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What is an artefact pet?
An artefact pet is a custom denizen (restricted in MANY ways as to nature and type, see below) with special and unique powers and abilities that may be purchased for Bound Credits. (except: see GIFTS)
Artefact pets are loyal to a particular adventurer. They are NOT meant to assist greatly in combat, though they are not useless either. See the PET COMMANDS section at the end of this help file.

If you are purchasing credits for your pet, please do not do so until your pet has been approved.
What isn't an artefact pet?
A mini pet is not an artefact pet. Some mini pets may be purchased for gold, others are obtained through other means. Please refer to HELP MINIPETS. 

A mount or steed is not an artefact pet, though some pets may be mountable. Even if you purchase a collar of Lupus (see HELP ARTEFACTS MISC), the mount is not an artefact pet. Most mounts may be purchased for gold at stables across Sapience. Please refer to HELP MOUNTS.
Class loyals are not an artefact pet (such as a magi's water weird, a serpent's snake, a runewarden's falcon, a sentinel's woodland creature, or one of many entities found serving Occultists). These are available as special class abilities. Consult the various classes for more details. Artefact pets may not resemble class loyals either.

Gifting a pet
As with other artefacts, it is possible that a pet may be given as a gift. In such a case, you MUST have unbound credits in order to pay for the pet. Gift pet requests should be sent via email to, not submitted through the system below.
Pets may not be transferred or traded in at all - no tradein value, no refunds, no exchanges. Be sure that you want any pet you purchase, because it will be yours, and nobody else's, for a very long time!
Requesting a Pet
To request a pet, simply create a new customisation request!
Fill out the fields accordingly and decide which upgrades you want your pet to have. Fields and upgrade options are described below, alongside their costs. 

Please see HELP STYLE for more details and guidelines on describing your pet.

If you are purchasing credits for your pet, please do not do so until your pet has been approved.
Base Features - 500 credits
All pets include the following, these aspects are not changeable:
  - The pet itself (including fully custom descriptions and name).
  - Resetting to you so that it cannot get stolen or lost permanently.
  - Resets to you in the case of death.
  - The ability to order it to move about via tells.
  - The ability to order it to follow you.
  - The ability to order it to enter your inventory.
  - This costs 500 credits.
CUSTOMISATION SET <#> <field> <text>
  - All pets require "names", which are the noun(s) that the pet will go by.
  - This must include a proper noun (John for instance), as well as less 
    specific type nouns like 'dog' or 'bear' that the pet can be referenced 
  - These names should be separated by a comma, without spaces, and the 
    proper noun should come first. That is, the actual name of the pet.
  For example:
    - Good "names": Moxie,dog,goodgirl
    - Bad "names": bear, dog-beast , Kelso

See HELP STYLE - Denizen Descriptions for guidance on Appearance, Dropped, Examined, Entry, Leave, and Death fields.

There are a few common requests for pets that will be denied, including 
pets that are:
  - HUMANOID: Pets cannot be humanoid, or of a living sentient or near-sentient
    race, known or imagined. Thus no pet could be Tsol'aa or Tsol'teth, troll
    or Treekin. Not even a lich, centaur, or minotaur.

  - OF HISTORY OR LEGEND, or RELATED: Pets should also not try to make some 
    sort of real or imagined connection with history or myth or some known
    unique being. Thus no pet should try to claim to be a direct descendant 
    of the Spawn of the Unnamable Horror, or the Hydra that Jason battled, 
    or whatever. Generic is the way to go!
    the discretion of the administration, your pet may be rejected if its
    descriptions or its behaviours are simply too silly or otherwise 
    detrimental to the roleplaying atmosphere.

If you are purchasing credits for your pet, please do not do so until your pet has been approved.

These are on/off selections you can add to your pet request.

Female - No cost
   Designate your pet as a female instead of a male.
Invincibility - 100 Bound Credits
   Your pet will not die.
   Note: Once purchased this can be toggled on and off via the PETS command.
   Please see the reporting option below for more details.
Sentience - 200 Bound Credits
   Order your pet to speak and emote, pre-defined and custom emotes, with 
   the exception of racial or other special emotes (see racial emotes addon
   Speech will be in Achaean only.
   Your pet will report anything spoken directly to it, or told to it.
   Your pet will report things given to it.
Flight - 100 Bound Credits
   Your pet will be able to fly. We will only allow this for pets that have
Mountable - 100 Bound Credits
   Ride your pet like a pony!
   We will only allow this for pets that riding makes sense for. You could 
   ride a giant beetle of course, but not a beetle of normal size.
   If your pet is mountable, you do not have to have riding skill in order 
   to do this. You MAY have riding skill though, and you may use abilities 
   in the skill while mounted on your pet.
Amnesia - 400 Bound Credits
   Your pet will sometimes afflict your enemies in combat with amnesia.
   You may only get amnesia OR custom attack message, but not both.
   More about attacks: no other attacks are allowed for any pets, at any price.
   Only amnesia is allowed as an attack for pets.
   You may only purchase two amnesia pets per character.

