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17.2.6 XP Events

What Is An XP Event?
XP Events (also known as Experience Contests) are usually long-term events where adventurers compete individually, or by organisation. During these events, you gain experience via the slaying of denizens. Experience gain is tracked and ranked, and the person or organisation with the highest experience gain during the event is declared the winner. 

The names of those who have entered the XP Event will show up in the room in bold cyan (#14 in CONFIG COLOUR).

    *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   

Championship Games XP Event
Everything written above remains the case for this special XP event, but this one will be a 6 hour total hunting time which can be undertaken during the XP Event windows scheduled on UPCOMING.

You do NOT have to complete all 6 hours in one sitting, but you cannot hunt for less than 1 hour total at any one time.

XPEVENT JOIN      - will mark you as a participant and will begin your first hour-long hunting window.

XPEVENT ENTER     - will start one of your successive, hour-long bashing windows. This will be for hour 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. Please use JOIN for the first hour.

XPEVENT WHO       - will lists players who are currently using their XPEVENT window.

Contest points awarded will vary based on the continent or plane you are on and roughly correspond to the level of danger you are in from other players while hunting, with higher danger being more rewarding.

These modifiers are an adjustment to base point value and will show on SURVEY while the event is active:

Mainland Sapience: 125%
Other continents that are not outer islands: 80%
Outer Islands / Diving: 30%
Annwyn or the Underworld: 150%
Any other plane: 100%

As an example, if a denizen is typically worth 40 points (a sample value), then killing it on mainland Sapience will award 50 points, but an outer island would make it 13 points.

It is NOT possible to QUIT the Championship XP Event, however any active participation will time out after an hour, removing OPEN PK status.


    *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   *****   

Joining and Leaving
To join an XP Event, type XPEVENT JOIN. You will be FREE PK once you join, so make sure that's really what you want to do!

To quit an XP Event, type XPEVENT QUIT. You can NOT rejoin the XP Event once you have quit - you only get to join once. So make sure that's really what you want to do!

If you QQ during an XP Event, you will remain in the XP Event when you return to the realms. Once you have joined an XP Event, the only way to quit it before it is over is to XPEVENT QUIT.

About Experience Gain
Bonuses to xp, such as rare minerals, the Effigy of Victory and the Mark bonuses, will not count for the scoring in this event, although you will personally still gain xp as normal, i.e. with the bonuses.

Free PK
All XP Events are FREE-PK, which means that you cannot lose or gain experience via PK if you join an XP Event. 

Any person-specific combat advantages gained during an XP Event, as in any  FREE-PK event, such as Vodun dolls, puppets, Death Tarot rubs, must be given up voluntarily at the end of the event. If you make us track you down, you'll regret it, so put those humgiis to good use!

You CAN still lose experience via death to normal denizens (this excludes loyal entities, such as falcons, Baalzadeens, chaos entities, golems, et cetera). Any deliberate attempt to cause an XP event participant to die to a normal denizen is forbidden. That means: don't lead aggressive denizens out to kill people. Don't summon into city guards from outside city property.

Commands (NOT FOR 802 Championship Games)
XPEVENT JOIN                     - join the current xp event.
XPEVENT QUIT                     - quit the current xp event. cannot rejoin!
XPEVENT RANKINGS [start] [count] - rankings of curr/prev xp event.
XPEVENT WHO                      - those in the xp event.