Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


Many are the immortals who exist at the will of Sarapis, the Supreme Creator.

   11.1     About the Gods     The immortals.
   11.1.1   Celani             Servants of the Gods.
   11.1.2   Talking to Gods    High risk.
   11.2     Divine Orders      What they are, what they do.
   11.3     Offerings          Offering things to the Gods at holy shrines.
   11.3.1   Crusades           Fight a holy war.
   11.4     Temples            The Temples of the Gods.
   11.5     Ascension          Ascending from mortality to Divinity.
   11.6     Divine Favours     Earning the favour of the Gods.
   11.6.1   Divine Punishments Incurring the wrath of the Gods.


   11.7     Pantheon           The rulers of Achaea.
   11.7.1   Aegis              The God of War.
   11.7.3   Aurora             The Lightbringer.
   11.7.4   Babel              The God of Oblivion.
   11.7.5   Deucalion          The Righteous Fire.
   11.7.6   Gaia               Goddess of Nature.
   11.7.7   Lorielan           The Jade Empress.
   11.7.9   Neraeos            The God of the Sea.
   11.7.10  Ourania            The Goddess of the Moon.
   11.7.11  Pandora            The Wayward Heir.
   11.7.12  Phaestus           The Smith.
   11.7.13  Prospero           The God of Wealth.
   11.7.14  Sartan             The Malevolent.
   11.7.15  Scarlatti          The Great Bard.
   11.7.17  Twilight           The God of Darkness.
   11.7.18  Valnurana          The Goddess of Sleep and Dreams.
   11.7.19  Vastar             The Skylord.
   11.7.20  Tlalaiad           The Genesis


   11.8.1   Aeon               The Lord of Time.
   11.8.2   Aeyr               The God of Magic.
   11.8.3   Agatheis           The Lord of the Elements.
   11.8.4   Apollyon           The Suffering.
   11.8.31  Artemis            The Great Wrath.
   11.8.5   Bal'met            The Worldreaver.
   11.8.6   Caspian            The God of the Oceans.
   11.8.7   Demeter            The Green Lady.
   11.8.8   Daedalus           The Guardian of Balance.
   11.8.9   Eris               The Goddess of Chaos.
   11.8.10  Eros               The God of Love.
   11.8.11  Hermes             The Messenger.
   11.8.12  Indrani            The Demon Queen.
   11.8.13  Kastalia           The Goddess of Lakes and Rivers.
   11.8.14  Keresis            The Goddess of Vengeance.
   11.8.15  Khalas             The Wanderer.
   11.8.30  Lupus              The Wild God of the Beasts.
   11.8.16  Makali             The Goddess of Destruction.
   11.8.17  Matsuhama          The God of Combat.
   11.8.18  Maya               The Great Mother.
   11.8.19  Melantha           The Goddess of the Seasons.
   11.8.20  Miramar            The Goddess of Justice.
   11.8.21  Mithraea           The Goddess of the Sun.
   11.8.22  Oneiros            The God of Peace.
   11.8.23  Pandemonium        The God of Strife.
   11.8.24  Pentharian         The God of Valour.
   11.8.25  Raclawice          The Goddess of Rogues and Wanderers.
   11.8.26  Sarapis            The Supreme Creator of Achaea.
   11.8.27  Selene             The Goddess of Love and Beauty.
   11.8.28  Tarah              The Goddess of Compassion.
   11.8.29  Thoth              The God of Death.