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Does Age Matter?
You must be at least age 13 to play Achaea. However, the vast majority of
our playerbase is at least 18 years old, and our environment is oriented
towards mature adventurers. That does not mean you are not welcome here if
you are younger, but we expect you to conduct yourself with as much maturity
as any other player. Immaturity is not a direct function of age; however, it
is a sad fact that 95% of our 'problem adventurers' (generally those who do
not have the emotional maturity necessary to follow the rules and act like a
member of a community) are teenagers, particularly ones
under 16 years of age. If you happen to be a younger teenage adventurer,
don't worry. You will not be discriminated against based on your age. In
fact, many young adventurers have conducted themselves with admirable aplomb
and have risen to prominent positions within Achaea. 

No special treatment will be given to you if you cause problems. This is a
role-playing world, and real-life excuses for behaviour are irrelevant to
us. You will be deleted and will not be put back if you cross what we view
as a very easy line to avoid (given that 99% of adventurers never cross that
line, it's obviously easy to avoid doing it).

Internet Safety and Minors
Aside from the age requirement to play, there is another situation in which
age definitely matters: sexual solicitation of minors. Sex and violence are
facets of Achaea's mature roleplaying environment, but knowingly soliciting
a minor for sexual activity of any kind is not permitted. If you are a minor
and someone who knows your age is soliciting you sexually, please email us
at or and we will investigate.