Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


Achaea is a vast world with hundreds of unique places to explore! Many of them
you must discover on your own; listed here are the better known destinations.

 12.1.1    Yggdrasil           The World Tree.
 12.1.2    Flame               The Flame of Yggdrasil.
 12.1.3    Garden              The Garden of the Gods.
 12.1.4    Cave                The mystical Cave where mortals return to life.
 12.1.5    Ceylon              The Golden Land.


 12.2.1    Minia               A magical land created for young adventurers.
 12.2.2    Lodi                The Valley of Lodi, for young adventurers.
 12.2.3    Mount Gheladan      An area for young adventurers to train.
 12.2.4    Loom Island         A travel hub for young adventurers.


 12.3.1    Ashtan              The Seat of Chaos.
 12.3.2    Hashan              The Court of Shadows.
 12.3.3    Mhaldor             The City of Evil.
 12.3.4    Eleusis             The forest village in the trees.
 12.3.5    Cyrene              The Heart of the Vashnars.
 12.3.6    Targossas           Hallowed Targossas, the Guardians' Hearth.


 12.4.1    Sapience            The continent of Sapience.
 12.4.2    Highways and Roads  Major byways of Achaea.
 12.4.3    Outer Islands       The remote islands in the deep ocean.


 12.5.1    Savannah            The great grasslands.
 12.5.2    Dakhota Hills       The Dakhota Hills.
 12.5.3    New Thera           Rebuilt birthplace of Nicator.
 12.5.4    Tomacula            A village of plainspeople.
 12.5.5    Mannaseh Swamp      The Mannaseh Swamp.
 12.5.6    Azdun Dungeon       The Azdun Dungeon.
 12.5.7    Siroccians          Volcanic mountains populated by orcs.
 12.5.8    Tir Murann          A settlement of alien refugees.
 12.5.9    Black Forest        The Black Forest.
 12.5.10   Aureliana           The Aureliana Forest.
 12.5.11   The Great Rock      The dungeon of the Beastlords.
 12.5.12   Kasmarkin           Ancient and abandoned troll city.
 12.5.13   Aerinewild          An otherworldly forest.
 12.5.14   Sangre Plains       The breadbasket of Sapience.
 12.5.15   Petra               The farming village of Petra.
 12.5.16   Green Lake          A strange lake off the Prelatorian Highway.
 12.5.17   Qurnok              Troll village in swamps near Green Lake.
 12.5.18   Lake Vundamere      A tranquil lake off the Prelatorian Highway.
 12.5.19   Chapel of All Gods  A place to honour the Divine.
 12.5.20   Lake Dakhota        A hidden freshwater reservoir.
 12.5.21   Merrywick           A halfling village.


 12.6.1    Ithmian Forests     The North, East, and West Ithmian forests.
 12.6.2    Delos               A haven for all things martial.
 12.6.3    Forest Watch        A buckawn encampment. Beware the zombie slaves!
 12.6.4    Bagwar's Copse      The West Ithmian village.
 12.6.5    Enverren Marsh      Enverren Marsh and the Caverns of Chiada.
 12.6.6    Manusha             Manusha, the gypsy village.
 12.6.7    Lake Narcisse       A lake within the Western Ithmia.
 12.6.8    Sparrow's Rest      The home of a group of reclusive Druids.
 12.6.9    Sunderlands         A mysterious wasteland.


 12.7.1    Putoran Hills       The Putoran Hills.
 12.7.2    Pash Valley         The Pash Valley.
 12.7.3    Shamtota Hills      The Shamtota Hills.
 12.7.4    Shastaan            A peaceful, ocean-side village.
 12.7.5    Jaru                The village of Jaru.
 12.7.6    Shala'jen           The monastery of Shala'jen.
 12.7.7    Nimick              A hidden mining town nestled in the Shamtotas.
 12.7.8    Isle of New Hope    A secluded isle off the coast near Jaru.
 12.7.9    Adryn's Keep        A feudal estate off the southern Zaphar.
 12.7.10   The Eastern Shore   The eastern shore of Sapience.


