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6.16.3 Applying to be a Guide.

Being a guide is a job in which you are paid for. It is not 'playing' Achaea.
If you think it's going to be fun, you're either wrong, or you like helping
newbies a lot more than most people do. Helping newbies can be very frustrating
at times. As an adventurer, it might be ok to say, "Read such and such help
scroll." but as a Guide, it is not. You will often wind up explaining the same
things over and over to newbies. That is totally OK. You've got to do it
cheerfully. If you don't think you can, then please don't be a Guide.

Your duties as a Guide:

1. Assist newbies.

   Assist any newbie that asks for help. Always watch the newbie
   channel and, depending on the needs of the newbie, responding
   appropriately. You may answer on the NEWBIE channel, or you may
   go to the newbie personally, or you may answer privately via tells.
   Newbies might contact you directly too.

   Give newbies as much assistance as possible, and if no newbie is
   currently asking for any, try asking some of the younger ones
   if they need to know anything or could use any help (of the sort you
   can give).

   Try to help newbies to be as well informed as possible about _how_
   to do things in Achaea. Do not give them step-by-step directions to
   quests, except for perhaps the ones in Minia/Lodi with regard to
   giving corpses to a certain denizen.

   Your primary goal is to assist newbies to understand the breadth and
   depth of Achaea. Much of a newbie's life may revolve around hunting
   denizens. This doesn't show off our world particularly well. So it's
   up to you to try to broaden that exposure. Show them more. Inspire
   them with the possibilities. Give them another approach. If you
   can succeed in this, then they'll be more likely to stick around.

2. Maintain your knowledge
   Maintain and update your knowledge of Achaea. Know the help scrolls.
   Know which ones are best for which problems. It's always good to
   mention what help scroll is relevant after you've answered a newbie's
   question. Do NOT just refer newbies to a help scroll in response to
   a question.

What is not your duty
To be a messenger between mortals and the gods. Gently direct people to use the
ISSUE ME command if they need help.

It is also not your duty to answer all questions just because a newbie asks
them. Take note! Answer questions from true newbies about newbie-related
things. How does the elections system work? What are the proper commands to set
up a library? How do I operate the Winery? These are all interesting questions
for which you can give encouragement and general direction, and then stop.

The Rules
 1) You must completely separate your Guide from your other character(s).
    This means no OOC chatting _at all_ with adventurers while you are a Guide.

    Do not under any circumstance communicate with other adventurers/friends
    while you are a Guide - If you want to chat, go back to your mortal
    character. This also means no becoming a Guide just to escape combat,
    or to do anything that has any real affect on your character.
 2) You must _always_ be polite and professional to adventurers while
    remaining in character. Even if an adventurer gets rude or abusive, you 
    are absolutely, under no circumstances, to be rude or abusive back. You 
    are there to serve.
 3) Minimum service time is 5 hours per week. Let the Master Guide know
    if circumstances may prevent this for short periods. If you don't do
    enough Guide work for two weeks, your Guide status will probably be
    revoked. We are looking for consistent work.

4) Everything you do will be logged. Yes, everything! You may be
    watched at any time as well, so if you go AFK or start getting
    bad-tempered, we will know about it.

If you cannot abide by the rules here, or fear that you would get bored as a
Guide, then please do not apply to become one. We dislike few things more than
people who take on responsibilities and then quit. For most people, this isn't
a fun job. If you're one of the people who enjoy helping newbies, then this is
for you.