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Becoming a Shopkeeper
First you must acquire a shop!

To purchase a shop, seek someone willing to sell you one.

Shops outside the normal cities (Delos, Central wilderness) are handled by Lord Melchior. If you are interested in purchasing a shop in these areas, you should first check to see if there are any closed down. A closed shop may be for sale after a period of time if the taxes are not paid up.  

Otherwise, seek those who wish to sell shops in the same manner that you seek any seller: personal contacts, market channel, ads, and the like.

Now That You're a Shopkeeper - Become an LMS! Licensed Master Shopkeeper
Seek the Crafters Union offices in Delos. There you will find a Shopkeepers office, and a placard directing you to BUY SHOPKEEPER LICENSE and how much it costs. If you have to ask how much, you can't afford it!

Pricing and Selling Stuff
Once you own a shop, you may put items for sale by doing the following:

1) Drop an item on the floor of the storeroom for your shop.
2) Use the PRICE command.

   Syntax: PRICE [SINGLE|ALL] <item> <gold>

   It has slightly different meaning if you use the 'single' or 'all'
   keyword before the item. If SINGLE is used, it will price only the
   first item it finds, and it will mark that item as being for sale
   individually (it won't group with like items). The ALL keyword will
   find all matching items and price them the same (this also removes
   the single-sale flag). To price alike items (except for those marked
   for individual sale), simply omit both keywords.

   Example (say you have 4 longswords):

      PRICE ALL LONGSWORD 2000         - Price all longswords at 2000 gold
      PRICE SINGLE LONGSWORD1234 3000  - An exemplary longsword
      PRICE LONGSWORD 2500             - Price the other 3 a bit lower

3) To remove an item, use either

   UNPRICE [SINGLE|ALL] <item>         

- If you wish to share your shop with your friends, you may do ALLYSHOP while
  in your stockroom, in order to allow those on your allies list to use the
  PRICE command in your shop. To turn off the option, it's UNALLYSHOP.

   ALLYSHOP   - allow people on your allies list to operate the shop.
   UNALLYSHOP - people on your allies list will be unable to operate the shop.

- When someone purchases something from your shop, the gold will be deposited
  on the floor of your storeroom. Thus, it is in your best interest to ensure
  that only you and those you trust completely have access to your storeroom.

- Your shop will cost the city it is in money to pay for guards to keep
  thieves and brigands out of your shop. As such, the city may decide to tax
  your shop. If you type CITY SHOP INFO while standing in your shop, you will 
  be able to see what taxes you owe on your shop.

- You may pay your taxes by typing CITY PAY SHOP TAXES while standing in your
  shop, with the gold in your hands.

- You may sell your shop to another adventurer by doing:
   SELL SHOP TO <adventurer> FOR <x> GOLD.

The adventurer will be asked for confirmation, and if he has the gold, the gold will be transferred to your inventory. Be sure to give the new owner your keys.

Shop and Stockroom Titles and Descriptions
You will generally speak to the Interior Minister of the city you are in to request a change of the shop or stockroom title or description. 

Stockroom titles must not attempt to disguise the fact that it is a stockroom. Stockroom titles MUST have the word 'stockroom' in it somewhere.

Shop Reports
After each Serenade, your shop attendants will collect a report of the items you have sold, and leave a physical copy of this report in the stockroom of your shop. If you sell no items, there will be no report for that date.

Shop Display
A decaying mannequin is available from the Tailors Annex in Delos. This item can be dropped in the shop room of a shop that you own to display clothing and jewellery.

This can only be dropped by the mannequin purchaser in a shop that they own.

This item cannot be preserved.

Security Note
  - It is -highly- recommended that you place a monolith, eye, and key sigil in your stockroom. This will prevent people from portaling in (monolith), stop souls from entering (eye), and automatically lock it when you leave the stockroom (key sigil). HELP SIGILS for more information.

Delos Shops
Updates to a Delos shop (name, description for shop and stockroom) can be requested via email to

Delos shops will be repossessed and auctioned/lotteried/sold off if a shop falls behind on its taxes for 3 Achaean years or more. Or if the owner retires.