Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


6.1     Invisibility     Read about invisibility and how to deal with it.
   6.2     Flying           Soar above the land.
   6.3     Trees            Climb into the treetops.
   6.4     Groups           How to form groups with other adventurers.
   6.5     Allies           How to declare someone an official ally of yours.
   6.6     Enemies          How to brand someone an official enemy of yours.
   6.7     Elections        Starting and voting in elections and referendums.
   6.8     Shops            The commands to deal with shops.
   6.8.1   Selling          How to sell things, since shops don't buy!
   6.8.2   Loans and Trades Getting (and LOSING) things other ways.
   6.8.3   Selling Persons  Don't do it!
   6.8.4   Selling Vials    Selling vials to Rufio.
   6.8.5   Refill Tuns      Tuns that can be used in shops to sell refills.
   6.8.6   Trade            Trading items between adventurers.
   6.8.7   Pouring          Pouring and filling containers and the rift.
   6.9     Reading          Reading things like books, scrolls, and journals.
   6.10    Writing          Writing on various things.
   6.10.1  Editor           The Achaean editor system.

   6.11    Shopkeeping      Owning a shop and the commands to go with it.
   6.11.1  Shop Policies    Discounts, markups, and refusing service.
   6.11.2  Shop Bins        Dividing your wares and controlling who sees them.
   6.11.3  Shop Signs       Creating and using unique signs for your shops.
   6.11.4  Warehouse/Leases City based, bulk resource storage. 
   6.11.5  Trading Carts    Portable shop fronts for the merchant on the go!       

   6.12    Drinking         Hoist your flagon and throw back a draught of ale.
   6.13    Mentors          What they are, why you might need one.
   6.13.1  For Mentors      Mentoring younger adventurers.
   6.14    Grace            Gaining and rejecting the grace of the Gods.
   6.15    Banking          Depositing and withdrawing gold from banks.
   6.16    Guides           Characters who exist to help newbies.
   6.16.1  Romeo            The famous Guide.
   6.16.2  Juliet           The famous Guide.
   6.16.3  Becoming a Guide General info when applying for Guide.

   6.18    Libraries        Protect and disseminate written treasures!
   6.18.1  Journals         Journals and Manuscripts to record your adventures.
   6.19    Weather          Achaea's weather system.
   6.20    Levels           Levels of experience.
   6.20.1  Circles          Round things.
   6.21    Permissions      Read about Achaea's system of permissions.
   6.23    Bardic contests  Contests of art and literature.

   6.25    Map              Walk around an ansi-graphical map of Achaea!
   6.26    Commshops        NPC-run shops selling raw materials of the land.
   6.26.1  Commmarket       A way to buy and sell commodities from/to other
   6.26.2  Tanneries        Producing Leather!

   6.27    Logs             Organisational logs.
   6.28    Orghelp          Adventurer-written help files for cities and
   6.29    Writs            Retaliation rights for organisations.
   6.30    Digging          Buried treasure ahoy, mate.
   6.31    Theatre          You've always wanted to direct haven't you?
   6.32    Fishing          Teach those tasty, scaly bastards a lesson!

   6.33    Friends          Keep your friends close,
   6.34    Rivals           But your rivals, even closer!
   6.35    Wilderness Map   The wilderness, land and sea, of Achaea.
   6.36    Org Relations    Org-to-org relations.
   6.37    Org Charges      Organisational Charges System
   6.38    Org Crimes       Organisational Crimes System
   6.38.1  City Bounties    Bounties for slaying enemies
   6.39    Org Creditsales  Organisational Credit Sales