Summer’s Refrain

The villagers of Eleusis gathered to consider a prospect as long in the making as it was in its likelihood: a transition to a theocracy under their Matron, Gaia, Goddess of Nature.

To say Eleusis and its Patrons have had a tumultuous history is a profound understatement, as the modern history of the village and its Guilds or Houses is rife with vitriol and animus. Though the odds seemed long, the decision was put forth to the people — a question not only rare in Eleusis, but in all of recent memory.

Heated discourse and arguments rang from the boughs of the Great Oak, the pros and cons of secularism and theocracy weighed and discussed as they considered the Earthmother’s requirements: a two-thirds referendum in Eleusis and its two Houses. A choice to walk alongside Her forevermore required nothing short of overwhelming affirmation. Shortly thereafter the choice was put to the village.

A year passed by as all sides of the conversation spoke their pieces. Minds swayed and voices wavered before the first piece fell into place. Setting the precedent for the other two referendums, the Scions of the Ithmia displayed their solidarity for the world to see, returning a vote in favour of a theocracy twenty-two to zero. The Savages had come through for their Queen, as was expected by most. All was not guaranteed, however, as there were still two to go.

Closing next, the general Eleusian referendum showcased a similar outcome even if the support was not as overwhelming. By a total of fifty-four to seven, the second piece fell into place. As was expected in the beginning, the outcome would be decided by the Heartwood Kin.

The spiritual successors to the Druids of old, the Heartwood Kin carried forth a longstanding tradition of conservation and hesitation in their service to the Wilds. While the brash and vulgar Scions would tear at any obstacle with tooth and claw, the Kin preferred a more measured response. In recent years, however, the culture began to shift as the House threw its fate to the winds and embraced mysticism, eschewing its historical mainstay of man-made logic.

Surprising almost everyone, the Heartwood Kin voted in favour of a theocracy eighteen to one.

On the twelfth of Daedalan, 882 AF, Gaia, Goddess of Nature called all of Sapience to the underground forest within Azdun.

There She recounted Her history and that of Eleusis itself, their shared trials and troubled past as history and future collided near an ancient adversary.

As She left, a terrible tumult rose from all of Nature as something changed. An alien order was given, an order that conflicted with everything Her flora and fauna had ever been taught. Brought to heel by Her will, Her Realm acquiesced and recognised its new home and its new centre.

And so did the chorus of the secular village of Eleusis come to a close.

A new song begins, and the world awaits its opening note.

Summary: Following a vote by the village and its two Houses, Eleusis chose to tie itself entirely to Gaia, Goddess of Nature, and become a theocracy under Her watchful gaze.