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19.16.17 Scrappers

Scrappers are minipets (or artefact pets) that have been taught to battle and
can be deployed in scrapper matches against other players and their own
scrappers. This battle system is entirely independent of any other game or
combat system in Achaea and is wholly a showdown of pet(s) vs pet(s) drawing
upon their unique attacks, genus, resistances, strengths, and weaknesses.

Almost all minipets are eligible to be upgraded into full-fledged scrappers
with the exception of the fire/ice sprite from the Conclave event, the pair 
of leather shoes, the red rubber ball, the parchment kite, and the living rope.

Minipets that die and the various potted plants may also not be turned into

Most artefact pets will be eligible for upgrading into scrappers, but due to
the nature of these this must be done on a bespoke case by case basis by
contacting to discuss options.

HELP PETS has a breakdown of the costs for artefact pets.

Register Your Minipet!
Jovan in Tasur'ke or Elma on the Prelatorian Highway are Achaea's scrapper
experts. Pay them a visit to start the process.

SCRAPPER REGISTER <minipetID>   - This will cost 25,000 gold and upgrade a
                                  standard minipet into a scrapper at level 1
                                  with health(hp), attack(atk), and 
                                  defence(def) stats.

Scrapper Stats and Basics
At level 1, your new scrapper will be weak and inexperienced. By default it 
will know one attack and will need to gain battle experience to level up and
gain additional stats and access to further attacks.

The SCRAPPER command has all the various instructions for interacting with
and finding out information about your scrapper!

SCRAPPER INFO <scrapperID>      - View all information about a scrapper,
                                  including stats.

SMATCH                          - Everything scrapper battling! Just follow 
                                  the menu prompts!

Menu prompts can be typed directly into Achaea without any prefix or prepended
verb, e.g if prompted to JOIN, simply type JOIN and Achaea will receive your
instruction. Please note however that any command typed other than the menu
instructions will pull you out of the menu and require you to enter it again 
via the SMATCH command.

As your scrapper levels up they gain an increase in health, atk, and defence.
This increase is random within a small range.

The feeding of certain treats (purchased from Jovan or Elma) will allow you 
to reroll a stat gained on the last levelup (or all three at once). Simply SCRAPPER FEED <scrapper> <treat>.

**You can only feed one treat to a scrapper per Achaean month.**

a pumpkin-flavoured scrapper treat    - rerolls the health stat on a scrapper.
a knaveberry-flavoured scrapper treat - rerolls the defence stat on a scrapper.
a salmon-flavoured scrapper treat     - rerolls the atk stat on a scrapper.
a floral-smelling scrapper treat      - rerolls all stats on a scrapper.

Scrapper Attacks
All scrappers have access to a set of four different attacks, unlocked
sequentially as they reach levels 1, 3, 12, and 20.

Some of these attacks are shared across multiple similar scrappers but ALL
scrapper minipets have at least one unique attack available to their species;
this is learned at level 12 and has an advantage of dealing more damage than
most standard attack moves.

Some attacks will have a status effect; these might cause a damage over time
effect, create paralysis/webbing effects that cause your foe to miss a turn, 
or instill a mental affliction that will give your foe the chance to deal 
damage to itself (as well as your scrapper) when it attacks.

Prestiging your scrapper takes it from default (all scrappers at registration)
to bronze level, silver level, and gold level. 

Prestiged scrappers have higher potential for health, attack, and defence gain
on level up, and also start with a higher base health.

To create a bronze prestige scrapper you will need two default scrappers of 
the same type (two sleek black otters for example), and both must be at least
level 5. 

Take your two scrappers to either Jovan or Elma and use the following command
while you have 10,000 gold in hand:

SCRAPPER EXCHANGE <scrapperID> and <scrapperID>

The two scrappers will be taken from you and exchanged for a level 1 bronze
scrapper of the same type!

To create a silver prestige scrapper you will need 2 bronze prestige scrappers
of the same type.
To create a gold prestige scrapper you will need 2 silver prestige scrappers 
of the same type.

*** PLEASE NOTE: Customised minipets will NOT retain their customisation
during the prestiging process. ***

Artefact pets cannot be prestiged in this way, see HELP PETS for more details on their