Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.

2.3 What to do now


You're probably asking yourself at this point what to do now that you've read these scrolls and escaped the Pygmy dungeon. You may want some ideas:

    I. Achaea Orientation Tasks
   II. Lost and Don't Know Where to Go?
  III. Confused: Where to Find Other Help
   IV. Getting a Class
    V. Joining a House (optional)
   VI. Learning/Training (increasing your skills)
  VII. Adventures: Minia, Lodi, and Gheladan
 VIII. Combat
   IX. Healing
    X. Ratting and Butterflies
   XI. Clothing, Vials, Banks
  XII. Explore, Quest, Enjoy!
 XIII. You are NEVER alone
  XIV. And Now?

I. Achaea Orientation Tasks
The Achaea Orientation Tasks are an optional system you can use as a guide in your first days, at your own pace. You will receive a small reward for completing each task. See HELP TASKS for more information.

II. Lost?
--------- contains many helpful maps of Achaea.

HELP MAPS - this will show you how to view a dynamic map of your present location and surroundings.

HELP SPECIAL MAPS - these are text maps.

If you're really and truly lost, type PORTALS to return to the Ring of Portals. You may do this an unlimited number of times at first, but as this power is only granted to new players, you will eventually lose it.(See HELP PORTALS).

III. Confused?
Beyond this lovely scroll, many Achaeans eagerly await your questions on the newbie channel! Try NEWBIE <your message> to ask a question there.

For example: NEWBIE Can anyone help me find Certimene? (or whatever else it is that you want to ask).

You can also check for Romeo or Juliet, our official Newbie Guides (HELP GUIDES). Try QW, looking for names in yellow.

(Also see Section XIII of this document for more helpful resources.)

IV. Getting a Class
The first and best thing to do would be to select a class, assuming that you haven't already! Your class determines the main skills are available to you, and may be thought of like a profession.

To join a class, see HELP CERTIMENE.
To help you decide, see HELP CLASSES, or HELP CLASS LIST.

V. Joining a House (optional)
Houses are organisations in Achaea that bring together adventurers of common beliefs and goals. They are often tremendously helpful to newbies starting out, and are a fundamental part of Achaea's community.

We encourage you to join a House! It is not required, but it can be _very_ beneficial. Many Achaeans find House membership one of the most enjoyable and important facets of their lives.

HOUSE LIST - shows what Houses you might join. 
HELP HOUSE <housename> - gives more details on one house.

CERTIMENE can assist you in joining Houses marked as having Auto-Induction. See

VI. Learning/Training
After joining a class, it's time to increase in your abilities by spending lessons to improve your skills.

STAT - shows how many lessons you have to spend on learning.
SKILLS - shows what skills you have now.
AB <skillname> - shows what abilities you have in any given skill.
AB <skill> <ab> - shows details about a particular ability in a skill.
HELP LEARNING - describes more about how to learn, and where to find tutors.

If you have joined a house, then you will have a group of people available to you to help you out with your questions and problems.

To gain more credits to turn into lessons see HELP RENOWN!

VII. Adventures in Minia, Lodi, and Gheladan
The lands of Minia, Lodi, and Gheladan are set aside by the Gods for newbie adventurers only (levels 1-20) - none else may enter. There are many quests for gold and/or experience, and various creatures such as pygmies, pixies, imps, wildcats, gnomes, sheep, and more to hunt.


VIII. Combat
As a newbie, you cannot be involved in combat with other players until you are
at least level 11. However, all newbies should know about combat versus denizens (denizens are mobs/NPCs in Achaean terminology), as you can combat denizens at any time. See HELP NEWBIEATTACKS for basic information.

IX. Healing
SLEEP - regains health.
MED - regains mana.

If you're in the middle of a fight, leave the room before you do either!

Vials of health elixir, mana elixir, boar and moon tattoos for health and mana regeneration, and irid moss plants are some other common ways of regaining health more easily. See HELP HEAL or HELP HEALING YOURSELF.

X. Ratting and Butterflies
Catching rats for city rat catchers, and collecting butterflies for an eccentric old butterfly collector named Vellis, are two of the easiest ways for newbies to make gold. See HELP RATTING and HELP BUTTERFLIES.

XI. Clothing, Vials, Banks
Once you have made some gold you may want to do a few things:
- buy better clothing (HELP CLOTHING)
- use a bank (HELP BANKS)

XII. Explore, Quest, Enjoy!
Now go! Explore, quest, and enjoy! Choose the path you prefer.

We recommend you start with exploration to open up new quests and new opportunities. Greet the denizens you meet. Many times they have something they need that you can help them with (HELP QUESTS).

Don't be afraid to ask for help from other adventurers or Gods, and _please_ read the HELP. Just type HELP to get an index of help scrolls available.

XIII. You are NEVER alone!
Achaea is a huge, living world full of many adventurers. It is not just for one. For good or ill, you are all in this together, to help or to hinder, to separate from or to join together with.

Find an experienced adventurer to mentor and teach you. It's a great way to learn. You can even have a formal mentor-protege relationship in the mentor system: see HELP MENTORS.

One thing is both the blessing, and the curse of our crowded realms: all those other adventurers! They may get in your way, or you may get in theirs. You may help one and be backstabbed by another. Working together, or in opposition, our adventurers are the main ingredient that dictate what Achaea will become. Get involved! Help us all to create the greatest realms on earth - Achaea!

XIV. And Now?
There is so much more to learn about Achaea, but this scroll is a good start!
If you're not already overwhelmed with information, try HELP by itself and browse through. Remember, you can also browse or search the help scrolls at our website, Enjoy!