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19.13 Customisations


What is Customisation?
A customisation is paid for with credits and may...
  - change the appearance of an item (description customisation),
  - affect whether the item decays (non-decay customisation),
  - return to its owner (reset customisation), or
  - add interactivity to an item (reaction customisation).

How to Make a Customisation Request
Customising an item's appearance and making it non-decaying or resetting can
all be done in-game. All the necessary commands can be viewed by entering 

You may also send customisation inquiries or requests via email to if they are beyond the scope of this system
(e.g. gift customisations or reaction customisations).

What Can Be Customised
Almost all items may be customised.
  - A quarterstaff may be customised (see below for details).
  - A mage's staff may be customised.
  - Ship/seafaring equipment can be customised.
  - Crafted jewellery and clothing may be customised.
  - Alchemy robes may be customised.
  - Some class loyals may be customised.
  - Artefact armour may be customised.
  - Resetting loyals may be customised in description only.
  - A very few other denizens may be customised.
  - Artefacts may be customised in description or with reactions (they
    already reset and do not decay). This does not change the trade-in
    value of the artefact.

What Cannot Be Customised
  - Decaying armour cannot be customised. Armour can be made non-decay and
    resetting via the application of a Rondel. (See HELP ARTEFACT ARMOUR.)
  - Weapons, and forged items not specifically mentioned in this file may never
    be made NON-DECAY or, by extension, RESETTING.
  - Quest items may never be customised in any way.
  - Mounts or steeds may never be customised in any way but description, and
    they may only be customised in description if they are collared.
  - Vodun dolls and Puppetry puppets may not be customised in any way.
  - Any item which has been enchanted may not be customised in any way.
  - Angels, Baalzadeens, Daeggers, any elemental or occultist entity, or
    spiritual maces.
  - Most of the rare items and temporary artefacts obtained during Great Hunts
    or various promotional events may not be customised.
  - Blademaster or Two Arts swords may not be customised (you may augment them 
    with a Blademaster's Band - see HELP ARTEFACTS OFFENSIVE).
  - Furniture items. These can be preserved by the applying a specific housing
    upgrade to the location in which the furniture is placed.
  - Food and drink items, including vessels that have held drinks, not just those from the beverages tradeskill.

Four Types of Customisation
DESCRIPTION   Change the way the item (or denizen in some cases) appears.
               - Furniture is ok for this.
               - Most items may have custom descriptions.
               - Artefacts may have custom descriptions.
               - Descriptions may not change the basic nature of the thing.
                 (so a sword must remain a sword, and not an epee, e.g.)
               - See additional information below.

NON-DECAY     Your item never decays (NOTE: this does NOT mean it can
              never be destroyed).
               - No forged items. No quest items.
               - No enchanted items.
               - Artefacts are already NON-DECAY.
               - A few items are already NON-DECAY.
               - Can be purchased without RESETTING.

              If purchased without resetting on an item that does not
              reset, please be aware that if you lose the item or it is
              stolen, the administration CANNOT help you regain the item,
              even though you paid to have it made non-decay. If you want
              to make sure that you cannot lose it, that is what the 
              resetting customisation is for. All this customisation
              ensures is that the item will not decay!

RESETTER      Item returns to your inventory on a regular basis.
               - Most items may be made to RESET to their owner.
               - Quest items may not be given a custom RESET.
               - Artefacts already RESET to their owner.
               - BENEFIT: the item won't stay stolen (it always comes back!)
               - BENEFIT: the item cannot be destroyed by mushroom or humgii.
               - BENEFIT: RESETTER _includes_ NON-DECAY. In fact, you can't
                          buy RESETTER without also buying NON-DECAY.
              You can add RESETTER to something that is already NON-DECAY.
              Be aware that you can NOT enchant augmentations onto anything
              that is resetting.

              Some things may reset to a room that you own (such as a room in
              your subdivision house or ship cabin) instead of your inventory.

              If you wish to alter the reset location of an item that is
              already resetting, please email with
              all the details. This will cost 10 bound credits per item.

RETAINMARK    Item will retain its initial mark of loyalty. If this option is 
              omitted, the item will be converted to bear your mark.

REACTION      Items that have already been customised to be resetting &
              non-decay (or artefacts) can be customised to have some 
              custom responses. These responses are for RP purposes 
              ONLY and can have no combat or utility applications.
              We will also turn down reactions that are overly grandiose,
              silly, or inexplicable within the context of Achaea. For
              example, if you request a crown that declares anyone who
              puts it on to be the Emperor of Delos, it will be rejected.
              For now, actions that are explicitly available for reactions 
              include: PUSH, PULL, TURN, WIELD, UNWIELD, DROP, TOUCH, RING, 
              SHAKE, LIGHT, SMOKE. So you could, for example, have a bell do a 
              custom message in the room when rung. If you have something you 
              want customised to react to an action not listed above, check to 
              see if it is possible with
              Third-person messages or first-person messages to anyone other 
              than the owner should be no longer than 4 lines in Achaea's 
              default setting (which is 80 characters per line). Anything  
              longer will need to be broken up using delayed messages with a 
              few seconds in between. First-person messages to the owner may 
              be as long as you like. Basically, if you want to spam yourself, 
              feel free, but not other people!

