More Classleads!


Achaea’s pursuit of perfect balance continues apace as another round of classleads were submitted, weighed, and judged! This latest batch of updates includes changes for Occultists, Psions, and Blademasters!

* Base damage of LYCANTHA has been reduced. This should bring the up front dps more into line with other classes – the scaling currently remains unchanged, but I’m happy to revisit this if required.

* MAGMASPHERE will now always break at least one limb upon detonation.

* VAPOURISE now flares brands when it successfully strips a magical shield.

* INSTILL now shows the affliction delivered to the user.

* Durations of VANISH have been increased slightly. Ten additional seconds for partial, five for total.
* You can no longer PSI MANIPULATE the use of GEMS OF NEGATION.

* ARASH no longer makes you take more damage vs denizens than vs players.
* ARASH has had its penalty vs denizen-sourced damage reduced.

* PURGE now does increased damage against a target with the SPIRITBURN affliction. This affliction is consumed in the process.
* There is now an optional argument to permit the delaying of SALVATION, causing the effect to activate two seconds later rather than immediately.