Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


15.1    Policysummary     Summary of Achaea's policies.
   15.1.1  Terms of Service  Achaea's terms of service.
   15.2    Underage          What we expect in the way of maturity.
   15.3    Your Adventurer   Rules related to transfers, sharing, etc.
   15.3.1  Seconds           The rules of second adventurers.
   15.3.2  Multiplaying      The rules for multiplaying.
   15.3.3  Adventurersharing Sharing adventurers is strictly forbidden.
   15.3.4  Cross Character   Cross character accountability.
   15.3.5  Deletion          Deletion of inactive characters. 
   15.4    Playerkilling     Guidelines for killing other players.
   15.4.1  Thievery          Stealing from other players.
   15.4.2  Scams             Protecting your gold and your adventurer.
   15.4.3  Denizen Alliances Defense of denizens by organisations.
   15.4.4  Fences            All about Jaguar fences.
   15.5    Honour            Guidelines for acceptable behavior.
   15.6    Roleplaying       Read about roleplaying in Achaea.
   15.6.1  Insanity          Subtle malady of the mortal mind.
   15.6.2  RPWHO             A way to seek out roleplaying opportunities.
   15.7    Spamming          Rules pertaining to spamming.
   15.7.1  Advertising       IC and OOC advertising.
   15.8    Triggers          Triggers, automation, and AUTO ANYTHING.
   15.9    Harassment        Just say no!
   15.10   AFK               Don't do it.
   15.11   Languagerules     Don't offend people with obnoxious language.
   15.11.1 Discriminatory Language  An explanation of this.
   15.12   Issues            Filing ISSUES to get customer service.
   15.12.1 IC Resolution     A sneaky but important part of ISSUES.
   15.12.2 Filing an issue   Once IC resolution is tried you can ISSUE.
   15.13   Illusions         Illusions and restrictions on them.
   15.14   Griefing          What is griefing?
   15.15   OOC Combat Comms  Communication between systems.
   15.16   Undeath           You're now undead, oh no!