Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


4.1     Show                Show almost anything about your character.
4.1.1   Score               Look at information about your character.
4.2     Penalties           How your character has been penalised.
4.3     Defences            See a list of defences affecting you.
4.3.1   Life Enhancing Aura Great stuff. All of grace.
4.4     Learning            Learning your skills.
4.4.1   Lessons             How to gain more lessons to learn with.
4.4.2   Skill System        How the Skills system works.
4.4.3   Skill Ranks         The named ranks for Skills.
4.4.4   Miniskills          Miniskills and how they relate to skills.
4.4.5   Traits              Pick and choose your advantages.
4.5     Teaching            Teaching skills to others.
4.5.1   Tutors and Teachers Who to learn from.
4.6     Equilibrium         Mental equilibrium and physical balance.
4.6.1   Queueing            Queueing your next actions.
4.7     Titles              How to get a prefix or suffix to your name.
4.8     Marriage            Here comes the bride.
4.9     Children            Nine months later: what have we here?
4.10    Your Description    Personalizing your description.
4.11    Config              Various configuration options and settings.
4.11.1  Prompt              Changing your prompt to display more info.
4.11.2  PageLength          Page Length affects the MORE command.
4.11.3  Newsignore          CONFIG NEWSIGNORE - options, how to use it.
4.12    Races               The mortal races of Achaea.
4.12.1  Vertani             The Vertani Culture: a Compendium.
4.12.2  Reincarnation       A new race, a new life.
4.12.3  Race Specialisation Archetype? Stereotype? You decide.
4.12.4  Race Stats          A quick reference of racial stats.
4.13    Language            The languages that exist in Achaea.
4.13.1  Language Learning   Learning Achaean languages.
4.13.2  Language Teachers   A few denizens to ease your struggles.
4.13.3  Language Fluency    Names of fluency levels.
4.13.4  Language List       List of languages, learnable and not.
4.13.5  Middle Achaean      A brief survey of usage for Middle Achaean.
4.13.6  Pronunciation       Some sample Achaean words pronounced properly.
4.13.7  Not Achaean         Words that are common, and commonly wrong.
4.13.8  Provincial Achaean  What it is. Or not.
4.14    Skills              The skill sets that you have.
4.14.1  Skillsets           They ain't skills!
4.15    Rolepoints          A system of rewarding roleplay.
4.16    Honours             View public information about another.
4.16.1  Consider            The consider command.
4.17    Might               Comparative Might (in CONSIDER and HONOURS).
4.18    History             Compose a background and personal history.
4.19    Exploration         The Fellowship of Explorers.
4.20    Stats               Understanding character statistics.
4.21    Names               Good names in Achaea.
4.21.1  Namegen             The NAMEGEN command.
4.22    Namechange          The rules for changing your character's name.
4.23    Rent                Save or Rent, and inactivity in Achaea.
4.24    Looting             Looting corpses.
4.25    Joining             The things you can join!
4.25.1  Joining a City      Government, Economics, and Politics in One!
4.25.2  Joining a House     Houses - the powers behind the throne(s).
4.25.3  Joining a Clan      Orgs by the people, for the people.
4.26    Licenses            Crafters, Bookies, and Heralds, oh my!
4.27    Adventures          Complete adventures for renown and rewards!
4.28    Your Kill Messages  The KILLMESSAGE command!
4.99    Retirement          Retiring your character.