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The Jester class originated in modern Achaea when an anomalous timequake
brought Silvestri Carnivalis, court jester to the House of the Seleucarian
Empire six hundred years ago, into the present day. In the intervening years
since the fall of the Seleucarian Empire and the modern day, the precious
arts of a Jester had been lost, to Silvestri's dismay. Silvestri immediately
founded the Jesters guild in order to restore these arts to the world, and
thus the class of Jester was reborn in 299 A.F.

Jesters are a rollicking lot, often silly and carefree. Some may choose to
wander the highways putting on impromptu shows for passersby; others plan
and carry out entire theatrical productions. They may be found as citizens
of any city, or might choose to be cityless wanderers instead. They are
devoted to amusement, high jinks, and humour. Not tied to any one ethos, one
may encounter Jesters who worship the Lord of Evil as well as Jesters who
travel the path of Light. Many Jesters prefer neutrality, as the ideal of
fun transcends alignment.

While many of their skills are intended for entertainment, a trained Jester
is not to be underestimated on the battlefield. With bodies trained in
acrobatics, their backflips and handsprings can, in a tight spot, do more
than amuse. Jesters are famed for their ability to craft various tools of
their trade as well, such as balloons that can lift people to the skies, a
range of tricky bombs, jack-in-the-boxes concealing deadly surprises, and
more. All this combined with their ability to fashion magical puppets to
manipulate others to hilarious or lethal ends, a Jester skilled in combat
can be a formidable opponent.

The skills wielded by those of Jester class are Pranks, Puppetry, and
Tarot. A fledgling in this class will possess Tarot and Pranks, gaining
Puppetry upon embracing class.