Relic updates

We’ve just loaded up some changes to how relics function. Its been a common theme now that rather than being fought over in the way these were always intended to be they typically get held for very extended periods of time and traded around between org members. We’ve tried to mitigate this in the past via making them reset on guards etc, but unsurprisingly most people just figured out workarounds, which was an entirely predictable series of events and I’m not sure why I thought it might not happen this timeā€¦ alas, I digress.

So! The changes:

  • Relics no longer reset on a ten minute timer under various situational conditions. You’ll be pleased to know the tick will no longer randomly zap you as you run by your city guards.
  • Relics now check your location every minute while being held. If you are in a location previously considered safe under the old system, a relic specific counter is increased by one. When that counter hits 20, the relic resets. Functionally, you get 20 minutes total of safe time while holding a relic. This counter resets whenever a relic changes hands.
  • Being on friendly guards has been removed as a safe condition.
  • Being in any city-owned territory (city proper, sewers) that you are not enemied to and that is not currently engaged in a sanctioned raid defence has been added as a safe condition.
  • You will no longer cclaim relics from people in the same city as you on a kill. I’m aware there are some legitimate cases where this can occur in large group battles, but in practice it was just used to pass them around.
  • Relics now reset much more quickly when logged out/journaled, and this is instant – it doesn’t go through the timer.
  • You can no longer price relics in shops or shop carts, then have someone buy them to bypass the no trading functionality (if you do find ways to bypass this, please message me).
  • I’ve removed the claim cooldown on relics temporarily. I think we probably don’t need it anymore as it was mostly to stop trivial passing back and forth of a relic, but I’ll monitor things and we’ll see.