Mask Ability - 300 Bound Credits
   This is similar to the MASK ability. With it, you gain the ability to 
   A masked pet does not appear in the room when someone LOOKs there, nor 
   is it seen while entering or leaving. 
   This does not mean that the pet is completely invisible, since someone
   looking directly at it will see it.
   If you are riding (mounted on) a masked pet, you are not masked. 
   Masking affects nothing more than the pet itself, not the rider nor 
   anybody else.
No Auto Emotes - 100 Bound Credits
   This means that the pet will have absolutely no reaction to emotes from 
   other players (unless of course you add some reactions as noted below).
Reporting - 300 Bound Credits
   Pets with this upgrade will report to their owner the entry and exit of
   players into their location.
   Pets with this upgrade will also report the details of says heard in its
   location provided the "invincibility" add-on is not active.
   Pets that are "invincible" can only report things said directly to the 
   pet itself. 
   Pets with both upgrades will report fully when invincibility is disabled,
   and will report as if sentient above with invincibility enabled.
   NOTE: This option requires the sentience add-on. There are no 
   substitutions, and the included reactions cannot be customised or 
   purchased separately.
Special Upgrades via email to
These following upgrades may be requested via email at
Custom Attack Message - 300 Bound Credits
   Your pet's attack will have a custom appearance in the form we call an
   'oact'. Oacts may not change the damage type or amount. 
   Multiple oacts may be combined to give the pet various attacks. Each added
   oact is also 300 Bound Credits.
   NOTE: you may only get amnesia OR custom attack message, but not both.
Racial Emotes - 50 Bound Credits
   For pets who resemble races that have predefined racial emotes (such as
   rajamala or dragon), you may enable those racial emotes for 50 credits 
   per race. 
   So, for example, if your pet is a winged panther, the cost to enable both
   rajamala and atavian emotes would be 100 credits.

Additions to pets that are already created must be requested via email to also.
Reactions are added to artefact pets after their creation. For details on how to do so, please see HELP REACTIONS. Please note that reactions added to sentient artefact pets in this way will cost an additional 50 bound credits per reaction. Reactions not included within this system may be possible at additional cost.

REACTION <mob> <id> SUBMIT - When you've completed your reaction. 
Once the reaction has been approved, you will be able to enable it for a fee of 50 Bound Credits. This fee only applies once per reaction, after which you may disable/reenable it freely.

Emote actions use the standard emote syntax (emote looks at $person). This means that if you're looking to have different messages for first and third person, your emotes will need to double up on the $ symbol (see the last example given above). Moving forward we will NOT be fixing these by hand, you will have to pay to unlock your reaction and resubmit it for approval if you do not format your emotes appropriately.

If you have an older pet that you want to change existing reactions on, please email with your pet ID and request and the team will assist from there.

Pet Commands
In addition to the commands in HELP DENIZENS, the following apply to artefact pets.
SAY <pet name>, FOLLOW ME       - Makes your pet follow you.
SAY CLIMB UP, <pet name>        - Makes your pet climb up into your inventory.
TELL <pet name> GO <direction>  - Make your pet walk in a direction.
                                  (no direction abbreviations, please)
TELL <pet name> COME HERE       - Teleports your pet into your inventory from
For Mountable Pets
MOUNT <pet>                     - Mount your pet.
DISMOUNT <pet>                  - Dismount your pet.
SPUR <pet> SKYWARDS             - Your pet flies to the skies with you on its
                                  back. (assuming your mountable pet can fly)
For Sentient Pets
TELL <pet> EMOTE <xx>           - any pre-defined emote.
TELL <pet> EMOTE EMOTE <xx>     - any free-form emote.
TELL <pet> SAY <xx>             - pet will say whatever you want.
Please note that not all artefact pets will be able to become scrappers, suitability will be determined on a case by case basis and may be affected by any special functions your pet already performs.
There are two possible upgrades for artefact pets to become scrappers, Basic and Premium scrapper upgrades.
Basic - 250 credits
- This scrapper will have 1 unique attack.
- This scrapper will have 3 attacks from the generic genus pool.
Premium - 500 credits
- This scrapper will have 4 unique attacks.
Making a basic or premium scrapper instantly level 20 is possible for an additional cost of 250 credits. Stat gains at level up will be rolled
automatically as normal, these will not be maxed. You will be able to use consumable treats to reroll the level 20 gains as per HELP SCRAPPERS.
As finding multiples of your unique artefact pet is not possible for standard prestiging, artefact pet scrappers may have prestige purchased.
- Bronze  150 credits
- Silver  300 credits
- Gold    600 credits