Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


There will be times when you want to speak to the administration to:
- report a bug (an error in the game),  (command: BUG)
- report a typo in the game,            (command: TYPO)
- to ask a specific question,           (command: ISSUE)
- or to give them an idea for the game. (command: IDEA)

If you know what aspect of the game the bug report applies to, you can submit a specific bug type to:
- report a problem with a help file,             (command: HELPBUG)
- or to report a bug involving the Nexus client. (command: CLIENTBUG)
- or to report a bug with the VOYAGE system      (command: VOYAGEBUG)

Otherwise, use BUG.

Please give as much detail as possible. Tell us when, and how it happened. Tell us what happened before. Tell us if anything changed recently. The more detail you give, the better chance we have of finding and fixing your problem. Make sure that you report exactly and ONLY one bug each time you file a bug.

Bug Don't
- Try to avoid 'um' and 'er' and 'I don't know if this is a bug but' -
  they don't help any, and we've already got so much to read. Have mercy!
- Don't just quote something without comment, like "THe blarg walks in."
  Tell us that the "H" shouldn't be capitalised, or that there is no such
  thing as a blarg, or whatever you think the problem is.
- Don't tell us to fix it ASAP, or whatever. We promise we'll get to it
  as fast as we can, taking into account all the bugs already reported.
- Don't tell us that something doesn't make sense, or isn't logical, or
  is a bug. We know that you think that. You're reporting a bug, right?
- Logs providing examples of the bug in question can be helpful, but if
  you are submitting a log, please include a description of the problem
  displayed in the log. Do not submit a log without context.

Bug Do
- Give lots of detail, if relevant.
- Stick to the facts. Tell us what you know, not how you feel about it.
- If there is a specific place where this bug happened, go there when
  you issue the bug command.
- If the bug didn't happen just a few moments before you are reporting
  it, then tell us when it was. We use GMT.

Bug Abuse
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! If you have found a way to 
generate huge amounts of gold or experience by entering a single command over 
and over, or if you are able to instantly kill people twice your level with 
one punch, then you have probably encountered a bug. Please err on the side 
of caution and report possible bugs, and refrain from exploiting the ones 
that have not yet been fixed. See HELP HONOUR.

The command is TYPO <the typo you have seen>. This can be anything where there
is a misspelling or misused word. We really do want to hear about this sort of
thing, so don't be shy! Please include in your report what the error is and
where you saw it. If it is in an item or denizen please tell us that and
include the item##### if you can. This makes finding and correcting these typos
much faster and easier.

Note: If your "typo" report is about an inaccurate help file, or any other problem involving help files, please consider reporting it via HELPBUG instead!

Try contacting your house, city, or order patron. If you don't know how to do
this, or don't have any of those, try using ISSUE ME. See HELP ISSUES for more

The command is IDEA [NEW] <your idea here>. 

Submit your idea, in as great a detail as you wish, and then wait.

Who knows? You may see your idea affect the game. Many have.

IDEA [NEW] <text>   - Submit your idea.
IDEA LIST           - List all ideas submitted.
IDEA SHOW <id>      - Show full details on a submitted idea.
IDEA SUPPORT <id>   - Voice your support for an idea.
IDEA CENSURE <id>   - Voice your discontent with an idea.
CONFIG IDEAS <ON|OFF> - Announcement channel of submitted ideas.

Please be aware that IDEAS are OOC, and the system is anonymous for a reason. If players believe your idea has merit then it might survive! Do not approach players for idea support.

Viewing bugs and typos

LISTBUGS - This will give you a basic list of all the bugs that you have
logged that are still in the system.

BUGSUM - This will give you a tabular summary of the bugs you have
logged that are still in the system.

BUGAPPEND <id> <text> - This will let you append any extra information
requested to the bug record.

BUGDEL <id> <10 char reason> - This will delete a bug that you have filed.

SHOWBUG <id> - This will let you look at your bug <id> and will show the
current status, categorisation of it, any text you have added and, if
applicable, the text sent when it was fixed.

*NOTE* You are not able to see any bugs that you did not log yourself.

"Hang on, I logged this bug two weeks ago and no one has updated it yet. What
gives?" - We'd like to keep a little mystery 'behind the curtain' so to speak.
Most things that we append to your bug will not be visible in your view. Rest
assured, all bugs get worked on and yours will get fixed as soon as we can.

"What happened to my bug? It was in the list yesterday but now it is gone." -
When bugs are fixed, they are routinely removed from the system. This means
they will disappear from your view once this happens.

(See also HELP ISSUES)