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The class of Infernals came into being in the early days of the modern era
through the efforts of Ekary Lucoster, the Sinistar, a knight dedicated to
Evil. Although the original guild of Infernals was destroyed in a war
against the city of Ashtan, the House Maldaathi in the city of Mhaldor 
continued to carry on the tradition for many centuries, before being destroyed
by a foreign construct.

While most uphold the usual knightly virtues of honour and chivalry in combat,
most Infernal knights serve Evil before all else. They act as the armoured
enforcement arm of their home city of Mhaldor in much the same role as the
Paladins of Targossas. With their blackened steel and their red-eyed
falcons, the Infernal knights are a vision from the flames of Hell itself when
they appear on the battlefield, their eyes gleaming from behind their helms.
Infernal knights eschew all weakness in their pursuit of strength and dominance
over others. Naturally, most Infernal knights belong to the city of Mhaldor,
although a scant few have been known to reside in Ashtan and Hashan as well,
seeking other paths.

They possess the traditional knightly skills of Chivalry and Weaponmastery,
sharing these with the Runewarden and Paladin classes. Their skill of
Oppression, however, is a gift from the God of Evil.

The skills of an Infernal Knight are Oppression, Chivalry, and Weaponmastery. A
fledgling Infernal gains Oppression and Weaponmastery, while Chivalry is gained
upon embracing class.

** Please be advised that this class comes with restrictions on your
actions. The skill of Necromancy is dependent to some extent upon the will
of the forces of Evil; if you choose this class but act against them, you 
may find that your ability to use such skills are revoked. Thus, this class 
requires at least some roleplaying.

In the year 837, by the will of the Malevolent One, Infernal Knights cast aside the practice of Necromancy in favour of the arts of Oppression.