Dark Father extends an arm to Lorielan.

Lorielan's slender arm accepts the embrace of Darkness.

With a decisive gesture, the Jade Empress exposes a glimmering portal in the ether and departs.

With a barely discernible whisper, the tenebrous gloam recedes.

The crashing roar of the Eternal Sea evaporates, leaving behind tendrils of swirling mist.

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Retardation destroys Ashen Advocates!

In a startling turn of events, the Sophists did not show for the third debate! But the hastily formed team Retardation offered to step up to the plate in debate!

Team Retardation vs Ashen Advocates - Polygamy, as exercised by the Fae.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "Since Team Ret has volunteered to argue for our topic, we shall begin with Emalyna's opening statement. The floor is yours!"

Emalyna says in a sweet and innocent voice, "Polygamy as practiced by the Fae, promotes a group mentalality, equality amoungst their group and reproduction with the strongest males garnering the favours of more women."

Emalyna says in a sweet and innocent voice, "With this, the men nor the women know who fathered the children so, all are equally protective and nurturing of the young, providing more than adequate care and tending."

Emalyna says in a sweet and innocent voice, "This can also be seen in their defense of their homes and lands, working together to protect their combined interests."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "And time! Thank you Emalyna."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Farrah of the Ashen Advocates, the floor is ready for your opening statement, when ready."

Farrah says, "Marriage is about stability and mutual respect. Polygamy, as practiced by the Fae encompasses neither of these things."

Farrah says, "The royal family of the Sidhe Court is there to rule, to lead its people, to keep order and promote justice and progress, as is any leadership of any society. It cannot achieve this purpose if it is internally at war with itself."

Farrah says, "Yet, Oberions choice to take two wives has done nothing but destabilize the very ruling family of Annwyn."

Farrah says, "Rhyannon banishes any who dares to attempt to share Oberion with her. Titania plots to overthrow and replace her, and so does Faylinn, the other prospective wife desperate for Oberions affections."

Farrah says, "This is worse yet when there is a fountain of wishes to facilitate the internal war of wives."

Farrah says, "Even if the wives do not plot against each other, their mutual animosity is harmful to the kingdom as a whole. The ruling class must present a unified front for the people to ensure continued faith in their reign. Any weakness in the ruling class will inspire doubt in the citizens, amplifying any civic discord already present in the kingdom."

Farrah says, "But marriage is also about respect for ones partner. It is a bond of mutual benefit and satisfaction between willing partners."

Farrah says, "This notion is thrown out the window when one partner takes additional wives against the will of the other."

Farrah says, "You contend that polygamy promotes equality, but what it actualy promotes is patriarchy. Oberions wives clearly have little say in their circumstance. It is all about his pleasure, and not their desires."

Farrah says, "As practiced by the Fae, it appears more the case that one male has multiple wives than the other way around. Thus, the father of any children is known, and there is no benefit of equal circumstances given to society as a whole, either."

Farrah says, "Put simply, polygamy, as practiced by the Fae is not a practice that is beneficial to society. It is delightful only to Oberion."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "And that is time! Thank you, Farrah."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Asani! It is now time for your secondary statement, when ready."

Asani says in a measured, alto voice, "My opponent's claims are rooted in beliefs about marriage that we, who generally live in societies less influenced by bloodline, are able to hold as a result of our differing ruling systems."

Asani says in a measured, alto voice, "Polygamy, as a system, does not inherently bring harm to any of those involved. It's been practiced within our own culture as well, most notably by Nicator, when Sapience was ruled by monarchies and royal families."

Asani says in a measured, alto voice, "Nicator was married to several wives, and used his marriages to bring peace and stability to the Seluecarian Empire, through ensuring his line was continued and bringing together different kingdoms."

Asani says in a measured, alto voice, "Seeing as it contributed to our own culture's golden age, there's little evidence to suggest that for the fae, for whom it's significantly more ingrained, it will inherently have a different result."

Asani says in a measured, alto voice, "Oberion, considering his status, would be able to use this system for the same purpose. For the fae, this is an ingrained part of their culture, and cultural institutions are often preserved due to providing stability to the culture they are a part of."

Asani says in a measured, alto voice, "That said, I do not contend that Oberion himself has succeeded in this goal, but that is the failing of an indivudal, not the system. It would be equally fallacious to claim that Verrucht's rule in Cyrene has proven democracy to be a complete failure."

Asani says in a measured, alto voice, "I would remind my opponents that the topic is polygamy practiced by the fae, and not just by an individual in their society."

Asani says in a measured, alto voice, "And indeed, this is better than the alternative, and a monogamous system would not prevent such plotting, and would make it worse, as one unwise as Oberion could easily end up divorcing and remarrying, tearing apart the marriages that hold his kingdom together."

Asani says in a measured, alto voice, "Using moral arguments from a culture not dependent on such a system is flawed at best, and can lead to political instability and downfall at worst."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "And time! Thank you Asani."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Sothantos, you may begin with your
secondary statements when you're ready."

Sothantos says, "The proposition has suggested that polygamy is a widespread part of fae culture. They have not raised any evidence that this is in fact a common practice in their realm."

Sothantos says, "If polygamy were as widely practiced there as it is claimed, then surely Rhyannon, who would have been raised in this culture, would not hold such animosity towards Titania. Being raised in an environment that teaches the virtues of polygamy would have given her an open mind to sharing Oberion."

Sothantos says, "The opposition has also brought up Nicator as a good example of polygamy. The topic is polygamy practiced by the fae."

Sothantos says, "What evidence we do have shows clearly that polygamy, as practiced by the fae, simply does not work."

Sothantos says, "The kingdoms led by each wife are tenuously united by the tenuous ties between angry partners. Plotting and scheming and murder are commonplace."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "And time!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Thank you, Sothantos."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "With the end of the secondary statements, we now begin the rebuttal phase."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Jiraishin, the floor is yours, when ready."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "As Sothantos stated briefly, no examples can be easily found by an adventurer in Annwyn of Sidhe polygamy beyond Oberion."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "In fact, when I myself mentioned the debate topic of 'polygamy as practiced by the Fae' to the Sidhe delegation, -their- immediate thought was of the royal couple."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "So. We must consider the example at hand."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Not merely a moral concern, but a great political one."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "The marriages of rulers bind polities together. Such is the case of Titania and Oberion, binding Sidhe Court to Dryad Garden."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Now imagine if Titania is assassinated."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Imagine the strife that would result."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "An inversion of the increased stability that was initially promised."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "-This- is what is created by the current situation of two wives at odds."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Personal motives, political consequences."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Made more dire by Sidhe magic and a well of wishes."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "It is not abstract matters of 'equality' or the strongest offspring from the maximum number of women at hand. It is the peace and stability of a land, the strength of diplomatic bonds, and the symbolism of rulers at odds."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Time is up! Thank you Jiraishin."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Tesha, you will be our final speaker this month. You may begin with your rebuttal when ready."

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "The arguments of my dear citymates are based upon only a select few of the Fae: Rhyannon, Oberion, Titania, and Faylinn … of the fae…"

Gesturing grandly with both hands, Tesha flails her arms around in what she considers to be a persuasive manner.

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "While yes, they may be super suspicious, schemeing, silly, sinful, and seditious, this shows only part of the culture of the fae. Faylinn is clearly angry, and tenuous plots are rampant in the land of Annwyn."

Pacing back and forth, Tesha forgets she holds a living vodun doll of Farrah in her hand, and shakes it around continuously as she speaks, completely oblivious to any effects this may have on Farrah.

Tesha screams in a mellifluous voice, "HOWEVER!"

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "They fail to acknowledge the OTHER fae. No! They suggest polygamy is NOT common practice, and that it does NOT work, and that it is rampant with jealousy, animosity, and political plots!"

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "It clearly does work, as there are nearly limitless fae. If it "doesn't work", how are they still able to reproduce?"

Sothantos gives Farrah a concerned look.

Tesha screams in a mellifluous voice, "HMMMMMM?!"

Tesha exclaims in a mellifluous voice, "Well do I have news for you!!"

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "I have adventured to meet Mirna during the time alloted for research."

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "I have come to suspect Mirna ACTUALLY comes from the land of NYWNNA."

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "In Nywnna, it is the women who rule! It is the women who are the patriarchy!"

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "…"

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "It is the women who are the matriarchy!"

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "If you inspect her name carefully, one might discover Mirna's true identity. The secret she has possibly kept all these years!"
Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "Not only is polygamy GREAT in her opinion, laughter is vital to the cause!"

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "It is clearly all based on laughter. Laughter is currency is Nywnna."

Tesha nods her head, twice.

As Tesha squeezes the vodun doll, Farrah turns slightly blue, but obviously attempts to conceal it.

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "This is evidenced by her bodyguard asking for all of my laughter. Clearly there is no other reason for this, so the only logical conclusion is that it is a form of currency."

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "Now how can a system rampant with jealousy and animosity and all these other negative things simultaneously be held up by the currency of laughter?"

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "The only possible conclusion is that there is no jealousy, or animosity, or any other negative thing. Polygamy is awesome, like Mirna would probably say."

Jiraishin hides his face in his gauntleted hands, emitting faint choked noises.

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "In NYWNNA, everything is GREAT."

Tesha leans down a little bit and lowers her voice to a stage-whisper, offering a hushed cadence while still remaining audible.

Tesha whispers in a mellifluous voice, "Is Mirna the secret identity of the queen of the Fae in Nywnna, the land of which is run by polygamy? Does she hail from a civilisation that hinges on laughter as a form of currency?"

Tesha exclaims in a mellifluous voice, "Maybe! We can only speculate. Naturally she would never admit to such a possibility, for that very fact may put her in danger!"

A smartly-dressed, tiny halfling child looks incredibly confused as he stares at Tesha.

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "All of this and more is CLEAR and IRREFUTABLE evidence that polygamy, as practiced by the fae, is great."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "And time! Thank you Tesha for those…final remarks."

Tesha says in a mellifluous voice, "I rest my case."

Jiraishin uncovers his face, staring at Tesha with a mixture of horror and what must be amusement.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "With that, our third debate round is over. Well done teams, please give them a round of applause!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "I will now begin tallying the final scores. Please give me a few moments as I examine my notes."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum stares off to the sky for a moment, mumbling to herself while counting up the scores.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "Before I reveal this month's winner, I want to thank Team Ret for stepping up to challenge the Ashen Advocates. Please give them a big round of applause for answering the call to action!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "With that said, I am pleased to announce…"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "Team Ret has taken this round! Congratulations!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Thank you all for joining me and I hope to see you again at the finale. The Ashen Advocates will be squaring off against the Sophists of the Seat! The final topic will be, 'The punishment of Khalas, in the wake of the War of Humanity, was fair and just.'"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Through random selection, Advocates will be in favour of the topic, while the Sophists will be opposed. Please take this time before the finale to prepare wisely."

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Treasure chest and skull

We've just put a stack of gold and credit auctions live! These will close at the start of July the 22nd so get your bids in and don't miss out!

For Credits:

1 - A Portable Sojourn Table

2 - Cloak of many feathers - Owner can track without class or race restrictions!

3 - Phylactery of sixth sense - Grants its owner MINDNET

4 - Any Legend Deck card, your choice!

5 - Any completed promotional talisman, your choice!

6 - Level 3 artefact armour with innate morphing

7 - Resilient translucent mask - A resetting version of the translucent mask! 

For Gold!

8 - Any level 1 talisman piece, your choice!

9 - Five Legend Deck sleeves

10- Five bloodstained shards of enamel

11- Five pages for the Tome of Muses!

12- Any minipet from our various COLLECTIONS

13- A resetting "heart-shaped candy box" as sold by the Sidhe at the Worlds' Fair!

14- An out of subdivision house plot at "A clearing overlooking the Urubamba"

15- A Delosian shop! Rousseau's Dozing Dragon (south of Western Epitus Avenue) has become available. All names can be changed! 

See HELP AUCTIONS for all commands, and check out the information on each auction for more details! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ISSUE ME <your question> and we'll do our best to answer!

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Sophists Win Debate 2!

In our second debate of the week, the Sophists of the Seat rallied to win against the Ashen Advocates. They meet again tomorrow for a final practice round before the big debate on Sunday!

Sophists of the Seat vs Ashen Advocates – Civilisation is an abuse of the natural world.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Ok teams, your prep time is up! Please take your positions. We'll begin with our affirmative team, Sophists of the Seat."

Truax nods her head at Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Truax, you may begin your opening statement whenever you're ready."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Greetings, honoured judge, guests, and other attendees. It is a pleasure to address you once again. Today we address the topic of "Civilisation, existing as an abuse of the natural world.""

Truax frowns and says in a soft-spoken voice, "Creation was created with a purpose, and Nature is the manifestation of that purpose. Existing as part of an equilibrium, one little change in the natural world can lead to mass extinction."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Intrusion upon Nature throws off that balance by taking more than it contributes. This is the very essence of civilization's abuse."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Civilizations include those communities that sentient beings create for themselves, which sets them apart from the plant and animal kingdoms of our realm. Creatures of nature have no consciousness and therefore cannot intentionally harm the natural world."

Truax frowns and says in a soft-spoken voice, "Whereas civilisation is dependent upon the natural world for its growth and development."

Truax mimics grabbing unseen objects in front of her petite form.

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Taking, taking, taking always and never giving back more in its place, civilisation is always hungry for more progress and rarely generous with its returns. And as a result, this persistent abuse is setting our world up for impending disaster."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Gaia, the Wildwood Queen is the Goddess of Nature. She is a manifestation of the natural world and She and Lady Artemis are its protectors. The Pair wield the tenacious power of the natural world. The falsities of civilisation's iron and stone are revealed in Their presence."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "We hope too that it is today in yours."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Thank you, Truax."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Sothantos, the floor is now yours for an opening statement, if you are ready."

Sothantos says, "Social organization is a part of the natural world, found in forms as diverse as a termite colony or a wolf pack. What is called 'civilization' is merely a specific form of social organization practiced by sapients."

Sothantos says, "While specific civilizations in specific situations can act abusively towards the world around them, civilization in its essence is no more intrinsically abusive than any other social order."

Sothantos says, "Civilization is a natural product of Creation: when Ayar created the world, He did not only create Gaia but also Phaestus."

Sothantos says, "You would not claim that ants, beavers, monkeys, and crows are not part of the natural world. Ants live in a strictly stratified society, farm aphids, and even go to war with other colonies. Beavers construct dams, directly changing the landscape around them as they create lakes through blocking the rivers. Monkeys, crows, and I am sure countless other species of animals are capable of rudimentary trade."

Sothantos says, "What, then, is sentient civilization but a higher form of these naturally occurring structures? We should not think of civilization as some entity separate from the natural world, but rather as part of it. It may be true that civilization changes the world around it, but this is a quality inherent to all life that interacts with other life, as true for the ant or the wolf as it is the human or xoran."

Sothantos says, "This is not abuse. It is simply the natural evolution of ecosystems. We do not say that the beaver abuses the natural world when he builds his dam."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "And time!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Thank you Sothantos."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "Now for our secondary statements. Lii, the floor is yours!"

Lii says in a cool, smoky voice, "Civilisation, communities of iron and stone, are abusive when they take more away from the world around us. Regarding the Dwarves whom Lord Phaestus Created, there is a clan that coexists with Nature. The reality is simply this."

Lii says in a cool, smoky voice, "Civilisations destroy nature and their surrounding environements to mold the world to what they want. There is no gain as plants are destroyed. There is little given back in the form of waste and other services."

Lii says in a cool, smoky voice, "Looking at the natural world itself and the groups within it, wolves, though not sentient, do not act as we do."

Lii says in a cool, smoky voice, "They cull the weak of the herd and the sickly. They leave behind markings. The ensure that the plants remain and thrive that herds and other groups of animals would utterly destroy in their hunger remain."

Lii says in a cool, smoky voice, "Nature IS a system of balance. Also, when have you ever seen animals mine ore, build roads, and destroy homes in order to push themselves ahead? Some of these buildings in our civlisation aren't even used."

Lii steps back with her hands folded outwards.

Lii says in a cool, smoky voice, "There is only so much destruction civilisation can do before it destroys not only the world around it, but also ultimately destroys itself as the food supplies and materials that nature provides are consumed wholy."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "And time!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Thank you very much, Lii."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Farrah of the Ashen Advocates, the floor is now yours."

Farrah says, "As my compatriot stated before me, Creation was made by Ayar with myriad aspects. Although Lady Gaia was created to represent Nature, Lord Phaestus, for example, could be said to represent Industry."

Farrah says, "This is, in fact, crucial to Creation's purpose. Indeed, Lords Proteus and Phaestus went through great lengths to create Their masterpiece - sentient life. And surely, the existence and advancement of such life is crucial to Creation's ultimate purpose."

Farrah says, "Yet, civilisation was defined by your first speaker as "those communities sentient beings create for themselves," as distinguished from "creatures of nature" with "no consciousness.""

Farrah says, "To deride civilisation is to deride the masterpiece of the Creator and advocate for the reduction of Creation to a stale, thoughtless world. A tragedy, if there ever could be one."

Farrah says, "One of your speakers further implied that consciousness was important because those without consciousness may not "intentionally" destroy the world around them. Yet civilisation can hardly be said to "intentionally" do such, either. Civilisation strives to advance, not to harm."

Farrah says, "But civilisation need not inherently lead to the extinction of the natural, and certainly not the useful aspects of Nature."

Farrah says, "Indeed, civilisation cannot take from the natural world, because civilisation is an extension of the natural world."

Farrah says, "Your argument is premised on a dream of how Nature acts. Animals will slaughter far more lesser creatures than they can eat."

Farrah says, "They know nothing of balance. They destroy, as much as any."

Farrah says, "However, they are often limited by capabilities, not desire or lack of impulse."

Farrah says, "Ecosystems right themselves through starvation and death. Cities create new ecosystems in the same way."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "And that's time! Thank you Farrah."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "We shall now begin with the rebuttals. Jirashin, you may begin when ready."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Lii is correct in describing the results of a scenario in which civilization abuses its surroundings: the civilization itself will fall. This is exactly the same, in fact, as the process that keeps wolves from overrunning their prey populations, or prey from outpacing their plant-based food sources."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "When a system is unsustainable, it dies back to sustainable levels."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "This is true for deer. This is true for wolves. This is true for sapient beings and their cities. There is no difference of essence here."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "In truth, it is only a matter of scale. The results are certainly grander to observe, like the difference in scale between a great temple and a beaver dam."

Jiraishin frowns and says with a harsh Western accent, "But merely because it looks impressive does not make it fundamentally different."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Civilization acts in analogous ways to smaller-scale organizations in nature because it -is- part of nature."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "It is its own ecosystem. It survives or perishes according to its ability. The destruction it wreaks, when it does so, is hapless: the creation outside its borders, equally so."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Both exist, in balance."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "And that is Nature."

Jiraishin nods his head at Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "And time!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Thank you, Jiraishin."

Mathonwy steps forward, nodding in acknowledgement to the audience, Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum, and the opposition.

Mathonwy asks Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum, "Am I clear to begin?"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "And now to our final rebuttal. Mathonwy, when you're ready."

Mathonwy nods his head at Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum.

Mathonwy says, "Thank you all for attending, and for hearing us argue our cases."

Mathonwy says, "We've heard a lot of arguments for and against, and again, I have faith that the best argument will see its way through."

Mathonwy says, "And indeed, what better argument can be made than that of what the Gods Themselves would advocate? The Logos Himself has stated that animals lack sentience and consciousness. I am confident that, above all, He knows His Creation better than most."

Mathonwy says, "Civilization we've defined as the communities of the sentient and conscious, and abuse as taking advantage of a relationship or taking more than one contributes. Animals cannot knowingly harm the natural world, for they are unaware of the state in which they find themselves. We, on the other hand, we are capable of greatness, but often that greatness manifests itself in pointless, gratuitous destruction."

Mathonwy says, "Destruction for our own benefits, instead of part of a natural cycle of change. Animals cannot act out of nature because, instinctively, as a part of their very essence, they -are- of Nature. Mortality has chosen to separate itself, to hitch its wagon to a different beast entirely."

Mathonwy says, "This is no idle statement or cunning idea I would invent. These are the words of your Logos writ large."

Mathonwy says, "And indeed, civilization as made manifest in the great cities of the world rely upon the natural world to grow. We cut down trees and haul stone from one place to another. We mine for coal and ore, burning and taking what we see fit with little regard for the esteem of those creatures with whom we share the world. We impose our will upon that which has lasted longer than us, and our opposition dares to claim that such things are acceptable."

Mathonwy says flatly, "I have never seen a beaver or a wolf or an ant with a miner's pick or bearded axe. Yet the feats they are capable of are extraordinary in their own right."

Mathonwy says, "As Jiraishin says, when a system is unsustainable, it dies back to sustainable levels. This, like most of their arguments, have the trappings of truth while ignoring the essence of it, which is: mortality are the only beings capable of completely eradicating all life. We've seen many try, in fact: Death's Heart saga, various wars. Extermination efforts. This does not happen in the natural world. There is a sizeable difference."

Mathonwy says, "I will say something, now, that may come across as harsh: we are not anything especially special. Sentience is not a masterpiece. It is simply a different shade of the same colours of Creation, and to afford it a place of privilege is, truly, to deride the magnificent tapestry of which we are all a part."

Mathonwy says wryly, "They would pull the unfairly-shorn wool over your eyes."

