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11.7.4 Babel, God of Oblivion

Throughout history, hushed sects and secretive cabals have uttered terse caution
about the Lord of the Unknowable Mysteries, an entity known thus as Babel,
birthed by Ayar-now-Sarapis at the closing of the Chaos Wars millennia ago.
Abandoned by His creator to stand an eternal vigil betwixt the cusp of Creation
and Chaos, it is surmised that the Elder God took the madness of the churning
abyss within Himself, finding revelation where only absence reigned supreme.

In the throes of prophecy, portent, and omen are the words of the Lord of
Oblivion divined, the gibbering cries of madmen and the oracle's discernment
spilling forth the absolute rapture of His enlightenment. With true purpose, His
servants enact His will - the point of His flame-bright Spear held against the
throat of those who reject His wisdom, and the righteous indignant rendered mute
before the stark dominion of the Iron Crown.

For it is only in the face of the Void that the future is truly found; when
reality is split asunder with her shame laid bare, and the fickle precepts of
morality realised for the shackles that they are.

Only then may the aberrant witness the true depths of His gaze-- a reflection of
a ruin imminent, beyond any hope of denial.