January 2022 in Achaea!

2021 is gone, it’s January already! With the change in date comes a change in promotion!

Firstly, all credit purchases on the Achaea website are discounted in price by 30% for the whole month!

As well as that, pieces from the CONCLAVE, WONDERS, BLACKWAVE, INVASION, and RENEGADES talisman sets are available on the Achaea website for purchase!

For those without a set in mind, there are undefined caches that open to give a piece from any set at random.

For every 10 caches you buy you get a bonus!
If your caches are the random set, you get another random set cache.
If your caches are from a specific set you will get a talisman piece from that set.

If you have an active Iron Elite membership, every 10 caches purchased will result in a bonus cache of that purchased type!

Caches and credits can be found on the website at www.achaea.com/credits!