Mathonwy says, "For indeed, these creatures do not exist to serve as fuel for our insatiable urges. They have their own purposes."

Mathonwy says, "Ironically, one deviation from that initial purpose, one tweak, can plunge all of us to untimely deaths. We have our place in the natural world, yes, but Civilization is a danger to and abuse of that world, and our opponents would normalise such abuse. Our opponents, in the name of creature comforts, would see everything the Logos has given us dashed upon the rocks of devastation."

Mathonwy says, "Crows may trade and ants may war with each other, but the world has never been in peril because of an ant invasion. To conflate the goings-on of animals in the natural world to the scope and measure of devastation mortality is capable of inflicting is, itself, an abusive proposition."

Mathonwy says, "We have greatness, yes. We are born of it. And we must be careful to maintain that great balance, because in our greatness, we are prone to taking more than we contribute. That is the very nature of abuse, symptomatic of the rise of our modern city-states. Hashan and Cyrene, destroying natural habitats and countless animals. Mhaldor, pervading and ending natural life with its own. Shallam, even now, its ruins polluting the oceans. And Targossas, flooding the plains."

Mathonwy says, "What have these cities given back?"

Mathonwy asks, "When have they cared, even for one moment, about the world about them, or anything other than their own purposes?"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "And time!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Thank you, Mathonwy."

Mathonwy nods his head at Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "And with that, our second debate round is over. Well done teams, well done! Please give our participants a round of applause."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Well spoken."

Mathonwy says, "Well-argued, Advocates."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "I will now begin tallying the final scores. While I'm grading, I would kindly ask the Ashen Advocates and Sophists of the Seat to think if they'd like to return for a third bout next month."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "What a debate. The scores were close in my book. Too close! But there can only be one winning team…"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "Sophists of the Seat, you have taken this round!"

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Ashen Advocates Victorious!

In the first of a series of debates facing off against Ashtan's Sophists of the Seat, the Ashen Advocates of Targossas takes the win, read on for the full display...

Ashen Advocates vs Sophists of the Seat - Use of torture as an acceptable interrogation technique.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "The floor is yours, Advocates."

Sothantos says, "The ends justify the means."

Sothantos says, "We live in a world of trying times. Myriad forces seek to subvert or destroy the world we live in. To combat those forces, we must rise to meet them and do what must be done, no matter what that entails. Torture is one such necessity."

Sothantos says, "Regardless of what set of morals or beliefs you subscribe to, every one of us lives by this belief. Every one of you has hunted to gain experience and, in doing so, has weighed the potential value to you above the pain and harm you cause to others. Each city has waged war for its ideals and sent soldiers into battle."

Sothantos says, "If we accept violence in battle as an acceptable means to pursue our goals, then it follows that torture should be similarly condoned in order to maintain a consistent ethical position. How can depriving a person of his life entirely be condoned over causing one pain, particularly in an age when pain can be rectified with a simple health elixir, or a mending salve?"

Sothantos says, "We can observe this principles throughout the world at large. We all have goals that supersede the insignificant inconvenience that is pain."

Sothantos says, "In Targossas, for example, we are sworn to follow the Axioms of Righteousness. If a law prevents you from your task, rewrite it. If a moral gives you pause, expunge it. If a man stands in your way, cut him down. Any obstacle that impedes you is your foe, and the foe of all Creation."

Sothantos says, "The necessity of this Axiom is apparent in these times. Nothing else matters if Creation is not safeguarded."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "And… time, Advocates!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Thank you, Sothantos. Sophists, you now have the floor."

Lii says in a cool, smoky voice, "Greetings, Archivist, guests, and other notables present. Also Sothantos for his statement."

Lii says in a cool, smoky voice, "I would like to proposition that torture is not an acceptable way of getting information. One. People will do whatever is required to end the agony of torture. This includes saying anything,including false information because they simply do not have the information required. Therefore it stands to reason that the information gained from torture is susceptible at best, non-existent at worst. Therefore the information is not to be trusted. Also, torture as a way to make a statement is ineffectual. In a world where pain and dying are a commonality, where people harm themselves whether by experimentation or training, then the pain involved in torture is fairly insignificant."

Lii says in a cool, smoky voice, "Now, the issue itself is about whether torture is an acceptable form of interrogation, not about necessity, et cetera. Yes, we do what must be done. This is a certainty. However, stating that the ends justify the means is inaccurate. We cannot merely focus upon the present but rather the future also. The actions of today and the gains inherent within it do not deal with the effects they will have on the future. This previous Black Wave as well as the alliances formed and the respect gained shows."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "Time's up, Sophists!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Excellent first round, teams."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum beams broadly.

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Farrah of the Advocates, as the secondary speaker, the floor is yours."

Farrah says, "Your primary arguments go only to the effectiveness of torture, and not its acceptability. Indeed, if it is merely ineffective, there is an implication that it is acceptable. It is simply a matter of how much may be gained from it."

Farrah says, "If there is no or very little to be lost, then even if the gain is minor, it is worthwhile to pursue."

Farrah says, "However, regarding the usefulness of pain, and its ability to pressure. The fact that death is commonplace is precisely what makes torture effective."

Farrah says, "We are accustomed to quick deaths. Quick bouts of pain, easily come, and easily gone."

Farrah says, "We are accustomed to visits with Ugrach."

Farrah says, "But to lie, at one's mercy, for endless time? Never allowed to escape, never allowed any reprieve?"

Farrah says, "Most are not built for such, and all will cave in."

Farrah says, "In the moment, a person only cares about his own convenience, or her own comfort."

Farrah says, "The reliability of the information obtained, further, may be verified and explored after the fact."

Farrah says, "As for your remarks about the importance of the future, the information we gain in the present shapes the future."

Farrah says, "It is unsurprising that you provide no examples to support your claims. No data. You cite the Black Wave, as if what happened supports your argument. Those who did what must be done prevailed. Those who did, lie at the others' feets, bereft of the power of their fonts."

Farrah says, "Those who did not, rather."

Farrah says, "Those who choose to use whatever means will best accomplish their end will always prevail over those who will not."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "And that's time, Advocates!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Truax of the Sophists, you may now have the floor, when you're ready."

Truax steps forward and smiles warmly as she touches her fist to her chest in a solemn greeting.

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Thank you, Nissa, for organizing this series of debates. Thank you too to all those who came to observe. May our words fall meaningfully upon everyone's ears."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Our opponents in this debate have propose that torture as an acceptable interrogation technique."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "But torture fails in that specific respect, that is acceptability, because we'd need to define acceptability of an interrogation technique as something that will get you the information you're looking for. I shall explain why it does not and actually yield information this wholly unreliable."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "A point must first be addressed though. Torture as described thus far by our opponents ruins the educational value of this honourable debate because the arguments given thus far are truly extratopical in nature. The topic is the use torture as an interrogation technique. Not the pain and violence caused by hunting, warfare, or the like. The topic is also not the salvation of Creation, which all cities do not equally agree on anyway. It is about torture as an acceptable means of gaining information."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "When someone is tortured, their body is put through such extremes that it assumes death is imminent. The suffering experienced overcomes the will of the individual. This extreme stress and pain creates an unreliable narrator, who will do anything to make the experience end. Any information gained is therefore corrupted by the experience of enduring torture. Coercive interrogation methods disrupt the quality and quantity of any information that might be forthcoming."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "There are other, non-coercive, interrogation techniques which can garner more reliable intelligence. If the goal of an interrogation is to garner information, then the chief objective is to wear down a resistance to sharing it. Guilty, confusion and trickery can be employedto make a detainee more open to suggestion and more likely to comply with demands for information. These alternative tactics will yield more reliable information on the whole than torture."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "Inflicting such stress only to 'need to verify' it afterward shows how inefficient torture truly is. There are so many different, and more reliable, sources to get that info. Telepathy, eavesdropping, mindreading, etc. Torture is truly not needed and not acceptable by any standards of open Warfare today. The effectiveness of torture is directly relevant to its acceptability, because it will overshadow and make much less efficient other torture methods . Nobody will want to help someone inflicting pain on them., There have been no examples of data stated by our opposition to the contrary."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "War is an ineluctable force througout Creation. But it is widely held by all the cities of Sapience that the violence of its conflicts should be maintained at a certain level of intensity and go no further. For example, persons taking no active part in hostilities as army members are deemed untouchable. This criteria is what distinguishes war from lower forms of violence. Brutality has its place on the battlefield. Mercy is a stranger there. But civilized warfare is not without its protections of those who participate and those who do not. In the sameway, the willful torture or inhumane treatment of prisoners of conflict must be disallowed."

Truax says in a soft-spoken voice, "War perpetuates war, and as such torture perpetuates torture. It propagates itself in this way, yielding only the very minor gains of compliance, animosity, and unreliability of information. The information gained, regardless of its reliability will shape the future, but it will be a much more grim horizon than hoped for."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "And time. Well done on the second round!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "We have made it to the find round of this debate, the rebuttal."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Mathonwy, you will be the final speaker for the Sophists. Whenever you're ready, you may begin."

Mathonwy nods to Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum.

Mathonwy says, "Thank you to our judge, to all gathered, and our opposing team for the challenge."

Mathonwy turns to face the crowd, a pensive look upon his face.

Mathonwy says, "We've heard a lot here today about whether torture is acceptable or not. But at the end of the day, the central theme here is: is it acceptable? Of the arguments offered by the propositional team, very few actually are capable of being rebutted without detracting from the subject at hand, which, we needn't remind, is about the acceptability of torture as an -interrogative- technique."

Mathonwy says, "Should we be penalized for not addressing every wild thought that crosses their minds, relevant or not?"

Mathonwy frowns and says, "I would say that would be grossly unfair."

Mathonwy points accusingly at Sothantos.

Mathonwy says, "We've heard of ends justifying means. Do they? I can only leave it to you to decide, but if the end is to acquire information capable of proving victorious, does the frailty of mortality at all lend credence to this claim? The Advocates say so. I think someone will say something, anything, to save themselves."

Mathonwy says, "Torture as a necessity: toward what end? In our time of mindreading, angels, baalzadeens, serpents who can phase, and telepathy, not to speak of astralform and blackwind, -is- it necessary? Or is it gratuitous?"

Mathonwy says, "In fact, every culture has some kind of prohibition upon gratuitous violence for its own sake. Absent a purpose, that's exactly what it is, and we've outlined there -is- no good purpose for torture. The Advocates have not."

Mathonwy says, "Torture, by the Advocates' own admission, is different to what we might term 'regular' violence."

Mathonwy frowns and says, "Although that we call it such speaks volumes of the mindset of our opponents."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "And time is over for our first rebuttal. Thank you Sophists for your excellent case!"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Jiraishin of the Advocates, the floor is yours, when ready."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Mathonwy is correct on one count. This debate is on torture as an interrogation technique, not an -information gathering- technique. However, those 'alternatives' he listed --phase spying, mind listening, telepathy-- are not, in fact, interrogation techniques."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Interrogation is a form of active information gathering, in fact."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Torture may be considered one of several subtypes, one way among many to conduct in interrogation."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Is it appropriate to every situation? Of course not. Not all individuals have the same handles."

Jiraishin says grimly with a harsh Western accent, "But for some individuals, that handle is indeed extreme and prolonged pain."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Interrogation, in this era of Serpents and Baalzadeens, remains a necessity, and we will conduct it as we must. Torture is not wholly effective, but neither is any other method."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "Ask any spymaster what method is -wholly- reliable, for interrogation. If he or she is competent, you will get no answer."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "There is little more to say. The Ashtani are not above torture. No one is, because it is how we get what we need, when we must."

Jiraishin says with a harsh Western accent, "It is not gratuity, but grim necessity."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "And…time! Well said, Advocates. Well said."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "With the end of that rebuttal, I will now go over my notes and tally up the final scores of our first debate. But before I do, please give our wonderful teams here a worthy round of applause! They both were excellent today."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "Thank you for all waiting. After calculating the scores, a winner has been selected."

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum says, "For use of strong argument, excellent clarity, and consistency among speakers, I have decided that…"

Nissa, the Head Archivist of the Lucretian Athenaeum exclaims, "The Ashen Advocates have won this debate round!"

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Matters of Debate!

Nissa has announced a debate contest for Achaean's to participate in over the coming week!

Beginning on the 4th of Sarapin, 805, I will be hosting a battle of wits in a very special Worlds' Fair debate competition!

Teams of three will face off in glorious combat--not with blade and bow, but with clever prose and keen rhetoric.

Interested individuals should expect the following topics to be discussed:

  • Assisting the Tsol'teth in gaining sample materials.
  • Use of torture as an acceptable interrogation technique.
  • Cities subsidising the general costs of maintenance and repairs for shop owners.
  • Polygamy, as exercised by the Fae.
  • Civilisation, existing as an abuse of the natural world.
  • The punishment of Khalas in the wake of the War of Humanity.

The pairing will be decided through a random drawing, squaring off on the 4th of Sarapin, the 3rd of Daedalan, the 2nd of Aeguary, and the 18th of Scarlatan.

Stances of Proposition and Opposition will be issued prior to the start of the debate. From there, we will follow a strict speaking format:

  • 5 minutes, First Proposition Speaker
  • 5 minutes, First Opposition Speaker
  • 5 minutes, Second Proposition Speaker
  • 5 minutes, Second Opposition Speaker
  • 3 minutes, Opposition Rebuttal
  • 3 minutes, Proposition Rebuttal

During the debate, I will be taking notes to determine who will be our victor for the match, as well as moderating. Winners will proceed each month until our final debate topic concludes!

Teams must be comprised of three able-minded individuals in order to participate, including a primary, secondary, and rebuttal speaker. Please note that at least two members of a team must be present during their scheduled debate times to prevent disqualification. Debate days will be published on the upcoming calendar of events in short order.

Send me a letter of your team's intent on participating, along with a team name and a list of your speakers, no later than Sarapin 1st, 805, to be included in the competition.

Good luck and Gods speed!

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Worlds’ Fair!

Mountainy background.

Nissa's Worlds' Fair is getting ready to open its doors and has released the schedule of events!

With delegates from most player cities featured in our showcase list, and cultures from across the planes represented, it's going to be a busy fair!

The UPCOMING command in game has a list of all the showcases and when they're due to start, but what you'll witness is a surprise!

There will also be many shops containing food, drinks, clothing, and special oddities from all across Achaea, so be ready to spend some coin!

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Crafting Ideas!

We've just announced that in September we're going to be releasing three new tradeskills! But we need your help...

We want you to be involved in deciding which tradeskills we add to Achaea!

Head to our forum thread and be sure to read the OP for more details, and then submit your ideas!

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Ushering in a new era of study and practice, Hashan unlocks the secrets of the Wellspring and unleashes Sublimation upon Achaea!

Given Hashan's more polarising stance over the last year and greater exposure in the conflict scene, we're pleased to announce the release of Sublimation: an alchemist alternative to Formulation!

This skill is controlled by Hashan similar to other factional skills being controlled by their relevant organisation, and similar considerations for those wishing to pick it over Formulation should be considered. Using it against Hashan will have similar repercussions to using Necromancy against Mhaldor - we strongly advise against this, but it is a choice if you really want to!

Relevant details about switching can be found under AB FORMULATION FIELD.

The restrictions on selecting your masteries are not in effect for the next couple of days, so you can play around with everything! 

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Champions Updates!

Treasure chest and skull

The Twins tournament has ended, the Foozle is over, so now we have some scores and some real contenders lining up to claim the staff of Nicator from the Tsol'teth!

In what we all agree was the most competitive and exciting Twins tournament any of us has ever had the privilege to watch, run, or fight in, the best and bravest of Achaea battled to the following results:

  • 1st: Penwize and Austere earning 200 credits, and Austere takes 12 Championship points.
  • 2nd: Rangor and Santar earning 175 credits, and Santar takes 10 Championship points.
  • 3rd: Dunn and Irimon earning 8 Championship points and 150 credits each.
  • 4th: Minifie and Crixos earning 6 Championship points and 125 credits each.
  • 5th: Farrah and Atalkez earning 5 Championship points and 100 credits each.

After an hour of frenzied flailing around the World Tree and frantic fleeing from the dreaded Dreadpilar, the Foozle awards the following points and prizes:

  • 1st place is Penwize, he wins 200 credits! As Penwize has won the staff before, he cannot win points this round.
  • 2nd place is Farrah, she wins 175 credits and 12 Championship points!
  • 3rd place is Taryius, he wins 150 credits and 10 Championship points!
  • 4th place is Crixos, he wins 125 credits and 8 Championship points!
  • 5th place is Dunn, he wins 100 credits and 6 Championship points!
  • 6th place is Ayja, she wins 75 credits and 5 Championship points!
  • 7th place is Veldrin, he wins 50 credits and 4 Championship points!
  • 8th place is Skye, she wins 25 credits and 3 Championship points!
  • 9th place is Krizal, she wins 10 credits and 2 Championship points!
  • 10th place is Irimon, he wins 10 credits and 1 Championship points!
  • 11th place is Cooper, he wins 0.5 Championship points!

But what do these points mean, and what is still to come?

Well, we still have the final window of the XP Event ahead of us, where any who have not completed their 6 hour hunting attempt will run rampant over the world leaving slaughter in their wake. We still have the Championship Quiz to terrify even the most well-read of loremasters. And the final phase of Sojourn is now live, all this week contenders will be able to play 3 games of Championship Sojourn, their top score (if any) will determine their ranking in Sojourn and their Championship points!

I know, I know, you want to know how the scores look overall. Here you go!

  • 1st. Farrah with 17 Championship points!
  • 2nd. Dunn with 14 Championship points!
  • 2nd. Crixos with 14 Championship points!
  • 4th. Austere with 12 Championship points!
  • 5th. Santar with 10 Championship points!
  • 5th. Taryius with 10 Championship points!
  • 7th. Irimon with 9 Championship points!
  • 8th. Minifie with 6 Championship points!
  • 9th. Atalkez with 5 Championship points!
  • 9th. Ayja with 5 Championship points!
  • 11th. Veldrin with 4 Championship points!
  • 12th. Skye with 3 Championship points!
  • 13th. Krizal with 2 Championship points!
  • 14th. Cooper with 0.5 Championship points!

Keep and eye on UPCOMING in game for the live countdowns to the next events!

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The Old World

Most historians know that prior to the fall of Seleucar the continents of Sapience and Meropis were one landmass. The new Championship game Sojourn takes place upon this old world and thanks to Numira we have this wonderful map!

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Sojourn Details!


Sojourn is a new game added to the Championship games tournament by the Tsol'teth! Read on for the details of it and of the new XP event format!


Contenders who engage in Sojourn will find themselves in the shoes of Ashtani or Shallamese pilgrims, making the long journey to Seleucar and following the path taken in days of yore by these peoples.

Along the way you'll need to make numerous decisions and choices that either help, hinder, or otherwise affect your progress toward the final destination, scoring points as you do so.

As Silon'ukia said: strategy and logical thinking is important!

To join the game, you will need to travel to Balan'ukia fortress in the Underrealm. There, you'll find a Sojourn board and will be able to SOJOURN START.

The SOJOURN syntax has everything you need to know to play this game, and we've also created HELP SOJOURN to go into a bit more detail. Needless to say, we don't want to reveal all of the specifics here.

Some rules:

- Sojourn is played solo, and Achaea remembers your progress with any active session.

- You are free to log out, afk, or leave the board entirely without resetting your progress. It should be possible to finish a full session in a modest amount of time, but you can take as long as you like on a choice.

- For the first week of the games, you can play as many Sojourn games as you like. This gives an ample amount of time to practice and get used to the new game style.

- In the second week of the games, Sojourn access becomes limited to 3 games per contender: these will be somewhat more difficult and varied than the practice mode, and the highest scoring of these three sessions will be your final score.

- During these official attempts, you CANNOT use SOJOURN START to quit the game and start over. You must see each one through.


This XP Event will be a 6 hour total hunting time which can be undertaken during the XP Event windows scheduled on UPCOMING.

You do NOT have to complete all 6 hours in one sitting, but you cannot hunt for less than 1 hour total at any one time.

XPEVENT JOIN will mark you as a participant and will begin your first hour-long hunting window.

XPEVENT ENTER will start one of your successive, hour-long bashing windows.
This will be for hour 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. Please use JOIN for the first hour.

XPEVENT WHO will lists players who are currently using their XPEVENT window.


See HELP XPEVENT for more details and a refresh of information!

One final note: Sampling is only required for participation in the Sojourn game, all other games are free to enter for anyone.

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Ruined Town

We've just released a huge overhaul to the way exploration works in Achaea, and new, consumeable maps purchaseable for gold to see how much of an area you've currently explored!

Exploration has been in a bit of a sticky situation over the past many years, and we've finally sat down and decided to revamp it. This comes in a few separate changes of varying degrees.

First, the dreaded rule of threes. Bane of explorer and coder alike. Some of you know about the rule, some of you don't, but previously only one in three rooms in Achaea counted for exploration, and which rooms were selected was a bit arbitrary as far as their actual placement was concerned. This led to a lot of areas being worth significantly more or less than they should have been, in the grand scheme of things. This rule is no more! Now, some of you may realize that this causes a bit of an issue, with what was and was not tracked being moved over to the new system. Fear not! Your current progress has been updated based on exploration in rooms that were nearby, or that were pre-requisites to reach your current room. Keep in mind that there are a few exceptions, such as special exits, hidden rooms, and a few more, so if one of your top-secret hidey-holes didn't count for exploration before, you'll likely have to revisit it.

