The Hills Have (dragon)Flies

Marasmius, the ecologist didn’t show up for a meeting of the Achaea Ecological Society. Adventurers assisted to find out what had waylaid him!

Achaean Ecological Society
Meeting Minutes

16 Daedalan, 806 AF

The irregular meeting of the AES was called to order at 15 Daedalan, 806 AF at the Wander Inn in New Thera by Elducia.

Members – Elducia, the Zoologist
Ignatius, the Ornithologist
Arinas, the Entomologist

Observers – Penwize
et al.

Marasmius, the Ecologist

Approval of Agenda: Unanimous
Approval of Minutes: Unanimous

Previous Business: Held due to emergency.

New Business:
Absence of Marasmius, historically timely member, caused alarm in AES members. Impromptu observers were besought for aid in locating Marasmius, with knowledge of his research on a unique white dragonfly the only clue to his whereabouts.

Dispatched adventurers scoured the mainland for signs of the dragonfly, hoping it would lead them to him. Penwize found specimens throughout the Dakhota Hills, where searchers heard Marasmius yelling for help. Keorin’s rescue of Marasmius led to revealing of Lake Dakhota, his new place of study.

Marasmius discussed findings of the locale once returned to meeting, including unusual mutations in the wildlife and signs of previous inhabitants. Further business was unanimously tabled for future meetings due to exhausting nature of proceedings.

Additions to the Agenda: The location of Lake Dakhota, in the midst of the Dakhota Hills.

Adjournment: Meeting called to end by Elducia on the 16th of Daedalan, 806 AF. Next meeting TBD.

Minutes submitted by: Elducia
Minutes approved by: Marasmius