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6.11.5 Portable Trading Carts

Assembled from a wooden box of parts, trading carts are a mercantile marvel
that allows you to setup a small, portable shop!

These wooden boxes of parts can be acquired from various promotions and from
other adventurers who have a box to sell! Once assembled the carts cannot be
sold to another person.

Traders can place up to ten items in the cart at any one time, and the cart
will last for seven Achaean months. Gold from purchased items will be sent
directly to the cart owner.

Items in a cart's wares do not decay. (If an item is supposed to decay, it will
do so again once sold or when returned to owner's inventory upon decay of the

When a cart's seven months are up, all unsold items are returned to the cart
owner and the cart decays.

Commands for everyone:
   CART WARES               - View the items for sale in the cart.
   CART PROBE <item>        - Probe an item in the cart.
   CART PURCHASE <item>     - Purchase an item from the cart.

Commands for cart/box owners:
   CART ASSEMBLE *          - Assemble a box of parts into a cart.
   CART PRICE <item> <cost> - Price an item for sale.
   CART RETRIEVE <item>     - Remove an item from the cart.
   CART MOVE <dir>          - Move cart in a specific direction.

* When you assemble the cart, it will be placed in the room with you, so you
will want to make sure you do so in a location that will allow you to move it
around. (Carts are not able to disembark ships, for instance.)