 12.8.1    Mhojave             The arid source of cactus weed.
 12.8.2    Moghedu             Below the ground, the racial home of the Mhun.
 12.8.3    El'Jazira           The desert village of El'Jazira.
 12.8.4    Southern Vashnars   The southern portion of the mighty mountains.
 12.8.5    Genji               An Atavian village in the Southern Vashnars.
 12.8.6    Aeraithian Falls    A village of gliding humanoids.
 12.8.7    Actar               A peaceful valley that's home to halflings.
 12.8.8    Caer Witrin         The gift of the Great Bard to the Goddess
 12.8.9    Sea Lion Cove       A secluded cove on the Southern Sea.
 12.8.10   Quartz Peak         Quartz cliffs within the Southern Vashnars.
 12.8.11   Mount Piraeus       A Vashnarian peak inhabited by cyclopes.
 12.8.12   Rhodestrian Settlement A secret and dangerous mercenary camp.
 12.8.13   Ghezavat            A buried commune.


 12.9.1    Aalen               The Aalen forest, racial home of the Tsol'aa.
 12.9.2    Vashnar Mountains   The mighty Vashnar Mountains.
 12.9.3    Dun Valley          The Dun Valley.
 12.9.4    Dun Valley Swamps   The southern swamps of Dun Valley.
 12.9.5    Blackrock           Also called the Underground Lake.
 12.9.6    Harae               The Isle of Harae
 12.9.7    Delmarin            Caves beneath the mines of Blackrock.
 12.9.8    Ka'doloki           A small oceanside village near Muurn Caverns.
 12.9.9    Xhaiden Dale        A valley in the Northern Vashnars.
 12.9.10   Creville Asylum     A mental sanitarium gone terribly wrong.
 12.9.11   Thraasi Foothills   Foothills of the Vashnar Mountains.
 12.9.12   Saiha'balan Grotto  A hidden locale within the Aalen Forest.
 12.9.13   Boldarihm           An ancient dwarven academy of magic.


 12.10.1   Tasur'ke            The seaside village of Tasur'ke.
 12.10.2   Granite Hills       The mineral-rich Granite Hills.
 12.10.3   Dardanic Grasslands The flat, open Dardanic Grasslands.
 12.10.4   Northreach          A far-north coniferous forest.
 12.10.5   Manara Burrow       Underground tunnels beneath the Granite Hills.
 12.10.6   Nuskuwe             Caverns of Nuskuwe.
 12.10.7   Aurick Manor        The manor of a wealthy family in Tasur'ke.
 12.10.8   Bitterfork          A village in the Dardanic Plains.
 12.10.9   LHG                 The Lupine Hunting Grounds. 


 12.11.1   Kamleikan           A northern village near ice floes.
 12.11.2   Aran'riod           The plains village of the Yriluawe people.
 12.11.3   Tundra              The vast tundra where the wendigos roam.
 12.11.4   Inbhir Ness         The Inbhir Ness of the dwarves.
 12.11.5   Saoghal Valley      One of the most mystical places in the world.
 12.11.6   Rheodad Forest      The forested peninsula of Rheodad.
 12.11.7   Ruins of Morindar   Dangerous ruins roamed by cursed revenants.
 12.11.8   Tenwat Prison       A living prison of flesh.
 12.11.9   Hriddan Settlement  A settlement of minotaurs far to the north.
 12.11.10  Isaia               A city beneath the icy floes.
 12.11.11  The Dreamspear      Home of a mysterious dream seer.
 12.11.12  The Valho Coast     The northeastern edge of the continent.
 12.11.13  Wegava Valley       The homeland of the gnolls.
 12.11.14  Caverns of Riagath  Troll-filled caves in the far northern
 12.11.15  The Vents of Hthrak A wasteland of fire and geysers.
 12.11.16  Istar Jungle        A northern jungle amidst the cold tundra.
 12.11.17  Istarion            Istarion, city of the Tsol'dasi.
 12.11.18  Falaq'tor           A tower of ice along the northern coast.
 12.11.19  Ishana Steppes      Coastal grasslands along the Sapphire Sea.
 12.11.20  Fissure of Echoes   A legendary chasm fraught with peril.
 12.11.21  Trading Posts       Centres of commerce within the tundra.


