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11.8.12 INDRANI

The Goddess Indrani was slain in battle in 611 AF by Pandemonium, God of Strife.

"The only true sin is that of self-deception." Devotees of the Lady Indrani
asserted that this simple phrase was the key to understanding Her realm in its
totality... a goal sought by many, but achieved by few. They maintained that
the so-called "Seven Sins" - Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Pride, Wrath, Avarice, and
Dominion - were characteristics inherent in every sentient being, and only
through experiencing and mastering these aspects of their personas can true
power over oneself and others be exercised.

The Lady of Sin Herself wore many faces, but each bore the mark of Desire:
the allure of the forbidden, the unattainable, and pleasures both sacred and
profane. She embodied temptation in its purest form, and delighted in
confounding mortal perceptions of morality. Her philosophies were realised in
the symbols of the hooded serpent and the arcane septagram.