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11.8.31 Artemis, the Great Wrath

In the year 844, Artemis perished in a duel to the death, protecting the plane of Anachai from, Lupus, Wild God of the Beasts.

Born of a seed of Destruction within the temple of Gaia and Propasia, the 
exiled spirit of the forest which once lay beneath Cyrene's cobblestone, 
the personification of primal, violent nature has come in the form of
Artemis. She manifests within the raw force of the rumbling in the earth and
the heart of a volcano. She is nature at its cruelest, its most unrelenting 
and fiercest. Like a building tremor in the earth She comes, raining down 
upon those who do Her charge harm.

The Cataclysm is a dispassionate force, set apart from the ideals of 'Good'
and 'Evil'. There is only what 'is', and with nature in particular, that
'is' constantly redefines itself. Artemis embodies the unpredictable
ferocity of Nature and is a guiding force to those who seek to maintain the
natural balance with spear, sweat, and blood. She often appears as a fiery 
jungle warrior, and Her Divine symbol is that of a yew tree, split by a bolt
of lightning. Like that bolt, the Cataclysm comes sudden and strong - She is
the Warrioress of Nature. Woe to the fool who crosses Her and invokes Her