 12.12.1   Meropis             A continent far to the south of Sapience.
 12.12.2   Vasnari Mountains   The peaks of Meropis.
 12.12.3   Sarave Foothills    The foothills of the Vasnari Mountains.
 12.12.4   Daoric Plains       The vast eastern plains of Meropis.
 12.12.5   Orilla              A seaside village on the Gulf of Nilakantha.
 12.12.6   Chaghut             A nomadic encampment in the Daoric Plains.
 12.12.7   Mirror Caves        Mirrored caves in the Vasnari Mountains. 
 12.12.8   Mines of Iskadar    Dwarven mines deep within the Vasnaris.
 12.12.9   Gulf of Nilakantha  Calm waters where danger lurks below.
 12.12.10  Nicator's Crossing  A fortified keep in the Vasnari Mountains.
 12.12.11  Grukai Swamp        A swamp of bizarre and dangerous perils.
 12.12.12  River Mnemosyne     The lifeblood of Meropis.
 12.12.13  Atrousian Jungle    The Northern, Central, and Southern jungle.
 12.12.14  Dralhu Hryre        A tribe of jungle warriors.
 12.12.15  Mourning Pass       A battlesite from the pages of history.
 12.12.16  Seat of Vastar      A community of zealots in an ancient ruin.
 12.12.17  Judgement Mountain  The monastic origins of the Sentaari.
 12.12.18  Luman Village       A quiet coastal fishing village.
 12.12.19  Northern Scrublands The rugged hills and grasslands.
 12.12.20  Sirocco Fortress    A fortified stronghold in the scrublands.
 12.12.21  Ulsyndar            The dangerous salt mines.
 12.12.22  Asterian Peninsula  The remnant of Aster Malik.
 12.12.23  Aster Town          The walled castle town.
 12.12.24  Squall Cleft        A rajamalan tribe's home.


 12.13.1   Oceans              The oceans of Achaea.
 12.13.2   Riparium            The underwater kingdom of the merfolk.
 12.13.3   Phereklos           The underwater ruins of a mermic kingdom.
 12.13.4   Lothos              The underwater triton kingdom.


 12.14.1   Ulangi              The forest island of Ulangi.
 12.14.2   Polyargos           A volcanic island, home to a fearsome dragon.
 12.14.3   Shala-Khulia        An isle covered in a lush rainforest.
 12.14.4   Arcadia             The ancient home of the Atavians.
 12.14.5   Erymanthus          The floating island upon which Arcadia is found.
 12.14.6   Mysia               A pirate haven in the Eusian ocean.
 12.14.7   Tapoa               A remote and wild island.
 12.14.8   Zanzibaar           A busy port for all travellers.
 12.14.9   Clockwork Isle      A completely manmade island.
 12.14.10  Ilyrean Caves       Icy cavern home of the sakuwats.
 12.14.11  Suliel Island       A far northern island of ice. 
 12.14.12  Eirenwaar Island    An island split in two by a glacier.
 12.14.13  Tuar                The island of the Tuari and the Nelbennir.
 12.14.14  Umbrin              An isle of militarised warriors.
 12.14.15  Colchis             An isle of superstitious warriors.
 12.14.16  Zaphar Isle         The dual isle of Zaphar.
 12.14.17  The Isle of Prin    The jungle home of a Xoran tribe.
 12.14.18  Minos               A northern isle ruled by the mage Arsentar.
 12.14.19  Ageiro              A mountainous island rich in ore.
 12.14.20  Karbaz              A forested island in the far northwest.


