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9.37.9 Artistry

Lift the spirits, offer exaltation to the Gods, rouse a rabble to revolution,
drive someone to delve the deepest pits of despair, or beyond with artistry!

Artistry is the skill of combining mediums most mundane and the loftiest
flights of imagination to a form tangible self expression; it enables the
creation of inspiring murals, lifelike portraits, wonderfully evocative
paintings, and all manner of artwork in between.

You must be above level 10 to access the Artistry tradeskill.

   - Use this command at "A painter's studio" in Delos.
   - This will cost 200 credits.
   - If you have a bronze trade seal, please READNEWS ANNOUNCE 4247
   - Once purchased, this permit will show up on SCORE LICENSES.
   - This will never expire and cannot be traded in.

   - Make sure you have Bought your Artistry Permit as per above!
   - Make sure you have a tradeskill slot empty
   - TRADESKILLS will show your tradeskill slots
   - SCORE LICENSES will show how many slots you have in full.
   - Visit Amarisse, Secretary of the Crafting Council

Once you are a licensed artist, you will have basic ability in the Artistry

Creating a piece of artwork is a more involved process than sewing a garment,
it is a labour of inspiration and talent!

Priming and Embellishment
When you have chosen an approved design to create you must first prime your

- PRIME <NDS ID#> to create the blank canvas upon which you will create your

- NDS P <nds ID#> will tell you how many sessions of embellishment this piece
  of art will take.

- You can also PROBE a primed piece of work to see how many sessions remain.

- The materials required will be consumed at the Priming stage.

** See HELP ARTISTRY DESIGN for details on Priming a mural **
** See HELP ARTISTRY DESIGN for details on Priming a mural **
** See HELP ARTISTRY DESIGN for details on Priming a mural **

With your canvas in your possession or in your location you may begin the
process of embellishment:

- EMBELLISH <canvasID> to begin an artistry session. This is a channel that 
  will tick through your available artistry sessions. 
  This will end when you use the stop command.
  This will end when the artwork is completed.
  This will end when you run out of artistry sessions.
  This will drain willpower and endurance while embellishing continues.

- STOP at any time to cancel this process.

- The piece of art is finished when the required number of artistry sessions
have been completed!

The more you train in this skill, the higher quality your artwork will be,
in terms of durability, and how many artistry sessions you gain each day.

For Murals
The property owner will first need to apply the PLASTER housing upgrade to 
the room in question.

The property owner does not need access to artistry or a mural's design unless
they wish to take part in the painting themselves.

So long as an artist has access to a mural design (whether org-based, public, 
or passcoded) they may PRIME a mural in private housing.

Any artist may then assist in the EMBELLISHment of the artwork, provided they
have artistry sessions to use.

For Portrait Locket Inserts
When one of these has been painted it can be placed into an empty portrait
locket made by a jeweller.

(This is the new portrait locket design, and is not compatible with older

   This will add the portrait's description to the locket.
   This will consume the insert.
   This is not reversible.

   This will show your portrait description on PROBE/EXAMINE.

   This will hide the portrait's description on PROBE/EXAMINE.

Artistry Sessions
These are what allow you to undertake the process of creating a work of art.

You will gain a number of sessions per in game day, depending on your skill 
level in artistry.

You will automatically "store" up to seven unused artistry sessions.

Artistry sessions are consumed during the Embellishment channel.

Abilities Gained
At Novice:       The ability to Prime and Embellish existing artwork.
                 1 artistry session per day.
At Adept:        The ability to design your own masterpieces.
                 2 artistry sessions per day.
At Transcendent: 4 artistry sessions per day.