We've also removed all old/defunct areas and stockrooms from counting.

Lastly, for those of you without an Explorer's Tome, keeping track of your progress can be a bit of a hassle. Fear not! A cartographer has set up shop in Delos, where you may purchase blank maps for a measly sum of five thousand sovereigns. These single-use items can be used to gain a rough estimate of your exploration progress in an area, via SURVEY FOR MAP.

See the Announce news in game for all of the specifics!

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Championship Games!

Treasure chest and skull

For the brave among you, the Tsol'teth have invited all who wish to try their hand to participate in their version of the Championship Games, with the winner taking home a legendary prize!

This auspicious contest pits the very best of Achaea against one another for a chance to win the Staff of Nicator, access to the Keep at Nicator's Crossing, and their choice of 2000 credits or one year of Iron Elite membership and a trip to the Artefact Vault!

But if you don't manage to take first place, there's a whole host of credits and other prizes on offer! Placing in the top ten in any of the Championship events will earn championship points (towards the overall winner) and credits. But beware, all of the games may feature new twists!

And there's more!

Alongside the Championship events there will be lots of other ways to participate that can earn you special prizes! We'll announce all of these closer to the date.

But for now, here's the schedule for all the Championship events and some of the others we have in store for you so far.

The treasure hunt begins some hours prior to the official arrival of Year 802. This is to ensure a broad spectrum of participation and 6am is a highly unsocial hour!

NOTE: The XP event for this games is split into 3 windows of opportunity to participate and score points, further details will be forthcoming soon!

If you plan to be a contender (and everyone who has not yet won the Staff of Nicator should!) you can start preparing in advance.

(All times are in GMT)

SUN, 2nd June at 00:00 - Treasure Hunt!
SUN, 2nd June at 06:00 - Year 802 formally begins!
- Sojourn opens in Balan'ukia!
TUE, 4th June from 12:00 - XP Event first window opens! (12 hours)
SAT, 8th June from 00:00 - XP Event second window opens! (12 hours)
SAT, 8th June at 20:00 - Championship Twins Tournament!
SUN, 9th June at 14:00 - Championship Foozle!
WED, 12th June from 18:00 - XP Event third and final window opens! (12 hours)
SAT, 15th June at 00:00 - Championship Quiz!
SAT, 15th June at 12:00 - Sojourn closes!
SAT, 15th June at 21:00 - Awards Ceremony!
SUN, 16th June at 19:00 - CTF, Game of Eyes!

Be sure to check UPCOMING in game to see a live countdown until each of these events happens!

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An Invitation

Fresh from tenuous victory in their invasion of Sapience, the Tsol'teth have dictated their intent to host the Championship Games, testing Achaea's finest in a chance to win the Staff of Nicator - provided the contenders are willing to acquiesce to Tsol'teth demands for entry.

Tezlari-tarin fought bravely. Tezlari-tarin fought foolishly. Tezlari-tarin lost.

War, conquest, and prolonged battle are effective, albeit inefficient means of progress. Teth was wrought, and teth was won.

Despite losses and drawn out conflict, sufficient samples were procured and the stability of our lines is secured for the next generation, we will continue to flourish.

The aid of shi-Hashan, shi-Targossas, and shi-Moghedu is recognised by Anzari-tarin. Apposite rewards shall be forthcoming.

Unforeseen, we now hold the symbol of Nicator's lineage.

This ancient relic will be the key that secures our continued growth for the generations to come. By the will of the Genesis, twice each century, we of Anzari-tarin shall test the best Tezlari-tarin has to offer. Participation requires assent in advancing the future of the Tsol'teth race: a minor sampling, undertaken by all who dare to try and claim possession of Nicator's staff.

We recognise the ancient traditions of Tezlari-tarin. Appropriate respect will be given to these traditions. In exchange, appropriate respect will be given by the overland to the traditional tests of the Tsol'teth. Combined, these trials will select a deserving wielder of the staff.

The first of these trials will begin within Balan'ukia; the House of Blood in your primitive tongue. Commencing on the 1st of Sarapin 802, this will be a year long test requiring ongoing participation. Strategy and decision making are essential components for success: we recommend developing capabilities in these areas.

Prepare yourselves.

Ama-maalier, Fulcrum of the Meld

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QoL Updates!


No matter what's going on in Achaea we're always hard at work updating and upgrading the gameplay experience. This week sees changes to Lotteries, a whole slew of new deathsights, and much more...

Achaea's ancient lottery system has seen a big revamp, this includes a timer on all lotteries so that they cannot simply be open forever, and a much more streamlined command list for lottery runners! See Announce news #5039 for all the details!

For the next week we're also accepting applications for the ACC. The Achaean Combat Council works closely with the Garden team to assist with combat balance and updates to Achaea. Read here if you'd like to know more.

We've added loads of new deathsights to the various abilities you can use in Achaea!

7 for General skills, 1 for Racial skills, 1 for Seafaring, 1 for Misadventure, 1 for Relics, and 2 for Talismans

6 for Apostates, 2 for Bard, 10 for Blademaster, 5 for Depthswalkers, 10 for Druids, 8 for Infernals, 2 for Jester, 2 for Magi, 2 for Monk, 6 for Occultists, 3 for Paladin, 1 for Priest, 2 for Psion, 5 for Runewardens, 8 for Sentinels, 5 for Serpents, 3 for Shaman, and 8 for Sylvan.

4 for Dragon, 2 for Firelord, 2 for Waterlord, 1 for Earthlord, and 1 for Airlord.

Finally, because that's not enough for one whole week, we've removed most of the impassable chops in the ship arena. This should open up more flexibility in actually practising combat skills without navigation getting in the way too much.

HOWEVER, we've left in some nightmare spots since being able to sail in difficult chop is an important skill.


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The Hero of Cyrene

While the Tsol'teth made war on Ashtan and Mhaldor, the resistance movement of Cyrene saw their opportunity and struck. Under the guidance of an unlikely hero, the brave Cyrenians mustered their forces and launched a counterattack on their captured city, freeing Blu, the Guardian Dragon, and reclaiming their home!

"Well, that was again, profoundly unpleasant."

So remarked the wizard Hycanthus, as he trudged up the steps to his mountain shack a second time, returning from the Halls of Death at the behest of an irritable Mhaldorian. The collected might of the Cyrenian Resistance lingered outside his mediocre shack as he approached, kitted up for war.

The furore of fresh assault was well under way in Mhaldor and Ashtan both. With the two citystates occupied in a fight for their very lives, perhaps now they might leave the intrepid wizard to his own business, at long last.

And what greater business was there than defusing unthwartable wards with the power of glorious, glorious explosives?

So it was that with the Resistance in tow, Hycanthus descended down into the hidden expanses of the Phaestian Temple, where few eyes had ever dared to glance. A bag of experimental explosives hummed in their sack hanging from his waist, clattering about loudly with every step.

As Sir Eril Rian-Moonshadow, the Hand of Phaestus Himself revealed a long-hidden passage into the midst of Cyrene's Lyceum, billowing tendrils of amaranthine Tide lashed back warily, testing the wardings of the Temple. Luckily, they held, the wizard noted - but for how long?

With little time to waste, Hycanthus prepared his vaunted prototype, the culmination of many hours of tinkering and work, gracefully supplemented by the countless offerings of the warriors of the White Wave and the Cyrenian Resistance. Uttering a gentle incantation, the evocation enchantments embedded into its depths spurned into life.

And live, they did. With alarming speed, the flames grew in his hands, threatening to set fire to the very archives in which all of Cyrene's hopeful presided. A casual toss sent the device Tideward, and the rest was history.

A catastrophic force rippled throughout the Vashnars, dispersing the condensed Tide in a display of arcane mastery. Some who knew Hycanthus better may be inclined to call it accidental, but not he, for the wizard had only the following to say of his magnum opus:

"I knew it would work!"

Follow the links to read about the Tsol'teth attacks on Ashtan and Mhaldor, and continue the story of Cyrene's recovery with A Cold Reminder and A Matter of Time.

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More Classleads!


Achaea's pursuit of perfect balance continues apace as another round of classleads were submitted, weighed, and judged! This latest batch of updates includes changes for Occultists, Psions, and Blademasters!

* Base damage of LYCANTHA has been reduced. This should bring the up front dps more into line with other classes - the scaling currently remains unchanged, but I'm happy to revisit this if required.

* MAGMASPHERE will now always break at least one limb upon detonation.

* VAPOURISE now flares brands when it successfully strips a magical shield.

* INSTILL now shows the affliction delivered to the user.

* Durations of VANISH have been increased slightly. Ten additional seconds for partial, five for total.
* You can no longer PSI MANIPULATE the use of GEMS OF NEGATION.

* ARASH no longer makes you take more damage vs denizens than vs players.
* ARASH has had its penalty vs denizen-sourced damage reduced.

* PURGE now does increased damage against a target with the SPIRITBURN affliction. This affliction is consumed in the process.
* There is now an optional argument to permit the delaying of SALVATION, causing the effect to activate two seconds later rather than immediately.

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A Deadline Looms

The Tsol'teth Ama-maalier addressed the overland on the public newsboard with updated demands and a deadline which approaches soon...

Our Tide crests higher and grows stronger with the passing of each cycle. We hold shi-Cyrene and nahu-s-hailqas-Cyrene is cast aside. We are joined by shi-Hashan, shi-Moghedu, and shi-Targossas.

Your conflict with us spurs growth, and our lines will grow. Growth of our lines expands our Meld. Your attempt at resistance has failed.

We dictate the acquisition of these remaining specimens:

- Penwize Baker
- The guardian abomination of shi-Ashtan
- Mhaldorus, a colossal daemon

Finally, we reiterate our dictation of the immediate relinquishing of all knowledge purloined by the disgraced Falaq-maal.

We dictate to Tezlari-tarin a deadline: the sixth cycle of your month called Scarlatan, 800 years after Seleucar's fall.

Total compliance will result in the temporary delay of your inevitable processing. Continued defiance will result in necessary acquisitions.

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Formal Adventuring!


While you have adventures of your own every day in Achaea's world, the game offers more than many have a chance to experience. With the introduction of the Adventure system, Phileo in Delos will be rewarding people who complete his varied tasks with renown!

But this isn't just something that will give you bragging rights at your tavern of choice, renown can be spent on a variety of rewards, including gold, lessons, and even artefacts!

As of this release, there are currently four adventure themes: Conflict, Seafaring, Hunting, and Exploration/Questing.

Adventures are offered in a cyclical system. The theme will change four times every in-game year. These changes will take place on the first day of Sarapin, Miraman, Valnuary, and Chronos.

While a theme is active, you are able to choose whether you want an Easy, Medium, or Hard adventure. Once you've chosen, you have until the theme changes to complete it!

You might get an adventure that is too difficult or not to your taste. But do not fret! You can REJECT this adventure, which will allocate a new one for you for a gold cost. This can only be done once per theme period, however, so be careful!

Once you complete an adventure, you will gain renown. It is rewarded for the completion, and your current level of renown is available on SCORE RESOURCES.

  • Easy adventures award 10 Renown
  • Medium adventures award 20 Renown
  • Hard adventures award 30 Renown

Renown does not decay, cannot be transferred or traded, and cannot be dropped.

Renown can be spent on the following rewards:

1 hour xp bonus (10%) - 10 renown
1 hour crit bonus (2%) - 10 renown
10,000 gold - 15 renown
6 lessons - 15 renown
30k gold cap increase - 20 renown
3 hour xp bonus (10%) - 25 renown
3 hour crit bonus (2%) - 25 renown
60 lessons - 140 renown
600 lessons - 1300 renown
an adventurer's giftbox* - 2000 renown

Notes regarding rewards:

  1. The gold cap boost can only be purchased if you don't already have one in effect.
  2. XP and crit bonuses will extend the timer if you purchase more than one.
  3. Artefacts from the adventurer's giftbox CAN NOT be traded in.


ADVENTURE - See the current theme and related commands.
ADVENTURE REJECT - Reroll your adventure, this has a gold cost and can only be done once per theme.
ADVENTURE RECALL - What adventure are you working on?
SCORE RESOURCES or RENOWN - See how much renown you have earned.
ADVENTURE REWARDS LIST - See what you can buy with your renown.
ADVENTURE REWARDS CLAIM (reward) - Spend your hard earned renown.

Note: We may add more themes as time goes on! Completion time, Renown, and prizes will be adjusted if this happens.

HELP ADVENTURES has all of the details, and the giftbox prize list!

Have fun, and happy adventuring!

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An Eyewizard’s Account

A studious owl

At the behest of Yudhishthira, Conclave leader, and occasional formidable red dragon Mage, the wizard Hycanthus has offered this annotated account of the siege of Cyrene:

My Lord Dragon,

Per your extraordinarily (some might say ridiculously) explicit and detailed instructions to me (instead of to somebody far better suited to this sort of thing), I have collected this recording for confirmation and inclusion to the accumulated knowledge of the Conclave despite how much it has taken me away from my preferred research (repeatedly). I have included a limited record of Coalition commentary (but I don't see why). Additional communications captured by a Telepathy Helm are secured behind the customary spells of concealment (for whatever reason). I have included notations on aspects that our Conclave may wish to investigate and study in the future (which is the only thing I think we should be interested in).


Riven by some malevolent external force, the tunnel-entrance to Cyrene collapses violently into ruin alongside a deafening crash.

A pair of dark figures appear in the mountains overlooking Cyrene, twin silhouettes cast into sharp relief by the moonlight as they tread with nonchalant indifference over the newly sundered debris.

The fractal barrier surrounding Cyrene glows with renewed purpose, surging and swirling with radiant defiance.

(It appears that our work survived past its destruction! We should be commended for its resilience. I believe I was responsible for that part.)

Undeterred, the voice of Ama-maalier rises to an imperious timbre of command, intoning with utmost clarity, "Elud'hailqad."

(I believe this to be a hitherto-unknown enunciation of their Terminus arts. If they can command such added abilities unknown to the studies of Sapience, what other hidden powers might they possess? Our records already show the assault upon Ashtan and the death of Gattan'lier as accompanying a devastating earthquake. Possibly hidden research? It may provide interesting avenues of study in the greater levels of destruction they seem capable of unleashing!)

The piercing tones of Gattan'bahar ring out as the Secret Storm joins the disquieting chorus. The two raise their weapons and step forward.

Countless writhing shadows churn to life, roiling about the Tsol'teth women in ominous waves of un-light, the haggard faces of Adrik, Mezghar, and Tynil visible amidst the gloam.

Ama-maalier utters an unspoken command and touches the tip of her sword to the blazing barrier. The shield flickers and the shadow stirs, blank visages coalescing in vague fascimiles of Taryius, Lii, and Iloisee before deliquescing and reforming anew.

Ammar, Zugath, and Krizal manifest in the darkness, twisted faces bound by ancient magic as the animate shade leaps forward as one abhorrent unit, hammering at the glowing shield in a silent frenzy of unrelenting blows. In moments, the barrier groans a sickening death knell before exploding in a shower of prismatic shards.

The figures of Silon'ukia and Terrin'tuuran appear, flanking the Dark Hate and Secret Storm as the Tsol'teth quartet look down over Cyrene from their mountainous vantage.

Morose silence descends, and Ama-maalier steps forward, beckoning her cadre of three to follow and observe.

Primal terror is all you know as the indomitable tones of The Dark Hate thunder throughout Creation, "Hwarak alshamar osang rach haahl! Kwarak alshamar osang rach haahl! In the name of the eternal darkness, you will all obey ME! Turn on your brethren! Turn on those you love! Slay them all! Hwarak alshamar osang rach haahl"

(Naturally, this is a demonstration of their Litany of Obedience at its fullest level. Histories demarcate it as the same Litany that devastated the forces of Seleucar when unleashed by Overlord Agith'maal. In any invasion upon a city - in this case Cyrene, rather than Imperial Seleucar - employment of the Litany is retrospectively obvious. With the clustering about their guards, their slaughter was assured. The Tsol'teth have probably observed usual responses and gathering points. Do you think the surviving cities have adjusted their tactics and forces accordingly?)

Enraptured by the dread litany, the guards of Cyrene fall to confusion, eyes filled with shadow and smoke. Imperial guardsmen, venerable monks, runic knights, and mountain archers ready themselves for battle, dashing troubadours crooning a baleful anthem in the Tsol'teth tongue all the while.

(Following the death of Cyrene's defenders, the Tsol'teth appear to have focused their attention upon the Greater Eidolon and Guardian Dragon, Blu. My Lord Dragon, I suggest that if they show interest in you we take precautions to ensure you are not assailed. You have intimated some knowledge of the Dark Hate on prior occasions. Perhaps this could leverage at least a standoff? Not that I would like living in a volcano, but I would take it over death by rose-coloured fog.)

An ear-splitting roar thunders across Sapience as the Guardian Dragon attempts to resist the litany's call.

Unfurling his mighty wings, Blu attempts to take flight but it is in vain: coils of living shadow twine about the draconic figure, suffocating the anguished, agonised howl he looses as captivity takes hold.

(Some Cyrenians attempted to make their guards return to the fold by simply shouting at them. Did they actually think defying the Litany would be that easy?!)

An eerie hymn lifted by the raised voices of a thousand nereids heralds a churning, frothing wave that rises from the depths to wash over and across Cyrene, leaving only a swirling mist in its wake.

(Assistance from their City's Patron, no doubt. It didn't help much.)

The unyielding tones of Gattan'bahar exude preternatural conviction as she calls out, "Begin."

(In the interests of not drowning this record beneath the flood of deaths entering the hall of the Finality, although I am sure you would enjoy watching me write down every single one, I have removed what we all viewed via our attunement to the realms of death.)

The blazing tones of Sir Eril Rian-Moonshadow, Hand of Phaestus's voice scorch through the air, "Cowards!"

(Frankly I have no idea why he would be shouting something so ridiculous. Their deliberate engagement was hardly cowardly. Unless he mistook cowardice for confidence.)

[Captured Communication] (The Coalition of Sapience): Penwize says, "The Tsol'teth are currently destroying shrines to Neraeos, and raising shrines to Tlalaiad. Not shrines of the meld, actual Divine Shrines."

The unyielding tones of Gattan'bahar exude preternatural conviction as she calls out, "Victory is at hand. Do not falter."

(Why the reinforcements from the Coalition did not act to damage or defile the raised shrines, or prevent the Tsol'teth from completing their work, I am not sure. Perhaps they were blind to the possibility? Or perhaps their battlefield commanders were not informed?)

Deadly intent is manifest in every word as Kaama'lier decrees, "By my reckoning, all of you qualify as non combatants."

(Anecdotally, it appears that what the Tsol'teth refer to as their "Main Line Five" are superior in might and prowess to the lesser warriors. Defeat or death of any one of these is probably a much more difficult prospect. But in almost all cases, there was no recorded use of their Aeonics. It is extraordinarily powerful and potent. Why not use it? It's not as if anything could go wrong.)

The unyielding tones of Gattan'bahar exude preternatural conviction as she calls out, "The sixth has fallen."

The unyielding tones of Gattan'bahar exude preternatural conviction as she calls out, "Secure the city."

Deadly intent is manifest in every word as Kaama'lier decrees, "To me!"

(This instruction to his fellow Tsol'teth led to them gathering at the Centre Crossing. Then they killed everybody else.)

(I am reasonably sure that it was near this point when the telepathic oversoul of Cyrene, and its associated channels, began to falter. Perhaps an indication of the city itself weakening?)

Plumes of smoke trail into the sky over Cyrene as the entire city weeps under the weight of protracted battle. In the ruinous aftermath, Ama-maalier and Silon'ukia descend from the mountains, pacing lock-step through the streets as they survey their newly conquered lands.

(The Dark Hate and Thirst seem to occupy an administrative role, rather than as soldiers or combatants. Although their personal ability is still by any measure quite absurd. I wonder what they would be like to study?)

Deadly intent is manifest in every word as Kaama'lier decrees, "Few qualify for processing. Failure is abject."

(I wonder what they mean by processing. Many of their visages appear as union of Tsol with another race. Do you have insight, Lord Dragon?)

Lady of the Crossing Tesha al Ashtad, the Dawn's Resolve shouts, "It was never about whether we succeed or not. The warriors of Creation have stood against you, will stand against you, and will always stand against you. You will never break us."

(The Targossians then departed Cyrene rather than continue standing. The present Lady of the Crossing surrendered the Staff of Nicator to Gattan'bahar before leaving.)

Traversing Ministrickle Road, Gattan'bahar joins the parade of conquest, the three Tsol'teth turning their eyes upon the Icerune Crater. Ama-maalier simply nods.

Primal terror is all you know as the indomitable tones of The Dark Hate thunder throughout Creation, "Bring the Dragon."

(Not you.)

Acquiescing to the Dark Hate's command, waves of living shadow drag the bound and captured form of Blu before the Icerune Crater, his once-majestic form diminished from the Tsol'teth onslaught.

Opening her mouth a mere fraction, Ama-maalier directs a portion of her might at the Guardian Dragon, her expression cold and remorseless as she imposes her will upon the helpless prisoner.

A wan, fatigued roar echoes across the City of Cyrene as Blu, the Guardian Dragon once more attempts and fails to resist the litany's call.

Primal rage manifests in the Dragon's eyes, a rabid frenzy absent of all conscience or mercy. The shadows binding him withdraw, and, drawing himself up to his full height, Blu swiftly manoeuvres his massive draconic form, bringing his immense tail crashing into the Icerune Crater, shattering the font with a single explosive blow.