 12.15.1   Planes              A brief mention of planes.
 12.15.2   Underworld          The plane of the undead. Extremely perilous.
 12.15.3   Bopalopia           Possibly the strangest place you've ever been.
 12.15.4   Annwyn              The enchanted fairy plane.
 12.15.5   Nishnatoba          A vast, war-torn wasteland.


 12.16.1   About special Maps   
 12.16.2   Ashtan Map        
 12.16.2   Ashtan Sewers Map  
 12.16.5   North Ithmia Map  
 12.16.6   East Ithmia Map   
 12.16.7   West Ithmia Map   
 12.16.8   Savannah Map      
 12.16.9   Dakhota Map   
 12.16.10  Mhojave Map  
 12.16.11  Moghedu Map   
 12.16.12  Pash Map          
 12.16.13  Shamtota Map      
 12.16.14  Aalen Map         
 12.16.15  Vashnar Map       
 12.16.16  S Vashnar Map     
 12.16.17  Hashan Map        
 12.16.18  Hashan Sewers Map 
 12.16.19  New Thera Map     
 12.16.20  Shastaan Map  
 12.16.21  Tomacula Map      
 12.16.22  Minia Map  
 12.16.23  Delos Map 
 12.16.24  Old Delos Map     
 12.16.25  Mannaseh Map      
 12.16.26  Azdun Map    
 12.16.27  Lodi Map          
 12.16.28  Black Forest Map  
 12.16.29  Tasur'ke Map      
 12.16.30  Beastlords Map 
 12.16.31  Ulangi Map   
 12.16.32  Polyargos Map  
 12.16.33  Dun Valley Map    
 12.16.34  Dun Fortress Map  
 12.16.35  El'Jazira Map     
 12.16.36  Riparium Map      
 12.16.37  Cyrene Map        
 12.16.38  Cyrene Sewers Map 
 12.16.39  Genji Map         
 12.16.40  Mhaldor Map 
 12.16.41  Mhaldor Sewers Map 
 12.16.42  Shala'jen Map  
 12.16.43  Kasmarkin Map  
 12.16.44  Kamleikan Map     
 12.16.45  Aran'riod Map     
 12.16.46  Forest Watch Map  
 12.16.47  Bopalopia Map     
 12.16.48  Aerinewild Map  
 12.16.49  Eleusis Map 
 12.16.50  Tundra Map  
 12.16.51  Inbhir Ness Map 
 12.16.52  Saoghal Valley Map 
 12.16.53  Underworld Map 
 12.16.54  Actar Map  
 12.16.55  Sangre Plains Map  
 12.16.56  Petra Map 
 12.16.57  Blackrock Map  
 12.16.58  Caer Witrin Map 
 12.16.59  Rheodad Map  
 12.16.60  Shala-Khulia Map  
 12.16.61  Arcadia Map  
 12.16.62  Isle of Erymanthus Map  
 12.16.63  Mount Gheladan Map

Yggdrasil's Reaches

 12.17.1   The Ioje Compound
 12.17.2   Radak's Hold
 12.17.3   Lhitsu Forest
 12.17.4   The Stone Forest
 12.17.5   The Village of Myrinia
 12.17.6   Pri'alysh
 12.17.7   Qerstead
 12.17.8   The Twin Islands of Kunapi
 12.17.9   Loramere
 12.17.10  Kuthalebak
 12.17.11  The Ettins of the Channels
 12.17.12  Ratatosk
 12.17.13  The Elemental Planes and Embassy
 12.17.14  The Elemental Plane of Water
 12.17.15  The Elemental Plane of Air
 12.17.16  The Elemental Plane of Earth
 12.17.17  The Elemental Plane of Fire
 12.17.18  The City of Nur