Bound credits must be used to purchase customisations, including artefact

ITEM DESCRIPTION               -  50 credits
CREATURE DESCRIPTION           - 100 credits
NON-DECAY                      -  50 credits
RESETTER                       - 100 credits*
REACTION                       -  25 credits**

*  If something is already non-decay, resetting may be added separately
   for 50 credits.

** Reactions cost a MINIMUM of 25 credits each, more depending on complexity
   and scope. Check with for pricing on what you
   wish to do.

Do not send or transfer credits! Payment will be taken directly when the
customisation is complete.

More About Custom Descriptions
Custom descriptions include the following three fields:

  APPEARANCE - seen when using INV, II, or IH.
               "a green blob" or "an open-faced sandwich"
               Do not capitalise; use little or no punctuation.
               No final punctuation - no . or ! or anything at the end.
               ** Must not exceed 50 characters. **
  DROPPED    - seen when the item is on the floor. "A green blob lies
               here." "Someone has forgotten an open-faced sandwich here."
               Make this a sentence, with initial capital and final "."
               ** Must not exceed 80 characters. **  

  EXAMINED   - seen when looking at, showing off, or PROBE(ing) the item:
              "This green blob is a very fine green blob. It pulsates if
               you touch it, and glows if you rub it."
               Do not tell the viewer how to react, or impose actions
               on the viewer (e.g. "You gasp in surprise"). This is not
               good form. Remember to show, rather than tell.
               Multiple sentences allowed. Have fun with it!

Creature customisations include three additional fields:

  ENTRY      - What is seen when the creature enters a room.
               (the way to specify the direction of entry or
               departure is to use $DIR. See example below.)
               ** Must not exceed 80 characters. **
  LEAVE      - What is seen when the creature leaves a room.
               (the way to specify the direction of entry or
               departure is to use $DIR. See example below.)
               ** Must not exceed 80 characters. **
  DEATH      - What is seen when the creature is dead on the ground.
               ** Must not exceed 80 characters. **

Example of an Item Description
APPEARANCE   - a bait bucket
DROPPED      - A bait bucket sits here in its own puddle.
EXAMINED     - Low and wide for stability, this wooden bait bucket is
               admirably adapted to its task. It has two carved handles with
               metal reinforcement along the top edge. The upper lip curves
               inwards, overhanging the centre in order to keep some of the
               more lively contents from seeking their freedom.

Example of a Creature Description
APPEARANCE   - a woolly lamb
DROPPED      - Shyly gazing at her surroundings is a woolly lamb.
EXAMINED     - Soft, curly wool the colour of creamy milk comprises the fleece
               of this shy little lamb. Her large brown eyes are lidded with a
               fringe of soft white lashes, and she seems to be smiling beneath
               her pink nose. Long, almond-shaped ears stick out comically to
               the sides, perked forward to catch any sound. In contrast to her
               full, fluffy fleece, her legs are slender and smooth, tipped
               with hooves of soft grey.
ENTRY        - Stepping timidly in from the $DIR is a woolly lamb.
LEAVE        - A woolly lamb ducks her head and steps away to the $DIR.
DEATH        - Bloodstained fleece marks the corpse of a little lamb.

Additional Notes on Customising Certain Items
Forged Items         Forged items may be customised in description. They may 
                     NOT be made NON-DECAY or RESETTING outside of the use of
                     Rondels. If they are already non-decay, they can usually
                     be made resetting. Armour can only be customised in
                     description once it has been made non-decay and resetting.

                     When they decay, the customisation will be gone and you 
                     will not get any credits back, nor will you get a discount
                     if you customise a new item with the same description.

Journals             If you are the owner, a journal may be made resetting to 
                     you by visiting Mydoin in New Thera, rather than using the
                     customisation process.

Order Items          Order items are items given to order members by Gods to 
                     signify the recipient's membership in a Divine Order. They
                     usually do not decay, and they may or may not already 
                     reset to you. Order items belong, ultimately, to the God 
                     who has bestowed it. If you wish to have an Order item 
                     customised, you must first seek the permission of the 
                     relevant God. Even if permission is obtained, be aware 
                     that the God may decide to change the item, or to remove 
                     it from your possession at any time, for any reason. You 
                     will not receive a refund of the credits used to customise
                     the item if this happens. This also applies to the special
                     mounts sometimes given by Gods to their order members.

Quarterstaves        A quarterstaff with resetting will reset into your 
                     possession once per Achaean day. This will not be hastened
                     or modified in any way if you PLANT the quarterstaff. It
                     will return, but only on the schedule already noted.

                     Customising the description of a quarterstaff will not 
                     change the description of other quarterstaves that you 
                     summon, only the customised one.

Class Loyals         Please see HELP CLASS ITEM CUSTOMISATION for further
                     details on this.

Clothing/Jewellery   Most items of clothing and jewellery decay, though 
                     jewellers with sufficient skill can repair jewellery, 
                     extending life indefinitely. You may request all forms of 
                     customisation for jewellery or clothing.

                     Please do not request a description customisation of 
                     clothing or jewellery that has previously been rejected as
                     a pattern by the Crafting Guild. Customisation is not a 
                     means to circumvent the guild's standards.

                     Clothing may NOT be customised to be a container (i.e. 
                     adding pockets).

Furniture            Furniture can be customised in description, but it cannot
                     be customised with reactions (such as sitting down on a

Vials                All customisations may be made to vials. However, making
                     a vial reset does not turn it into an artefact vial. It
                     will have the same properties as before, such as the
                     amount of sips.