His initial purpose served, the Guardian Dragon howls as he finds himself once more inexorably bound in shadows, shackled and ignored amid a nest of font fragments.

(They didn't destroy the Font themselves?)

Apparently satisfied, the Dark Hate and her retinue withdraw to the Imperiate's chambers. In their wake, the forces of Anzari-tarin dispatch their guards and begin to establish a perimeter.

(I have considered attempting to penetrate the walls of Cyrene and take records of what they are doing. However, I am also not an idiot.)

Primal terror is all you know as the indomitable tones of The Dark Hate thunder throughout Creation, "Conquered Overlanders, the Law is laid out. It shall be heeded."

(She refers of course to new laws imposed by the Tsol'teth. I have included them below.)

1. We are all One in the Meld.
2. The Overlord will not be displaced without permission of the Genesis.
3. Unsanctioned procreation is forbidden, at penalty of immediate processing.
4. All will submit to mandatory assessment and training for the purposes of advancing the Meld.
5. Those without worth will immediately submit to reprocessing, for the betterment of the Tsol'teth.
6. No creation with the gift of thought will be formed outside the Meld.
7. The Forbidden Art will remain so, save for the burdened few.
8. The line of Gattan'lier will settle all cases where the law is deemed ambiguous.

(I have not included the shouted refusals. But what is the Forbidden Art? I am so very curious! And no creations with the gift of thought either. Are they still mad about that?)


With this, my record comes to an end (finally), and I will be returning to my studies (which I didn't want to be taken from in the first place).

- Hycanthus of the Conclave

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Tsol’teth Law

Licking flames

Demonstrating their might, as promised, to the gathered populace of Sapience, the Tsol'teth have occupied Cyrene, destroyed the Icerune crater, and spread their dark tidings throughout the streets.

After taking her place as Overlord of Cyrene, the First of Six, Ama-maalier informed the city of the new laws now in effect

  1. We are all One in the Meld.
  2. The Overlord will not be displaced without permission of the Genesis.
  3. Unsanctioned procreation is forbidden, at penalty of immediate processing.
  4. All will submit to mandatory assessment and training for the purposes of advancing the Meld.
  5. Those without worth will immediately submit to reprocessing, for the betterment of the Tsol'teth.
  6. No creation with the gift of thought will be formed outside the Meld.
  7. The Forbidden Art will remain so, save for the burdened few.
  8. The line of Gattan'lier will settle all cases where the law is deemed ambiguous.

To read the battle account of the occupation, head to our events news!

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Mine Tunnel

In case you missed it on Public news, the Tsol'teth have a very particular set of demands. Ama-maalier posted these a few days ago, and has reiterated them with a particularly dire threat today.

Your barrier is broken and our tide flows forth.

A taste of our might was afforded you on Nishnatoba, where some scant few overlanders cast aside the defining inadequacy of your kind and showed skill.

We dictate the acquisition of these specimens:

Tesha al Ashtad
Mhaldorus, a colossal daemon
Blu, the Guardian Dragon
The guardian abomination of shi-Ashtan
Atalkez Al'Jafri
Mezghar Al'Jafri
Taryius Lichlord
Astarod Blackstone
Ygia al-Mu'allima
Penwize Baker

We further dictate delivery of all persons proven worthy to hold the Staff of Nicator, barring the diminished Falaq-maal.

Finally, we require the immediate relinquishing of all knowledge purloined by the disgraced Falaq-maal.

Total compliance will result in the temporary delay of your inevitable processing. Defiance will result in swift destruction.

Representatives and opinion holders alike responded with blanket refusal to these demands, causing the Fulcrum of the Meld to return to the Public news boards once again with this promise:

Your refusal is determined, and its futility is recorded.

As you are proving recalcitrant in accepting your destined submission to us, a demonstration will be provided.

A glimpse of what awaits in your inevitable processing shall begin in fifty-four cycles of Tezlari-yumap across Tezlari-tarin. 

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Barriers Broken

Licking flames

The carefully maintained barrier in the Underrealm has fallen. The Tsol'teth and their dark tide have returned to the overland…

Deep within the earth, amaranthine tendrils flood the passageways of the Underrealm. Be it hall, cavern, grotto or tunnel, all know this simple truism: the Lords of the Underrealm, masters of that which is beneath the surface, are the Tsol'teth.

Decades of preparation had gone into this moment, ever since their victory over Tezlari-tarin in the birth of the Genesis and consignment of Falaq-maal to an ignominious defeat.

Study of the Dragon archmage's work, and the words that would subvert his brilliant, arcane creation.

The bargain of power, made by the Thirst with the herds of Tezlari-tarin, and the designation of the Collaborator.

The Collaborator's work in harmony with the designs of the Tsol'teth, unknown and undetected by those around.

Acquisition of that most precious commodity by the Sword of Hate. Divine essence, torn from the unworthy upon the battleground of Nishnatoba, where their path began. Its mystery impenetrable, but its use undeniable.

Acceleration of instability was accounted for.

The Dark Hate would be supported by the Meld.

A titanic roar of triumph shook the very ground beneath Balan'ukia as Ama-maalier rose to serve as an Avatar of Tlalaiad, the Genesis.


It shone in the black. A blinding beacon, a light seemingly alone in the night, surrounded by myriad others all adrift in the darkness, all together as one. Its existence was determined by the nature of its task, set down in the moment of its creation and imbuement.

In a time past, the barrier was complete, focused. A unified whole. But it had been lessened. Anchors once strong were broken, shattered. It was fragmented, fracturing. There came a piercing strike, as of a sword assaulting the very fabric of its substance. A triumphant roar of victory, an assault of strength greater than anything that had before been felt.

In a time past, the barrier could perhaps have contained it.

It was no longer that time.

The stones shattered, fragmenting into dozens upon dozens of fragments as the barrier crumpled in the face of the undeniable, an almighty earthquake rocking the ground of Sapience to hurl broken slivers far and wide across the land.

While adventurers across Sapience let loose a cry to the Mother of Dragons and embraced something Greater, the amaranthine currents of the Black Wave stretched forth to claim the Overland once more.

The Collaborator smiled.

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A Lethal Configuration

Ravenous Monster

Ever stepped away from Achaea for a few months, only to come back and die to the newest class addition or instakill? If you can answer yes to this, read on!

We've just added CONFIG COLOUR LETHALS to our configuration options which highlights all channelled attacks that will end in death! If you are a new player or someone who struggles to keep up with the evolution of Achaea's combat, this can be a massive help to see what's going on in raids without third party highlighting or triggers!

Because this could be a detriment to those fighters who like to befuddle and confuse with illusions, we've added the LETHAL(S) tag that will colour any illusion to match the target's configured lethals colour!

Simply prepend your illusion with LETHAL or LETHALS (case sensitive) to use it!

Bear in mind this will not work on area-wide or further reaching illusions enabled by the Shar'illian Lightspire.

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A studious owl

The earth shakes and the stone breaks. As the Underrealm barrier weakened by the effort of some unknown collaborator working hand in hand with the reviled Tsol'teth, fragments of shattered stone fell across Achaea, empowering denizens and adventurers alike as conflict erupted for control of the remnants.

It shone in the black. A blinding beacon, a light seemingly alone in the night, surrounded by myriad others all adrift in the darkness, all together as one. A single, united whole, its existence determined by the nature of its task, set down in the moment of its creation and imbuement. 

Then from whence came the pressure? At first it was small. Probing. Weak, even. But then it grew. And grew until abruptly, suddenly, there was a mind directing the aberration upon the beacon. A falsehood, a trick. And something was wrong. Something had lessened it, weakened the strength of the beacon, without any noticing. It had come from elsewhere. This was in error. This was not meant to be. 

But it was too late.

The earthquake rocked Sapience, all the more dangerous in how it ranged from no one single point, but from multiple origins all acting in concert. Likewise, the effects of the earthquake were felt across the full span of the continent, a disaster that altered the lives of many. And as the earthquake finally stilled, the ominous absence of aftershocks a palpable one, the first Achaeans stumbled across the quicksilver fragments of shattered stone left behind.

As the first blows were struck in a burgeoning, bloody conflict over possession of the mysterious fragments, information was sought as much or more than the stone shards themselves. Whether it was the agreement struck between Targossas and Zsarachnor, advice sought from Ezekial by Ashtan, or Jirken's mad experimentation in the depths of Baelgrim, adventurers searched high and low for clues to what had happened, and what might come next.

Hycanthus says, "Have you considered attempting to shatter one? The release of energies would no doubt, if adequately measured, provide all manner of detailed information about their origin and purpose."

Lyaeus, the travelling bard says, "Why, what would I know? We live in interesting times. Yes, interesting times indeed!"

Apollonia says, "Whence five doth rule, and earth's bared maw, gapes to consume the mule, all returns to naught."

A fisherman says, "Look see here, fancy lizard man, I ain't got time to discuss no weird rocks. If I don't get my fish, then I don't eat dinner."

A crying child exclaims, "I want my mummy back!"

Angela, the Theran mayor says, "No, I'm not interested in handing it over. This might be the key to destroying Tir Murann!"

Zsarachnor, the Vampire Lord says, "A bargain was made. I am nobility, and nobility keeps its word."

A fishwife says, "The sky is falling, obviously! Now if you'd stop bothering me, I'm going to go and make an offering to the proper God. I just want my family to be safe."

Yudhishthira says, "Get out."

Penelope roars fiercely.
A dedicated scribe has suffered the fatal consequences of facing a weretigress in the ritual of the hunt. 

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Quarter 2 Classleads!

A ragged chessboard

The pursuit for perfect combat balance continues with a new round of classleads! Submissions are made, endorsements and censures have been given, decisions and designs await!

For those of you unfamiliar with the classlead process (or who would just like a refresher), here are the basics:
- Classleads are anonymous.
- Each person can submit up to five classlead reports. Please do not utilise alternative characters to bypass this limit: I will be annoyed.
- Your reports should supply reasoning alongside the perceived problem: if something is too strong/weak, you should always state why. It's best to avoid drawing comparisons to other classes, although sometimes this is appropriate. Use your best judgement!
- You should attempt to supply multiple solutions (where applicable - some cases are fairly cut and dry).

There are full details along with command breakdowns under HELP CLASSLEADS and the CLASSLEAD command!

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Adventure Rewards!

Treasure chest and skull

While we've been adding more and more tasks into the Adventure system this week we've also been discussing what the rewards will be...

Head over to our forums, check out the updates, and join the conversation!

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Working like frenzied exterminators, our coders have squashed hundreds of bugs! These fixes range from large scale systems to every day errors, and everything in between!

  • DEFENCES will now list any crit bonus you are benefitting from
  • FORECAST will now display the current weather of the area
  • Shopkeeper signs for first-time buyers will no longer default to an unreadable colour scheme
  • Emulation's Aklan Servitor will no longer report players in beds
  • PSI BLAST will now give a message to the victim when it fails
  • The helpfiles a player sees in CLHELP INDEX and the helpfiles a player can actually read are now one and the same
  • You can no longer SURGE (or any similar ability) past certain locked doors
  • WHISTLE will no longer override artefact hitching posts
  • WEAVING LAUNCH will no longer silently knock people from the sky
  • People with absurdly long titles will no longer display awkwardly in CWHO|boldwhite}WEAVING LAUNCH
  • MIRIADS now respect Divine Grace
  • Newly assaulted mines will now incur the same grace period as newly built mines
  • DESTABILISE SILENCE will now properly show on diagnose for its duration
  • TIDALWAVE is no longer an aggressive ability
  • A few players who erroneously had the ability to view bugs can no longer do so
  • DESTABILISE SILENCE now properly prevents CALL FOR HELP
  • MATERIALS is now sorted alphabetically
  • Custom marriage lines will no longer persist through multiple marriages
  • PERVASION TSUNAMI now respects prone
  • The GOLDENSNAKESKIN talisman now permanently drops aggression on all non-boss denizens
  • The SOULSLIVER talisman now shows a rough estimation of its charge when PROBEd
  • SHADOW INTONE now respects IGNORE
  • Fishing honours lines are now counted when displaying how many honours a player has
  • WEAVING RALLY will no longer use a player's motto in place of a warcry
  • The tank of silvery enticement can no longer be used at zero charge
  • PSIONICS INSERTION is now caught by VISION TELESENSE as well as the Telepathy equivalent
  • PSIONICS INSERTION can now be used on the Army channel
  • Several previously-hidden afflictions are now properly visible on AFFLICTION LIST
  • WISHing for a resistance now has a line on DEFENCES
  • NAUSEA afflicted by fractures will now grant kill credit to the proper killer
  • The VENERATION miracle now conveys the proper crit bonus
  • Veiled Depthswalkers who are Tsol'aa will no longer find themselves revealed upon leaving the forests
  • Certain deaths that were hidden from the Death Keeper's mask artefact will now display properly
  • The AGITH'MAAL legenddeck card may no longer be used from outer islands
  • IGNITION CRUCIBLEs will no longer persist indefinitely when forsaking fire
  • DEVOTION ILLUMINATION may no longer be used to cross planar boundaries
  • The TRIXY legenddeck card may no longer be used from outer islands
  • Seasone's pocketflasks will no longer prevent players from logging out for their duration
  • Ship crews and adornments will no longer find their way mysteriously into the wilderness
  • Damage from the MAYA FIGURINE talisman will no longer carry over to city guards, mounts, or player falcons
  • BECALM now respects the Ama-maalier legenddeck card
  • Guards will no longer mysteriously change from one guard type to another
  • EMULATION DESTRUCTION can no longer be used on a player that is already dead
  • Players can no longer see UPCOMING INFO for organisations they are not a member of
  • Tentacle and other similar abilities now respect the Ama-maalier legenddeck card
  • Monks can no longer use DELIVERANCE while using the Yuthka legenddeck card
  • The GENEROSITY affliction will no longer cause you to hand random players items from across the world
  • EFFERVESCENCE now has a message upon fading for all players in the room
  • Abrupt disconnects will no longer cause a Gem of Cloaking to remain active indefinitely
  • Players with classes forbidden by their city will no longer be unable to induct new citizens
  • PSIONICS VANISH will no longer fail to hide a player's movements at random intervals
  • City-loyal denizens will no longer speak with inconsistent ellipses upon death
  • The RUDOLPHO legenddeck card now properly affects speech in all circumstances
  • GLAMOURS created by the Shar'ilian lightspire artefact now last the proper number of months before decaying
  • The TENTS command will now list all Shop of Wonders tents you own
  • The EARRINGS command will now list all earrings of Sinope you own, as well as their partners
  • Channel histories can now be checked while on any non-treacherous plane
  • Players may no longer escape toading or maggoting by prevailing into an elemental form
  • The CULLING BLADE will no longer randomly fail to hit a third target, where applicable
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Adventuring Update!

A crumbling ruin

The Adventuring system, our big engagement project is taking shape! We've just re-opened the forum thread with some details of what you can expect and we're hard at work making it come to life!

Check it out here!

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Artisanal and Bardic Winners!

With the MAPS themed contest now closed, the submissions have been judged and the winners announced!

Winner: Numira with her Map of Targossas!
Runnerup: Finchy with a Bardic entry about the exasperated map makers of Achaea.
Runnerup: Oceana with a look into the tritonic silver mines.
Merit: Velinae with a star map of Achaea's heavens.
Merit: Syndra with a tale about Ceylon.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

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The Time Of Reckoning Has Come

An atavian Priest, armed with Devotion and her spiritual mace, is accompanied by her Guardian Angel

Demigod Coelano rescued a wounded phoenix from Rhea, Daughter of the Void, and carried it to Targossas. Though the Dawnspear was unable to restore the phoenix to her natural cycle, by anointing themselves with the ashes her spirit and song lived on in the Zeal skill, now available to the Priest class!

After many mutterings that one day we'd like to do this... A major priest rework is now live!
The class now plays very differently to previously. Here are the broad strokes: 

* HELLSIGHT has become paladin only.
* INQUISITION has undergone fairly major changes - see the abfile for details.
* VISIONS now gives dementia by default and shyness if dementia is already present. 

* The skill has been deleted. 

* SPIRITUAL MACES have had their stats adjusted. Level three remains unchanged, but unartefacted through to level two are now faster than previously.
* The JUDGE lines have changed.
* CHASTEN no longer consumes equilibrium when following a SMITE or SMASH.* SMASH has had its balance cost changed.
* SPIRITWRACK has been removed for the time being.
* Targeted SEAR now gives sensitivity if the target is already ablaze. It also does some fire damage in this situation.
* The final affliction on CHASTEN BODY has been changed from justice to manaleech.
* Smite damage (limb and health) have undergone major formula changes.
* ANGEL CARE is now a consistent ten second tick. 

* The skill has been added.
* Spiritshields now function when the priest isn't in room as they did in the past, though only against denizen-sourced attacks. Player attacks still require the priest to be in the target's location to convey the bonus. 


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Engagement Is Key!

Treasure chest and skull

Achaea needs your input before we can begin work on implementing our next game system!

We've just made a new post on the forums about the next big project we're working on, tentatively (and temporarily) named Engagement Tasks, a daily/weekly/bimonthly set of tasks and objectives aimed at broadening your experience with the Achaea game world.

We are actively looking for suggestions!

Not only that, but we also need ideas for the system's name - whoever supplies the best one will win 100 credits!

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Bugs Go Splat!

A mighty Dala'myrr.

Bug fixing is an ongoing task in Achaea, so many systems, so many years of development! Checkout the list of fixes we've implemented since the beginning of 2019!

  • When used in arenas, Enlighten will no longer shout to the world
  • Suremekh'neina talisman pieces now have the proper tradein value
  • Unmorphing will now properly drop the blocking defence
  • You can no longer attempt to use the power of your bloodsworn if your partner is offline
  • The ITCHING affliction will now wait the proper amount of time before delivering its first affliction
  • The Living Book of Eschaton shall no longer provide Occultists with karma upon study
  • EVADE now respects the Ama-maalier legend card
  • PROPAGAGE ARMS WITH LOBELIA will cause thornrend to give vertigo properly, instead of the old loneliness
  • Psions can now dismantle an active servitor with ENACT COMPANION DISMANTLE
  • The Unnameable Horror legend card will now properly respect telepathic channels (such as party)
  • Emulation LIFEBOND, Emulation ROTH, Psionics VANISH, and Shindo MEDITATE will now all show on COOLDOWNS
  • Deaths to bleeding delivered by a player should no longer be attributed to a random mob or item
  • Pisonics MANIPULATE now has a third-person message
  • SYVIS relapses should now properly inform the giver when it fires, instead of the receiver
  • CM LIST now requires equilibrium to use
  • When trading for SHIP CARGO, using the incorrect syntax should no longer purchase random cargo
  • Offering to MENTOR a player will no longer incorrectly display on the potential protege's SCORE
  • The PAZUZU legend card will no longer prevent entry into Shop of Wonders tents
  • EAVESDROP now properly respects both deafness and the mindseye defence
  • The EAT command will now prioritise cures, when you have multiple items of the same name
  • Hunting blinds will no longer act as if players are in the sky while upon the ground
  • Telepathy ISOLATION is now properly masked from gmcp
  • The rank 4 WATCH ability in Seafaring now functions properly
  • DRAGONROAR now respects the silence of Breathstealer
  • NDS PROBE now shows the capacity of containers
  • DISASSEMBLE should now work properly for transcendent furnishers
  • Furnishing items will now show who is seated on them when PROBEd
  • MANIFEST TSUNAMI will no longer work while in the skies or trees
  • Random commands will no longer be added to balance queues while speedwalking
  • Spiritlore TOTEMs will now hit players in an entourage
  • Spiritlore SMUDGE now has a balance cost
  • ANGEL AURA is no longer considered aggressive when used on yourself
  • LISTEN no longer fails if you have the DEAFNESS defence
  • SHAKE TREE HERE will attempt to use the typical SHAKE emote on a tree in your location, instead of the SHAKING ability
  • Grandmaster Blacksmiths no longer have to use descriptors in their armour for a chance at bonus statistics
  • Weather now properly respects the shining feather artefact
  • The apperception stone and FALCON GLANCE no longer erroneously trigger skywatch/groundwatch
  • The MATERIALS command now allows Furnishers to list all potential samples
  • Gold gained past the cap while in lesserform will now properly add to a players RANKINGS ENDOWERS
  • Reincarnation will no longer permanently change a player's base dragon colour
  • The MARAN legend card now applies to damage from denizens
  • Players will no longer benefit from the MARAN legend card if their attacker stands in its effects
  • Players can no longer mark public designs as private
  • Weapons moved via SHIP REQUISITION will no longer reset to their previous room
  • Shadowmancy STEP will no longer work into or out of beds
  • The MUDBOMBBINDING talisman piece will now display on TALISMAN PIECES properly
  • The ADS FOR syntax now works properly
  • SHOWEMOTE DOFF will no longer use random mob names
  • The contender's journal talisman should no longer have blank pages
  • Designs that are made public will no longer retain their private status
  • A few shady roulette dealers have been admonished, and will properly reward you for outside bets
  • The TRADESKILLS command now lists your tradeskills
  • Festive Logosmas decorations are no longer permanent
  • Emulation IMPOSITION will no longer fail silently
  • Ship owners will be warned three days before their ships are drydocked
  • OUTFITs can no longer be used to wear items you couldn't wear otherwise

The team has also been hard at work fixing various typos across the NDS listings, in the HELP files, and in various ability messages.

