Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.



Think of a class as a profession. Just as a baker has a set of skills that
allows him to bake, so does a member of the Paladin class have skills that give
him the ability to act as a Paladin. In Achaea, each class gives access to at
most three class skills. Each skill has many abilities. As you train (by taking
lessons studying the skill) you gain more abilities.

A class is probably the most important choice in your life in Achaea, so think
carefully on it. Not that you can't change class: you can! See HELP CHANGING
CLASS for more details.

Your class determines most of your combat capability, as well as some of your
ability to earn gold.

HELP CLASS LIST will tell you which classes are available.

How do I get a class?
Getting a class is easy once you've decided which one you want to join. Just go
to Certimene in Delos, and ASK CERTIMENE BECOME <class>.

How do I talk to others in my class?
The best way to do this is to join a House and find others of like mind and
experience. You are also able to use CLASSWHO to find others of your own
class to speak with, preferrably privately using tells or messages or even
meeting together directly.

How do I progress in a class?
There are three stages in class progression:

Stage 1: Fledgling
 - When you first join a class, you will be a fledgling. You'll have only 2 of
   the 3 skills in the class and will not be able to learn them above the
   level of Skilled (not very high).

Stage 2: Journeyman
 - When you reach level 20, you'll be a Journeyman, and will be able to learn 
   your class skills up to Fabled.

Stage 3: Full member
  - Once you as a member of a house reach level 30 and are a Journeyman with 
    house rank 2, you'll be given the opportunity to EMBRACE CLASS. Or if you 
    are not a member of a house you will be given the opportunity to EMBRACE 
    CLASS at level 50. Upon embracing class, you'll become a full member, will
    gain your third class skill, and all limits on your learning will be 

How do I change my class?
There are two ways to change your class. The first is through gaining a second
class via Multiclass (HELP MULTICLASS). If you do not wish for a second (or 
third, or fourth!) class then you will need to change your primary class. In 
order to change your primary class you must first QUIT CLASS. If you are not 
yet a full member in your class then you will receive approximately 98% of 
the lessons you put into class skills, and then lose the skills.

There is no way to UNEMBRACE CLASS. You may quit the class. You may not

** Warning: If you are a full member of your class, and you leave your class,
then you will lose ALL of your class skills and you will get back only 50% of
the lessons that you had trained in your class skills.