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15.12.1 IC Resolution (of ISSUES)


    I. Issuing and IC Resolution
   II. Attempting IC Resolution.
  III. What ISN'T IC Resolution?
   IV. Abuse.
    V. When Is Attempting IC Resolution NOT Needed?
   VI. A Final Why.

Issuing And IC Resolution

Achaea is a multiplayer environment where each player has the ability to
affect other players within the environment, for good or for ill.
Inevitably, conflicts arise between players, and part of the play of Achaea
is reacting to those conflicts in-character. When at all possible and
reasonable, react AS your character instead of reacting out-of-character
(OOC) by filing an issue and breaking immersion for yourself and the issuee.

If someone violates a PK rule against you, don't jump to file an issue against
him. Breathe. Never file an issue out of anger. Take an objective look at the
situation and see if it was a reasonable move by his character. Did he have an
in-character reason? If so, then consider how you can react AS your character.

If you file an issue against somebody,  you give up your ability to seek IC

Attempting IC Resolution

The word "resolution" can be misleading. IC resolution does not necessarily
mean an eye for an eye, or that you MUST win against your opponent, or that
the outcome of the attempt must be in your favour immediately.

There are as many different ways to approach attempting IC resolution as
there are different conflicts. Every conflict will be different. We're
hesitant to give a list of possible things you could do, since some people
are so literal minded that they turn "a list of ideas" into "a prescriptive
list of precisely what is allowed." We don't want that, but we'll give some
ideas and hope you understand that they are just that: ideas. Many other
approaches might work. Be creative!

- You could attempt to take vengeance yourself.
- You could hire an assassin or champion.
- You could attempt to undermine them politically, or within their
  community, over time.
- You could use your influence to get them blacklisted from various
- You could try to turn the person into your ally instead of your enemy.
- Simply work this person into the fabric of your character's roleplay as a
  personal nemesis or adversary with whom you can pursue potential future
  conflicts. In-role motivations create more interesting characters!

What ISN'T IC Resolution?
Anything like "Do this, or else I'll ISSUE".

Any time you bring up issues, you are going ooc, since issues are blatantly
OOC and obviously not part of any attempt at IC resolution. You mention
issuing and this is NOT IC resolution. Do not attempt sophistry by using
phrases like "Do this, or I will have to petition the Garden of the Gods for
judgement against you" when you mean "Do this, or I'll issue".

ANYONE who is deliberately manipulating the system will not be looked upon
kindly. That goes from the players who abuse issues by issuing other players
at the drop of a hat, to the players who use every flimsy excuse to PK other
players, every chance they get, then cry "I had a reason! You didn't try IC
resolution with me!" when they are issued.

1) Issuing frequently. People who issue frequently tend to have their
complaints taken less seriously. Issuing is really rarely the best course of
action and issuing a lot is a clear indication, to us, of someone who
invites trouble and then tries to get the administration to protect him or
her.  After all, issues are a blatantly OOC course of action. That doesn't
make them wrong, but it should give you pause to consider whether it's
really important enough to take OOC.

2) Using flimsy excuses to PK other players, then hiding behind the IC
resolution requirement when issued. People who get issued frequently by many
people tend to have their justifications taken less seriously. If it doesn't
seem like you're putting much thought into why you PK others, but merely
taking the slightest excuse to do so, you can bet we'll be taking a much
closer look at your justifications.

3) Issues as blackmail. Threatening people with issues to coerce them to do
something they might not do IC otherwise is considered highly distasteful.

When Is Attempting IC Resolution Not Needed?
We allow for circumstances when IC resolution is impossible or so difficult
as to be unreasonable. Explain your situation in the issue and explain
clearly why you do not feel IC resolution is possible. We may not agree with
you, but it's possible we may.

If someone attacks you with no IC reason whatsoever, we don't consider it
fair to request that you treat them in an IC manner. That doesn't mean that
you can't, or that you should ALWAYS issue without attempting IC resolution
in such cases, just that you are not 100% required to.

You do NOT need to attempt IC resolution if an OOC policy is breached!
Examples of such policies would be: harassment, language rules, seconds
abuse, multiplaying, breaches of HELP HONOUR, insanity, spamming,
auto-whatever, etc. If you insult the character Joe, and the player behind
Joe logs on to his character Sam to kill you for the insult to Joe, that's
an abuse of seconds and you should report it.

A Final Why
The ISSUES system is OOC - out of character. It is there to protect people
against rampant abuse and against harassment. It's not there to keep you
from ever getting interrupted, or ever taking any risks. It's not there to
be the perfect shield from all harm. Sorry!

Achaea is a real and living world. Stuff happens. We do not grant you a
permanent, perfect entitlement to freedom from worry, from fear of harm,
from any inconvenience, from theft, etc.

We will intervene when things get out of hand, though, and don't you
hesitate to let us know if they have (but do keep in mind what's above).
That's what ISSUES are for.