Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.

2.3.1 Questions we hear quite often

These are questions we hear quite often on the NEWBIE channel. They relate to
-  1 - who are Romeo and Juliet?
-  2 - why do I lose things when I leave the realms?
-  3 - how do I use my skills?
-  4 - how do I see the gold in my pack?
-  5 - how long does Myrrh last?
-  6 - how do I quit/save/rent/leave the realms?
-  7 - what is IC (or OOC)?
-  8 - what is a shift/tabard/pike?
-  9 - who do I sell my <whatever> corpses to?
- 10 - why is someone's name a different colour?
- 11 - what is a shrine and/or where can I find one?

- 1 - Who are Romeo and Juliet?
Romeo and Juliet are GUIDES (see HELP GUIDES). They are real, living beings who
are there to help newbies in Achaea.

- 2 - Why do I keep dropping things when I quit the realms?
Certain things like quest items, such as corpses, butterflies from your net and
several odd items found lying around aren't meant to be kept. When you leave,
they will fall out of your hands, packs, bags, or whatever so someone else can
find and use them.

Exceptions to this are herbs and gold. Herbs cannot be stored anywhere but in
the RIFT (help rift) or in a pocketbelt and gold will drop out of your hands if
not stored in a pack or other container if you die.

- 3 - How do I use my skills?
This is a question best asked of your class or House. There are so many
different types of skills in the realms that it is best to just go straight to
the source and ask the experts.

- 4 - I put my gold in my pack, why can't I see it?
PROBE is a great way to look at or in things. You can use P for short. P PACK
to see what is in it. This works for most containers, as does LOOK IN.

- 5 - How long does the effect of Myrrh last?
It will last until you leave the realms or you are killed. DEF will also show
if you are under the effects of myrrh. Myrrh's effect is shown in DEF as "Your
mind is racing with enhanced speed."

- 6 - How do I quit (save/rent/leave)?
Saving is never needed, nor is renting. Just be sure that you REGISTER your
character at some point. Then QQ or QUIT to keep your body safe while your soul
adventures elsewhere. 

- 7 - Why does everyone tell me to stay IC or stop being OOC?

- 8 - What is a shift? Or a Tabard? Or a Pike?
Try HELP SHIFT, or HELP TABARD, or HELP PIKE. HELP <anything> almost always
works, so if you're curious about something, try it!

- 9 - Who do I sell my <whatever> corpses to?
HELP NEWBIEQUESTS lists every kind of corpse and who buys them. Or, rather, it
lists all the corpse types we're going to tell you all about. It is up to you
to find places to sell the rest, or other things to do with your corpses if
nobody buys them.

- 10 - why is someone's name a different colour?
Different colours represent different things. Most names have no special
colour. These are your common mortals. Romeo and Juliet have coloured names to
indicate that they are GUIDES (see HELP GUIDES). Celani and Immortals (HELP
CELANI, HELP GODS) have different colours for their names as well.

- 11 - what is a shrine and/or where can I find one?
A shrine is a special place to offer or give sacrifices to a particular God.
See HELP SHRINES and HELP GODS. It's up to you to find shrines on your own.