Achaea Help Files

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(For the House of the Vashnarian Shield, please see HELP HOUSE SHIELD.)

Normal armour is something you wear that protects you from both types of
physical damage (cutting and blunt).

The basic types of armour in Achaea, aside from shields, are, in ascending
order of effectiveness, with the best armour a class may wear listed:

Armour type         Classes/Race (best armour wearable)
-----------         ------------------------------
Cloth               Dragon, Magi, Horkvals, Psions, Pariahs, Elemental Lords
Leather             Monks, Bards
Ringmail            Alchemists, Apostates
Scalemail           Serpents, Jesters, Shamans, Occultists, Depthswalkers,
Chainmail           Druids, Sentinels, Sylvans, Classless
Splintmail          Priests
Field plate         Paladins, Infernals, Runewardens, Unnamables
Full plate          Paladins, Infernals, Runewardens, Unnamables

NOTE: the classes are listed next to the BEST armour they may wear. They may
wear any lesser armour if desired, or none whatsoever.

The types of shields available in Achaea are, in ascending order of
effectiveness, and with the best type of shield a class may wield listed:

Shield type         Classes which may wield them
-----------         ----------------------------
None                Dragon, Magi, Monks, Blademasters, Pariahs, Elemental Lords
Buckler             Serpents, Sylvans, Bards, Psions, Classless+
Cavalry             Alchemists, Occultists, Apostates, Shamans,
                    Depthswalkers, Classless+
Banded              Jesters
Kite                Priests, Druids, Sentinels
Tower               Runewardens, Infernals, Paladins, Unnamable

+ Those who have no class may wield Buckler and Cavalry shields.
* The artefact shield of absorption may be wielded by everyone except

Armour Statistics
Non-magical armour and shields have two armour-specific statistics: protection
vs. cutting damage and protection vs. blunt damage. The WEAPONPROBE ability in
the Weaponry skill will allow you to see these statistics on a piece of armour
or on a shield.