Artefacts of the Past

We’ve just made some major changes to artefact weapon pricing for dual cutting and dual blunt knight specialisations. With four weapons available to the other spec’s two, these specialisations have always had to pay more to get the most out of their spec – particularly relevant for dual blunt. This will not be the case going forward. Here are the adjustments:

  • Level two and three scimitars, battleaxes, morningstars and flails have had their prices halved.
  • Level one versions of these weapons have been reduced to 200 credits (so the progression is now 200, 400, 800 rather than 350, 800, 1600).
  • If you own a level one or two of any of these weapons, it has been upgraded to the next level automatically. Customisations will have been preserved.
  • If you already have one of these weapons at level three, you have been credited with weapon credits between the price of new level three and whatever you paid for it (typically 800, but possibly less depending on if you bought it during a discount etc).

Weapon credits:

  • Weapon credits will be taken before bound credits whenever purchasing warrior weapons or weapon upgrades. For instance, if you now want to buy that level three flail and have 700 weapon credits and 100 bound credits, it’ll take the 700 and 100 when you buy it in the shop. This should be entirely transparent and you shouldn’t need to worry about it (it should just work), though you can see how many weapon credits you have left on CREDIT REPORT. We have taken this approach as a compromise to avoid flooding credits back into the game, though we don’t anticipate keeping these around beyond this – we don’t need more currencies!
  • Weapon credits can be spent on non warrior weapons such as sentinel spears and similar.
  • Note that upgrades in this case apply to the section below, not weapon level upgrades. We don’t anticipate level upgrades being something weapon credits will come into in 99% of cases after looking at who has what, so if you are in that small group where you really would like to spend them on a level upgrade, message me and I’ll handle you manually.
  • Weapon credits count as bound credits. They cannot be used for gift purchases.

Weapon upgrades:

We appreciate that people with many level three weapons may be in the position of not in fact having anything else to spend weapon credits on. With that in mind, we have added some new weapon upgrades similar to the existing ASP, which can also be paid for using these in addition to bound credits as normal. The list of upgrades you can now buy in this way via the ARTEFACT ADD command are:

  • ASP. No changes other than being able to buy it with weapon credits.
  • CONSERVATION. Only for cutting weapons, this will have a 25% chance to return any venom used when you strike someone with the weapon to your rift (assuming you have room). 300 bound credits.
  • DECAPITATION. Sometimes you really just want to decapitate someone with a warhammer while keeping their head intact. This impractical endeavour can now be achieved by a weapon with this upgrade. 300 credits.
  • MITIGATION. This reduces the damage a weapon health deals to you when you tragically rebound off of someone’s aura of rebounding by 25%. It doesn’t reduce the limb damage, as this is often desirable. 500 credits.
  • SPIKES. By attaching spikes to a blunt weapon, that weapon will now deal bleeding on all warrior specialisation attacks performed with it. 400 credits.