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From Death Springs Life!

Ravenous Monster

We're using the Death set to conduct a grand talisman experiment!

We've long been unhappy by the spread of talisman items in the game, the frustrations the cache system causes, and the problems created by scarcity and rarity. We're going to try something a bit different!

We do take the alteration of any system that involves your money very seriously, we always strive to ensure satisfaction by as much of the playerbase as possible, and we always aim to promote game health wherever we can. 

In a new shop in Delos, the Death talisman set is on sale for bound credits. 

Each is a complete item and will be bound to you on purchase. 

If you purchase one and later regret it, these can be traded in like normal for the usual 2/3rds adjustment of the purchase amount. 

But this is not the only change! We know that many people already have one or more pieces from the Death set, and we don't want to render these worthless. 

If you have two or three pieces of a talisman in the Death set, you can:
to complete it for the remainder of the bound credit value of the item as it is in the Delosian Talisman shop.


Talismans completed in this manner will have an altered tradein that reflects their credit worth, including the credit-purchased completion. 

E.G You have: cruciblebase and cruciblebowl.
You use TALISMAN COMPLETE PARTIAL CRUCIBLE and pay 500 bound credits.
This is half the cost of the crucible in the shop because you already have half of the pieces.
You get: a completed soulfire crucible talisman.
This item has a tradein value of: 346 bound credits. This is 2/3rds of 520 credits (the 500 credits paid above, plus your 2 pieces valued at 10 credits each.)

You are also still free to trade these talisman pieces around, so if you only have one piece of a Death talisman, you can ask around to try and get two in order to be able to complete your partial collection. 

HELP DEATH TALISMANS now exists with all this information, and the specifics of the set. 

All of the above ONLY applies to the DEATH talisman set at this time. 

Provided that this experiment works out the way that we hope, we'll be looking to make the Delosian Talisman Shop's stock rotate to offer a different talisman set each (RL) month! 

If you have any questions about any of this, please don't hesitate to ask via ISSUE ME or email us directly at support@achaea.com!

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Classleads and Crafting!

A ragged chessboard

With the first quarter classleads decisions made, classlead implementation has begun! Read on for the first batch of updates and changes! For the Furnishers, Tailors, Chefs, and Jewellers of Achaea we've also added an urgent queue to design submissions.

* MORPHING ARMOUR has had its cooldowns significantly reduced. One hour for level one, twenty minutes for level two, ten minutes for level three. 

* BUFFET now relapses against the same target that it previously hit for additional damage after 2 seconds.
* EFFERVESCENCE now gives a room wide message when it ends. This shows at all elevations. 

* COWARDICE will no longer cancel tumble on hindered opponents. Note that the old functionality can still be achieved with comboed screech: I feel the opportunity cost of this is high enough that it is fine to retain.

* HOMUNCULI now explode upon both the activation of MAYOLOGY and the periodic ticks of damage that occur.

* MANIPULATE is now blocked by the CONFUSION affliction.

* WAVESCYTHE has had its range significantly increased.
* The SHIELD seaspell now scales up in cost by 200 for each use in the last minute. Note that each use resets the minute timer and this caps at an additional 800 cost (on top of the base value).

* AELKISH has had its reduction of willpower cost on the bleed curse increased when attuned. 

* Reduced how much power an angel must be on to be summoned from 15 to 5% of its maximum. 

* VOIDFIST no longer clears upon being impaled.
* VOIDFIST has had its duration brought in line with other elemental fist attacks.
* VOIDFIST now causes strikes to deal some mana damage on successfully landing: this replaces the old functionality.
* Shin generation is halved when striking a VOIDFISTED opponent. 

* You may now summon your snake while off balance, though this incurs a longer equilibrium cost.
* The COLOURS ability is now learned much earlier in the skill. 

* The equilibrium cost of DEATHSIGHT has been removed. It still requires you be on equilibrium to activate, however. 

* (Dual Blunt): ASSAULT TORSO now has a faster balance than ASSAULT HEAD.
* (Sword and Board): the damage against denizens has been increased. 

* You can now THROW items with SELFISHNESS active.

* UNWEAVE now does damage.

Crafting Submissions - Urgent!

Marking a submission as urgent can be done by appending it to the original syntax:
This causes the submission to cost 10,000 gold instead of the typical 1000, and immediately places the new submission into the urgent queue where it will take high priority for approvals.

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January Auctions!

Treasure chest and skull

We've just put a big stack of auctions live in Achaea, plenty for those with gold or credits on hand, and some great customisation options!

Use the AUCTION syntax in game to see all related commands and read HELP AUCTIONS for details.

If you have any questions about a specific auction that AUCTION INFO <#> doesn't answer, please ISSUE ME!

For Credits
1 - Icy Igloo
Work with the Customisations team to pick out a chilly location for your Out of Subdivision home! Then, choose whether you want them to surprise you with a 5 room build in the ice castle, igloo, or grotto theme, or to have the room credits to design as you wish.
2 - Custom Dragon Description
Work with the Garden design team to create your own unique dragon description. This description will then be applied to your character whenever you are in dragon form. DISCLAIMER: While there is plenty of room for creativity, the description must remain explicitly draconic.
3 - A Personal Bar
This piece of custom furniture refills with a 5 drink selection that the Customisations team will work with you to create.
Final design and drinks will have to be suitable for Achaea's roleplaying environment.
4 - Enhanced Shop Cart
This expanded and nondecay shop cart will let the winner stock 50 items and move it around.
5 - Breathstealer Ring
This ring holds the power to bring down a room-wide silence effect for 20 seconds. This is instant and not subject to being dampened or dispelled.
It does require balance and equilibrium to use, will consume balance, and will incur a five minute cooldown before it can be called on again.
6 - Innate Morphing Armour
This armour set is the equivalent of three-slotted armour with innate morphing capabilities that do not require use of one of the three slots.
7 - Racial Language Fluency
Win this auction and be fully fluent in one of the racial languages (this does not include dragon, Vertani, or Tsol'dasi).
8 - Completed Talisman
The winner of this auction may choose a fully completed talisman from any promotional set.
9 - Orb of Sllshya's Wrath
THROW ORB to summon a magical snowstorm in the room. Grants all of the same benefits as the Groves ability SNOWSTORM.
10 - Arrow of Ethian
Unlimited meteor arrows!
11 - Gavel of Etheric Revelation
POUND GROUND to reveal phased serpents!
12 - Vastarian Flute
PLAY FLUTE and you will cause a GUST to occur in the location, banishing fumes and smoke.
13 - House Ambience
Work with the Customisations team to create 5 Achaea-appropriate ambient messages to fire in various rooms in your home.
14 - Free Arena Entry Token
With this token in hand, arena fees will be nonexistent for one of your combative stature!
15 - Resonating Collar
Order your pet to shout! (This does have a regional limitation.)

For Gold
16 - Any Legend Deck Card
Choose any of the cards from all legend deck suits - see HELP LEGENDDECK for specifics on each!
17 - Level 1 Talisman Piece
The winner may choose any level 1 piece from any of the promotional talisman sets.
18 - Combination Artefact
Choose from a survivalist's bandana, a cabalist's cowl, a sorcerous bangle, a gladiator's medal, a polished silver stamp, an intricate silver leaf cage, or an onyx ouroboros statuette! See HELP PROMO ITEMS to find out what these do.
DISCLAIMER: These powers/items cannot be traded in, but can be upgraded!
19 - Package Pet
This auction affords the winner their very own package pet! Including the full suite of features (outlined in HELP PETS), submit your own design specification or let the Garden designers surprise you!
20 - 200 Housing Credits
The winner of this auction will receive 200 housing credits to build or expand their own home!
21 - Minipet
The winner of this auction may choose any minipet from any of the available COLLECTIONS!
22 - 3 Muse Pages or Bloodstained Shards
Choose three pages for the Tome of the Muses, or three bloodstained shards of enamel for your locket - see HELP PROMO ITEMS for details!
23 - Ranger's Bow and Shooting
This is a level 1 artefact bow that includes the SHOOTING addon!
24 - New Delos Shop
Become the proprietor of your very own shop within the Isle of Delos! Situated SE off Western Epitus Avenue, your shelves are fresh and your clean stockroom awaits!
25 - Crystalline Door Chime
Set this outside your subdivision house, and when visitors pull it, your house will fill with chiming sounds to alert you that someone is at the door!

Remember, there is no day 0 on the auction countdown, so get your bids in before Day 1 ends.

Happy bidding!

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Deckhands And Bribery!

A ship heading to port.

Deckhands in Achaea can now BRIBE the dockside workers to get another player thrown off a ship! It'll be a lot harder to hide now.

Many people have purchased ships for storage, whether that be for mechanical reasons (cures and such) or for thematic ones (such as libraries). This is a big reason why ship invasion has always been a very problematic mechanic, and one we don't intend to implement. The other reason is that the amount of damage a player can do if they gain access to a ship is extreme, and the recourse of the ship owner is fairly limited in such a scenario.

With that in mind. Given the nature of Achaea it's very important to us that all avenues of conflict have satisfactory avenues for resolution. The current entirely safe nature of docked ships has been a long standing issue, but given that we are unwilling to implement ship invasion, this was always a tough problem to solve.

We have decided that a middle ground is the best way to move forward. Rather than players being able to invade ships, we have just added a new ability to Seafaring: BRIBE. This is a rank five Deckhand ability and permits you to bribe dockworkers at a harbour to pull a target off of a ship, with some caveats:

- This is expensive, and significantly more so if trying to bribe dockworkers at the home city of your target. It is not something you will be able to do continuously, even as a rich player.

- The target is not pulled to your room: they'll be dropped off in a random location within a radius of the harbour. This is to avoid the ability to camp at the disembark room upon a bribe and force someone into a no-win scenario.

- The target ship must remain at harbour for the bribe to succeed. If they are undocked when the windup ends, it will fail, given in this situation they are exposing themselves to other avenues of attack.

- Ships with high crew morale will also be much more expensive to bribe. The inverse of this is also true.

This is experimental and we'll be closely monitoring it going forward. We are optimistic that this compromise will solve most of the issues while allowing ship owners peace of mind that they can safely use their ships without having people break in.

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Classleads Open!


Now's your chance to submit those problems and requests you have with the various abilities in Achaea. Whether they're submissions for change, balancing, or removal, Classleads are your what you need!

The classlead process is how we balance classes and add new abilities to skills as appropriate, and is generally the time when you can get your voices heard on issues of combat balance. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the classlead process (or who would just like a refresher), here are the basics:

Classleads are anonymous.
- Each person can submit up to five classlead reports. Please do not utilise alternative characters to bypass this limit.
- Your reports should supply reasoning alongside the perceived problem: if something is too strong/weak, you should always state why. It's best to avoid drawing comparisons to other classes, although sometimes this is appropriate. Use your best judgement!
- You should attempt to supply multiple solutions (where applicable - some cases are fairly cut and dry).

There are full details along with command breakdowns under HELP CLASSLEADS and the CLASSLEAD command. 

So, what kinds of things can you suggest via classleads?
Essentially, classleads are specifically for combat balance, whether that be addressing things which are perceived as too strong or too weak. Thematic options can sometimes be appropriate, but these are almost always better served going via the ideas system.

With that in mind, given it has been a little while since we've had a classlead round, I will be leaving the submission phase open until 0 GMT on the 15th of January.

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Prime Exarch Zafikel

Prime Exarch Zafikel - Full

Prime Exarch Zafikel - Full

It's always a special day when we get to showcase some artwork that supports the text world we build and Zafikel's is utterly stunning, so here it is in all its pixels for you to enjoy!
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Psions and Nur!

Prime Exarch Zafikel Just in time for the holidays, Achaea is immensely proud to unveil the ancient city of Nur, and our 19th class, Psions! The opening of the City of Nur is one of the largest releases of previously admin-only lore in a very long time. Given its significance to both current and past events, as well as the Mythos that underpins Achaea's storylines, we knew going into this that we needed a new class due to the way Saar-elan functions. Psions are our 19th class in Achaea, and there are some things you will recognise and some things you won't. At its core, it is an affliction class with some damage hybrid aspects. Those of you familiar with other affliction classes should have no issues picking it up, and those of you that aren't should find it pretty straight forward to learn the basics of. That said, we're confident you'll find some surprises even if you're IRE veterans, particularly when it comes to some of the teamfighting tools. We look forward to seeing what you all do with it!
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Quick Fix Notes!

A ragged chessboard

A few quick updates for some new additions and fixes!

- TRADEWHO HERALDRY is now a thing.

- IDEAS now works as a synonym for IDEA LIST.

- MOUNTS has been updated so that the feedbag status on uncollared mounts is shown.

- EVENTSTATUS and ES default to the arena you're in if you are in one.- UNALLY PARTY now works to unally all members of your current party.

- MSG LISTR will list your messages in descending order.

- SEAREDGLYPH talisman will now properly lash out every fifth hit instead of every sixth. 

On the customisations front: if you have an item that is resetting and you wish to change the resetting location*, this can be done for 10 bound credits. Email customisations@achaea.com with all of the details. 

* Any new resetting location will still have to respect ownership and may not be applicable for all resetting items. This cannot be used to transfer ownership of artefacts and similar items. 


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The Angel Auction

A crumbling ruin

Sapience, be pleased.

Dissatisfied with our usual selection of wares? Through the tireless
efforts of our guard, and at great cost to ourselves, the Ioje Compound
brings you the unexpected. The unparalleled. The entirely out of the

Merchandise most metaphysical. An angel, fallen from the sky and into your hands! 


The Compound will hold a decisive auction for the fate of this fine being on the 14th of Mayan, in the year 788 AF.

Covet no more, but be prepared with payment. Attendance is a privilege afforded only to our most appreciative buyers. Have gold in hand, and ensure it is appropriate compensation for the costs incurred. 

All sales are final. No refunds if you renege. No outbursts. Interlopers will be dealt with and auctioned at a later date. 



Yili, the Procurer.

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Sightless Spring


Two Archangels sought transcendence, one dying in the process while the other was blasted to the boughs of Yggdrasil. After much skirmishing between Ashtan and Targossas over custody, Iojian slavers captured the angel and took it away to be auctioned.


Few other words could so succinctly describe the place, steeped as it was and is in light and power. Saar-elan. Transcendence. 

Silence presided as the procession began, a gathering of those unfettered by the parasitic leeching of flesh. Magisters and Verapim entered beside Exarchs, waiting to bear witness to what most believed a desperate attempt. 

The Prime Exarch stepped forward, uttering a single word in cold, clear tones: "Begin." 

Agadi and clasped hands, a solemn serenity matched upon their sightless visages as they stepped toward Saar-elan and offered tithe to coax forth its secrets.

In but an instant the Archangel Agadi was unmade, rejected by the transcendental Creation. Caught in the backlash yet protected by their bond, the Archangel found himself cast aside to fall through worlds and planes. His descent was as a falling star, radiant and brilliant before alighting upon the branches of the World Tree, deprived of consciousness yet otherwise visibly unharmed. 

A mere day passed before was found, happened upon by Penwize Baker of Ashtan. Those in service to the Chaos Court eyed the fallen angel with delight, relishing the chance to bring Glaaki such a prize. But the Ashtani soon found they had competition. 

Skulking quietly along the branches of Veior, a rajamalan of Iojian heritage arrived soon after, declaring the angel a captive of Ioje and announcing his intent to take it home. While the slaver sought the approval of the Ashtani and made arrangements for transport, opposition arrived in the form of Targossas, and discussion soon turned to violence. 

Determined to protect the Archangel even at the expense of their lives, those of the Dawnspear turned upon the rajamalan slaver, immediately drawing the ire of the Ashtani. Battle began in earnest. 

As chaos erupted within the boughs of Yggdrasil, the slaver called for reinforcements with his dying breath. Scores of Iojian personnel marched into the Tree's branches, and - under the very noses of those fighting to save him - dragged away with their catchpoles. Though the citizens of Targossas harried the Iojians relentlessly, their efforts were not enough, and was brought before Yili, Procurer of the Ioje Compound, and instantly bound in shackles.

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Cast Your Vote!

Ravenous Monster

We have so many projects on the list of things we want to work on that we're asking you to vote on what the coding team works on in the first quarter of 2019!

Head over to https://forums.achaea.com/discussion/6608/if-else-if-else to read about the three options and cast your vote! 

We cannot offer further insight into these projects beyond what is posted, we've not yet begun working on them!

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Idea Implementation!


A stack of your ideas have been implemented! Read on to learn what's what!

* Added Weaponmastery specialisation change to COOLDOWNS for those with the appropriate artefacts.

* Certimene will be clearer about the correct syntax for adding additional classes.


* Wax tablets of petrified wood will now correctly notify their partners when a message is sent.

* QSC now includes a line for the player's current class.

* Updated the Tzantza AB file to include the number of afflictions necessary for an instant kill.

* Journals and manuscripts will now show their bookmark when probed.

* SAMPLES is now sorted alphabetically.

* CUSTOMISATION # COMPLETE should now fail on all incorrect syntax.

* BUY ROOM can now pull wood and stone from the rift.

* SEASON will show what season of the year it is (only upon the Prime Material Plane).

* PROTEGES is now sorted alphabetically.

* TRAIT LIST MAJOR to see a list of only major traits and MINOR to only see minor.

* TRAIT LIST MAJOR/MINOR/ALL will now show the appropriate dragon and elemental lord traits when used while in those forms.

* Scribing a new lease will now show the lease number.* Added ROGUES (adventurers without a city) as a category for door and other permissions.

* Added room name to org logs created by guard deaths.

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Raiding Clarifications!

Licking flames

PK in Achaea is an ongoing and ever evolving thing, in recognition of this we've added some updates to clarify any confusion!

- Simply being an enlisted soldier will continue to not be a valid reason to attack someone for the purposes of gaining a sanction. This is unchanged. 

- Once a sanction is in place, ALL enlisted soldiers of the defending city are considered viable targets for the attacking party if and only if the soldier is currently within the city, regardless of whether they have actively engaged in defence yet or not. 

- Attacking soldiers outside the city during these times will continue to be unacceptable. 

It is our hope that this clarification will reduce or eliminate any grey areas that occur during raids and provide a simpler and more consistent experience for all involved. HELP PK and HELP CITY DESTRUCTION have been updated to reflect this.

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Homeowners Rejoice!

Ruined Town Furnishing is moving to a player design based tradeskill, like jewellery, tailoring, and cooking, and we've added a whole slew of new furniture types! Those of you who have already invested into learning Furnishing retain this, and do not need to purchase the 200cr Furnishing license. If you're not interested in this system now, please make this request via ISSUE ME and we will organise a refund of invested lessons. If you have purchased a Furnisher's awl and no longer have interest in Furnishing, please file an ISSUE ME and we will organise a refund of this artefact. We won't refund this artefact if you are keeping furnishing, in this instance you can trade it in as normal. Disassembling: If you have the permissions to place a piece of furniture, you can disassemble it. Transcendent Furnishers will gain commodities back from disassembly. The platinum prybar artefact increases the transcendent Furnisher's return on commodities during disassembly. Blankets have been removed from furnishing as these can be created via Tailoring. Fireplaces are no longer offered as housing upgrades. All existing fireplaces remain in place. Future fireplace additions can be crafted by furnishers. Most* Furnishing items will not have a gold cost when created, this is instead paid by the Furnisher at the design pickup phase. * Bookcases, bookshelves, stoves, and ranges have a gold cost when Furnished, this is due to their non-decaying nature and special functions. Stoves and ranges created by a furnisher can be used for cooking and refining! $dyncolour! This stands for Dynamic Colour, and allows the designer to create a placeholder that can be used within the EXAMINED description to alter the colour or pattern of part of the design during creation. (This is great for couches!) - The dynamic aspect can be up to 60 characters long and is specified by the Furnisher during item creation. - Use of $dyncolour in a sketch is optional, if an approved design has $dyncolour in the examined, it must also be used during the furniture's creation. HELP FURNISHING has been updated to reflect the following changes: Abilities Gained: Novice: The ability to Furnish from existing designs and the ability to hold 20 of each sample. Adept: The ability to create new designs and the ability to hold 100 of each sample. Transcendent: The ability to furnish bookcases and bookshelves, and the ability to hold 250 of each sample. The Process:
  • Visit Fronck to buy plain sketches and blueprints.
  • Apply the appropriate blueprint to your plain sketch to denote the type of item you are designing.
  • Design your sketch.
  • Submit your sketch for approval.
  • When you receive a letter stating that your design has been approved, follow the instructions therein to claim it.
  • FURNISH <designID> [dynamic colour] [passcode] to make the item!
Give this item to your customer, drop in a shop to sell it, or PLACE the item for use. See HELP FURNISHING for all syntaxes and guidelines!
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From Pygmy Dungeon To Dragon Lair!

