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9.61 Tradeskills

Fancy yourself the creative type? Wish to be renowned throughout the lands for
your master craftsmanship? Then learning a tradeskill might be something you're
interested in.

Achaea offers a variety of miniskills that allow you to ply your talents and
make some gold while you're doing it. Each person can learn two(*) tradeskills
from the following list:

 Armoursmithing (HELP ARMOURSMITHING) - Forge protective armour and shields.
 Artistry (HELP ARTISTRY)             - Design and create works of art.
 Augmentation (HELP AUGMENTATION)     - Augment items with magical
 Beverages (HELP BEVERAGES)           - Design drinks and drinking vessels.
 Conjuration (HELP CONJURATION)       - Conjure powerful magical objects.
 Cooking (HELP COOKING)               - Design and cook delicious dishes.
 Furnishing (HELP FURNISHING)         - Scour for materials and craft furniture.
 Gathering (HELP GATHERING)           - Obtain reagents from many sources.
 Harvesting (HELP HARVESTING)         - Pick plants and other natural
 Inkmilling (HELP INKMILLING)         - Mill inks and warpaints.
 Jewellery (HELP JEWELLERY)           - Create exquisite custom jewellery.
 Remedies (HELP REMEDIES)             - Concoct life-saving elixirs and salves.
 Shipfitting (HELP SHIPFITTING)       - Equip ships with everything they need.
 Transmutation (HELP TRANSMUTATION)   - Extract and transmutate minerals.
 Tailoring (HELP TAILORING)           - Sew exquisite clothes for the masses.
 Toxicology (HELP TOXICOLOGY)         - Prepare deadly poisons.
 Weaponsmithing (HELP WEAPONSMITHING) - Forge the weapons of war.

(*) You'll obtain your first tradeskill at level 30, and the second at 
    level 50. For additional skills beyond that, see "Additional 
    tradeskills" below.

Obtaining tradeskills
To begin your journey as a craftsman, seek out Amarisse at the Delosian
Crafters Union in Delos. Once there, ASK AMARISSE GAIN <trade skill>.

Cooking, Furnishing, Jewellery, Artistry, Beverages, and Tailoring also each
have a permit cost of two hundred credits, these will need to be purchased
before the skills can be gained from Amarisse.

Additional tradeskills
To encourage a thriving economy and community, additional tradeskills carry an
extra cost to learn. If you'd like to become more self-sufficient, you may
purchase more tradeskill permits for fifty credits each, allowing you to learn
an extra trade skill. Each of these skills also carries a compounding lesson
cost to learn. So your third tradeskill (first additional skill) will cost
fifty percent more lessons to reach transcendent. Your fourth (second
additional) will cost fifty percent more again. This caps at 300% of the base
cost (base cost + 200%).

Use the TRADESKILLS command to see which tradeskills you have and which slot
they are in.

To purchase an additional tradeskill permit, simply visit Amarisse in Delos and

There is no pressure to learn additional skills though, there will definitely
be another adventurer around who will be able to assist you!

Forgetting tradeskills
Should you wish to change tradeskills in the future, you can FORGET
<tradeskill> and you'll be refunded 50% of your invested lessons in that skill.