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6.8.5 Refill Tuns

Tuns are a storage item that can be placed in the stockroom of a shop that
will allow players to purchase the contents as fills for their vials.

Purchasing and placement
Tuns can be purchased by a Licensed Master Shopkeeper from Fronck by typing:


The current fee for this is 200,000 gold sovereigns   
The LMS should then take the designator and drop it in the stockroom they wish
the tun to be installed in (you can use the term DESIGNATOR or TUNDESIGNATOR to
accomplish this). Take care with your choice, as once placed, a tun can only be
picked by the person who originally purchased it from Fronck. To drop a
designator, you must have the ability to price things in that shop.

There is no limit on how many tuns you may own, with the exception of how much
space you have available in your stockroom.

A tun can be filled with any mixable venom or remedy, straight from a pot,
alembic, or vial, by standing in the same room and doing:

   POUR [# of sips] <container|fluid> INTO <tun>
A tun can provide one refill for every 200 sips it contains. If there are less
sips than this available in the tun, it will show as having no refills available
until you add more. A full tun will hold enough to refill 100 vials.

20,000 sips or 100 refills fills a tun.

You can only fill a tun if you have the ability to price items in the shop.

Pricing and Shop Policies
If you have permission to price things in the shop, you will then be able to

   PRICE <tun> <price>

to set the cost in gold sovereigns per refill.  Shop policies also apply to
the use of tuns. If you have a discount or are refused service in a shop
normally, this will include the use of the tuns in a shop.

Refilling from a tun
To purchase a refill from a tun, with the requisite gold in hand, you just:

   FILL <container|rift> WITH <tun>
Any work to be done with the tuns should be able to be completed by anyone who
has permission to price things in your shop. This means that even though only
the owner can pick a tun up, anyone with permissions to your shop can both fill
and empty all the tuns in your stockroom.