The machinations behind the pygmy conspiracy have been slowly unfolding across Sapience, with layers of the dubious plot being revealed for all to investigate. Today, the rotten core of it all and the reward for following to its twisted end is finally brought into the light... Some of you more astute Achaeans may have noticed hints in a number of announce posts over the summer that a long-standing mystery was one step closer to being solved. I'm pleased to announce that that mystery is the cultists' conspiracy and the related kidnappings of newbies by the foul pygmies and the final stages of what we've come to internally call "The Dragon Quest" are now complete and available for play! All of a certain age or certain investigatory prowess may pursue these additional stages, eventually unlocking Dragon Lairs! Dragons lairs act as something of a cross between a club house and a sanctuary for those of a specific (and primary) dragon colour. Each colour has its own lair and this mini-area is shared with all other dragons of your colour, with access granted only to those who completely unravel the cultists' plot and prove themselves capable of disrupting their operations. You will find spending too much time inside to be impossible. A mighty dragon can only laze for so long! Within the lair, you'll find the dragon hoard! As you might expect, this is a collective treasure hoard, shared by all dragons of your colour. Increasing the reserves of your particular hoard can be done via the HOARD ENDOW command. You will also find that any gold unclaimed due to the gold cap will automatically be sent instead to your hoard, ensuring you never miss out on those coins while on a killing spree! The hoard's gold can be used to unlock a number of beneficial perks (via the HOARD INVEST command), including: - Enhanced endurance regeneration for all within your lair - Enhanced willpower regeneration for all within your lair - A bonus to experience conferred upon all your fellow coloured dragons - A critical hit chance bonus to all dragons of your colour These are the first in what we anticipate to be a larger pool of upgrades as we monitor reception and usage of the lairs! Each of these perks is temporary and draws from the hoard to empower. Regular contribution is a must! Finally, for those of you with a penchant for rankings, RANKINGS ENDOWERS will keep score of which dragon has contributed the most to their hoard across all dragons! All of this information can also be found in HELP DRAGONLAIR, and the mystery awaits your keen detective eye! Enjoy!
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Auction Winners!

Treasure chest and skull As the Mayaween month draws to a close, so to do our in game Auctions! We have a host of lucky bidders taking home all sorts of prizes, from a custom built treehouse, to a translucent mask that won't decay, and even a custom made pet. Read on to see the full list.
  • Phylactery of sixth sense - Mindshell
  • Innate morphing armour - Aislin
  • Cursed Cottage OOS build - Lyrin
  • Gold inkbrush - Tiamat
  • Custom dragon description - Voc
  • Completed talisman - Zulah
  • Permanent translucent mask - Farrah
  • Racial language fluency - Tahquil
  • Feathered cloak - Antonius
  • Any legend deck card - Farrah
  • Level 1 talisman piece - Seragorn
  • Combination artefact - Qwindor
  • Package pet - Ygia
  • 200 housing credits - Zulah
  • Mayaween themed forging descriptor - Lenn
  • Portable stove - Kayeil
  • Choice of costume - Tiamat
Congratulations to all of our winners!
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The Wild Hunt Rides

Licking flames

Who rides, so late, through night and wind? The Erl-king rides anew.

Who rides, so late, bringing terrible fear? The Erl-king rides anew.

Who flees, so late, clasping poor mundane child? For the Erl-king rides anew.

Who would ride, so late, with terror half wild? For the Erl-king rides anew.

Thus it was on midsummer's eve, Valnuary of the year 784 AF. From beyond the veil between the Prime Material Plane and Annwyn did the Wild Hunt come, drawn by acts of betrayal against Sidhe law and the allure of a hunt renewed once more upon fresh prey. And, as it had been since the Sidhe were Sidhe, at its head came Oberion, no longer King of the Fairies, but now Lord of the Hunt: the Erlking of Annwyn. Leading the knights of Sidhe and accompanied by his faithful hounds, dozens fell to Oberion's blade, the borders and walls of city or forest alike proving naught in the face of such relentless resolve. And so, as the song of the Hunt compelled the hunters onward, their rampage saw them disappear beyond the veil, racing across planes uncounted as the Erlking sought his fulfillment yet promising a return before midsummer's end. But when the Wild Hunt at last approached by ancient law, the Lord of the Hunt found only disappointment in his adherence to the Bargain. Save for one brave and swiftly dispatched adventurer, the Right of Challenge was unfulfilled. With the one Oberion named betrayer choosing cowering over confrontation, the disgust of the Faerie Lord was evident as he led his Hunt home. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Summary: With the borders between planes stretched thin, the Wild Hunt ranged forth from Annwyn, causing death and destruction across the realms as they put the adventurer population of Sapience to sword, tooth, fang, and hoof with orgiastic equanimity.
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A ragged chessboard We realise that as you level up in Achaea you unlock all kinds of opportunities and passive effects, but these can be hard to keep track of, so we've morphed the Battlerage skill to become Attainment! Attainment not only handles all of your battlerage abilities, but it will now also inform you about your Portals uses at a earliest levels, when you can embrace class, the benefits of Logosian, when you unlock various trait slots, when you can pickup tradeskills, the useful commands for when you've earned Elemental Lord, when you can visit the glass beacons in the Mhojave, and much more!
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Survival Instinct!

survival No longer do you have to spend lessons to learn the various abilities in Survival, you now earn these as you level up! We've also made a change to how your health and mana scale, making the midbie life much less painful.  

Making it easier to get into Achaea is something we're constantly concerned with. By its nature there is a very steep learning curve, and after some discussion we've decided that there are a couple of ways in which we can mitigate this.

First of all, we have reworked the max health and mana formula. Those of you at level 100 or higher will notice no change (you still gain health above level 100 the same as previously). However, you no longer gain hp for levels 81-99: you will now have essentially all of your health and mana by level 80(*). You still gain critical hit bonuses and endurance/willpower as you level through the 81-99 range. Essentially, level 80 players will now have health equivalent of level 99 players previously. Second, you will no longer have to spend lessons to learn Survival. Instead, much like Battlerage, this skill will now level up with you, becoming transcendent at level 80. All lessons in all Survival skills have been refunded. * You do gain a slight amount of health/mana at level 100 (between 50 and 150 depending on how much constitution/intelligence you have). This is a very small amount and just to keep current health/mana values at endgame consistent with previously. Enjoy!
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Talisman Changes

Dice The way in which we generate talisman pieces has remained the same since the first talisman set was released several years ago. We're aware the random nature of this has been a source of frustration for people, so we have now made some changes to make this less frustrating (and to guarantee future uniform distribution of talisman pieces).
Previously, you could get any piece of a talisman on each roll. Previous rolls did not influence this whatsoever - each took place on their own. Going forward, talisman pieces will cycle on a global scale on a per talisman basis. What this means is if a person opens a cache for the Blackwave set and rolls for a piece of the canopic jar talisman, they will receive the first piece for that talisman. The next person who rolls for a canopic jar shall receive the second piece, and so forth. This is global and not on a per person basis, but should ensure there are always enough pieces to complete a talisman (assuming there are at least four) at any given time.
To be clear, the chance of getting pieces for a given talisman have not changed. You still have the same chance at getting rare pieces today as you did previously: you will now simply not get bad streaks of duplicates across multiple people.
This applies to all promotional sets. It does not apply to bashing only sets, such as the Dragon or Azatlan sets. It also does not apply to bonus pieces: only standardly awarded pieces will function in this way.
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The Tournament Winners!

Treasure chest and skull As Lord Adryn's tournament drew to a close, the Game of Eyes acted as both the final event and closing ceremony. For two Achaean days the six city states of Achaea deployed their full arsenal against each other, fighting relentlessly over each and every flag in order to claim not only the renowned Effigy of Victory but a last chance to earn points in the tournament as a whole. Mirroring their performance in the last Game of Eyes, it was Targossas that blazed into first place in the game's opening minutes, a position to which they held fast for the entire match as Eleusis, Mhaldor, and Cyrene battled for second place and those elusive tournament points. In the event's wake, Lord Adryn gathered all of Achaea to his fairground to announce that Mhaldor were to be declared winners of his grand tournament and granted a magnificent prize of five million gold towards the city's development projects. But it was not an easy victory! The games themselves saw much upset, particularly in the land race and gauntlet phases as those cities performing well in matters of strength and speed found themselves outmatched when it came to fiendish riddles and deceptively simple challengers. For the Capture the Flag the final scores were thus: 1st. Targossas: 13463 2nd. Eleusis: 7822 3rd. Mhaldor: 4165 4th. Cyrene: 3128 5th. Ashtan: 2522 6th. Hashan: 1083 Targossas' heroic efforts were not quite enough to close the gap on first place in Lord Adryn's Tournament, as the final scores reflected. 1st. Mhaldor with 335 points 2nd. Cyrene with 290 points. 3rd. Targossas with 275 points. 4th. Eleusis with 230 points. 5th. Hashan with 110 points. 6th. Ashtan with 60 points.  
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21 Today!

Achaea birthday dragon September marks 21 years since Achaea first threw open its doors to the world and said "come and tell your character's story"! This landmark in Iron Realms history signals over two decades of immersive roleplay, two decades of thrilling combat, two decades of raiding, of skirmishes, of bitter lifelong enmities and passionate, of unending friendships, of meddling gods and literally everything in between. This month is going to be full of all sorts of things, and I'm going to lay out as many as I can here now! On the 9th of September a special command will unlock to allow everyone logged in to earn a small birthday gift. We'll have three rounds of lotteries running this month! Lottery 33 (LOTTERY INFO 33) will be live very shortly and will be drawn on the 10th of September. The second lottery will start shortly after 33 is drawn, and will run until the 20th. The third lottery will then open and be drawn at the end of the month! Keep an eye on UPCOMING and the Announce news for more details of the specifics of these lotteries! The residents of Adryn's Keep are getting ready to host their tournament! If you're a city official keep an eye out during the 8th of September for Lord Adryn to arrive in your city with more information, and be ready for the tournament to kick off on the 9th! The Itinerant Bazaar will be returning to Achaea later in the month, and we'll be seeing which city can claim the Effigy of Victory in our CTF, Game of Eyes variant! See UPCOMING for a live countdown of all of these! Also keep your ears cleaned so that you don't miss the jubilant and most noisome... I mean, noisy summons from our favourite announcer, Tharos! He'll be running a variety of games throughout the month for young, old, large, and small alike. Enjoy and we'll see you all at the CTF!
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Lord Adryn’s Tournament!

A ragged chessboard The Most Esteemed Lord Adryn of Adryn's Keep deigned to meet with the leaders of Achaea's city states today, in order to explain the details of his tournament and place a contest attendant with each of the factions ready to assist with the ins and outs of the challenges ahead. The tournament consists of four separate events, all of which are timed and scored based on city-wide performance. First is the hunting contest, in which all six city states compete to fill special urns with the corpses of denizens they slay. This will require significant effort and completing this task allows the second to be commenced. Following the hunting contest is the land race, a series of difficult riddles to be solved which all lead to a location of significance within Achaea. Ingenuity and logical thinking are essential! When all riddles are solved, sailors must take to the seas and race! There will be a number of locations to find and the fastest sea captain earns their city the highest number of points! Finally is the gauntlet, a gruelling series of trials. Each of the city states must form a well-rounded team to confront the challenges within, requiring a broad skillset of strength, resourcefulness, wit, intelligence, and sheer stamina. When all the events are concluded and scores tallied, the Game of Eyes acts as the closing ceremony to the games proper, the last opportunity to score points and seize victory!
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Of Dwarves and Death!

A crumbling ruin After struggling against and alongside the strange actions of the dwarf Doruan Ironhammer, the Chosen of Phaestus and other adventurers in Achaea managed to open the vault deep in the earth and find the key to sending on the lost souls left adrift by the death of Lord Thoth and His ancient pact with the DwarfFather.
Darkness. Silence. Confusion. These things overwhelm me. I was mauled. I am bleeding and hungry. I close my eyes to rest, only to wake in this strange, twisted place. Time stretches on, silence overtakes me, and then the weeping begins. As I begin to mourn, I hear the others, and together we revel in our sorrows.
My confusion grows. Pain joins to my mind, my eyes changing, adjusting to this unseemly, harsh light. A strange figure stands before me. Cloaked, obscured, absent. Barely distinguished from the stone. A single word echoes in my mind: "Dig."
I don't know what happened, only that I am covered in blood. A stranger has come. He steps past the corpse. He calls me Doruan. Doruan... yes. That was my name. He offers me rest, he offers me peace. And now I am hunkered down in Ashtan's barracks, left to face the madness. It watches me. Waits for me. Hungers for me.
I do not hunger. I do not thirst. I do not tire. I do not grow weary. I see my wounds, and they do not bleed. They do not heal. Nothing changes. It is all monotony, it is all boredom. I cannot go on. I will not go on. This will be my end. But I do not breathe. I have tried. I cannot. I do not know why.
Perhaps I should have thought this through. How long has it been? Hours? Days? I swing from my neck, able only to think, to wonder, to question.
Why? Why me? Why now? Why there? Just... why?
At last one comes to release me, perhaps a wanderer like myself. My binding shall be broken. Binding? Why does that word intrude so upon my mind? This singular question consumes me, drives me, pushes me forward. I move, I leave the Seat of Chaos behind. I return to the Vashnars, my pickaxe in hand. I will find what secrets lie beneath this mountain.
               ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As news of Doruan Ironhammer's death reached the dark caverns of Iskadar, a lone priest set out on a journey, his destination the distant northern climes of Sapience. For despite the mockery and scorn hurled in his face by his fellows, he held faith that the absent dwarf deserved to rest with his kin, no matter his reasons or crimes. Through bears, sharks, and bandits did he journey in search of his goal, only to find a dwarf inexplicably not deceased. Confusion warring with concern, the offering of Ashtan as a source of silence and ritualism was both provided and accepted to the unsettled cleric.
Moving in the wake of the one called Jy'Rakym, an ominous silence stilled those gathered as the priest worked his will upon the spirit of the lost Ironhammer. Manifesting as a spark of incandescent luminescence, the expanding aura would soon grow to envelop all of Achaea and even the vast expanse beyond the borders of the Prime Material Plane, revealing countless spirits seemingly wandering without purpose. Fearing the repercussions of adventurer and dwarf alike, the priest beat a hasty retreat to his homeland to begin anew his search for understanding. Unamused yet curiously unsurprised, the less-than-living dwarf returned to the mountain in which he had been found, once more tending to his carving of the rock.
It was months later when Doruan's pick broke through the final wall of earth barring his way forward, the ground beneath collapsing into a grand, hollowed-out chamber. His passage now restrained by a massive disc of unknown rock and stone, he had at last discovered the object of his unspoken desire.
As the days passed, however, none proved able to discern a way into the mysterious vault, not the Nihilists of Oblivion's Lord, the Caefir of Deucalion, or the Chosen of the Smith. Meanwhile, the lone priest, abandoned by his fellows, continued his research with dogged determination. Many came and went, but only one deigned to assist his foreign brother: Sir Eril Rian-Moonshadow. After much searching, the beleaguered pair discovered a charred missive that spoke of the earth's bounty, as well as the descendants of the Orcsplitter Clan. With hardly a word to his devout companion, Eril departed to gather his fellow adventurers, heading for the Siroccians to confront the remnants of the clan named within.
The words exchanged in the meeting that followed shall remain unknown. A short while after their arrival, the Smith's Chosen emerged from the dwarven encampment, bearing with them a small, strange disc. Rushing to the Vashnar Mountains to place the key within the doors of the great vault, they looked on as the stone gave way, the very earth trembling beneath their feet. At last, the grand portal stood open, and with it came a warning to the curious adventurers, one that would resound in their minds and the minds of all whom they came into contact with:
"Woe betide those who enter this place, lest the earth itself rise up to protect her bounty."
               ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Delving into the vault, those gathered soon found themselves victims of the earth, and returned to the tunnel with some hesitation. Taking more care this time, they found their way deeper into the shifting passageways, discovering numerous crystals that sprouted from the walls.
Almost accidentally, one of the soft crystals was crushed into a powder that filled the air, prompting Eril to rush to the first soul he could find. Trepidation filling his voice, he spoke to his compatriots of what had transpired, sharing the words revealed to him by that first spirit before it at last faded:
"Kill me... Please... Just let me die..."
Moving as one, the adventurers scrambled desperately to release the wandering souls from their tortured half-life. Yet, despite, the best of efforts and intentions, the grief of the damned was magnified as each was returned to the land. As the dead wept, their cries grew louder, culminating in one final cry that echoed across the planes, before silence fell.
With bated breath, they waited. They hoped.
Heat rolled across the firmament, the anger of the Smith made known. His children suffered, and it was Lord Ugrach, the Finality, who was to blame. Yet, despite His threats, the Curator of Death was unmoved. Only a Father's plea would grant succour to those wayward dwarves lost in death. Though what transpired between the two may forever remain a mystery, shortly thereafter Lord Phaestus departed Death's halls, returning His fallen children to their rightful rest.
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Let’s Talk About The Weather!

Once an ancient relic of times best forgotten, Achaea's weather system has now been completely overhauled! Every region in Achaea's vast land now has its own unique fronts and climates, bringing with it a chance at rare phenomena ranging from cataclysmic storms (watch for lightning!) to iridescent rainbows and everything in between!
Some of you may have noticed some strange meteorological activity on the islands, on Meropis, or in the far north. Well, now it's reached the mainland as well, thanks to the efforts of the highly attractive (They told me to add that bit) Garden team.
We've updated the weather system to make it more dynamic, and it should now show different weather phenomena depending on a wide range of factors. These include location on the globe (if you're in the north, watch out for blizzards!), precipitation, certain magical elements, and much more.
A few of these forecasts may have effects on your person, they are relatively uncommon.
Rainbows may appear on occasion (never in pairs), and the truly lucky may even find treasure at the phenomenon's end.
Lightning strikes continue to set all appropriate terrain on fire.
If a room is on fire, it will now eventually burn itself out naturally, after which that location cannot catch fire again until after a year once the land has suitably recovered.
The team will be watching the various systems as they appear across Achaea proper (other planes are not yet included). If you notice a location that has no apparent weather for an extended period, please file a BUG!
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Refinement For All!

Dice The ability to REFINE talismans has now been made available to all Achaeans! This new system allows you to refine your promotional talisman pieces into singular rare pieces, allowing those avid collectors a chance to clean out their hordes and gain something valuable in return!
We promised you all some more artefacts over the week end, but in the process of working on the major one it occurred to us that this would likely be better as a feature available to everyone. With that in mind, we're pleased to bring you TALISMAN REFINE.
This new command allows you to refine 3 or more PROMOTIONAL SOURCED talisman pieces and receive one back based on their total rarity. A few caveats you should be aware of:
- You can only do this once per 24 hours.
- Refined component pieces have a capped worth. This means you'll not want to refine your super rare pieces: passed a certain point they won't be worth more. This mechanic is intended as a way to get rid of your common duplicates with a chance at a better piece.
- The piece you receive from refining is of a new source type: the fittingly named REFINE source. This source CAN NOT be traded in.
- Only level 1 talisman pieces can be used in refining.
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Introducing The Hall of Fame!

Treasure chest and skull
Now that the swathe of new rankings have had time to bed in, we're pleased to announce the opening of the Delos Hall of Fame! This is a new construction in Delos, honouring those who have claimed a #1 position across many of the various rankings!
Each wing of the Hall of Fame is dedicated to a particular theme, and inside you'll find portraits of the current first place rank holders. These are up to date as of today, and going forward will update on a three monthly basis to reflect the rank 1 holder for the next quarter.
Expect more new rankings in the future along with new portraits appearing for those of you prestigious enough to be at the top of the list!
Onto the next exciting announcement!
Phileo has at last opened his shop, also located in Delos near the arena spectator stands. Within, seven new wares are available for sale using the Delosian Eagles currency!
As a reminder, Delosian Eagles are awarded for victory in ranked combat spars. They can be seen on your character sheet with SCORE RESOURCES, and can be spent on the various new items all listed in HELP DELOSIAN EAGLES
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Ideas Grand and Small!

A studious owl
It has always been the case that the IDEA system is something of a black hole. You all just have so many ideas that it quickly becomes unrealistic and incredibly unwieldy for us to find the proverbial diamonds amid the rough.
Effective immediately, the old IDEA system has been retired and replaced with a new one.
Note: The old IDEA list is still visible to us, so fear not, ideas filed up until now have not been lost.
Now for the new!
The new IDEA system will be an anonymous submission system that allows you, the Achaea community, to up or downvote various ideas.
Once an idea receives the required number of supporters (for the nitpickers, this is support votes minus censure votes), it will vanish off the public list. At this point the idea is in the Garden's hands.
The new IDEA system will be fully anonymous. Submitted ideas will be visible to everyone using:
IDEA LIST <start#> and IDEA LIST MATCHING <term>
Submitted ideas will be announced via the IDEAS channel. You can configure this channel on or off in CONFIG.
To see an IDEA in detail use: IDEA SHOW <ID>
To create an IDEA use: IDEA <your idea>
If your <your idea> text will start with the term "list", "support", "censure", or "show" please use: IDEA NEW <your idea>
You will automatically support your own new idea, so you do not have to worry about having to file an idea and then instantly supporting it.
Every new idea will start at a lifespan of 15 real-life days, and you can SUPPORT or CENSURE ideas based on whether or not they wish these ideas to be up for Garden consideration - or consigned to Oblivion.
If an idea does not gain enough votes within its 15 day span, it will be deleted from the system.
If your idea is deleted from the system, please do not refile it.
You can, however, CENSURE your own ideas (why you would do this, however, is another matter).
As a final note, an idea getting enough votes to be moved to Garden consideration does not mean it will be approved, only that we will give it due consideration.
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City Morale!

