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15.12.2 Filing An Issue


This help file deals mainly with what one should and should not include in
an issue, in particular when filing an issue against another player.

For more information on what an issue is, see HELP ISSUES.

General Guidelines for All Issues

1) Issue only once, then wait.
2) No abusive language; no insults.
3) Don't lie - we have many ways of checking.

General Guidelines for Issues Against Other Players
4) Know the rules.
5) The issue or reply is your only chance to make your case: use it well.
6) An issue is a last resort: try IC resolution first. (Please see HELP IC
7) Don't abuse the system (e.g. filing multiple times on the same problem).

Explanations of the Above Guidelines In Detail
1) Issue only once, then wait: Make sure to include all relevant
information, and then wait for a message from one of our administrators with
the result of the issue, or possibly a request for more information. The
person you are issuing has a chance to respond to your issue. That does NOT
mean you can issue again to respond to their response. Include all the
information in your issue: then a second issue won't be necessary. We do not
take well to those who delete an issue and re-file an issue or file another
issue so they add more information once the other party has replied. After
you issue, wait. Do not message every divine you can think of and ask if
your issue is being handled. It will be, in turn! We will get to your issue
as soon as we can.

2) No abusive language; no insults: If you are abusive, or insulting, or use
foul language, or attack the person rather than the act, then we will decide
the issue against you, including quite likely punishing you as well. Stick
with the facts. Don't tell us about the quality, characteristics, or other
attributes of the person you are issuing. Just tell what happened. Anything
else and it may go very poorly for you. This stands when you are filing a
non-targetted issue as well. If you use ISSUE ME to insult/abuse the admins,
things will not go well for you. The admins are here to help you, but that
does not mean they have to take abuse.

3) Don't lie: The administrators are not stupid. We have many ways to check
the accuracy of your story, and we have heard every story in the book, so be
careful about lying in your issue.

4) Know the rules: If you are filing an issue against another player for a
policy infraction, make sure that a violation of the rules has actually
occurred! Many times someone issues and has no idea what the rules of the
matter are, and discovers in the end that the action was legal.

5) The issue or reply is your only chance to make your case: Put
*everything* in the issue or the replyissue. This is your right to be heard
- write it down in the issue, or the reply. You will not be interviewed. You
will not have a meeting, or a hearing. The admins will judge your case based
on the issue and reply, plus their own research only. However, please keep
the information in the issue to what is relevant. We do not want your life

6) Once you file an issue against another person for violations of PK or
theft rules, regardless of how the issue is judged, you have relinquished
any rights for IC resolution against that person. If you have IC reasons 
to attack another player, and you decide to issue that person for attacking 
you,  this extinguishes your IC reasons.  Your issue must describe what 
actions you took to attempt IC resolution prior to issuing.

7) Don't abuse the system: Filing 3 or 4 issues at the same time is quite
likely a sign of issue abuse. Filing an issue at every grievance with
another player is quite likely a sign of issue abuse.

Over the years we have noticed that players tend to not do basic things
which would make ruling on an issue a lot easier. Below is a brief list of
some general tips we have compiled:

1) When issuing for harassment, keep very detailed records! If you have Bob
ignored and he messages you from his alt, Jimmy, keep Jimmy's message! If
Jimmy sends you a tell, make note of the time and wording! Simple things
like this can make all our lives a lot easier.

2) If you are making a deal with someone, get a message with the exact terms
of the deal. This will allow you to forward the message to us if you are
then scammed, meaning that we are better able to take action against the

3) If you have questions or concerns regarding an issue decision involving another player, you may contact Senior Administrator Lathis via to discuss it further.