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15.4.3 Denizen Alliances

Certain groups or organisations of denizens may choose to form a mutual
alliance with adventurer organisations. In such cases, members of
the adventurer organisation have the right to attempt to defend the denizens
with whom they are allied. 

Denizen Defenders
It is your responsibility to make certain that anyone attacking denizens you
wish to defend are aware of the potential consequences of his or her
actions. Where any doubt at all could exist, an explicit warning must be
given before you defend the denizens. 

You cannot attack another adventurer for simply being in a denizen area you
are defending and nothing more. Your alliance is not a free ticket to
indiscriminately attack anyone you see in the allied denizens' vicinity. 

Neither is your alliance a free ticket to attack without retribution. Those
you attack in defence of mutually organisationally allied denizens can seek
IC retribution as appropriate, including the hiring of a Mark.

Pursuit is not permitted. If an adventurer leaves the denizens' area, do not
pursue them. If you have forced them to leave, that is your victory.

Denizen Attackers
There are many, many places to hunt in Achaea. If you choose to hunt
denizens that have defenders, and you are aware of the consequences of your
choice, you have willingly opened yourself up to conflict with the
defenders. HELP COMMON SENSE applies.