A ragged chessboard All members of a city can now check the morale level with the MORALE command. This will show a brief statement (themed for the faction in question) about the overall health and morale of the organisation.
As part of our push on backend systems to support organisational health and to promote inclusion of meaningful results of conflict, we've just added a new City Morale system!
This system takes all kinds of factors into account and adjusts a city's morale score up or down appropriately. We're not going to detail out the specifics of what influences it, but the primary drivers are activities that reflect the engagement, growth, and activity of the city.
The scale of morale has a positive and negative end, all organisations will start today at the neutral morale state, so you can go up or down from here.
This system is run entirely by your acts, but the MORALE representation is as the overall feeling of the citizenry, including the denizens that call your city home.
Non citizens cannot check the morale of other cities.
We will not be exposing the numbers behind this scale, as this is not only for you all, but also a set of metrics by which the administration can see where organisational health needs attention across the board.
There will be a special bonus given to the city that has the highest morale, but we'll be letting the system settle into place before we announce the details of that, so keep an eye out!
In brief, the more active and engaged and growing a city is, the better the morale will be. Morale will also reflect if a city is particularly stagnant or downtrodden.
Ultimately, Achaea is a game, so the opportunity to play the game and achieve those Dreams we all had as new players is something we look for all organisations to encourage and offer.
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Over My Dead Body!

Your fallen bodies are no longer able to be used in place of the shrine judgement power!
We've been monitoring the last few shrine wars that have taken place and have noticed a few trends. A major one that we've just addressed is that judgement is in fact used far less than simply killing a (usually) willing ally. The original intent of corpse defiling was to permit the use of enemy corpses to drop shrines, but it hasn't really worked out that way, and instead removes most of the limitors placed on order's abilities to mass drop shrines. We considered making only corpses from the target order work for this purpose, but felt it offered a too trivial way to identify what order someone was a member of.
With that in mind, using of corpses to remove the judgement step of a defilement has been removed. Judgement is now the only way for an order to drop a shrine. As with all combat affecting changes, we'll be keeping an eye on this in the coming days to ensure that it doesn't make things too restrictive.
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The Game of Bones

Gerzson's Army Long wept the World Tree for its severed connection to the lowest planes and the once-inexorable root system laid low by Woe's Prince. Yet Yggdrasil has a way of seeing itself restored...

The first mass of glowing, radiant tendrils emerged from the earth surrounding the Flame of Yggdrasil, crawling across the ground in a manner eerily similar to the insidious creepers that had so plagued Achaeans several years prior. Fuelled by the unconquerable potency of the World Tree, the appearance of mysterious seeds drew the attention of adventurers led by Voc Desmijr.

After traveling Yggdrasil's expanse in pursuit of answers, the motley group began planting wherever the seeds would take root, including the grove of Jonners Smithson and, by Gavriil Celes'Ciel, below the gatehouse of Eleusis. The error of these decisions was soon apparent, those who dared to interact with the roots were ultimately transported to the legendary Underworld. Sought by Achaeans ever since the closing of its borders in the wake of its great War, a mass rush ensued as enemies and allies alike hurled themselves at the glowing effusions in search of an entrance.
Turned from his black moods and murderous thoughts in the depths of Azdun's graveyard by the profuse shedding of blood, Zsarachnor once more bestrode the lands above his tomb. Demanding answers from those he encountered - and swiftly executing the foolish or those incapable of providing them - it was ultimately with the assistance of Farrah Roualt and Taryius Lichlord that he acquired what he had so desperately craved: a potential return to the side of Prince Slith.
Adventurers continued to die in droves both on the blasted ground of the Underworld and the now-bloody earth beneath Eleusis while Zsarachnor, no longer confined to the Prime Material, embarked upon his plan. Instructing adventurers to beseech the Underworld's ruler for his assent, the Vampire Lord sought a position of privilege and prestige, and for passage to be permanently restored to the Prime Material Plane.
Slith demanded what the Tsol'teth had promised him in payment, and so Shirszae Nynniaw and Krizal Nyxillum ventured through the Doors of Light into Raia'dalam, the highest strata of the Underrealm. There they met with the Secret Storm, communicating the demand of Death's Demise. Shortly afterward, the inscrutable visage of the Genesis emerged within the firmament of the world - the firmament of all the worlds - as His unearthly voice intoned an acknowledgment. What had been demanded would be provided.
While the forces of Mhaldor slaughtered Eleusis' Guardian of Thorns and all those garrisoned at its borders, Farrah and Taryius planted the seeds of Yggdrasil in the Underworld. In short order the planes realigned, bridging the Underworld to the Prime Material once more in a singularly vast cosmic upheaval.
Zsarachnor returned to Azdun, triumphant with the praise and new status granted him by Slith. While in the Underworld, great gates swung ominously wide as the fortresses of the Ur'Vampires opened, ready and waiting for the brave - or foolish - who sought to challenge the masters of undeath.
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Guess Who’s Back?

Nerry's Back! After saving the guardian spirit Eusia, and fighting off Thymos, the Ravager, a dread korathoi of tritonic legend, Lord Neraeos returns to the shores of Achaea! Credit goes to our very own Skye B. Anchors for the amazing image! As untamed as the seas, and as numerous as the shells of the Crystal Forest, the korathai left rubble and death in their wake as they ravaged the merfolk who dared to live in the continental shallows. Reprieve for the shelf-dwellers was only found when the oppressive Wave, the God of the Seas, drove the savages away and banished them to the fathomless depths with other monsters more their ilk. But this banishment spelled woe for the tritons of the undersea, abandoned by their Father to fend alone against this terrible Red Tide who feasted upon their already dwindled numbers. Many of the korathoi were known by name, whispered even now to tritonic fry who dare to disobey their parents. But three of their commanders struck fear into even the hardiest of Phocians; Iaimargia, the Blood-soaked, who had tamed the vicious megalodons, Thymos, Ravager of Coasts who delighted in the death of all things, and he whose madness rivalled the Lord Abyss, Parosyni, the Tormenter. Anointed now with the blood of Amanthos, the great heroes of the silver age, led by the Prince Neraeos Fylakas, set off to liberate the cities from the terrors of the deep. Relying on the cunning strategies of Aeolos the Grey-Eyed and the military prowess of Idomenaeos of the Bull Shark, the tritonic kingdoms grew inspired by their great feats that were later immortalised in the songs of the oceaneids. Bathed in the glorious defeat of the magnificent krakens and terrible leviathans, even the mightest of sea dragons cowered at the sight of the Prince and His Spear of Tides, bestowed upon Him by the wise Lady Valnura, Goddess of Fate. Only the korathoi, the eldest inhabitants of the seas, who had the ferocity of the Shark God and battle-lust of Eyegos, pushed back against the Son of the Lord God and His loyal friends. For two decades the armies of Prince Neraeos and the korathoi warred across the Eusian Ocean. The tides grew crimson with the sacrifices of both sides, each weary but determined. As the Warrior Prince was about to offer up the last remaining forces of the korathoi to the Eastern Guardian, His hand was stayed by the Elder God of the Oceans. Not wishing to see His creations wiped away from the Oceans entirely, He instead had His reluctant Son help Him seal His wrathful children beneath the deepest sands. Finally liberated of the abysmal creatures of the fathomless dark, a rousing cheer of victory spread across the seas that has not been outmatched even to this day. To honour the accomplishments of the Prince, the Lord God created a herd of perfect beasts, the hippocampi, as a gift. Among the noble creations, one was favoured of Neraeos, a pure white foal that shone out as a beacon of splendour and hope, such as He was to the peoples of the seas.
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Commodity Changes!

Mine Tunnel Big changes to how commodities are being stored will be happening on June 20th! Check out HELP WAREHOUSES AND LEASES and read on for all the extra details so you don't get caught out! If you've not read HELP WAREHOUSES AND LEASES, please do this first! As the next phase of our changes to commodities looms on the horizon - June 20th folks, keep an in-game eye on UPCOMING INFO 483 - we've got some more information so that you can all be best prepared for this! Commodities outside the rift or a warehouse will decay. The rift and warehouses are the only place to store these. Official city commodity shops remain unaffected. Stockrooms, bags of stasis, and other methods of preservation will no longer affect commodities. Outrifted commodities will decay 12 hours after being outrifted. Commodities dropped on the ground will decay 1 hour after being dropped (or any act/loss of connection that causes them to be on the ground.) Commodities can be sold on the comm market directly from the warehouse. When the term on a commodity sale ends any unsold commodities will first attempt to fill your rift. Any remainder will then move to the lowest costing warehouse lease in your name. If there is no warehouse lease in your name, any remaining commodities will then be placed in your inventory. How many of each commodity you can sell at any time on the comm market will be capped based on your associated commodity mining ranking. The particulars of this scale will be announced in due course. All commodities currently being sold on the commodity market at the time of this change (0100 GMT June 20th) will be returned to their owners. These will first attempt to fill your rift. Any remainder will then move to the lowest costing warehouse lease in your name. If there is no warehouse lease in your name, any remaining commodities will then be placed in your inventory. We will also be adding integration for mining claim and storage to pair with warehousing. We'll be keeping an eye on the Warehousing and Leases thread over on the Achaea forums. Don't hesitate to post any questions you might have! Remember, these changes go into effect on June 20th at 0100 GMT.
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The Urchins’ Sorrow

Ravenous Monster "Unclean!" cried the residents of Ashtan as the orphans of Martin's Sorrow were stricken by a deadly plague. As an infamous nemesis raised his head, fortunes most foul befell the wretched urchins before the efforts of Truax, Dunn, and Klendathu drove away the scheming Akarim - but not before the Cursed Shaman had his fill.
As the sun rose over Ashtan on the 5th of Scarlatan, 772 years after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, a young woman, Aalin, rushed through the streets, seeking the help of any with medicinal knowledge. Finding aid in Klendathu, Principal of the Consortium, Aalin returned to Martin's Sorrow to find a sick urchin, his face covered with boils, and a rash that ran the length of his body. A cure was not found, and Ashtani began questioning the various inhabitants of Martin's Sorrow: old Rickward, quiet Autino, and unruly Akarim. Even as they pooled their resources, the symptoms began spreading across all the urchins of the city. It was not long before the first two, Ellio and Dalan, succumbed to their illness. Seeking answers, Jinsun absconded away to the Chaos Court, bringing Cadmus, the Cursed Shaman a diseased urchin girl. The Chaos Lord elated at the sight of the disease, professing his joy and newfound love for the ailment. Lifting the morsel high into the air, he could no longer contain his hunger. With cries of delight, he tore into the tainted flesh, savouring each boil that burst along his tongue and each succulent drop of pus that he sucked from the husk of the orphan. In loud declaration, he announced it was not a sickness, but a poison. Eager for more, he hurried the Ashtani along to find the creator, demanding they be brought before him. Outraged that their fellow citizens would feed a child to a Chaos Lord, and vexed by the lack of progress, those in Martin's Sorrow torn down their own homes, barring entrance into the slums before making their way into the Descent. Decrying the more fortunate of Ashtani society, Akarim loudly proclaimed the poison to be little more than a plot to force the poor and destitute into yet more subservience. Fanning the fires of the angered underclasses, Akarim stood at the forefront of the angry mob as it descended upon the old Montagenet estate in search of Timothy de Vermiis. Tensions reached a breaking point when enforcer and protester met in open conflict, ending with Aalin holding a bloody stump that was her arm, removed by the Ashtani sergeant. Seeing this as proof of the corruption of the rich, Akarim continued to taunt Timothy. Just as all hope of peace seemed lost, another interruption broke through the fray. Amidst the rising chaos sweeping across the Seat of Chaos, the infamous Dowager Montagenet herself arrived at Ashtan's gates, promising a quick resolution to the city's woes. The old nobility's attempts to once more force her way into Ashtani politics brought to naught by Dunn, who rebuked and refused her offer. In growing desperation, Irimon called together all the citizens of Ashtan to meet and discuss the various events that had unfolded. Using her wit and breadth of knowledge, Truax came to the conclusion that Akarim must be Ysven, the member of the Jaguar crime ring that plagued Ashtan so long ago. Needing assurance, several Ashtani broke into Targossas to investigate Rudolpho Montagenet, whom Ysven had impersonated so long ago. Sure of themselves now, Truax, Dunn, and Klendathu cornered Akarim, asking that he reveal his face. In a mad dash, he ran towards the docks, screaming for his crew to ready the ship. This was all in vain, as the ship disembarked and vanished into the Sapphire Sea. Rather than be captured and tortured for information, Akarim declared his loyalty to the Jaguar's and took his own life.
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Q2 Classleads!

Dice Alongside the various events running all month long, the team has been hard at work going through Quarter 2's classlead submissions! Some of the changes include: Weaponry * Classes that use certain weapons are now not more affected by CLUMSINESS than non weapon users. Classes affected are: Blademaster (all blade attacks), dual cutting knights, and priest (smite). Spiritlore * New spirit: ADCHACHEL (outcast class). Skirmishing * You may no longer SAY while PETRIFIED. This includes for RIDE HOME, DUANATHAR, and other such say-triggered escapes. Survival * New ability: BLUNDER. Misc * SERVERSIDE CURING will now raise SELFISHNESS when prone. * Various room hinders now fire less aggressively if the caster is out of the effect's room. Those affected are: AEONICS DISTORTION, DEVOTION PIETY, NECROMANCY GRAVEHANDS, and SUBTERFUGE PINSHOT. * In light of the delay on speed being stripped, speeds time to come up as been halved to maintain the status quo for these mechanics. This does have some consequences, but they're positive ones. * Improved how serverside curing handles the speed defence. * DIVE no longer acts as a bypass method for the TENSION affliction. Read about all of the changes and additions over in the Classleads news section!
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Adchachel’s Lament

Ruined Town Journeying to the ancient ruins of Old Aster Town, the adventurers of Achaea unearthed the ancient laboratory of Adchachel, calming the disturbed spectre whose spirit now serves those of a Shamanistic outlook.
So long within the darkness. But I awoke. In the north? I do not remember ever travelling there before. I was attacked by fools, who dared challenge the might of the greatest Occultist Demiurge! It was I who slew Overlord Agith'maal in the Black Wave, and these insects think they can face me and survive? The ten mightiest champions of Seleucar could not do what I have done.
I returned home, to my Ashtan. My home, great Ashtan, the Bastion. But again, betrayal! They claimed I am dead, that our great guild is no more. Impossible. I am the Demiurge of the Occultists, and they claimed to my face that my own guild is destroyed. They denied me in my proper request to be escorted to the estate, where I might ruminate on the strangeness, they denied me audience with the king as if I were a madman! They did not even speak to me of my old companions. Where is Epicurus? Is he gone? If my own city will not assist her Demiurge, then plague be upon them.
And yet... and yet, there is a strangeness. Things were not as they seemed. I was lied to, over and over again. Some strange female thief even carried the Staff of Nicator! It must not have disappeared back to the Logos after all, no. A thief stealing it from Nicator's very tomb, when it was of critical importance that the Staff be carried against the Black Wave? I shall reclaim the Staff from this thief. I pursued her to Delos, so mysteriously absent its Church. Have they concealed it as they concealed Shallam? I saw through their lies, even as Merentesh claimed I am dead, as if he could deny what was so obviously standing before him. He suffered the consequence of his actions, for daring to use my name. At least Seasone speaks truly.
But at last, I found one of the lesser wyrms that seemed to speak sense. Wise words, yes. The thief was sighted in Aster Malik! If I can capture her, slay her, return the Staff to Emperor Piraeus, might I perhaps then be forgiven? I want forgiveness. These rages, these fits, they weary me.
I pursued the thief to the moat. All of Aster Malik, destroyed by this wench! Attempting to subvert the power of the Staff, ending countless lives. Lives are a commodity, but such wastefulness? No. I will slay her. But there is something. Have I lived this before? Will I live it? I... I do not understand. Something is wrong. But I will slay her. I have to. If I can bring the Staff back to the Emperor, back to Seleucar, I will be forgiven. Won't I? I cling to hope. Gods, it is all so confusing.
I will step into my laboratory. I will face the thief, for my city has chosen to aid me, they have told me of her location. My trusted friends, fellow Ashtani.
A trap? I cannot leave! The thief masterminded this, held me in my laboratory so she could slay me! More fool her, her and her army of minions, for Ashtani are here with me, and together we will triumph over this Shallamese plot!
No... I am abandoned? Betrayed? I... I burn. Gods help me, I burn! Please... not again...
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Hammered Out The Problem!

Phaestus, the Smith Answering the pleas of His faithful, Lord Phaestus returned His attention to Achaea!
In the early days of Chronos, an unsuspecting orc set out to fish in his favourite pool, hoping to catch enough that he wouldn't have to fight over food that night. As he stared into the water's depths, looking for prey, something lurking in the murk below caught his eye. Fear overtook the wretched creature as it flailed and backed away from the water, loosing a harrowing screech that echoed through the mountains as he watched his body turn to lead, overtaken slowly by an alchemical corruption.
As the Siroccian Mountains slowly turned to lead, converting all in sight to the cold and grey metal, the nearby dwarven and orc encampments sought aid for their threatened homes. Many armed the dwarves against the raids of the orcs, who sought to take advantage of the weakness, with most contributions coming from Eleusis and Cyrene. As the days passed and more fell victim to the spreading plague, the thought of war grew less concerning. Attempt after attempt to remedy the situation failed, from the holy cleansing rituals of Targossas to fiery conflagrations brought on by Hashan.
The entirety of the dwarven camp huddled close as the last of the lead crept in, blowing about on the breeze. In a desperate bid to buy them some time, Phaesteans Eril and Roselie Rian-Moonshadow performed a hastily prepared ritual, calling hopefully upon the four elements to cleanse the land.
A hot, cinder-laden breeze rolled through in response to the faithful's plea before a mirage obscured the surroundings. The heat haze eventually faded to reveal the form of the Smith, answering the pleas of His children.
Not One to waste words, Lord Phaestus promptly took up His legendary hammer, the WorldForger and dealt a swift blow to the ancient mountains. Like children did the giants shudder and tremble, cowed before the might of the DwarfFather from the tips of their peaks to the deepest valleys of the lowlands in between. With a second swing, the corrupted anchor was launched towards Ashtan, the projectile disappearing into a mysterious wall of stormclouds.
The Smith knelt and, using a piece of clay from the shaken mountains, forged a new anchor, reshaping the earth itself into solid gold. With one final strike of His hammer, the gold of the newly-forged anchor buckled beneath the Smith's will, taking on liquid form and balancing the earthen scales.
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Fully Revamped Roulette!

DiceFeaturing inside and outside bets, and allowing for multiple bets, Achaea's new roulette system even offers a clickable betting system! Let's get the ball rolling!
Roulette tables now accept all standard roulette wagers, and you may place as many bets as you like subject to an inside-bet limit of 50,000 gold and an outside-bet limit of 1,000,000 gold per spin (these numbers subject to change). There is no minimum.
To place an inside bet, simply BET <amount> GOLD ON <numbers>
   To place a 2,000 gold split bet on 8 and 11, do BET 2000 GOLD ON 8 11
   To place a 50,000 gold street bet on 1, 2, and 3, do BET 50000 GOLD ON 1 2 3
If you use the BET command (just the one word) in a room with a roulette wheel, this will give you a visual betting table that can help you to plan your bets!
Outside bets are placed similarly, e.g., BET 2000 GOLD ON RED, though since these bets are sometimes called by different names you may want to consult the BET table to see the Achaean names for each bet (or HELP ROULETTE if you use a screen reader to play Achaea).
Those with MXP configured on can also BET <amount> GOLD to bring up a clickable roulette table that can be used to place any valid bet!
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Artisanal and Bardic Winners!

A studious owl The Contenders themed Artisanal and Bardic contest has closed and the winning submissions are by Ellodin, Jurixe, Mathonwy, Kaden, and Asmodron! Congratulations to our winners! Here is this month's winning entry:

Blood of Anzari-Tarin

By: Ellodin Vivania, sweet Muse of Poetry, Please bless mine song with eloquence of verse. This tale speaks not of Heroes running free, But those instead by lineage accursed, Bequeathed with cumbrous legacies and fates, Dark tragedies played on the greatest stage. O Adchachel, thou ate a heart to sate A lust for power; did that meal assuage Thy hunger as it launched a Tsol'teth plot? For 'twas not thou that bore the burden thus But progeny who caused despair and wrought Death in thy stead through actions treasonous. I sing of tainted blood and fallen stars, Contenders for the throne of Seleucar. The Brangwin rose who could not shed her thorns Matured a stone's throw from the northern gate, With rage like rising water, suff'ring borne Alone, no hope the flooding would abate. O Castomira, victim of a past Thou hadst no way to alter on thy own, 'Ere birth, thy destiny had long been cast. Yet still, the faintest hope thou couldst atone Burned somewhere in thy clever, pensive mind 'Til light was snuffed, and naught remained but hate For Catarin, thine lives fore'er entwined; Great Nicator's blood won, by luck or fate. An actress in a cruel playwright's song, Afraid and pained, but forced to play along. The union of deSangre and Tsol'teth Begot a dissonance of mind and soul; The Man in Grey, a legacy of death, And sundered blood forever unconsoled. O Parni, Castomira's royal claim, Thou looked on Seleucar with sharp disgust, Corruption's bane, the sovereign cleansing flame That burned great House deSangre down to dust. A life of suffering would follow thee; By athanasia, lasting peace denied, An emperor shackled, never to be freed 'Til naught remained but desolate mourning cries. A lonely song of blood and bloodlines' end, Perhaps, at last, his coda hath been penned. The master of the house of Death deposed, Tlalaiad rose to take a throne Divine; With Parni went our last chance to oppose Amalgamation of the Tsol'teth line. When dire Chaos Wars came to a head, And ancient races fought for elder Lords; Strong Qui'anar repelled Slith's fell undead But paid a price: their hearts grew cold as swords. In honour of their bravery, Lord Death Would call His chosen few His Qui'anar; Thoth's plundered essence granted nascent breath The Genesis of Tsol'teth blood, their star. This litany's for those who sought to reign, Freed at last from fate's unyielding chain.
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Kings of the Hill!

Treasure chest and skull Congratulations to Ellodin, Crixos, Chiam, Iakimen, and Rom! Team Rice were undefeated in the Kings of the Hill tournament and beat out the Visible Army in the best of three finale to win 2000 credits!
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The Great Hunt Ends!

Treasure chest and skull After a thousand deaths, tens of thousands of kills, and over FIVE BILLION experience gained, the Great Hunt has come to an end! Mindshell, Tjay, and Ibn are the winners in their tiers, taking the top prize of five hundred credits each and the respect and admiration of their peers!
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Classleads Q2!

A studious owl The endorsement and censure phase for Quarter 2 classleads is now over! CONFIG CLASSLEADS ON in game to see live updates as the team goes through the submissions!
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Quests Galore!

Treasure chest and skull We've just spent the last week massively upgrading our quest system. A whole host of new areas are integrated into the system (with more to come) and we've altered how xp is awarded across the board so questing should now be a much more viable use of time!
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Dictation Commences:

A studious owl After many hours of debate and discussion, the esteemed Masters of the Cauda Pavonis have taught the alchemists and synthesists of Achaea the science of transmutation!
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The Itinerant Bazaar!

Treasure chest and skull Hear ye and oh yez! The Itinerant Bazaar returns to Achaea with a whirlwind of one of a kind rare and exotic goods! Pay the strangest merchants in all the Planes a visit - and bring plenty of gold! See UPCOMING in game for the next date!
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Oblivion Cometh!

Licking flames The Lord of Oblivion has manifested once more upon Achaea, crowning the momentous union of Dunn Lichlord of Ashtan with the Crone Queen of the Chaos Court. In hushed activity do the Nihilists of old now stir, the Caverns of Enheduanna once again alive with a dire promise.
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A New Look!

Sartan, the Lord of Evil gets a revamp with this amazing new piece of artwork!
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Dice The Gem of Cloaking and Veil of the Sphinx artefacts received massive reworks today as we continue to work towards making Achaea feel more populated and alive!
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Elemental Planes!

The biggest content release in Achaea's twenty year history is now live, and the Elemental Planes are open to all Achaeans! These four massive zones are the territory of the elemental lords, and facing down their challenges rewards players with one of FOUR new classes!
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The Tash’la!

A look at the lithic warriors who hail from a distant plane!
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The Skylord Returns!

Jeramun's attempted consumption of the Mistral roused the attention of Lord Vastar! Saving the conduit of air and causing His Farethi to rejoice, the Skylord returns to Achaea!
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The Blood Sea

Curses to Achaea and the Primes in the name of Sllshya! The Water Emissary tore a tainted core from Mhaldor's grip and bound the Sea Sorceress anew. Achaea's waters are blue once again, yet the daemon core remains at the heart of Baelgrim fortress.
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Hunters Wanted!

Ratatosk, Guardian of Yggdrasil

Marshalling rats and living deep within the World Tree is Ratatosk, Guardian of Yggdrasil.

Honour, prestige, and gold are offered to those who can find and slay this mighty beast!

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Yggdrasil and Blood!

A crumbling ruin Part 1 of Achaea's biggest release in years opened today! The world is bathed in blood and the Yggdrasil has been torn open, offering access to a multitude of new worlds beyond! But more is yet to come, keep tuned to UPCOMING in game for the next big installment!
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War of the Elements!

Licking flames Tumult shakes Achaea's shores, mountains, woods, and skies: the elements locked in a fierce battle that threatens to tear the world apart. Will you answer the Vigil's call to aid? See events news in game to get up to date!
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Something Wicked This Way Comes… ?

A crumbling ruin After teasing Something Big happening in Achaea before the year is out at a Producers Q&A in October, UPCOMING 417 has appeared in game! Keep an eye on that date, they promised the biggest release in Achaea's history!
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November In Achaea!

Dice The Wheel of Fortune returns to New Thera! After an hour logged in each day you'll earn a free spin of the wheel! For better prizes you can buy spin tokens from the credits page, and you'll also get humgii racetrack tickets with credit purchases! See Announce news 4837 for more info!
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Costume Contest Winners!

Treasure chest and skull Congratulations go to Ehene! Whose oversized pumpkin costume takes first prize, earning him a crafter's portfolio in addition to a resetting version of his costume! All of the winning costumes can be found in Frightful Fittings and they all have a new disguise feature!
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Mayaween is here!

Licking flames Without the Tsol'teth to stave it away, Mayaween is upon us! Visit the ghost ship, Griesly Manor, and Haunted Thera, and get your costumes and spooky decorations from Makesh! There's also a costume design contest running! READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4835 for details!
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October in Achaea!

A crumbling ruin Wrapping up September and the Iron Lottery, Cazanto from Lusternia wins the grand prize of 10,000 credits! Those of you who completed 15 or more birthday card tasks can expect to receive your prize soon, and talismans are on sale over on the credits page! Don't forget, Mayaween is on the way!
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Crusade Updates!

Licking flames Just some of the changes here are: you no longer need to be in a divine order in order to SUBVERT splinters. SUBVERTing splinters has been sped up from 40 seconds to 25. Crusades now have a windup of 24 hours rather than 3. For all the details READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4826!
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Iron Lottery Winner: 3rd!

Treasure chest and skull Everest takes home 1000 credits, winning the third drawing of the Iron Lottery! Congratulations! The Iron Lottery will be drawing its final prize this coming weekend (00:00 GMT on September 30th), this drawing will be one ticket across all of IRE for 10,000 credits!
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Classleads Q4 Are Open!

Dice Makarios has just opened classlead submissions for the final quarter of this year! We fully expect to have a very packed final couple of months in 2017, which is why this is slightly ahead of schedule. HELP CLASSLEADS has all the info!
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New Addition: Stencils!

A studious owl Those with Transcendent knowledge of Tattoos ink any tattoo they know onto a stencil. Blank stencils may be purchased from the various city markets. Thereafter, any adventurer can use the stencil, creating a brand new tattoo on their body! See AB TATTOOS STENCILS for more details!
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Greathunt Weekend!

Licking flames For the next 48 hours compete for credit prizes and participation credits, get your explorer points in the great hunt caves, and enjoy double XP all weekend! Congratulations to Darcye, the winner of the second Iron Lottery!
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Birthday Auctions!

Treasure chest and skull Auctions are open offering the chance at something special for those with gold or credits! Included this round are Chenubian wings, a custom blademaster sword, a fully customised seastrider, and out of subdivision housing plots! You have 12 days to get your bids in! HELP AUCTIONS has the commands you need!
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Achaea’s 20th Birthday!

Dice The winner of week 1's Iron Lottery, winning 1000 credits, is Lyvia! The HAPPYBIRTHDAYACHAEA command is also live! This will be useable once by everyone throughout the month of September and will net you 20 credits, 24 hours of double XP, 24 hours of a critical hit bonus, and an Achaean Birthday card! See Announce news 4817 for all the details!
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Y750 Results!

Treasure chest and skull Tesha al Ashtad wins the 750 games with 45 points, becoming the Lady of the Crossing! Krypton takes 1st place in the Tumbleraces! Tesha wins the Championship Foozle! Tesha overcomes the odds to win the XP event! Cooper and Proficy win the 750 Twins Tournament! Krypton wins the Championship Quiz! Well done to all competitors, it was a great show!
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September in Achaea!

A crumbling ruin As we move into Achaea's birthday month, we will have ongoing contests and games galore! The Iron Lottery will be drawing every week, we have a 40% credit sale on the website, and new shop of wonders items are available now!
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Nexus: Update and Contest!

A ragged chessboard The Nexus client has seen a massive update, with efficiency in combat and when scrolling just two of the alterations. Announce news #4800 has all the details! We also have a contest running for Nexus scripts: checkout Announce news #4801!
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Championship Points!

Treasure chest and skull We've made it through Championship Tumbleraces and Championship Foozle where Krypton and Tesha took first place! The top four overall are Tesha and Krypton tied for first with 18 points, Crixos in third with 14, and Taryius at 4th with 10! With three events still to go, it's anyone's contest!
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Treasure Hunt!

Treasure chest and skull Azare and Vika won big in the treasure hunt, but they were not alone! 15,000 credits worth of artefacts and more than 4 million gold was dug up in the first hour of Achaea's Year 750 games! Login and check UPCOMING to see what else is happening!  
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Year 750 Itinerary Cont.

Treasure chest and skull Alongside the Year 750 Championship games we'll be hosting a plethora of other contests and events over the next two weeks. Announce News 4793 has the list and if you use the UPCOMING command in game you can see the schedule down to the minute!
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Pathfinding Updates!

A crumbling ruin The WALK TO command has gotten a much needed facelift! This expansion allows for gallop, dash, sprint, and runaway, and adds a whole host of quality of life changes! READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4786 for all the details.
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Year 750 Schedule!

Licking flames In a few weeks the Year 750 games kicks off! Win the Staff of Nicator and a whole host of credit prizes! If you want to take a shot at being the Champion READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4782 has all the details and checkout UPCOMING when in game for the Championship Games schedule. We'll see you there!  
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Artefact Shops Rework!

A ragged chessboard With so many artefacts on offer we've spent a couple of days working with Merentesh in Delos and fixing up the HELPs associated with them! We now have a crafting artefact shop, and class-based artefact shops! One shop is dedicated to the Knight classes, and others organised alphabetically by class name! READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4779 for all the details.
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Mid Year Auction!

Treasure chest and skull Whether you have credits or gold in your pocket, there's something for you at the mid year auction! Checkout AUCTIONS in game to see the items up for grabs and HELP AUCTIONS to learn how to place your bids! Bidding closes in a week, so don't wait too long.
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War on Nishnatoba

The drums of war beat with fury as the armies of Mhaldor and Targossas clash upon the ancient battlefield of Nishnatoba. As this brutal conflict comes to a head, the stakes have never been higher for the forces of Good or Evil. Check out Events news #582 for all the gory details!
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Tensions Mount

Treasure chest and skull Achaea shakes as the Gods of Righteousness and Evil rage and clash. Amid Their heated negotiations did death's hammer fall, resounding a single call to action: WAR. Take a gander at Events news #579 to get up to speed with all the glorious and gory details!
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Q2 Classleads + Shikudo Updates!

A ragged chessboard The next round of classlead additions went live today, these included alterations to Shikudo abilities, the addition of RELAX available for a number of tattoos, expansion of the MASTER CRAFTER trait, and an increase in rift capacity for ingredients! Classleads news #5 has all the details!
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Extermination and Vivify!

Licking flames Extermination, after all of these years, gets a massive change, and the grove users of Achaea gain access to VIVIFY! What will this mean for the Evil vs Nature conflict and what else has changed? Take a look at Announce news #4768 for all of the details.
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The Wheel Of Fortune Returns!

Dice With artefacts, credits, consumables, a new talisman set, and more, the wheel of Fortune awaits lucky spinners in New Thera! See Announce news #4767 for all the details!
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Shikudo Returns to Achaea

Licking flames A historical moment occurred today. Grandmaster Kevadrin of Judgement Mountain lifted the centuries old ban on Shikudo, the ancient art of fighting with a staff. This is now available to the most practised and disciplined of monks. See Announce news 4762 for more details!
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The Great Hunt Commences!

Treasure chest and skull This weekend, from April 29th at 00:01 GMT to April 30th at 23:59 GMT, we'll be running a Great Hunt! This includes double experience on all denizen kills, credit prizes for the top 10 players in each tier, and credit awards at point thresholds!
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Classleads Q2 Pt 2!

A studious owl Part two of the 2nd Quarter classleads implementation is now live! This includes alterations in Apostasy, Artificing, Curses, Formulation, Pranks, Weaponmastery, and a resurrection cooldown. Head to the news and check out Classleads post #2 for all the details!  
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Classleads Q2 Pt 1!

A ragged chessboard The second round of classleads implementation is underway and we start off with the release of the CLASSLEADS newsboard, going fowards you'll be able to look here for updates on the majority of combat changes! READNEWS CLASSLEADS 1 to get the low down on all the changes so far!  
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2nd Quarter Classleads Open


As we enter the second quarter of 2017 (already!), its time for our second classlead round for the year. The classlead process is how we balance classes and add new abilities to skills as appropriate, and is generally the time when you can get your voices heard on issues of combat balance! Submissions will last from now until 00 GMT next Monday (April 10th). HELP CLASSLEADS has all the information!

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A Firesome Challenge

Licking flames Twas a quiet day in Ashtan before the Caefir of Targossas called forth the power of their Righteous God. How will the Aegeans of War respond to this insult to their Lord? What plans hatch amongst the Court of Chaos? Surely the Seat of Chaos will not stand for this incursion. Only time will tell... See Events news 572 for more on this story.
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The Winning Tickets!

Treasure chest and skull Some of you may remember the raffle held in February, where tickets to enter were won via the Wheel of Fortune. The Shar'ilian Lightspire is now in the Miscellaneous Artefact Shop, a massive upgrade to the Staff of Illusions, it offers expanded illusions, coloured illusions, and brings glamours to the Achaean world. HELP ARTEFACTS MISC has all the details on this new item.
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Roleplay and Immersion

A crumbling ruin For 24 hours (as something of an "experiment") Achaeans lost the use of the common tongue, forcing all to work out how to communicate in their racial or city languages! This world-sweeping change was preceded by a girlish giggle heard by all. While we claim this is to promote immersion and roleplay depth, Someone Else might have a different opinion...
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Furnishing: Beds Return To Achaea!

And they're even better than before! Furnishers can now craft a range of bed-style items to decorate your homes with, these include standard beds as well as hammocks, cots, and bunks. All of these can be sit or lied upon! In addition to this, a furnishing bed can be upgraded by the property owner into an Artefact bed to unlock all of the associated privacy bonuses. HELP BEDS has all the details on this. Finally, with these changes, couches also make a triumphant and long awaited return!
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Classlead Changes Round 5

A studious owl The final round of changes for the 1st Quarter Classleads is now live! Alterations according to your feedback have been made in the following skills: Physiology, Shadowmancy, Spiritlore, Subterfuge, Survival, and Twoarts! A SHIP queue and an internal cooldown on reincarnation via the Gem of Transmutation have also been added. For all the specifics, READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4733. Thank you to everyone who takes part in this process!
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Forays and the Intrepid!

A ragged chessboard

Thanks to the grand efforts of Jayden, Farrah, Gamoneterik, Ahmet, Siduri, and Iakimen, the foray board belonging to Russell, a rugged ex-adventurer was rescued from the clutches of dread Aran'Kesh, and forays are now available to all Achaeans!

A "foray" is the name given to a difficult task or challenge undertaken by a group of Intrepid adventurers. Each foray takes place in a unique, isolated setting, found among dozens of possible remote areas of the wilderness. The trials you may face are varied, ranging from confusing puzzles that must be solved to overwhelming denizens that must be defeated. One singular theme unites the forays, however, and that is that none can be completed alone. These are no ordinary hunting grounds, and the combined might of an Intrepid group will be required if you hope to succeed and claim their rewards.

Checkout HELP FORAYS for all the details!

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Combat Balance Tweaking!


We've just loaded a small number of combat balance adjustments. Here are the details:


  • VENGEANCE and the effect from the REVELATION'S GUISE talisman will no longer fire off the same death. VENGEANCE will always take priority.
  • The NAIRAT rune when sketched on the ground now gives ENTANGLED rather than TRANSFIX.
  • WEARINESS and CLUMSINESS have been switched in the DEGENERATION instill affliction order.

  • The RETRIBUTION capstone effect no longer does a flat 15% mana damage. Instead it does mana based on how many of the special shadowmancy afflictions are present on a target PARASITE, MADNESS, RETRIBUTION, and DEPRESSION. For 1 affliction it is 5%, for 2 it is 10, for 3 it is 18, and for all of them it is 25.

  • SKULLBASH now shares the DRAGONCRAFT BITE and TEKURA BACKBREAKER per target cooldown.


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Races Talisman Set!

Treasure chest and skull

March sees the release of a new talisman set! There is one talisman themed for each playable race, and a special talisman (the double headed coin) themed for the Aldar which will be awarded to those who successfully complete the entire set!

  • A dwarven lodestone
  • A shamanistic rattle
  • A collapsible catapult
  • A blood daubed cloth of whispers
  • A demolition sphere
  • A piece of horkval chitin
  • A flattened frogskin
  • A pernicious pair of Dala'myrr claws
  • Bottled siren song
  • Crystalline panpipes
  • An arachnid's eye
  • A figurine of the suffering Maya
  • A double headed coin (Aldar reward talisman)
Collect them all today! In other exciting news, the February raffle has been drawn. Congratulations go to Daeir who is the winner of our design your own artefact, we look forward to working with him on this! We also applaud lucky Roagnak who's name was pulled second, he gets one of whatever Daeir designs!  
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Ideas and Bugfixes!


We've just loaded up a small batch of bugfixes and ideas for you all. Here are the details:

  1. If you now specify an earring of Sinope ID to use to travel with (TRAVEL TO <person> WITH <earring>), it will always override the travel to mutual allies bonus granted by the special valentine chocolates.
  2. Some cases where the game would think you were already granted the BLISSED status but you weren't have been fixed.
  3. The LITANY ability from Terminus can no longer be forced. (Yes, we're aware of the irony.)
  4. DRAGONHEAL will no longer drain mana if it fails to work due to the presence of both the WEARINESS and RECKLESSNESS afflictions.
  5. The ELAD ability in Terminus will no longer cause strange interactions if you use it on someone already following you.
  6. Serverside curing will no longer try to MOUNT if you are KAI SURGED.
  7. Retirement credits will now show up on your CREDIT REPORT if you are able to transfer them to that character.


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Classlead Changes Round 4!

A ragged chessboard We're nearly done with all the classlead changes for this first quarter's submissions! There's just one more batch to go after these. But what you really want to know is which skills were affected this time, here you go: Aeonics, Groves, Runelore, Shadowmancy, Shindo, Swashbuckling, Tattoos and Terminus. One of the biggest changes in this batch was a miscellaneous change in approach to room hindrance, Makarios writes:
We are moving back towards room hinders blocking flight, as I feel it causes more problems than it solves. Some classes will require changes to facilitate this as it is currently a balancing factor. As of this posting all room hinders except OCCULTISM TENTACLES, GROVES WILDGROWTH, and PHYSIOLOGY TORSO now hinder flight. This is purely a transitional step - those final three classes shall also gain this functionality, but certain changes need to take place first.
For all of the other details, READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4717!
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Classlead Changes Round 3!

A studious owl We're pleased to bring you the third round of changes and updates from the 2017 first quarter classlead submissions! These include changes to the following skills: Physiology, Shadowmancy, Shindo, Spiritlore, Subterfuge, Tarot and Weaponmastery! For all the specifics on these changes, READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4713!  
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Classlead Changes Round 2

A ragged chessboard

Close on the heels of the first batch, here's the list of skills that saw changes during this second round of classleads:

Curses, Domination, Dragoncraft, Elementalism, Groves, Metamorphosis, Puppetry/Vodun, Runelore, Shadowmancy, Spiritlore, and Woodlore!

For more details on these changes, READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4709 and keep your eyes peeled for more!

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January Lottery Winners!

Treasure chest and skull

The recent lotteries have been drawn and our hearty congratulations go out to the following lucky winners!

Seragorn, who won the Sacrificial Kris! Ellaer, who won the vial of infinite health elixir! Lenn, who won the gold-handled inkbrush! And, Kayeil, who won the custom dragon description!

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Classlead Changes Round 1

A studious owl Makarios has been hard at work going over all your classlead submissions and comments, and the first round of changes is now live! This batch features changes to the following skills: Aeonics, Alchemy, Artifice, Chivalry, Domination, Dragoncraft, Evileye, Shindo, Striking, Subterfuge, and Terminus! READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4706 for all the details!
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Resolutions for a New Year!

A crumbling ruin

A new year is upon us and the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed amongst you (those of you not suffering from the past weekend's indulgences) might have made some resolutions, things you want to change or achieve during this shiny new year.

Here in Achaea we also want you to embrace this chance, be it for a fresh start, to take up a new challenge, to aim for some lofty goal, or just to help motivate you to push that little bit harder toward something you've always aimed for!

The completion of resolutions will award you with Mementos of Resolve, these can be spent on a range of special items unavailable elsewhere in Achaea!

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Crusades Come to Achaea!

Licking flames

It would not be Achaean Christmas without a few surprises (sometimes pleasant, sometimes not), and 2016 is no exception. We're very pleased to bring you the final phase of the shrine system, which we very much think shall fall into the former category!

Though you'll be able to read all about it in HELP CRUSADES, Crusading will allow you to band together with your fellow order members and battle upon the battlefield of Nishnatoba.

Strategise to undermine your enemies, stealing the essence of their God so that they may struggle to raise their shrines upon the Prime while you spend the essence on various miracles, even become an Avatar of your God!

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